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Warning: The Truth Denied has been following the ongoing  scrutiny of  Chemtrail activists Michael J. Murphy and Dane Wigington for more than two years, and we have never gone public with what we have  observed. TTD has written this article in an attempt to simply put the conversations between Murphy, Wigington, Moore, and WW101 out  to the general public as an attempt to simplify the findings by putting them all in one location. It is up to the public to decide what is going on, and we have had many emails requesting information as well as opinions and observations of those who seem to have polarized opinions of this debate. TTD is a news reporting agency, we form no opinion, and we merely report it. Keep an open mind as you read through this article, as well let us remind you that we all have rights. “ There will come a day when universal recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family that  is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world will exist.” Until this time, keep up the good fight!

 Will the real PSYOP please step forward?

We have started from the present date and moved chronologically backwards from there.

August 31, 2014
 “The recent and completely unjustified attacks that have been launched against me by Michael Murphy and Kim Moore with the assistance of WW101 are premised on  a  total fabrications of events” Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington  posts to his FACEBOOK page :
“Unfortunately, and with great regret, I have now been forced to temporarily abandon my work on the geoengineering issue to address the all  out assault being waged against me. The recently posted false accusations on a web page and now a 15 minute You Tube video made necessary my response. Such skirmishes are not at all helpful to the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering, but there are times when there is no alternative left but to respond and set the record straight. I stand by everything I have ever stated. The recent and completely unjustified attacks that have been launched against me by Michael Murphy and Kim Moore with the assistance of WW101 are premised on a total fabrications of events. I will make the following attempt to put reality into the equation. Then, hopefully, I and others can refocus on our work that desperately needs to be done in the fight against climate engineering.”

Dane Wigington’s  article  SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT  seems to be  retaliation to  the video that Michael Murphy recorded and  released on a You Tube Channel  entitled Michael Murphy: Target of Psyop Dane Wigington by  WeatherWar101 on August 31, 2014.

The author of the video states:
“For starters, even (or especially) my long-time viewers have to be more than a little surprised, to see me defending Michael Murphy. I’m sure I’ve included him more than once as part of the leading geoengineering activists who insists on being deliberately oblivious to my work (bear with me Michael, I’ll be retracting that in a moment).However, I learned a great many things from Michael’s story that I’m almost astonished I hadn’t factored in already. The first profound one was, just how long term the laying of ground is and has been. I didn’t get one minute into his explanation before “All of a sudden people were sending me airplane tickets,” and “I didn’t even know how to film a documentary and only had a borrowed camera,” and “I’d go where people invited me to film,” and “Dane was one of those people,” before I was hip deep in revelation. Of course, the grooming process is that long… I don’t know why I didn’t factor that sooner.”

END OF WW101 (The rest can be read on the about page of the video)  See the video here with Michael Murphy accusing Dane of being a psyop.


September 2, 2014  By September 2, 2014, (2 days after the above  video was released)   Michael Murphy sends out an email to his “fellow activists” claiming that he did not know about the video (re: “Michael Murphy accusing Dane of being a psyop”), and was unaware of the recording. He claims it was a “private conversation” between he and a “fellow activists”, but never puts a name to the activists/interviewer. Murphy also goes on to say that he is very upset about Dane’s article SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT, and that he is really the targeted individual, not Dane.

  • In an email dated September 2, 2014  Murphy writes:

“Fellow activists,

This e-mail is going out to a few select people to address a recent youtube and internet posting that I heard about during my 4 day vacation with very limited internet and cell phone service.  I am now finding out the details of what I consider to be very unethical and damaging behavior to our cause. The YouTube video titled “Michael Murphy: Target of Psyop Dane Wigington” was made from a private conversation I had with another activist. In no way did I consent or was aware that I was being recorded. While I stand by the words spoken during the phone call, in no way was I involved with or support these types of unethical exploitations of my name or others in the movement. I am not only disappointed by those using these tactics, I am also upset.  I am disturbed by the manner in which my private conversation was recorded  and also by the manner in which Mr. Wigington brought this issue to the  public in a recent post titled “Setting the Record Straight For Those Who Care About the Battle to Stop Climate Engineering. ”  I am also disturbed by his justification and allegations that I have used donations for illegal drug use and other unmerited statements made in the website posting. For the record, I have not used any donation money for the purchase or use of drugs and am disturbed that such allegations would come from a former trusted friend and member of the movement, especially in a public posting on the internet. During the phone call, I expressed my suspicions about the behavior and public manner in which Mr. Wigington has used his platform to character assassinate myself and others in the movement during what I believed to be a private phone call. I also expressed my concerns about other questionable behavior and postings on the his website and in other public forums. While the conversation was edited, in no way did I make allegations that he is an agent for Bechtel or another corporate entity which he stated in an internet post.  While the YouTube video did include my voice, in no way shape or form was I involved with bringing these issues to the public as my history of addressing these types of issues clearly indicates. Unfortunately, I do believe that the action of Kim, Weatherwars 101 and Dane are very unethical and very unprofessional. In no way am I supportive of such divisive tactics which I believe are extremely destructive to our progress. Again, when in the public, I feel it is extremely important as to how we address this issue and our concerns about others in the movement. While I stand behind the words I spoke in what I believed to be in a private setting, I am not at all supportive in the way which this was brought to the attention of the public and would urge those involved to be more prudent in the way they use their platforms. “

‘Thanks again for all of your support and as always, “Keep looking up!!!!!” Sincerely, Michael J. Murphy”


Dane Wigington however goes on to “tell it like it is” in  SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT ( see excerpts below).
Dane writes: “About Michael Murphy I met Michael at the AAAS conference in San Diego, February 2010. I was completely committed to the battle against climate engineering for over six years before Michael Murphy even entered the fight to my knowledge. After the conference I did my best to help Michael pen his first articles. I tried to help him move forward with his film project by purchasing his original hard drives for the movie start up, I did this with my own funds. In the following two years I gave Michael airline tickets to Belgium that were offered to me, I paid for auditorium rentals in Northern California for Michael, organized events, paid for Michael’s rental cars on occasion, and donated funds to him when I could by purchasing his DVDs and then giving them away. Michael’s addiction to street drugs came to my attention in March of 2012 when he was incoherent for two days. During this time Michael’s now former wife called me numerous times (pleading for help) and Michael’s other close friends to inform us that the addiction was severe and ongoing. When Michael sobered up I made it clear to him that he had to seek intervention or I could no longer be associated with him. The rest of Michael’s immediate circle took the same position. Unfortunately, Michael chose the drugs. In the months that passed, Michael’s former closest friends had no choice but to move on, there was no reaching him. Michael began to tell radio announcers and others that I was an agent for Bechtel Power and the government, etc. For the record, I have had no contact with Bechtel for over 30 years, and certainly none with the government ever. I will let my actions and efforts in the anti-geoengineering battle speak for itself. Michael was soliciting funds from people without disclosing his addiction. On several occasions when asked I had no choice but to tell the truth as kindly and carefully as I could. Was this not my obligation? Would it be moral for me to lie to a person that asks me such a questions? Michael claims over and over that his private life is nobody’s business, but is this really true when he is soliciting donations from the public while hiding an extremely serious drug addiction? I hope Mr. Murphy has gotten off the drugs, but the use of these substances has apparently altered his perception of reality as many of the details regarding the chain of events Michael describes are completely false. Again, I have done absolutely everything I could to keep from this type disclosure, I have been left with no choice. I still choose not to make public the pages of emails from Michael’s family, close friends, and former wife that would prove beyond any doubt that all I am saying is true (including a restraining order against Michael filed by his former wife due to Michael’s addiction), I simply want to go on with my work. I stand by each and everything I have ever said on this matter.

About Kim Moore It is unfortunate that Michael Murphy succumbed to the pressure from Ms. Moore to make false accusations and statements that will ultimately be seen for what they are. I don’t believe Michael would have done this if not for the influence of Kim. Like Michael, Kim has made many statements of events that are totally fictitious. Statements that are not just twisted from her point of view, but simply and patently false. Ms. Moore makes all sorts of accusations that insinuate I have done horrible things to her, also an absolute lie. This is what I have done to Ms. Moore. First, at a meeting with several other women organizers, Kim went into an aggressive verbal assault against a very soft spoken and peaceful woman from the Tea Party (the Tea Party was just one of the groups represented in this meeting). I could not just sit silent so I made it clear to Kim she was out of line. The fact that I stood up to Kim’s attack against the woman seemed to infuriate Ms. Moore. The following day, at the Shasta County Presentation in Redding California, Kim again showed her lack of self control. After an extremely successful meeting (which Kim did play a part in organizing), Kim could not keep quiet but kept yelling at the officials in the meeting until the Board of Supervisors had to call a recess. This was an unfortunate big blemish on an otherwise flawless event. As the auditorium emptied out, I went to the front of the room and said the following, “Kim, you are not helping our cause, you should shut up”. This is the extent of what I have done to Kim Moore. Any that want to verify this should watch the full length video of the Shasta County presentation, the voice of disruption that can be heard from the front row of the event just before the recess was called is Kim’s. Standing up to Kim’s unhelpful and unreasonable behavior in the Shasta County meeting is apparently what has triggered Ms. Moore’s rage. I have just been sent copies of email posts put up by Ms. Moore herself that confirm her struggle with pharmaceutical drugs and psychological issues. I could repost this information, but feel it would not be ethical even though it discloses a clear factor in this equation and was found on a public post. As already stated, Kim’s accounts of events vary from completely spun to completely false. Again, I stand by every statement I have made on the subject at hand and every action I have taken in the fight against climate engineering. I believe Kim reveals herself and her intentions very clearly in the attack messages directed at me that are contained on her Facebook posts in the link below.

Blantant Attacks and False Accusations by Kim Moore

Those that want to view Kim’s disruptive and uncontrolled behavior at the Shasta County Supervisors presentation (regarding geoengineering)  can view the link below at the points indicated. After her second uncontrolled outburst, the meeting was recessed at the expense of all in attendance.

Look at 4:00:39 – 4:02:00 (Kim Moore’s first outburst)

Then, again at 4:05:25  (Kim Moore’s second outburst that led to recess)

Then hear Supervisor Moty’s reprimand at  4:17:28 – 4:18:45

And Chairman Les Baugh’s conclusion between 4:19:00 – 4:20:31

Shasta County Board Of Supervisors Meeting

About WW101    I have indeed made clear my disagreements with WW101 and I stand by everything I have stated in this regard. WW101 has put out some good and I believe accurate information about NEXRAD radar, but other videos put out by WW101 are completely unhelpful and untrue. Some of the WW101 videos blame all the weather disruptions on the sun without so much as mentioning the climate engineering issue. Other videos state that all the moisture for storms is coming from power plant cooling towers. This conclusion is so far from reality that it does not even deserve a response. Now it seems that WW101 is branching out to personal attack videos in the effort to try and extract revenge from those who don’t agree with his “its all just the sun” or his “cooling tower” theories.

Bottom  Line  Anything else I have ever said on the record about any other news site or source of information is solely for the purpose of correcting data and statements that are not supportable by available facts and thus not helpful to the cause of exposing and stopping climate engineering. When people mix their theories about multicolored aliens and the coming ice age into the climate engineering issue, it does not give credibility to our cause, rather such inappropriate and incorrect information moves the cause backwards. I again stand by my position on refuting these subjects when others try to blend them with the fight against climate engineering.

Though many will likely speculate that all this turmoil is somehow the work of government operatives trying to create division, in my opinion there is no truth to this in this particular case. There is so much strain on people as the walls close in on us all that some are simply snapping. The end of our former paradigm, which this period certainly qualifies as being, requires a steadfast holding to truth and facts. We need to be in this together, and not allow ill behavior or egos to divide us from making progress. We all suffer the results of geoengineering’s ill delivery, and fighting this means we don’t have time for any nonsense.

All my focus will now return to my ongoing work, I will end with the link below.


Now, as if this were not a big enough game of “Will the real PSOP please step forward”, a forth activists emerges. Yes. WeatherWar101 retaliates to Dane Wigington’s  SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT with the following release on You Tube September 2, 2014. This second released video is called Psyop Dane Wigington: Setting The Record Straight.
The author at  WW101 writes  on September 2, 2014 :

“Certainly, none of this is any surprise either. Come on… seriously. Who didn’t know Dane would react with another stream of character assassination? Like everything else they do, it was as predictable as the sunrise, and is just another SOP tactic that I have already documented – in detail.
See? There’s another example and more proof of just how intensely these people avoid, suppress, and ignore my work. Doing what I’ve already proved, in exactly the manner I have diagrammed it, doesn’t get you “out of” anything around here. It digs you deeper “into it,” and further identifies you – as what you are. If any of these people ever bothered to look at my work, they would already know – they are out of SOP tactics, that haven’t already been exposed here.
But, like I said… I suppose Dane has to do something, doesn’t he. Now that the charade is falling apart, and since he couldn’t tell the truth – even if it was to tell someone the time of day – we can expect Dane to roll out all of the tactics my longtime viewers are quite familiar with… one more time. The first difference here, is that this time – they’ll be coming from the puppeteer himself. The second difference, is that I operate on truth and evidence … of which he has exactly none. I’m actually looking forward to Dane proving my thesis – once and for all. You can bet, I’ll be documenting and exposing – every last bit of it.
So, since (as predicted) Dane also went on the radio last night to launch another wave of character assassination in attempt to deflect from, cover-up, and justify his despicable tactics for silencing people (with his footman Russ Tanner doing the “interview” no less), then that will be the next video – exposing this man for what he is, and what he does. The free pass for these reprehensible and dehumanizing tactics – has officially expired. As I said on twitter earlier today – anyone who thinks SOP Character Assassination is going to cut it this time – is in for an awakening.
Note: Don’t think it won’t soon be time to address the forums these people use to propagate their vile and vicious tactics either. Whatever “radio” or “media” entities are allowing themselves to be used in such manner have to either wake up to what they are dealing with, or be recognized and self-identified as complicit. ” WW101  


TTD has found out that several other activists as well have been dragged into the chemtrail  dark hole. This appears from the outside to be egos running amuck,  but if you knew all the players, you  wouldn’t suggest that at all.  There is a lot more to tell here, the history of all of these characters  will eventually shed light for the entire world to see. In the meantime, I would say don’t get involved with the Murphy-Wigington argument, because at this point, the movement is screwed sideways to Sunday, know what I mean? ~ The Truth Denied


Psyop Setting the record straight :

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32 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS WAR between Michael Murphy and Dane Wigington”
  1. Where is Michael J. Murphy? He has not posted in a very long time anywhere. Is he alive?

    Please let all of us know if he’s okay. I am praying for his life and protection in the Name of Jesus Christ. IF he is not alive anymore, that is sad and I hope he went to Heaven.

    I hope that he is safe somewhere.

    GOD BLESS YOU. “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (HOLY BIBLE)

  2. This fk’in guy named D.W. is not telling the whole story. As he FYI everyone.

    He is Click Bait, Nothing More ore nothing less. Sure he tells some part of the truth. That is great. But his deception is far greater then the Truth.

    Behold another paid Opposition.

    How the hell (BECTHEL) can anyone Deny that.

    The guy is a Fraud. Keep raking all that money in there D.W. for your Lawyer’s that you put on your site.

    I smell Bull Sht.

  3. I have been watching and researching for sometime. I notice that Controlled Opposition D.W. has removed numerous post’s from his site after getting caught up with his evil agenda. He is a click bait monger and another begger, trying to Con people out of money. Beyond The Veil video tells it so well. He is a total disgrace to society. I fell for his B.S.

    It didn’t take me too long to find out the real D.W.

    Will the real Wiggle Worm please stand up please!!!!!!!!! AKA DANE WIGGLE-Ton. the piece of crap tape worm.

    A ton of B.S. is what he feeds everyone and there are many followers that praise this @Hole.

    They will find out soon enough about his Agenda.

    If they don’t then they are Fck’n Stupid

  4. the ice caps are getting thicker, colder. This summer has been unusually colder than last year. IMHO, if anything is causing warming is the spraying that’s created a bubble that traps in the heat. thoughts? Also, has Wigginton addressed the Bechtel question yet? I haven’t been following too much but I found that very interesting. Thanks.

  5. Bechel Company and Dane Wiggly Worm Wigington. Who had a heavy hand in the Ziki Virus?

    Answer that one. Dane and his Wiggly Arse associates.

    That’s WHO!!!

    Preying on unfortunate people.

  6. Lets cut through the BS Crap. Who cares if anyone is addicted to Drugs. That is their business and No One else’s.
    I have posted many times on Wiggle Worm’s site and to my dismay the post has been removed.
    One only has to consider where the Worm worked. If you can’t put 2 plus 2 together then go back to sleep.

    This guy named Dane Wiggles is a Wiggly Worm that preys on other downfalls, period.

    The only thing that matters here is that there is No Sun and certain people are making huge Profits from it.

    So lets cut the Bull and get down to Brass Tacks.

    Sounds like a Bunch of Children disputing silly things.

  7. The part that gets me to questioning psy-ops is when I hear someone who is screaming about geo-engineering being dangerous, but in the same breath saying it is being done to protect us from global warming. Then going on to explain how dangerous global warming really is. Sorry, I believe the whole government/political pushed ploy agenda of global warming is a law making, rights taking, money robbing hoax. I am not mentioning names here, anyone following either of these activists knows which one is pushing this hoax.

      1. Dane Wigington is pushing global warming.

        There are many, many reputable scientists that challenge the IPCC and it’s claims -see Climate Change Sense – but Dane does not appear willing to (at least publicly) acknowledge any of this. His refusal appears to be consistent with concerns notes by Hsaive, above.

  8. Once again. Another important movement that needs to be brought to the public eye gets turned into a ridiculous reality show. No wonder the sheeple stay asleep.

  9. Just look at what Danes actions are and how much his moved the issue forward. Its obvious by his actions that his in it for the right reasons. When i was watching the Shasta County presentation and heard the lady yelling (which now i know is Kim Moore) i was thinking wow it was going good until she opened her mouth. Theres countless people thanking Dane for the free Dvds and flyers and the fact that his using scientific terms has helped expose it even more. The psy op video is accusing Dane of exactly what they are accusing him of.

  10. Roxy,
    Registration is not allowed for some reason. I have friend requested you on FB. I have liked your page but will not use messenger. I am contacting you as a result of your interview with Max. My life parallels much of his. I have partial recall. I’ve had the same dream since I was about 4. I’m not a troll or looking to hurt anyone. I am looking for answers. My story is compelling and I am willing to give you verifiable proof of who I am.
    My point is I am trying to contact max or miles. Based solely upon how you come across I believe you may be able to judge my story and act as liaison. I respect the risks and need for insulation. I am related to Diana Spencer and a direct descendent of David Mathew in Llandaff. I’m about to turn 42 and am looking for help. If you would consider contacting me via this email or the friend request (even just to check me out and then unfriend) if appreciate it.

  11. After reading the remarks of Michael Murphy, Kim Moore and Dane Wigington and after reading the comments that were posted. It is discouraging to see those with much ability in spreading the word about the ongoing assault on this planet and all living things, between the Bioengineering and the Geoengineering and all the other schemes to destroy what was created to sustain life on this planet and to those involved in destroying and promoting the idea that “recreating ” it can be done and done better than the original . Such ideas originate from the ones who promote their so called science of evolution as a fact and trying to promote that lie so as to gain profit from it. Just ask ‘futurist’ such as Ray Kurzweil or Thomas Frey or any of that cult that claim to predict future events. They don’t predict, what they do is actively involved themselves in making sure incrementally step by step their future plan transpires. What is going on with our sky and all biological life is simply about MONEY! Use what was meant for food and make it into a product such as fuel,plastic etc.Then complaint about “population control “not enough food.” So as to get people to devalue life.If you have less greed we would have more than enough food. Its about motives. All evil intents are made to look enticing by what ‘good’ it can bring. When in reality it is selfish gain. When I read the above statements, all I could think was whats the motive of each of these people. I do not know any of them other than friending on facebook and making Danes Wigingtons acquaintance at the Shasta County Board Meeting.As for Michael Murphy ,I have only seen his name and face on videos, Why In The World Are They Spraying. Personally I don’t care who is on drugs, who is lead researcher, or what position Kim Moore takes between Dane and Michael Murphy and Weather War101 What I do care about is making others aware of all of us being assaulted with the brew in the sky and the health problems it is causing to man, animal and plants and marine life. What is happening is not going to leave one person standing who can say ” look at me” I told you so” I encourage Michael M. , Kim Moore and Dane Wigington to examine their Weather War 101 .Michael if you have a drug problem I pray you make the decision to get help. Kim if you have evidence of Dane being a deliberate plant by Bechtel or Government, then that is the only thing I would want to see, If this is a personal vendetta then it needs to stop.Each of you could and have contributed much in the past. Please resolve your problems or it will do nothing but harm. Weather War101, I don’t know you either. I have been to your website and found it interesting, but the battle for attention to what you put on your site and being acknowledge for it is not what people like myself who want to gain a better understanding about the Geo and Bio engineering go to your site for. Yes I appreciate all that want to help expose what is happening. This fight for acknowledgement and self thinking will expose those who truly have forgotten what they got involved in this for in the first place. I am not a “follower of any of you.” I am a follower of truth and facts about the issue of being poisoned daily. If your looking for people to side up with you, any of you, you will find there may be those that do, and it will depend on their own motives why. It truly is an insult to the rest of us who are deeply searching into this matter as well. Yes everyone looks to a “leader” but the best leaders are those who serve without putting self first. My experience so far has been this, has been a great service. I don’t know Dane as an individual. I do appreciate all the effort I see him putting out. Weather war 101 If you have knowledge to help, then help, but if you are in it for recognition then that is sad.You have much to offer,but if selfish ambition gets in the way for you or Dane,or Michael or Kim. You will promote some good ideas possibly ,but I for one would have a very difficult time being supportive of those kind of motivations. Every moment that is given to fueling a personal fire takes away from the overall good.If there is personal problems don’t bring others into it.Resolve if possible or let it go.If you disturb poop after it has set you just cause it to stink once again. Let it go and each of you get to work in helping,time is of the essence. Thank you. Verna

    1. I can certainly say I catch your drift. I can also say that TELLING PEOPLE TO GET BACK TO WORK when they/we are all volunteers who fund this out of pocket is a bit alarming. Dane has brought a lot of information to the forefront, so has TTD, Roxy Lopez, Clifford Carnicom, Scott Steven’s, Rosalind Peterson, Francis Mangels, Jim Humble, Alan Buckman as well as many other scientists and biologists. Dane and Murphy are not anyone’s leaders, nor should they be.And Verna, to make a statement like “I don’t care if there on drugs”… that is pure ignorance. When people are on hard core drugs, they steal as well. I think it is all very important for the public to know what is happening here, all the players, and meanwhile, none of us have skipped a beat. That is the news reporting for you, we never stop, and we never sleep.
      Thanks for voicing your opinions.

  12. However, if all of these claims (not others such as differences of opinion) are in fact true and all are easily verifiable then Michael is the one behaving erratically here. The term Psy-Op would probably be inappropriate as it is difficult to imagine a Psy-Op becoming addicted to drugs and alienating his wife and friends in order to carry out his work. I would label him as a victim of the immense pressure that is no doubt brought to bear on anyone at the forefront of the chemtrail movement.

  13. I think the question of Psy-Op or not is easily resolved. The one of ego is another matter. I don`t think it is fair and just to accuse someone who you may feel is opinionated or has neglected you in some way, of being a Psy-Op without evidence.
    That is a witch-hunt pure and simple.

    Dane claims Michael is a drug addict, that his wife contacted his close friends and Dane and on numerous occasions asking for help and she eventually left Michael. His close friends also broke their association with him.
    Dane claims he has the E-mails from Michael`s former wife, family and close friends to prove it.
    Dane claims he has had no contact with Bechtel for 30 years.

    Michael has not denied being a drug addict but has denied soliciting funds for drug abuse.
    Is he a drug addict or not? Did his wife leave him? Was it because of his drug abuse? Did she, Michael`s family and circle of friends contact Dane via E-Mail as Dane claims? Did they break association with him?

    If all these claims Dane has made are in fact false, then Dane would be behaving as a Psy-op. The term would be appropriate.

  14. Psyop may be an over-used word. Fact is… Dane has refused to consult with anyone of equal or greater knowledge than himself. Dane’s belligerence in refusing to meet or even talk on the phone with those who have suggestions raises suspicion – as it should. Dane’s insistence in being self-appointed lead-researcher smacks of arrogance. When Dane ignores the published work of Cliff Carnicom, he has failed to be lead researcher. Period. If this is about ego’s we know in who’s head it lives.

    1. I’d say your spot on. Geo Watch seems to not post any if very few of my comments.
      Besides today, the last time I did a comment that was censored was a story about a research paper on Chems, and posted the paper before it had been peer reviewed and published. I was pretty specific as to why that was a bad idea, and that I had gone through the peer review myself, and the need for secrecy. Well I got an email from Retraction Watch today that Herndon’s paper was retracted. 9/2/15

      From Retraction Watch
      “In June, a veritable cast of characters — including several active airline pilots, a biochemist, an artist, and a woman who currently works at home — began to pick apart Herndon’s previous work on the topic of jet-spraying-toxins on the discussion board”

      I did a search, and stopped counting after 23 pages. His was the oldest date. Dane claims to be a stickler for protocol. You can’t be this stupid. I can only conclude that he wanted that paper retracted! Why? I haven’t a clue, but he intentionally wanted it retracted. He gave TPTB plenty of time to stop this paper from being published. He has another agenda, and I suspect it’s climate change.

      New Science Study Confirms Contamination From Climate Engineering Assault

      Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health (click PDF)

  15. Internecine squabbling between these factions of the chemtrail awareness movement serve no good purpose. In this crucial time when all should be coming together in unity, such divisive actions by all concerned are counter productive and need to be dealt with in a much more professional manner. Solipsistic egocentrism has no place on this stage. No one individual has all the answers to this issue and it is only through the efforts of many that we will be able to assemble a clear picture of the full scope the many different programs and agendas at work behind the chemtrail phenomenon. Geoengineering for purposes of solar remediation does not even begin to address the other purposes which chemtrails have been associated with and denial of those covert agendas only serves to alienate and create friction among the various factions of the movement. Since there is more than sufficient documentation regarding the military’s desire to “own the weather” as a means of force multiplication and full spectrum dominance through weather modification, those who are continue to maintain the rigid position of solar remediation through geoengineering are missing the boat and overlooking crucial aspects of the overall issue. It is painfully obvious that U.S. military and its attendant contractors are major players in this arena. In addition, there is the issue of disaster capitalism which has become married to the issue of weather modification and we can no longer ignore the significant impact of Wall Street upon this issue. The awful fact of the matter is that once you begin to descend down this particular rabbit hole and confront this beast, it becomes readily apparent that we are facing a many headed hydra and as such it needs a multi-faceted approach in order to effectively address and deal with all the issues involved. That requires teamwork and not bruised egos battling it out trying to assert whose ideas have the most validity.

  16. Of course, the possibility exists that none of these people are “psyops” and they’re just crazies who are scared of clouds…

  17. This is all very distracting. Regardless of who did or said”what” to whom, I personally think the way Kim did her dirty deed was low class and dirty. Reminded me of 13 year old drama queen tactics. If I have a beef with someone I take it up directly with them. I do not air the dirty laundry in public. I think it was tasteless and low class! Dane responded alright but what would anyone expect him to do. I have zero respect for Kim and think her tactics on behalf of MM (allegedly)were unprofessional and inflamitory. She sure set herself up for a lawsuit from both Dane and MM. And MM should be careful about what he says to whom. The stolen conversations should have been mono-e-mono. A wise may will be prudent with his foolishness. A fool will speak up and remove all doubt.

    1. Well said Jena. Nevertheless, it is what it is, right? Unfortunately in this day and age, if you are innocent, you better say something, as in writing and on your blogs, because if you don’t , the public will certainly slay you.I have given the public the “silent” treatment in the past, and it worked, they moved on ……….especially when they are asking something that is none of there business. I am still not clear of who all of the players are here, but I have to agree with your overall sentiments . More will be revealed, and it may be more than “just a squabble ” between MM and DW.

  18. I’ve known Dane and Michael both about the same length of time, and I can’t say I have ever witnessed any behavior on the part of either gentleman that suggested to me that they were involved in psy-ops. Now how would I be equipped to judge such a thing? Well I spent twenty-five years of my life having my personal welfare threatened by Gordon Novel, the self-professed “CIA asset” (a fact that Ron Pandolfi and the agency repeatedly denied.) My phones are monitored 24-7. How do I know? Because I have friends with access to NSA files who have described the file they’ve kept on me since the mid-1980’s- (“… a very thick file…”) and I’ve heard their inter-office conversations on my personal cell phone after they thought I had hung up, describing the content of my previous conversations. So yeah- I know about psy-ops. And these guys aren’t involved in psy-ops. Neither of them. Angry over things that happened between them, yes. But psy-ops? No. In the end, we all have to take responsibility for our actions and our mistakes. My suggestion is that each individual owns their mistakes, tries to make them right then get back to work on this vital public safety issue. The world continues to deteriorate; these kinds of squabbles only help the perpetrators of geo-engineering.

    1. Thanks for your insights Mark. It is interesting how Michel Murphy brought up Dane’s connection to Betchel though, this has been something that now Dane denies, very strange if you ask me. Also, remember that quite a few folks are involved in this argument at this point………..a lot is coming out.

      1. Why is Wiggly working for Bechtel (nice proofing) 30 years ago, very strange? Sounds like a beat up to me.

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