The Truth Denied wanted to share  a few of the emails and posts that we get from YOU , the public. No, we were not able to fit all of them in, but we did manage to post  a handful  of your emails that show support, love and  solidarity with The Truth Denied. Thanks for the good vibes people, and as we  all move forward to free this  planet that we call home, let us be reminded that we are not alone.We have each other!!!

We could not have accomplished anything with out your support, and we thank you kindly, from the bottom of our hearts! You are what keep us inspired , you are the fuel that feeds the TTD engine big time! The following are just some of the posts and emails that we have received on a daily basis!

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The Truth Denied



WE love you Roxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Inside Look Magazine


Roxy I just read about where you have been the last few months. Let me just first say that I cried about your ordeal(s) and the loss of your cat Harley. My heart goes out to you (and your Husband). Believe that I am sending you love and light. Not only are you a strong person for what you have been going through but you are good at what you do. You have been sharing such positive messages that resonate with me (and I know many others). Sometimes even the “ugly” truth is deemed positive because only then can one begin to understand and heal/make changes. Listen Roxy, you are important, valued and loved. The public needs you and what you are doing, fighting for. You are of the vanguard and will understandably take a lot of flack for truth seeking. I’m sorry if I am rambling but I mostly wanted to tell you that you are valued, you are loved and most importantly you are needed…Please continue the tremendously important work that you were (are) doing.

~Jose Colon




Whenever I watch these Vids Roxy, I can not help but note the attempt at spin and with no real answers by these A-HOLES because ‘investigative reporting’ is scripted reporting, the  ONLY tough Q’s noted were yours.. LOL.. WOW, IN ‘PLANE’ sight!! WINK!! ;)~PM



Great channel , I’m recording Chemtrails here in Paducah Ky Benton Area thanks to  you!

~Danny Pepprs




Subbed and invited.   Steve Quayle featured your last vid ; )!!!




Love your channel and all the information! I even love watching all the commercials before each video! I also love supporting my fellow Awake r! Hope all is well and just wanted to say hello and let you know you have my support in all you do!






Roxy! What Vinnie E. said ‘you are magic xx’ .. glad to find you here .. I finally got with it and started a youtube channel… its the result of extreme censorship lol .. but … creative is good. ~Truthergaln




Superb chemtrail documentation. I  liked, favorited, and subbed! Much respect from (chemtrailed) Chicago. Thanks for all of your efforts. Please keep up the great work. Peace.

~Mr Hawkfan




Roxy! This ‘truther’ in fighting is getting really troublesome… and how we are all getting divided and conquered during this amazing awakening .. let me say this …. we all have a voice and we all need to use it … however we possibly can .. I don’t skype .. never have .. but I helped crowd fund The Great Culling and Take Back Your Power this past two years .. I had two accounts removed/hacked and now I find that being a researcher is a reason for Vinny Eastwood, someone I was proud to share/collaborate with, is calling me a psychopath / agent provocateur … what is going on with people ?? I would donate but now I just can’t .. I am so broke .. but I do pay attention .. thanks for listening to my rant..



Hi Roxy!   bpeirce2 from the higher truth channel i compared jupiter transits of the sun and proved perturbation…many astronomers working on this have died…i made a video demonstrating jupiter is way below it’s ecliptic plane…its incline is only 2.6 degrees max and I found it to be way below its normal orbit..I have been threatened and need to disseminate this information…the video is getting massive hits…what i need is a video comparing jupiters planar position at roughly 12 year interval because it’s orbit is just shy of 12 years comparing it’s position on lasco c3 should be definitve proof of perturbation…it is suppose to come back to its original plane….this is huge.transits of the sun occurr at the same distances from lasco, roughly speaking. I always felt nibiru evidence was circumstantial but convincing…perturbation of jupiter is the absolute proof we all need. Thanx for all you do

~HigherTruth Channel



HEY ROXY! you;re awesome too! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, LOVE YOUR SHOW! LOVE WHAT YOU DO! YOU KICK SOME ASS! so refreshing to see, and you are reaching  SO MANY PEOPLE!  love it! GIRL POWER! YA!
~Countess Arcadius


Roxy, Just found your channel. Great, great content! I’ll be sending the link to everyone I know! Keep the truth flowing! Peace

LFC Soldier





God loves you. He hears you. That is the truth!






hi roxy

;i watched your vid on the an amateur astronomer,have been for 20 years.i do astro imaging.planets nebula star clusters.anyway.i noticed the moons shift when viewing the terminator one night through my 10 inch tmb apo refractor.alignment on the moon was i knew something was you shows.

~Phillip Gellespi




Hi Roxy,

Do you think maybe they are just trying to speed up or ensure the process of the Polar Shift…?? Keeps the weather changing for the worse. Love your stuff Roxy.. Just Tuned In Today.. Thank You.





Thanks Roxy for helping with the Chem Trails. My farms were sprayed in Texas on June 12, 1989 at 9:00 in the morning. I spent 3 years and over $160,000 fighting these people. The FBI started an investigation, my congressman was contacted, Texas A&M did research. Independently I found the aluminum using private labs. We contacted every government agency who might have investigative abilities. They all ignored the aluminum totally and blamed other acts of nature for the devastating effects on the ground. We had over a 95% percent decrease in pheasant population. Multi-date sattilite data show the devistating effects of food crops. These were crop dusters spraying children at day care planying in the yard, they sprayed gardens, and owned the area. Police would do nothing. There was even a report that they sprayed a coal train, and later the power plant had to switch sources due to the aluminum being admitted. Thanks again for all your publicity.

~ Iondetox



ROXY!! Thank humanity for people like YOU!! The chemtrails, as you KNOW is NOT the ONLY problem..It’s what TIES this to ANOTHER faction that co-exsists and co-depends on other significant events…I am a former Marine and former Federal Officer with DHS…I can tell you my sister that, FORCE and bloodshed will be the ONLY stopping of this by us, WE the People…If you REALLY believe in this NANO-Technology…SCALAR technology used in conjunction with this and Mil. Indstrl. Complex(ufo-real) technology, well, to say the least is a conglomerate that needs to be recognized all at once to make this stop..I am IN with you…tell me what to do and where to start…tc and THX 4 this…
~M P

Roxy ! Thanks for what you’re  doing. Many people are waking up. Let’s keep going.

SIMPLY ADORED your interview with Caroline Carter ~ what an AMAZING WOMAN! THANK YOU so much Roxy! BTW you exude so much radiant love & LIGHT … AWESOME Earth Angel! NAMASTE! ~@nnie~ Durban ~ South Africa ~ VO ~ 2012 ~ DISCLOSURE NOW!!!



ROXY! Nice channel man and the video?s are great. i see much of chemtrails here in the  netherlands and recording them. peace my brother !

~ Executietechniek





Hey Roxy! Maybee you can figured aout how they can be stopped and make a video,then spread it all over youtube, count me in that projekt. I wonder why we dont have chemtrails in Iran, i only se them when i visit my onkel in Denmark, and when transit Airplayns fly over Tehran but its only one or to plains a week or something like that?? Nice channel brother, peace from Iran!






We love you. Hello from New York City you hardcore chemtrail peoples… Pax y amor:  





Thanks for posting these videos and much achievement of health and increased wisdoms and Truth to you.

~Jason Cole



Thank you so much for your invitation and kindness. You are much appreciated! Love your website too! Thanks again…(((Hugs from Maui)))




Roxy! Hi! And GREAT exposure BTW… All I can say is W T FF!!!! As IF…!! These people have Blatantly, flat out call this BOGUS!!?? Totally DISMISSING the weather mod operations that do in fact have corporations with web-sites SELLING weather modifications…wow…?? What next?? LOL…

~M Podemski






Awesome channel you have. Great work you do. We put your channel icon into my 9/11 “Other Channels”




LOVE YOU ROXY!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

~AnelaNusta Shanti



Truth Denied! Great channel and a great friend to have… U guys are the best there is /// Peace and white light. Death to Chemtrails… Right on w/ the evergreen…. Smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Bryan of LibranEsq



Glad you are here, too! Lots of great info here, particularly the feature video and playlists look excellent. With people like you there IS hope for us after all. Yours,

~ A Joker Hunter




Roxy- Nice of you to say ‘hey’- I have gotten to point of sheer overload and nobody wants to know what’s going on- I feel the shift in unusual ways- I don’t want to miss any chance to be reborn so I am very interested in this man’s experience and his advice if there is any chance for me or not this soon or this time- The orbs and things don’t bother me , I feel drawn to the whole thing but I need to experience it if possible , then decide if it’s the way I want to try- Thanks for your advice and anything on maybe going there!

– wesley



Roxy  #Thank you very much for joining us, I greatly appreciate, Your channel looks great! North American Wilderness! Peace, Freedom and Solidarity!



The Truth Denied Chemtrails Argument 4-16-14
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