Sue Huelbig

Taking the Fight to and Confronting the

U.S. National Weather Service

To one degree or another all of us are in this fight against Chemtrails / Geo Engineering  and spend as much time as humanly possible exposing this insane agenda. This short article is not to glorify any one person or their efforts in the fight for our very existence, but to give an example of how someone can go above and beyond the call to duty to expose this genocide in our skies.

Today I would like to thank Sue Huelbig for her tenacity and ongoing commitment to exposing not only the Chemtrail / Geo Engineering agenda but many other topics as well.

Thank you Sue from all of us. You have been an inspiration to myself and many others worldwide.

You are on the Front Lines. God Bless you my friend.

Below is a video from today 10-24-14 where Sue confronts the US National Weather Service concerning Chemtrails and Geo Engineering.

Again this article is not to glorify any one persons efforts but simply an example to us all.


Sue’s Youtube Channel:

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Thank you and God Bless every person who is in this fight against the outright destruction of what God has given to us, our home, planet Earth. 

Opinions and Conclusions by Jim Kerr:

After watching this video several times it is apparent that the U.S. National Weather Service does not want to address the issue of Chemtrails and Geo engineering. Of course anyone who has been in this fight for any length of time knows that any Government entity will avoid these issues. Here’s the bottom line. All of us must continue with this fight. We must not roll over belly up and give up. More people are waking up to this agenda worldwide and yes we are still the minority but that will change. I can not stress this enough. We must be informed on every aspect of these Chemtrail / Geo engineering programs. Research everything you can find and become well informed. Provide information to everyone you know. This will be the only way we will become the majority in this fight against this evil. I might also add… If your not turning to the Lord our God with prayers, you are not doing the most important thing to fight this.

About the Author:
Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. In 2011, Jim took and interest in Chemtrails / Geoengineering and began filming and documenting the skies over the Antelope Valley California in hopes of spreading awareness to this agenda. Within a short time Jim began capturing strange anomalies in the sky that appeared to have a connection to Chemtrails. Anomalies consisted of obvious man made plasma cloud experiments connected to HAARP type technology for weather control and other military applications, UFO’s than have a strange attraction to chemtrails, Cloaked Cloud Craft that use a technology to render themselves almost invisible but do have their glitches. Jim shares his finding with many researchers worldwide to collectively reveal the truth.



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By Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. Jim is no stranger to UFO sightings, having seen his first illuminated disk over the Santa Monica Bay at 2:00 am in 1973 and others since. Jim is a UFO researcher/investigator and advisor for The Truth Denied sharing his findings with many researchers worldwide.

21 thoughts on “Chemtrails / Geo Engineering… Taking the Fight to the Front Lines…”
  1. I have been extremely upset by the chemtrails I see in the sky. I have investigated them on the internet. I have called my local representatives in the government, no answer. My grand daughter and I participated in the recent global march against chemtrails in Philadelphia, and there were two “men in black” type gentlemen videotaping us and watching us for several hours. We handed out many pages of printed information and talked to hundreds of people. I would say 99% knew nothing about them, and about 80% didn’t want to know. I know we have to keep putting the information out there. We have it on our Facebook. I hadn’t thought of contacting our news stations and local weather services, great idea! I often see fake rainbows in these fake clouds, on an otherwise sunny day. That is not normal. This rainbow is only in the chemtrails, it does not extend through the natural clouds. When the chemtrails spread to form the haze, then this rainbow forms a circle around the sun, and still no rain (normal cause of a rainbow I recently had my soil and water tested. I wrote on the lab slips reason for testing: chemtrails. I got a super high Magnesium for the soil, don’t know exactly why yet. Also high Aluminum. So I will be testing again in the spring. This is being done by our military, right here in America. I know this is only part of a huge and evil scheme. I won’t stop until they stop, and give us answers about what it is they are spraying on us.

    1. Hello Joy,
      Thank you for writing in with concerns about chemtrails. It is interesting because just today, they were spraying the hell out of Arizona, and I captured to rainbows within the chemtrails around the sun, and it was ominous to say the least. You are correct, I was standing outside of the post office Joy, and no one around me even looked up as I was staring at the many incoming jets with very think contrails/chemtrails…….no one even looked up into the sky to see what I was looking at, which I think is strange in itself. Thank you for your reports and please continue to encourage those around you to learn about this program, as well I would be very interested to see your test results.


    2. Thank you Joy for being on the front line in this fight to expose the chemtrail / geo engineering agenda. I believe the strange rainbow colors we are witnessing is some type of chemical reaction or possibly mixing of chemicals to achieve some type of catalyst effect. Here is footage I shot of a jet spraying chemtrails into a unknown cloud type creating a rainbow flash of colors that only lasted for a second. Video:

  2. I also have been documenting the Chemtrails in Winnipeg since 2010 when I first noticed a sharp increase in the spraying. I have also made several attempts to get answers from Transport Canada. My first response was a complete denial to the existence of Chemtrails and the second attempt was a confirmation of my inquiry and a promise to email me a response and an explanation. I NEVER got a reply after 3 emails to Transport Canada.

    1. Hello Shaddow,
      I don’t think you will get a response. If chemtrails are under black project categories, then the folks you are writing to don’t know what you are asking them. BTW…what is Transport Canada? Is that government agency ?

    2. Hi Shadow,
      Thank you for being in this fight in exposing Chemtrails. Neo is correct. Unfortunately contacting these government agencies will always end by hitting a brick wall. Collectively we all need to keep exposing this through videos, photos and telling family, friends and when the opportunity arises strangers. I too have contacted government agencies like NASA and always got the run around and the standard answer, persistent contrails. Unfortunately this will be a long battle. We need a majority that are well informed and willing to take a stance. Thanks again. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Jim

  3. Thank you Preacher for your continued research and commitment to spreading information. I live on the west coast and have been documenting the chemtrail / haarp activity for the past four years. I agree and you are absolutely correct. We observe the chemtrail and haarp activity over the Pacific as they stop the precipitation of our storms which in turn carries and dumps the heavy rain in FEMA Region 3 and other areas. Also the extreme weather in the mid west and so on. We are in extreme drought all along the west coast and it is obvious this is by design. Anytime you want to forward information and your observations please feel free to forward it to us. We can post your observations in upcoming articles on Chemtrails, Geo engineering, solar radiation management and haarp. Again Thank you. Sincerely, Jim

    1. Jim,
      I am slowly becoming more aware of these chemtrails here in the DC / Maryland area. I suspect that something is added to the fuel to form the cloud. All combustion produces water. None the less, I take have some reserve about all the guessing going on. statments like – above man made plasma cloud experiments connected to HAARP type technology for weather control, Cloaked Cloud Craft and other UFO’s. — hurt those looking for truth. I would imagine there is a truth out there and perhaps it is a broad effort to insulate/ cool the planet to Prevent us from experiencing a rapidly warming earth happen much sooner. Frankly is there are some long term effects – negative – can you not agree an attempt to save this big blue ball is worth the risk?

      1. Hi Ken,
        Glad to hear you are researching chemtrails and geo engineering. There is tons of information available on this subject. It is time consuming to research but all the data is available. Then you needs to connect the dots to publicized technologies from military contractors and many other companies. Of course they don’t supply all the information and will never reveal just how advanced their technologies really is. As for the reasons for chemtrails / geo engineering, I personally don’t believe it is for global warming. There are simply too many military applications and too much money to be made off this by private companies. Numerous scientists have come forward debunking the global warming myth. As for the plasma clouds, they are real and developed by the Naval Research Lab. They have multiple military applications from everything from advanced radar, communications, creating artificial cloud cover in conjunction with chemtrails and HAARP. May sound pretty far out but most would be shocked to not only learn about this technology but to see it in action in real time. I have videoed this twice over the Antelope Valley, Ca. Soon I will have a detailed article with photos, video footage and links to the technology. It’s mind blowing. As far as unidentified flying objects and the connection to chemtrails, it’s been documented by numerous researchers numerous times worldwide. If I didn’t capture this numerous times myself I would be skeptical as well. Cloaked Craft, hold on to you hat, they are real as well and do play a role connected to chemtrails and geo engineering. I have captured these craft using infrared 35mm and 6×9 film photography. There are many dots to connect here as well but when I explained these craft to someone I know, here was their response after their jaw hit the ground. “The military has dramatically expanded their remote drone program but they are not the drones publicized to the world. What we have is beyond science fiction”. As far as all this fringe technology hurting the cause. I don’t think so. It’s all true and I would think the public needs to know all. Not only for the health issues connected to all this but to know where their hard earned tax dollars are going. Thanks again, Sincerely, Jim

  4. Kman, thank you for your comment and your dedication to spreading the truth on this most important subject. You are absolutely correct about how astonishing it is that people don’t see what is happening. I really believe beyond everything else people need to pray to God for guidance, discernment and answers to this situation. This is the outright destruction to God’s creations. This is also a spiritual battle that has been brewing for eons. The bottom line is people need to put God first and become praying nations once again. God Bless You Kman, Sincerely, Jim

  5. Hey thanks for the article and to those who are speaking out. I’ve documented this BS up here in Canada for the last couple years, my skies are NOT the same as they were years ago. It starts with an X or lately a grid pattern and then the sky clouds over with unnatural looking cloud formations and the weather is never what its supposed to be. We’ve had more moisture the last few years than in the last 50 years, I lived in Texas for 10 years and its humid there and now here on the prairies is high humidity just like Texas where it used to be dry/low humity. Every day I see the “craft” spraying and I’ve got a ton of pictures. This is going on everywhere, can you imagine the resources needed to spray the whole frickin planet everyday…..unbelievable. God Bless you all for
    noticing/documenting/fighting it while everyone sleeps through it and notices
    nothing. I think thats the most astonishing part. Jim is right about everyone needing to turn to god in this fight, thank you again.

  6. They are continually building storms over the pacific, gulf and Atlantic oceans and bringing them over the US to cause a storm over FEMA region 3. Every time they turn HAARP on it causes an earthquake in the area where they are trying to build a storm, within a day or so the storm forms right where the earthquake occurred, then they steer the storm by moving HAARP to where they want the storm to go, an earthquake happens there and the storm moves to where the earthquake happened, I have been studying this for 6 years, everyday, night and can prove what I am saying. Thank you for speaking out, if you want more info or proof on this, let me know.

    1. Hey Preacher,
      What is Fema Region 3 that you are referring to? Also we would love to hear all about your investigations, and if you would like to we could publish your evidence.
      Thanks for checking in!

  7. Hi Shooter. The signatures of these craft can be seen. In just the right lighting and at the right angle the actual craft can sometimes be captures as well. You can email the photos to me if you wish at More research still needs to be done but there is no doubt in my mind they exist. They play an important role in manufactured cloud cover and possibly other military applications. Thanks for your awareness. Sincerely, Jim

    1. Pics are being e-mailed in three sets of 5 gives the whole context of the spraying operation that day.

  8. I’ve a set of pictures clearly showing a cloaked cloud craft, or more correctly clearly not showing the craft and that the trail it left was overlapped by another visible cloud seeder in a criss-cross pattern

  9. Thank you Deane for the update from Reno NV and thank you for being in this fight. Every year this ongoing agenda is increasing and collectively we must spread all the information on chemtrails. We the People are the ones who need to end this madness. Thanks, Jim

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