Moon has shifted and citizens have noticed it!The Earth's moon appears to have shifted.

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For Release: 1/6/2015

TTD discovered a Lunar anomaly in 2011 that has most certainly caught our attention.We published the results of our findings in a video called The Polar Shift of the Moon. The video has over a million views in it’s three released versions. What we discovered in 2011 was that the moon was on a tilted orbit, perhaps reacting to an approaching new large gravitational source. What the source was, we have not yet identified. Turns out we may have been correct about the full tilt of the moon though. We also set out to prove our findings (here) as well spell out some myths that the trolls had been posting to our mini- documentary. Keep in mind that our documentary was released on You Tube in the summer of 2011, and by 2013, the film had been sighted by various  companies (including Warner Brothers Media)  over 80 times for copyright infringement, to which ALL the erroneous claims were eventually dismissed. This in itself is very telling.We have not dismissed this.

Note: If you are reading this article and looking for EASY answers to either explain the lunar tilt or explain it away, you are going to have to arm yourself with a little more information. We are providing as much information as we can. Your questions also help us to improve the information for our readers, so don’t be afraid to ask us anything. 

See Part one POLAR SHIFT OF THE MOON here :

By January 2012, the documentary really began to catch on. Here is one mans page and witnesses of the event: DID THE MOON SHIFT AND WHY?

By the end of 2012, thousands were talking about the crater TYCHO claiming that it was in the wrong location, it had grown larger , some reports even claimed it blew up. Of course many claimed that our documentary was a hoax, that TTD merely shot a photo of the moon and turned the photo upside down. This is untrue and easily provable by  pixelation of the original photos.

The prominent crater Tycho provides an easy way for us to see libration in latitude. In the photo at right, notice how much farther south of Tycho you can see during a favorable libration. Credit: John Chumack (left), Frank Barrett (right) . Caption and photos via AstroBob.
The prominent crater Tycho provides an easy way for us to see libration in latitude. In the photo at right, notice how much farther south of Tycho you can see during a favorable libration. Credit: John Chumack (left), Frank Barrett (right) . Caption and photos via AstroBob.


2011 Moon photo, orbital Tilt credit: The Truth Denied Tabloid
2011 Moon photo, Orbital Tilt
credit: The Truth Denied Tabloid


BEFORE YOU VIEW the following  short film, please read this first. As you watch the short film, keep in mind that we are making a comparison for the claims of the fist film POLAR SHIFT OF THE MOON .If you have not seen the first  film, the second film will not make any sense to you.

We have put together a short animation for use of comparison of the moon shots taken by TTD  in 2011 and  NASA’s  Lunar Libration shots  in hopes that  it will bring more clarity to the 2011 lunar event that TTD has described above.

What to watch for:

  • Take notice  of where the shadows are on the moon photos in 2011.(They are located in the North or top side of the moon, moon appears to be on it’s side and egg shaped)  Notice where the shadows are in the NASA libration  animation.
  • Notice where TYCHO is located in both presentations.

Additionally, TTD is not the only one questioning a pole shift of the moon. We even found evidence to support  that this was not  the first indication that the Moon may have shifted its orientation.A new study now suggests that the residual magnetic fields hint towards a violent event which flipped the Moon on its side according to  Ars Technica. Scientists have  found that the moon not only shifted on its axis, but did it  suddenly – as there are no indications of gradual track between the two locations.

As the authors note, “A change in the apparent pole position corresponds to a reorientation of the lunar surface with respect to the rotation axis,” writes Ars Technica.

Reorientation of the early lunar pole explores the idea that  an active core dynamo operated on the Moon from 4.2 to 3.56 billion years ago. Since the Apollo era, many magnetic anomalies have been observed on the Moon. The magnetization of the lunar crust in some of these regions could preserve the signature of an early dipolar magnetic field generated by a core dynamo.



Lunar Libration:

Here are the questions that have been raised by the public:


What is Lunar Libration?

In astronomy, libration is a perceived oscillating motion of orbiting  bodies relative to each other, notably including the motion of the Moon relative to Earth. Libration is distinct from the slight changes in the Moon’s visual size as seen from Earth. Although this appearance can also be described as an oscillating motion, libration is caused by actual changes in the physical distance of the moon, because of its elliptical orbit around Earth. These rocking and wobbling motions as seen from Earth enable us to see 59% of the moon’s surface over time.There are various kinds of lunar libration, the two most notable being libration in longitude and libration in latitude. To learn more about libration, go here: Lunar Libration

Why can’t we see the moon’s farside?

Some people mistakenly think the moon doesn’t rotate  on its axis because the same side of the moon is always facing earth, but the moon does rotate. The video above shows why you’d see all sides of the moon if the moon didn’t rotate on its axis. It’s best to watch the video from start to finish.

Does the moon have an axis?

Contrary to popular belief, the moon actually DOES have an axis and the moon does rotate on this axis. Why is it that we only seem to see one side of the moon, the side that faces the earth?  The moon not only  rotates, or spins on its axis, in the same length of time it takes to orbit Earth. Any moon whose rotational period equals its orbital period is said to exhibit synchronous rotation, a characteristic shared by many moons of our solar system. So this is actually the norm.

Synchronous  rotation allows  our moon to rotate  on its axis in the same period that it revolves around the Earth which is 27.32 days, but it is also what causes our moon to have only one face viewed from earth: this is known as earth’s ‘nearside’. The ‘dark side’ of our moon remains  hidden, hence known better as ‘the moons farside’.


TTD  has  been accused of manipulating moon photos in the video  Polar Shift of the Moon. We  assure you that we have not done such manipulation. Here  is how to check a photo that has been manipulated. Three ways to spot if an image has been manipulated.




Please be sure to sub our YOU TUBE Channel for more information
Please be sure to sub our YOU TUBE Channel for more information





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