The Pros and Cons of MMS and/or Hydrogen Peroxide use, especially for healing gums, bones and tooth decay. For the sake of this article, we will spell out the differences between the two products, specifically associated with use to fight tooth decay and gum disease. We are not here to diagnose you.


Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a completely non-toxic disinfectant, &  hydrogen peroxide has nearly the same molecular structure as water (H2O).Hydrogen peroxide is really hydrogen dioxide. Its chemical formula is H2O2. The difference is that it contains an additional atom of oxygen; therefore its chemical name is H2O2. In the atmosphere, hydrogen peroxide is formed after oxygen combines with sunlight and becomes ozone (O3). As the ozone interacts with water (clouds), hydrogen peroxide is formed. It then comes down in rainwater, cleansing the landscape and oxygenating the soil, lakes and seas. Powered by this extra atom of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide is nature’s perfect cleanser!  Dentists have even backed up it’s use.

“Using peroxide diluted appropriately can certainly help maintain gum tissue health and can slowly whiten teeth,” says New York cosmetic dentist Jason Kasarsky, DDS. It  is effective  for killing  bacteria which is the leading cause of gum disease.

“While a diluted concentration of hydrogen peroxide is marketed and sold professionally over the counter as an oral rinse, there are some concerns with its use,” says Fort Washington, PA, prosthodontist Glenn J. Wolfinger, DMD. Well not to worry, as it turns out, the only major problem is to be sure you dilute the peroxiced before you rinse with it.   Fact is , turns out it is not rocket science.

Just follow the “one third, one third and one third” rule, which  means that the mixture you use should include equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, water and Listerine. If you feel unsure of your mixing ability, you can use a product called Peroxyl that contains a safe amount of hydrogen peroxide. You can also skip the Listerine, as most people do.


“There are no bad effects that can occur if you dilute it appropriately,” says Dr. Kasarsky. If it’s not diluted properly, you can create tooth sensitivity and blanche your gums, although the negative effects typically don’t last very long. As for the rumor that rinsing with hydrogen peroxide can cause cancer, that’s a myth as it’s not a known carcinogen.

For those of you who really want to get technical, here are the different grades, listed by percentages.

 Grades of Hydrogen Peroxide 

3% Hydrogen Peroxide (Drug Store / Grocery Store Variety)
Made from Diluted 50% Super D Peroxide.
Contains stabilizers: phenol, acetanilide, sodium stanate, tetrasodium phosphate, etc.

6% Hydrogen Peroxide (Used by Beauticians in Hair Coloring)
Comes in strengths labeled 10, 20 and 40 volume. Activator added to use as a bleach. Unknown Stabilizers.

30% Re-Agent Hydrogen Peroxide
Used in medical research. Contains stabilizers.

30-32% Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Used for washing transistors and integrated chip parts before assembly. Unknown Stabilizers.

35% (also 10%) Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Contains a small amount of phosphorus to neutralize any chlorine in the water it is combined with.

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide / 50% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Used in food products like cheese, eggs, whey products.
Also used to spray inside of foil lined containers for food storage (antiseptic packaging system).
You can find food grade hydrogen peroxide in 3%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 17%, 35%, 40% or 50% solutions.
Consumption of any concentration of hydrogen peroxide above 10% can cause neurological damage.

90% Hydrogen Peroxide
Used by the military as a source of Oxygen, at Cape Canaveral and as rocket fuel.

99.6% Hydrogen Peroxide
This was first made in 1954 as an experiment to see how pure hydrogen peroxide could be made.

Did you know?

Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer. Cancer is caused when the body’s cells change from aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration. The growth of cancer cells is initiated by a lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen and high levels of acidity usually go together. The brighter color red your blood is, the more oxygen it carries. The darker its color, the less oxygen it carries.  Read about Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxygen Therapy 

Symptoms worsening not a sign of recovery. Alarming statistics! READ...
Symptoms worsening are  not a sign of recovery. Alarming statistics! READ…

 Using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 

--> Bathing: Use about 64 oz. (2 quarts) of the of 3% or 3.5% diluted hydrogen peroxide solution in a tub full of warm water. Do not try this before bedtime, because the absorbed oxygen energizes the body and prevents sleep. Soak in the bath for at least 1/2 hour. Add hot water to maintain bath temperature keeping pores and blood vessels dilated, facilitating absorption of oxygen through your skin.

Colonic: Add 1 cup (8 oz.) 3% H2O2 to 5 gallons warm water. (Do not exceed this amount)

Douche: Add up to 6 tablespoons of 3% H2O2 to a quart of warm distilled or filtered water.

Dishwasher: Also add 2 oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide to your wash cycle.

Enema: Add 1 tablespoon of 3% H2O2 to a quart of warm distilled water.

Facial: Use 3% on a cotton ball as a facial freshener after washing. Keep away from eyes and eyebrows.

Foot Soak: Soak feet in warm 3% H2O2 until condition is improved.

Insecticide Spray: Mix 8 oz. black strap molasses or white sugar, and 8 oz. 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 gallon of water.

Fruits and Vegetables: Add 1/4 cup 3% H2O2 to a full sink of cold water. Soak fruits and vegetables 20 to 30 minutes (drain, dry and refrigerate) or spray fruits and vegetables with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for a few minutes, then rinse and dry. (e to Coli cleaner)

Kitchen: Keep a spray bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen. Use it to clean and disinfect counter tops and appliances.

Marinade: Place meat, fish or poultry in a casserole (avoid using aluminum pans). Cover with a dilute solution of equal parts of water and 3% H2O2. Place loosely covered in refrigerator for 1/2 hour. Rinse and cook.

Mouthwash: Use 3% H2O2. Add a dash of liquid chlorophyll or peppermint / spearmint oil for flavoring if desired. Use to treat gingivitis and chronic bad breath. After brushing teeth and tounge, swish H2Oin mouth for a couple of minutes and then gargle with it, then spit out and rinse. If pain occurs, spit out and try on the following days, etc. Do not attempt with sores in mouth. May also reverse tooth sensitivity. Convert  35% food grade H2O2 to get 3% hydrogen peroxide by  adding 1 tablespoon of 35% H2O2 to 11 tablespoons of distilled non-chlorinated water (1:11 ratio).

Nasal Spray: Mix 1 Tablespoon of 3.5% hydrogen peroxide with 8 oz. (1 Cup) of distilled water. Use 2-3 squirts of nasal spray when you start experiencing congestion..

Pets: For small animals (dogs & cats) use 1 oz. 3% H2O2 to 1 quart of water.

Plants (house and garden): Put 1 oz. 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 quart of water. Water or mist plants with this solution.

Seed Sprouting: Add 1 oz. 3% hydrogen peroxide to 1 pint of water and soak the seeds overnight. Add the same amount of hydrogen peroxide each time you rinse the seeds.

Shower: Keep a spray bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the shower. Spray your body after washing. Avoid the eyes, eyebrows and hair.

Toothpaste: Use baking soda and add enough 3% H2O2 to make a paste or dip your brush in 3% H2Oand brush. Hydrogen peroxide dissolves dental plaque, creates healthy gums, whitens teeth and helps eliminate chronic bad breath. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide makes the best toothpaste.

Washing/Laundry: Add 8 oz. of 3% H2Oto your wash in place of bleaches.

Vaporizor (Cool Mist): Add 12 oz. of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide or up to 4 oz. of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water or mix 16 oz. (2 Cups) of 3.5% hydrogen peroxide with 128 oz. (1 gallon) of water in a vaporizer. Emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc., usually gets better using a cool mist vaporizer filled with a hydrogen peroxide mixture. “

 (To read more , please visit



World Famous Author and whistle-blower Kevin Trudeau on his show entitled ” The difference between Hydrogen Peroxide & MMS”.Kevin  states the obvious here and it should be very helpful to you as our readers! Worth the view and  it’s only 8 minutes long! See what Kevin had to say about both products.


Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

If  you have a little more time  on your hands,  then by all means check out  this interview .  The show is called Straight Talk  and the topic is on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker

Straight Talk on MMS is a “TV style” interview show that focuses on the MMS (chlorine dioxide) phenomena by interviewing experts in the field. The goal of the show is to enlighten the public about this revolutionary discovery by Jim Humble.

I found the guest Andreas Kalcker to be an excellent source of information for MMS . Keep in mind, this was recorded in 2009, MMS and it’s countless uses has  come  a long way since then. Unfortunately, so have the attacks against the product as well  it’s creator Jim Humble.


The not so good news about MMS

Buyer beware, as the legal ramifications as well as serious side effects have been trumped up against Mr. Jim Humble. The bad news is that  MMS critics are merely attempting to dissuade the public from using MMS mainly  because it works. Nevertheless, let’s outline the not so good part that has been exploited first.

Here are what the critics are saying!

“Miracle  Mineral Supplement, often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution, or MMS, is a toxic solution of 28% sodium  chlorite in distilled water. The product contains essentially the same ingredient as industrial-strength bleach before “activation” with a food-grade acid. The name was first coined by Jim Humble in his 2006 self-published  book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. A more diluted version is marketed as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS). Some critics state that “MMS is falsely and dangerously promoted as a cure for HIV, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the  H1N1 flu virus, common colds, autism, acne, cancer, and much more.” The debate goes on as to whether MMS has been tested in clinical studies, and this depends on who you’re talking to. In January 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that one vendor admitted that they do not repeat any of Humble’s claims in writing to circumvent regulations against using it being used as a medicine. Some of the internet sellers have described MMS as a “water purifier” for the same reasons. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies rejected “in  the strongest terms” reports by promoters of MMS that they had used the product to fight malaria.

When citric acid or other food acid is used to “activate” MMS as described in its instructions, the mixture produces an aqueous solution containing chlorine dioxide, a toxin and a potent oxidizing agent used in the treatment of water and in bleaching. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set a maximum level of 0.8 mg/L for chlorine dioxide in drinking water. Naren Gunja, director of the New South Wales Poisons Information Centre, has stated that using the product is “a bit like drinking concentrated bleach” and that users have displayed symptoms consistent with corrosive injuries, such as vomiting, stomach pains, and diarrhea.

Sodium chlorite, the main constituent of MMS, is a toxic chemical that can cause acute renal failure if ingested. Small amounts of about 1 gram can be expected to cause nausea, vomiting and even life-threatening hemolysis in persons who are deficient in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.”


But seriously, you can say the same thing about any pharmaceutical drug treatment, and a matter of fact, the warning labels always include DEATH. The drug industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars on physicians every year as well, which mean they collude with one another and don’t like to let anyone who may actually have a CURE in the door. Some doctors take hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from the Pharma industry. The drug companies pay doctors to be their so-called consultants and pay them to sit on corporate advisory boards and to give lectures to other doctors. Thus far, reports of deaths {using MMS} are sketchy, we have only heard of one, but there is no substantial proof that it happened because of MMS.

So what is the big deal about MMS, why the entire backlash?

Did you know?

Tens of thousands of people are dying every year from drugs they took just as the doctor directed. This shows you how dangerous medications are. 100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs — that’s 270 per day, or, more than twice as many who are killed in car accidents each day.

How many people have died from MMS?   NONE!

Let’s look more closely at Sodium chlorite, or MMS. Thus far, the reports on deaths are sketchy, we have only heard of one, but there is no substantial proof that anyone has died to date. . “So far, more than 5,000,000 people have used MMS, hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved and the suffering of hundreds of thousands more has been overcome. The first book has been published in 20 different languages including Japanese, Russian, Korean, and many western and eastern European languages.”


Download part of the Book for FREE now!

Recently, Jim has returned  from Africa where he successfully treated more than 800 HIV/AIDS cases. Last year he conducted lectures in Europe, a 5-day seminar in Germany and eight 10-day seminars in the Dominican Republic, all teaching the MMS protocols for healing most of mankind’s diseases. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing now uses the MMS solution as its Cleansing Water in the Church Sacraments. This new MMS book “can save your life or that of a loved one and will most likely do so sometime within the next 5 years.”

For MMS protocols

Unfortunately, unless you purchase reading material from Jim Humble, you won’t be finding any protocols on the net. If you search on You Tube, you can find a few of Jim’s videos on brushing your teeth with MMS, but it is a bit confusing.  I would watch the above videos for more information on the subject, which is what I did.

Keep in mind that MMS is made up of  Chlorine Dioxide, which is a water purifier essentially. If you google “Chlorine Dioxide” you will see that it’s application is as such, and many products are sold for the same purpose.So don’t believe everything you read against Mr. Humble, “they” have done everything to stop this man from curing sick and diseased patients/clients.

A perfect  example of the ‘drops’ would be Aquamira Water Treatment Drops 1oz, check it out for yourself and compare this to MMS. It says right on the bottle “EPA-registered chlorine dioxide water treatment system. Liquid drops treat up to 30 gallons of water.”  So why are they trying to sure Jim Humble for the same use of the same ingredient?

If you care to look at other uses with cleaning water, please read the following PDF.

Chlorine dioxide in seawater for fouling control and post-disinfection in potable waterworks 

“Bio-fouling refers to the undesirable accumulation of a biotic deposit on a surface. This consists of an
organic film composed by micro-organisms embedded in a polymeric matrix of their own making. Complex
fouling deposits, like those found in industrial environments, often consist of bio-films in intimate association
with inorganic particles, corrosion products and macro-fouling organisms”


Neonicotinoid Clothianidin Pesticide kills over 80% of U.S. Honey Bees
Neonicotinoid Clothianidin Pesticide kills over 80% of U.S. Honey Bees

Jim Humble NEWSLETTER #106


Over the past 100 years there have been more than a100 successful cures for cancer. Royal Rife and William F. Koch were the first two of the men who created such cures. Rife died in prison and Koch spent several million dollars staying out of jail. He died broke and broken after being found not guilty by three different juries in trials that were carried on for over three years by the FDA. The second and third trials were illegal because the same accusation was used. Both men had records of well over a 100 thousand successfully treated cases of cancer. The data about these men is available on the internet; google their names.

So let me tell you how MMS cures, because MMS is one of the few cancer cures now available to the public worldwide, free of charge (if they come to one of our ministers to be healed). Basically, MMS is a highly diluted solution of chlorine dioxide and water. Solutions 1,250 to 10,000 times stronger than MMS are used in industry as industrial bleaches.

a.. There are no bleaches used in homes anywhere in the world that use chlorine dioxide as part of their formula.

I mention that because every MMS critic in the world sooner or later mentions in their writing that MMS (chlorine dioxide) is a powerful household bleach. This proves that they have done no research concerning MMS. A simple fact that anyone should know is that chlorine dioxide is not a bleach used in the home. Chlorine dioxide is approved by the FDA for food contact use, and home bleaches cannot be used for that purpose. See Food Contact Substance Notification FCN001011 and/ or Food Contact Substance (FCS) CAS Reg.No. 10049-04-4.

Sorry to take so much time telling you about MMS but since there are many people around the world trying hard to keep you from using it, I am sure you would like some real data regarding how and why MMS kills cancer.

a.. The papers mentioned in the above paragraphs are an approval notice from the FDA for the use on food of a product containing nothing but chlorine dioxide and water.

There are at least a 100 other papers on the internet illustrating FDA approval of the use of chlorine dioxide on food. Check the web site in the Ingredients and Packaging section under Food topic, and other FDA chlorine dioxide regulations. Now don’t you think that is really funny that the FDA would say that MMS is a poisonous industrial bleach if it has already approved its use on foods?

Let me tell you a very strange, peculiar, terrible thing. Each year more and more people die of cancer while under the care of a medical doctor.

a.. Last year, 2011, more than 7 million cancer patients worldwide died while under the care of a medical doctor, yet if one single cancer patient dies under the care of an alternative doctor using herbal medicine, the public is up in arms and the alternative doctor is usually prosecuted.

b.. Isn’t it getting obvious that medical doctors are the wrong place to seek help for cancer? They had 7 million failures last year. Check it out. It isn’t something they can hide.

c.. Every university, every college, every government approves of this travesty, and humanity does not seem to notice. That is what is strange.

d.. And guess what, these universities and governments all receive money directly or indirectly from cancer patients who have suffered and died.

MMS destroys cancers of all kinds. The reason is that chlorine dioxide with the formula of ClO2 is an oxidizer with very unique characteristics. One important point is that the chlorine dioxide in MMS is a 1000 times more diluted than the weakest bleach. It runs through the body never touching the body but killing the pathogens. It is simply too diluted to harm the body in any way.

On top of being an extremely diluted solution its oxidation potential is the lowest of all the oxidizers that can be used in the body. Oxidation potential is the electrical potential that determines what an oxidizer will oxidize. Chlorine dioxide has a much lower oxidation potential than oxygen or any other oxidizer. For your information the oxidation potential (determines how active an oxidant is) of all the known oxidants ever used in the body are as follows: ozone 2.07 volts, hydrogen peroxide 1.80 volts, oxygen 1.28 volts, and CHLORINE DIOXIDE 0.95 volts. As you can see, chlorine dioxide is by far the weakest oxidizer known that can be used in the body.

About cancer: A cancer cell is a body cell that has been changed to react differently than normal body cells. There are two basic theories of cancer.

Theory # 1 is the main theory of the world. It is accepted by present medical authorities, and championed by the FDA. This theory suggests that there is no cause for cancer, it just happens and that there is no way to prevent it.

Theory # 2 is the theory given with evidence by the two men, Rife and Koch, who first cured cancer. They said that a small microorganism enters a body cell and takes over changing that cell into a cancerous cell. This microorganism is called a pleomorphic organism because it can morph into various different shapes to handle its environment as needed. All research projects concerning theory # 2 have been stopped. All doctors and scientists agreeing with theory #2 have been ruined in one way or another. The obvious reason is that cancer can be killed using theory # 2, but there is no way to kill cancer using theory #1.

a.. MMS kills the pleomorphic organism in the cancerous cell. The cell then reverts back to a normal body cell or it dies and is carried off by the blood in a normal body action.

b.. The pleomorphic organism is destroyed using oxidation, as MMS has no other chemical reaction.

You probably know that electrons hold all compound materials together, which of course would include pleomorphic microorganisms. Electrons hold the materials of the universe together. Oxidation is the process whereby electrons are removed from the material being oxidized and thus the material comes apart and is destroyed.

Once the electrons have been removed from the compound materials in the side of a pathogen, the compound materials fly apart creating a hole in the side, which kills the pathogen.

Each molecule of MMS can accept 5 electrons, that’s at least twice as many electrons as the other oxidizers, but the strength is much weaker. The next important part to know is that the electrons that the chlorine dioxide steals, come over and destroy the chlorine dioxide molecule as well. That makes it a clean kill as nothing is left but atoms and table salt.

MMS2 the Second important Cancer Killer When calcium hypochlorite is dissolved into water it turns into hypochlorous acid.

a.. This acid is the acid that the human body has been using to kill pathogens for hundreds of thousands of years. The formula is HOCl.

It is also an oxidizer with the amazing ability to penetrate almost anywhere in the human body and that is probably why it was chosen by nature for this job. We simply give the body extra ammunition of HOCl and it has proven very successful.

a.. The actual killing action is almost the same as MMS1, oxidation. This process of stealing electrons kills pathogens and causes self-destruction.

Since this data has been known for almost a 100 years there can be only one explanation for why the medical people have not used it to help kill diseases. It really works, and they use nothing that works

The Killing of Cancer: I should mention several things:

1. There have been quite a few hundred testimonials of MMS cancer cures on the internet; the critics say that they are all lies. Yet, they have never given a logical reason why hundreds of people would be telling such lies.

2. History has shown that soon after anyone presents a proven method of curing cancer they either meet a violent demise or go to prison. Of course, the method never becomes available or known. Thus I have made no effort to prove what we are discovering about MMS. Thousands have overcome the suffering and the cancer, but that doesn’t prove it. The FDA says antidotal evidence is of no value. Government and Medical science require clinical trials as proof and this costs $800 million dollars. If we had $800 million for the trials, they would take our money and still stop MMS from being approved because cancer, as it is, is a trillion dollar industry that they have no intention of stopping. So, it is very unlikely that there will be any proof in the next few years. Sorry, I guess, for the present that you must, “Trust me, or die.”

If you get a lethal cancer and you begin the MMS cancer protocols, you will have, in my opinion about a 90 percent chance of a cure. If, however, you have had radiation, chemo, or surgery treatments, your chances of a cure using MMS protocols drop to about a 50 percent chance of living through the experience. The more radiation, chemo, and surgery treatments you have had, the worse your chances are for recovery. If you continue medically, according to AMA reports of several years ago, your chances drop to less than 3 percent for survival. There has been no improvement or change in the medical treatment for cancer for a 100 years.

I make no money from the sales of MMS directly, or indirectly. My goal and the goal of this church is a world without disease. Money that comes to us from book sales, is used for expenses here and/or setting up clinics around the world.

Procedure for Killing Cancer: Use Protocol 2000 given on my site, This protocol begins the procedure with small doses each hour and builds up to stronger and stronger doses with the maximum being 6 or 7 drops per hour (but can be more than that). I like to start people off with 1 drop of activated MMS an hour. Then as they can handle more we increase the number of drops per hour until they are taking as much as possible without feeling nausea or developing diarrhea. If they get diarrhea or nausea, back off, use less drops but do not stop unless their bad feelings are extreme. In that case, stop for a few hours or even a day, but then continue with a much reduced dose.

Several days after starting protocol 2000 the person begins taking small doses of MMS2, that is, using calcium hypochlorite in capsules. The capsules are taken every two hours during the day for at least 10 hours. Of course, increase the doses by using more hypochlorite in the capsule, but never more than a size zero capsule that is ½ full.

If this procedure isn’t working or working fast enough add Protocol 3000 to the 2000 Protocol. There are also a number of minor protocols that should be considered for possible inclusion in the treatment at this point.

What can you expect from this over all procedure? Normally the pain is reduced in hours and all pain is usually gone in less than a week. The cancer usually heals in a few weeks but may take months. Just keep at it until well.

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble


If you have any questions pertaining t this article, feel free to email:  subject :MMS/Peroxide

If you decide to use the “peroxide protocol”, please be sure to PURCHASE FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. This is just one of many accredited sites to purchase your Food Grade Peroxide*.

(*TTD is NOT associate with this company in any way.)

DISCLAIMER: ** TTD  (The Truth Denied Tabloid) does not sell any of the products listed in this article, not do we recommend any treatment described as we are not doctors. We have simply given the resources to the public for evaluation.


JIM HUMBLE/ MMS  : Books and reading material :
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EMF is  the silent killer
EMF is the silent killer


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  4. Please read about the case of Daniel Smith who is being persecuted by the FDA for having been a distributor of MMS through his former company “Project Green Life” Daniel has been arrested, all his assets appropriated, put under house arrest and is facing charges that could imprison him for up to 36 years!

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