Chemtrail activity Antelope Valley, Ca. July 29, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
Photo taken by Manny Rivers w/ Antelope Valley Apocalypse Now July 29, 2014 early AM
Photo taken by Manny Rivers w/ Antelope Valley Apocalypse Now
July 29, 2014 early AM

Antelope Valley, Ca. July 29, 2014



Antelope Valley residents awoke this morning to a nightmare of heavy Chemtrail activity along with a low altitude sub layer of smoke from what was later determined to be from the forest fires from the French Fire and other wildfires currently burning in the Sierra Nevada’s. These fires were sending smoke to communities in Merced, Madera, Fresno and Tulare counties. Even from a distance of over 200 miles away wind shifts carried the heavy smoke into the Antelope Valley. 

Before I get into the article I would like to mention two local Facebook groups and the many wonderful people who had a role in reporting today’s chemical cocktail attack on the Antelope Valley.

Here in the Antelope Valley we have two awesome Facebook groups with great members who truly care for their community and the issues facing our community and the world in these uncertain times we are now living in.

“AV Skies Today” founded by David Brown and “Antelope Valley Apocalypse Now” founded by Manny Rivers. Both David and Manny have been highly active in our community informing and educating the residents not only on Chemtrails / Geoengineering but other worldwide issues as well. Involvement in group meeting, handing out chemtrail flyers, talking one on one to the public and much more. Both are a wealth of knowledge for members on disaster preparation and general health advice to combat chemtrails. I believe it was two years ago our local news paper, “The Antelope Valley Press” ran a article debunking chemtrails interviewing several our local NASA scientists and publicizing all the propaganda information on persistent contrails. I can’t prove it but the reason for this article was because of the work David and Manny and many, many others were doing in spreading the chemtrail truth throughout this valley. Both groups are growing in members and it’s all business within these groups. No messing around and right to the point as to the urgency of this agenda.

I mention these two groups not to show off, not for recognition but for the simple fact they are a great example to others who would like to form local area chemtrail and preparation groups. Spreading information starts in our own community with one on one communication with the public. Educating new members and passing along important information, data and knowledge. No one can take on the task ahead of us by themselves. We need one another. Collectively we will bring these issues to the majority and the truth will be told.

Image136 072914aAngeles Crest Forest / South end of the A.V. Forest Fire Smoke w/ Chemtrails Above

My Sisters Photo July 29, 2014
My Sisters Photo Chemtrail Over the Antelope Valley, Ca. July 29, 2014

Summary of events July 29, 2014:

I walked outside at approx 7:30 am and was shocked at the condition of the sky. The only word that comes to mind is apocalyptic. It looked like the end of world that made Hollywood look like amateurs. The video and photos don’t come close to how it looked in person. At low altitude and ground level were horizontal individual plumes of dark colored smoke like material in a 360 panoramic view within the valley. Above that was expanding chemtrails from an unbelievable aerial assault from Military tankers spraying chemtrails. Within a very short time the entire sky was blanketed with chemtrails that had expanded totally blocking the sky and the sun.

My first thought was all the information regarding chemtrails / geoengineering and their connection to drought conditions in California. Also the fact that the chemicals in chemtrails are responsible for the drastic increase in severe forest fires throughout the western states. Additional links to facts regarding this at the end of this article.

My second thought was to check our two local Facebook pages mentioned above for any information and both were buzzing with photos and activity. The big concern of members and the community was, where was the smoke coming from and where was the fire. With all the homes and horse ranches in the foothills evacuation and protection of human and animal life is the first concern. Over the years my wife and I along with hundreds of others have been involved with animal rescue teams for fire evacuation conditions. Many were checking the local news and internet for answers but nothing was found. The situation became very strange. I called the Angeles National Forest Supervisors Office requesting information on the local apparent fire. They told me there were no forest fires anywhere in Southern California and no other types of fire that they were aware of. I called the Los Angeles County Fire Department and was told the same thing, no fires. I asked the fireman if he had looked outside and in essence he stated he had and it appeared there was a large fire due to all the smoke and the department had checked with the National Forest and there was no fire. They had no idea where the smoke was originating from. This made things stranger.

Throughout the day I took video and posted my video to Youtube. Later in the day I went on the Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District AVAQMD  website and found a air quality warning due to smoke from the Sierra Nevada fire over 200 miles north of our location. I was amazed to learn this smoke had traveled over 200 miles filling our valley and the smoky sky mystery was solved.

Need more information on how wild fires burn hotter with chemtrails?

Fires Burn Hotter with Nano Metals in Chemtrails

Smoke Advisory Issued for the Antelope Valley

Posted Date: 7/29/2014

Windblown smoke from the French Fire and other wildfires currently burning in the Sierra Nevadas is sending smoke to communities in Merced, Madera, Fresno and Tulare counties; wind shifts may blow this smoke into the Antelope Valley.  Residents who see or smell smoke in the air are advised to be cautious and use common sense to protect their family’s health.  Everyone – especially people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children – should limit time spend outdoors and avoid outdoor exercise when smoke is in the area.

As the day progressed the smoke dissipated but the heavy chemtrailing persisted until after dark. The combination of heavy chemtrailing and forest fire smoke was unbelievable not to mention how bad the air quality was due to this chemical cocktail.

Chemtrail activity Antelope Valley, Ca. July 29, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
Chemtrail activity Antelope Valley, Ca. July 29, 2014 @ 7:30 pm Chemtrails above a layer of smoke



If you are just hearing about chemtrails I can’t stress enough how important this situation is. I encourage you to spend the time to research this subject. There are numerous websites with solid, valid, truthful information. The Truth Denied is one of those websites with up to date information. Not only for chemtrails but many other topics facing our world today. Roxy Lopez is a long time activist and extremely knowledgeable on numerous subjects. If you have any questions please contact us at The Truth Denied.

Chemtrails and their multiple applications for Geoengineering the climate and numerous military, corporate applications is destroying our planet all for the love of greed, power and profits. There is so much more to this and the facts and certified information are more than available to the general public.

In this article we touched on and gave examples of how people can work together in their community spreading information. Find a group in your community. If there is no group get together with like minded people and form a group. Keep it real, stay focused, be informed and educate others. This agenda must be stopped and it is up to the people to end this.

We can see the deadly health effects of the combination of chemtrails and the smoke from forest fires. Today’s air quality in the A.V. was the worse I have ever experienced. I pray for those who were hospitalized today for respiratory issues due to this chemical cocktail attack. Today’s combination was no accident and a direct result of the ingredients and chemicals in chemtrails causing the increase in drought conditions and the increase in forest fires.

Chemtrails / geoengineering, the forest fire connections. Much information is surfacing now about the reasons for the drastic increase in forest fires in recent years and the connection to drought conditions brought on by chemtrails and the nano size particles in chemtrails acting as incendiaries.

For more details on the connection to chemtrails and forest fires here is a link for an article from Dane Wigington with GeoEngineering Watch. 


Shasta County Board of Supervisors Public Meeting on Chemtrails / Geoengineering. July 15, 2014

Other reading materials include:

Dane Wigington presents “The Most Important Topic of Our Time” / GeoEngineering Chemtrails.


What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain Neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts 


Chemtrails: If they don’t exist, why are there so many government policies?


Do forest fires  burn hotter with chemtrails?


About the Author:
Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. He works part time in private security along with conducting high profile criminal investigations and surveillance for a private investigation firm. In 2011, Jim took and interest in Chemtrails and began filming and documenting the skies over the Antelope Valley California in hopes of spreading awareness to this agenda. Within a short time Jim began capturing strange anomalies in the sky that appeared to have a connection to Chemtrails. Anomalies consisted of obvious man made cloud experiments connected to HAARP type technology for weather control, sightings of UFO’s, signatures of cloaked craft that appear to be using anti gravity technology and seem to interact with Chemtrails. Visible disk shaped objects and orbs that have a strange attraction to Chemtrail spray and more. Jim connects with other researchers across the U.S. sharing information in search of spreading the truth.

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By Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. Jim is no stranger to UFO sightings, having seen his first illuminated disk over the Santa Monica Bay at 2:00 am in 1973 and others since. Jim is a UFO researcher/investigator and advisor for The Truth Denied sharing his findings with many researchers worldwide.

  1. Live in San Luis valley Colorado. We have chem trails with sometimes 6 jet craft flying at once back and forth in the skies every single day. we emailed the FAA and asked about the trails.they told us they were con trails even though the trails lasted all day compared to dissipating con trail that last a few minutes. We emailed back and ask who were flying these jets and what is they’re flight paths. Guess what? NO ANSWER BACK!

  2. Hi there! Thiis post could not be written any better!

    Lookikng at thiis articcle reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He constantly kept taliing about this. I am
    going to send this post to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a great read.
    Thanks for sharing!

      1. This is what is causing the No CA fires today!! Someone needs to soil sample the area, testing for chemtrail chemicals!!

  3. I live in Co, and had them daily starting around 8am till 2 or so. I say had because for the last week there have been none that I could see. Very strange, and I wonder whats up w that? thank you for the articles

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