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According to many news tabloid reports, Chemtrails are a Military Experiment used on  its own citizens. How do we prove this? Arizonans make their voices heard regarding the issue, and are at least making progress. Here are some of the facts regarding lawsuits against the Federal Government due to reported nationwide illnesses as a result of inhaling nano particles expelled from jet airplanes. Citizens from Kingman and surrounding communities attended a forum convened by Senator Kelly Ward, MD last year.
Senator Ward is a physician, but had little to comment on when it came to citizens’ medical complaints, as she has no jurisdiction. Citizens dominated the hearing  with several testimonies  and clearly established “that unmarked aircraft have been repeatedly spraying aerosols from unmarked military aircraft while civilian airliners were leaving no trails, even while flying in the same air space as the unmarked jets”. Several lab results were discussed , tests that revealed high concentrations of heavy metals and were submitted to ADEQ as evidence of contamination.

    • According to the Governor of Arizona, “Chemtrails –or- (Geoengineering) is a Federal Issue”.
    • According to the Feds, Geoengineering is an FAA issue.
    • According to the FAA, “These are simply jet contrails, nothing going on here”.
    • According to the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality”, they do not have jurisdiction to either comment on air quality reports or respond to testimonies, proof, data, blood tests or air quality in general. (But they are OFFICIALLY REPORTED AS an AGENCY with the heading ‘ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY’, TO WHICH JURISDICTION PERTAINS TO THE GROUND ONLY.)
    • The ADEQ goes on the record as stating they do have scientists on board in their organization.”
    • Did you know that the Government has laws in place that grant “Diplomatic immunity in regards to the Military Industrial Complexes Experimentation programs that result in the deaths to thousands of domestic civilians”?
    • *Are Environmental agencies ‘above the law”, or is the Military Industrial Complex above the Agencies?
    • Did you know that thousands of citizens have gone to approved MD’s and labs for the expressed purpose of testing their blood for Strontium, Barium and Aluminum particulates? The results of the tests are astounding, and some cases the levels of metal particulates are 1000% higher than the norm?
    • Doctors who have tested their patients’ blood for heavy metals “Do not have a clue” as to what the next step may be for their patients and are equally dumbfounded by the test results of ‘heavy metal toxicity’ that is apparently ‘off the charts’. So doctors are telling their patients “You need to learn to live with it”. (Unethical practice of the MD).
    • ADEQ Mission Statement “ is to protect and enhance public health and the environment in Arizona. The department does this by overseeing the state’s environmental laws and authorized federal programs to prevent pollution of the air, water, and land, and to ensure clean up of such pollution when it occurs.”
    • THE CLEAN AIR ACT states that the ADEQ has no jurisdiction over airplanes.


 Be sure to watch the video located below.

Nevertheless,  (even though it is not there job or jurisdiction) the ADEQ’s displays  a full page on their website entitled CONTRAILS NOT CHEMTRAILS alluding that “Chemtrails” are basically contrails and they assure the public that everything is fine. “If you’ve ever seen a jet fly across the sky, you may have noticed that it produces a thin white cloud behind it… These resulting contrails can grow to several kilometers in width and 200 to 400 meters in height. Contrails may also appear to be grid-shaped. The grid-shaped contrails are the result of aircraft flying at east-west and north-south orientations designated at 2,000 foot increments of elevation. Other shapes formed are by the dispersion caused by horizontal and vertical wind shear.” A more detailed description of how contrails are formed is presented in an EPA guidance document which can be viewed by clicking on the following link: EPA Contrail Formation Guidance Document

ADEQ does not have authority to regulate aircraft engine emissions. Section 231 of the Clean Air Act (CAA) directs the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish aircraft engine emissions standards for any air pollutant that could “reasonably be anticipated endanger public health and welfare.” The CAA further dictates in Section 232 that the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for enforcing the standards established by EPA. DOT has delegated this enforcement responsibility to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA ensures compliance with these regulations by reviewing and approving certification test plans, procedures, test reports, and engine emissions certification levels. For more information on aircraft emissions or to access EPA’s or FAA’s aircraft regulations visit the aviation emissions Web site of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality at or the FAA’s environmental policy Web site at:

In addition, “ADEQ also conducts inspections on a routine basis and in response to citizen complaints.”

It’s evident that they are not complying with there own agency standards. If you watch and listen carefully  to the questions that were being asked during this hearing, you will notice that the ADEQ repeatedly deflects the responsibility, passes the buck, and in some instances, simply refuses to answer the questions of our citizens.

According to the ADEQ’s Government website, “The department is composed of four programs: air quality, water quality, waste, and administration. The programs carry out the core functions of the agency.” 

Let’s be clear, the ADEQ (along with the EPA, FAA, and Federal Government) are purposely NOT doing their  jobs;  they are  also burying the public’s complaints which would later become legal and bonifide  paper trails of ‘evidence’ in the case of a lawsuit against Federal Agencies.

So what do we do about it? Todd  Howard has some great ideas, and he spells them out, right in front of an ADEQ board, a senator and her constituents. The room was also filled with many Arizona citizens who had complaints, data, blood tests and evidence for the ADEQ. But they soon ran into a brick wall with the board, as they found out that Geoengineering or airplane emissions is not the jurisdiction of the ADEQ. So why did the board even book the hearing?  

“It’s simple ” Todd states. ” Do not be naive.” He  first addressed the ADEQ with some simple questions. Mr. Howard began by asking the ADEQ  what there mission statement was, and although the ADEQ  first  fumbled, she did reply  “ It is to protect and enhance public health and the environment in Arizona.”

Mr. Howard then followed up with a series of questions , some of which he met with  absolute silence, while other answers seemed extremely vague. However, a clarity soon set into the meeting:

  • According to the ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality”, they do not have jurisdiction to either comment on air quality reports or respond to testimonies, proof, data, blood tests or air  quality in general. (But they are OFFICIALLY REPORTED AS an AGENCY with the heading ‘ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY’, TO WHICH JURISDICTION PERTAINS TO THE GROUND ONLY.)

But Howard wasn’t about to leave the room without a solution, so in closing he gave some very powerful advice to those who have been affected by chemtrails. In no uncertain terms was he ever disrespectful as he explained what citizens will need to basically get a lawsuit going and just how to get it started. He also insured the public that by putting some tangible evidence together and using the laws of our country, Arizonans will effectively put their elected officials in check and possibly get some results.

“You are that jurisdiction” he says as he looks around the room at the victims of toxic metals .”Do you understand? They have no jurisidiction about what comes out of the back of a airplane, until it affects your health.”

He then further questions board by asking specifics , such as , “If there is efficient evidence to invoke your jurisdiction for the purposes of your mission statement, can the state of Arizona through your offices or through someone else can file that  complaint against the Federal government and get something moving?”

He gets silence from the board.

Howard asks again “So can you tell us who to send our evidence to”? 

Again, nothing.

“Who are the scientists in your department that we can send it to”?

Finally an answer comes from the ADEQ.

“The problem is we have no jurisdiction over this issue.” She further states that “Sending it to our scientists won’t help. We can’t do anything”.

Howard asks ” Why don’t you have jurisdiction if your public statement has to do with public health and  they have evidence that their health may be being affected not by engine emissions but apparently by a deliberate spraying effort”.

He get’s silence, and proceeds again with “When does your mission statement bring in your jurisdiction in the interest of the people of the state that you’re apparently intended to protect?” He goes on to say, “If you can’t do that, what is the purpose of your department?”

Again,silence. Isn’t this better known as stonewalling?

Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward-Remind me not to vote for her!
Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward-Remind me not to vote for her!

Not sure how this will move forward because on April 15, 2015, Senator Kelli Ward ,who is exploring a possible 2016 Republican primary challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. John McCain, posted in a series of Twitter messages clarifying  her stance on chemtrails. She tweeted

“I don’t believe in the  ‘chemtrails conspiracy.”

Last month, Sen Kelli Ward, of  R-Lake Havasu City, had told The Arizona Republic that she had no opinion about chemtrails one way or the other, despite having held a June 25 hearing in Kingman that addressed the topic. Since then, FreedomWorks, one of the major tea-party-aligned national groups who is looking for a viable candidate to take on McCain, has cited her association with the fringe issue as a possible political liability.

“Chemtrails” conspiracists claim that airplanes, via visible contrails, are spraying dangerous chemicals into the air, either to change the weather or for other more sinister purposes.

“Let’s just be clear – I don’t believe in that,” Ward tweeted on  Wednesday.

“I’ve never believed it – many in my district do,” she added in a follow-up message.

The “chemtrails” Twitter conversation started after Politico quoted Ward publicly spurning the conspiracy theory.

Ward later reiterated the ADEQ representative’s statement, reassuring that where air, soil, and water samples taken by the ADEQ, all have shown results that fall within normal limits.

Oh, I see, now it’s a conspiracy, right Kelli? Looks like we need to get back to the drawing board. But do it quickly! Follow the monkey, I mean money!


Watch the edited version of the hearing here:(It’s edited down to 11 minutes from 33)



ADEQ Compliance: For more information please read “ What is ADEQ and What Do We Do for Arizona?”


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Roxy Lopez interviewed by CBS NEWS
Roxy Lopez interviewed by CBS NEWS

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