Cloaked Cloud Craft. Still from video footage using an infrared modified Sony camcorder 1000nm. Captured over the Antelope Valley, Ca. in 2012 by Jim Kerr.
(Above photo/credit) Video still of an alleged “Cloaked Cloud Craft” traveling from right to left just below the clouds. Note how the cloud material clings to this object outlining its shape. Note the wake and long trail of cloud material behind this object. In the video footage, this object made a sharp upward turn and vanished into the clouds. Captured by Jim Kerr using a full spectrum camcorder. Filmed in the Antelope Valley, Ca.

Project: “Cloaked Cloud Craft”, The Unseen UFO’s

Do They Really Exist?
Are They Really Invisible?
Or, Are They Simply Just Clouds?


I am no stranger to ufology and have been privately investigating UFO’s since my first two disk sightings during the summer of 1973. Over the years, I have seen and captured numerous UFOs. I do not consider myself a professional ufologist as I have never published books nor do I have a dedicated website, however, I have seen and experienced a lot over the past 45 years. My only written publishings are posted through “The Truth Denied” website. My only goal is to spread awareness on a number of various topics I continue to investigate.

Since the end of 2011, as time allowed, I have been investigating a strange, elusive anomaly that has been termed as a “Cloaked Cloud Craft”, “Invisible UFO”, or simply a “Cloud Craft”. I use the word elusive because they are not visible per say but there is an interesting possible footprint to these anomalies. In my opinion, there are many false captures of these objects on the internet that are nothing more than natural occurring triangular cloud formations. Is it possible that these Cloaked Cloud Craft act like Chameleons in our skies imitating cloud formations that naturally occur in nature? Over the past six years or so this strange phenomenon has gained followers who have many theories and beliefs ranging from extraterrestrial intervention, angelic beings, ancient god’s, black budget military technology and more. The majority of mainstream and professional ufologists dismiss or scoff at this topic of “Cloaked Cloud Craft” due to the crafts elusive invisible nature along with the many strange theories behind this topic. Many ufologists simply state, “they are only clouds”. I would have had the same opinion had I not seen some interesting firsthand sightings. I recommend keeping an open mind regarding this subject but also keep in mind, logical scientific earthly explanations before heading into unknown territory.  What these objects are and who owns this technology is the question. More on that later in my opinions and conclusions.

MUFON, Mutual UFO Network

Several days ago I was searching the archives of MUFON’s case files looking for cases involving “cloud craft” and found a very interesting sighting dated 07-17-2009, Santa Fe, NM. MUFON Case # 21454. This MUFON case file is what prompted me to write this article.

This MUFON sighting was also posted by the website “Lights in the Sky” on 01-13-2010

Here is the description of this sighting from the MUFON database.

“I was in the kitchen looking outside and I saw a strange cloud formation. I grabed my camera a took two photos of what seemed like an invisible trinagle surrounded by clouds. I did not think much of it because I went back inside and brushed it off. The time was about 3pm. Later in the year many people were reporting triangle typed ufos throughout the world and I remembered taking the photo of the invisible triangle shaped oddity. I have seen alot strange things in the sky lately but it always seems that I do not have my camera nearby”. 

Below is the photo taken by the witness in MUFON Case file 21454. Note the triangular image with cloud material that surrounds this object. Later in this article is a photo I took indicating possible photographic evidence that these objects may be capable of emitting a cloud-like material that in many cases will mask their presence in the sky.

Compare the below object in this MUFON photo to the object in my photos and video below this photo. 

(Below) Infrared stills and video by Jim Kerr, July 4, 2012

(Scroll between the above MUFON photo and my photos below)

Below are several of my photo stills taken from video footage. I filmed this over the Antelope Valley, Ca. using an infrared modified Sony camcorder on July 4, 2012. Note and compare the similarity of the object in my photos to the above MUFON photo. Compare the rounded edges of both photos and how the cloud material clings to the edges of the object. There may be more documented accounts in MUFON’s database but I found nothing more.

(Below) Same photo as above with the exception of adding a Sony Bump Effect plugin.

Cloaked Cloud Craft. Still from video footage using an infrared modified Sony camcorder 1000nm. Sony Bump Effect plugin added. Captured over the Antelope Valley, Ca. July 4, 2012 by Jim Kerr.


In the photo below, for comparison, I rotated the image placing the object in the same orientation as the MUFON 21454 image. Scrolling back and forth between the images one can see the extraordinary similarities between both independent captures. Sony Bump Effect plugin added.

In the photo below, note the edge of this object. The object appears to be either overlapping or underneath the cloud material. In any case, notice the smoked glass or translucent effect along the edge of the object. I have observed this many times before. I believe this to be another clue in detecting these Cloaked Cloud Craft. Sony Bump Effect plugin added.

Below. The original video footage that the above still photos were removed from.


Below. The original video, shorter version cropped and enlarged.

35mm Film Versus Digital  Format

In 2014 I decided to attempt capturing these Cloaked Cloud Craft using old school film technology. Using a Nikon F4s and F5 35mm film cameras using Black & White film with the addition of a near infrared lens filter I was able to capture several of these objects. True or not, I had heard that in some cases film can capture objects that can not be captured using a digital format.

The photo below is my best capture of what I believe to be a Cloaked Cloud Craft. This photo is cropped and enlarged. Using 35mm film, cropping and enlarging reveals far more detail than digital format.

The photo below depicts the object possibly emitting a plume of cloud-like material. Note the edge of the craft and the shadow it casts on the clouds behind it.

Below. Cropped and enlarged from the original photo.

Below. Original unedited photo. The object is circled in yellow, lower right portion of the photograph. This is an example of just how far 35 mm film can be cropped and enlarged without loosing resolution.

(Below) Here is an interesting capture by researcher, author, photographer Sean Guatreaux. Note the lower photo that diagrams the outline of these objects.

 Opinions and Conclusions

I have written a number of articles on the subject of Cloaked Cloud Craft and my opinions and theories have changed many times over the years. Is it possible these are invisible Alien Cloaked Cloud Craft UFO’s emitting a cloud material to hide their existence for some nefarious plan? Anything is possible but I lean to a more Earthly plausible explanation of a man-made technology. I firmly believe these Cloaked Cloud Craft are not solid objects as I have observed on numerous occasions aircraft traveling directly through these alleged craft. In a future article, I will attempt to connect the dots of the U.S. Naval Research Labs Plasma Cloud technology using HAARP type applications, possibly used to create these Cloaked Cloud Craft for military applications. There may be a connection that I will explore in a future article.

(Below) This is one example that will be detailed in a future article of why I believe these Cloaked Cloud Craft may be connected to the Naval Research Labs plasma cloud technology. This smaller cloud appeared to be under intelligent control as it crossed our skies and never did its shape change like a normal cloud. It was a strange sighting and I believe connected to the larger stationary cloud to the right which was the main plasma cloud created in this military experiment conducted over the Antelope Valley, Ca. More to come in future articles.

I have been asked on several occasions why MUFON does not investigate these reports of Cloaked Cloud Craft. After a search of MUFON’s database, I discovered only one (there may be more) report with a photo which is presented in this article. It is obvious to me now that the reason MUFON has done very few investigations is due to non-reporting of these Cloaked Cloud Craft by the observers. I believe MUFON is a great resource and encourage those who capture these objects to make reports. Building a worldwide database of reports and photos is an excellent way to further research on this topic.

Several days ago I contacted Bob Spearing with MUFON. In the past, I have had the pleasure of conversing with Bob Spearing on the subject of orbs and other types of ufo’s. I wanted his opinion on the subject of Cloaked Cloud Craft and sent him many of the photos in this article along with current theories of those who investigate this subject.

Below is Bob Spearing’s reply to my request.

“I am a severe skeptic of cloud like UFOs. Your evidence is compelling but I am not won over yet., Your photos show acute angles of clouds that appear to be artificial but it could just be a freak of nature. Listen, I have seen stronger evidence of people’s testimonies of black triangles suddenly dematerializing after exiting cloud cover so I know you may have something. however, the photo evidence is weak. I can keep an open mind that you are onto something but I am not yet convinced. I do think invisible objects do cross our skies. its just solid irrefutable evidence is lacking.  keep taking photos”!!!

Update from Bob Spearing after reviewing this article.

“No crazy stuff. That is rare. You present a plausible case allowing for doubts. Thank you for adding my comments and a link to my site. Stay in touch.  The Naval Research lab stuff swayed me a little bit more. I know they are capable of such deviousness”.

Bob Spearing is a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Star Team Field Investigator, a member of MUFON’s Special Assignments Team, a MUFON State Sectional Director in New Jersey and MUFON National Director of India.

Below is a link to Bob Spearing’s website and publications.


Links to the subject of Cloaked Cloud Craft.

More evidence on clouds camouflage UFOs by William C. Treurniet, November 2007

Several years ago I spoke with William C. Treurniet. He spent a number of years investigating cloud camouflaged UFOs. He stated in essence, he reached the end of his research and has moved on to visible UFO’s.



Who / What is in Our Skies by Sean Guatreaux.

Sean is a friend of mine who has spent countless hours investigating cloaked cloud craft since 2011. He has many theories and many, videos on his Youtube channel dedicated to this subject.


See TTD investigator Jim Kerr’s latest UFO REPORT

About The Author

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. He oversees a family owned law enforcement supply business and has worked in private security along with high profile criminal investigations and surveillance for a private investigation firm. Jim has had a long time interest in the ufo subject since his first sighting of an illuminated disk over the Santa Monica Bay back in 1973. In 2011, Jim took and interest in Chemtrails and began filming and documenting the skies over the Antelope Valley California in hopes of spreading awareness to the Chemtrail agenda. Within a short time, Jim began capturing strange anomalies in the sky that appeared to have a connection to Chemtrails. Anomalies consisted of man-made cloud experiments possibly connected to HAARP type technology, numerous sightings of UFO’s, signatures of cloaked craft, visible disk shaped objects and orbs that have a strange attraction to Chemtrail spray and more. Jim connects with other researchers exchanging information in the hope of spreading awareness. 


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By Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr is a retired police officer with an extensive background in criminal investigations. Jim is no stranger to UFO sightings, having seen his first illuminated disk over the Santa Monica Bay at 2:00 am in 1973 and others since. Jim is a UFO researcher/investigator and advisor for The Truth Denied sharing his findings with many researchers worldwide.

22 thoughts on “Project: “Cloaked Cloud Craft”, The Unseen UFO’s”
  1. By the way, I have stills & video of December 2017’s full moon that I know you would find interesting.
    What is the best way to get them to you?

  2. I photograph this activity very often.
    Had no idea it had a name.
    I wonder all the time how others do not see what is right in front of their faces.

    1. Hi Liz. Thank you for your comment and visiting TTD. Pretty amazing isin’t it. It’s hidden in plain view. I first noticed this activity in 2011 and have done quite a lot of investigation on this subject. Thanks, Jim.

  3. Justan I’d love to hear more personally. I experienced this for the first time ever. Date was August 21st at about 10:00pm The location was over GA (not too far from Lockheed Martin/ Dobbins AFB). It was transparent for the MOST part, triangular in shape, but seemed to have something circular at the center or maybe something that even morphed from circular to triangular because my friend claims he for sure at one point saw a triangle inside the original triangle, where from my perspective it appeared to be more of a circle. The edges of the main triangle were three circles that pulsated different colors of the spectrum but were very illumenescent and was absolutely mesmerizing.

    During this time I felt as if I was almost in a trance like state. The whole experience, The craft was emitting this smokey haze that was what appeared to me and my friend to be an obvious attempt at cloaking the craft (who knows) but there was no cloud cover and we could see things perfectly for most of the encounter. The haze, dust, or mist the craft was emitting was undeniable though. We are both certain of what we saw on all of that (the shape and transparency or the craft to a tee, the dust emitted, the spinning, and the incredible speeds at which it spun and flew through the atmosphere in a vertical way).

    There wasn’t time to grab a camera and honestly that was the last thing on my mind. The main thing on my mind was getting my friend’s attention and then paying as close of attention as possible. Within twenty five minutes after the experience we both put together a picture of the craft. I had ideas before this but wasn’t sure on anything this advanced in our arsenal (and still find it HIGHLY unlikely) or highly intelligent beings that are very advanced intellectually and spiritually that are either piloting this or these craft or who have maybe even traded and taught our government how to fly them in some kind of trade or exchange.

    I go to that because maybe two minutes after the sighting was over we saw the first Air Force jet fly on the same course as the UFO at Mach speeds, followed by another less than a minute later (also traveling at Mach speeds). The ones after that were also military, but not nearly as fast (and even the fastest ones following were only doing maybe 20% or less speed of the craft we witnessed when it was traveling the fastest that we saw it travel.

  4. Great information covering many bases! I have excellent photos dated years back & since then the sightings have increased 100%. Charlotte N.C. is BUZZING with them!

  5. Glad to read this, the image reflects what I saw in Southern Utah last year. I had hiked to the top of a mountain, looking at the views to the south. I could here jets approaching from the west ( probably from Nevada), I watched and saw 2 fighters pilots approaching, low, in front of them was a rectangle shining object, but reflecting the clouds. It sharply turned South (to avoid StGeorge), the jets followed and a third jet came screaming from the north.

  6. The cloaking cloud formation around these craft is a byproduct of the static energy created by the propulsion system used by this craft. The external electrical static field attracts moister present in the atmosphere helping to cloak it. The build up is the greatest at the corners.

    The craft has an internal ion generation propulsion system. It is basically like an ion breeze fan with no moving parts but the ions “blow” in and are contained internally and condense. By changing the polarity of the containment walls the craft can increase speed and change direction in any aspect. The condensed ions will attempt to repel from the charged wall and “push” the craft in the direction it needs to go.

    The faster you need to go the more surface area of the walls is charged. Since you have five walls of a triangle you can go in all those directions just by charging the proper walls to create repulsion propulsion.

    The glowing corners are just a necessary fact to release the static energy built up inside the containment vessels created in the process. These craft are actually all electric and only use small highly efficient frozen methane gas generators to create the electricity to power the ion generators.

    Frozen methane gas is the most abundant power source on the planet. It is easily safely stored and transported. A 2 foot square cube of frozen methane can provide enough fuel to power the craft for a week.

    Once the ions are sufficiently condensed very little power is actually needed to operate the craft which is manned by 3 people who sit inside a enclosed area in the center of the craft. One individual is the pilot the other is the sensor operator and the 3rd is the mechanical systems engineer.

    They are all contractors and the craft are capable of landing without a runway and no major ground support. They use closed federal wilderness areas to land when necessary.

    The craft is virtually constructed entirely out of carbon fiber composite panels and weighs not much more than a family van or small cargo truck. There are a number of diagrams on the web of what witnesses describe as what the undercarriage of these craft look like. Those are the ion generators that are seen. There are multiple triangle compartments as seen by each depressed area.

    1. Justan, your description is amazing and answers many questions I have had for years. What are your thoughts as to the purpose of these crafts? My thought has always been for surveillance and possibly some type of advanced weapons platform. Any idea how many of these have been manufactured? You can always contact me directly at Thanks, Jim.

    2. Justan, what are your thoughts on their cloaking technology besides the cloud material. Many times I have observed a smoked glass effect in what appears to be some type of light bending technology to cloak their existence.

  7. Wow, I am stunned I am finally finding answers that actually resonate with me… the last week in Febuary 2017, between 8-9 pm. I saw one of these… it was like nothing I have ever seen before..
    I describe it as a trianglur shape void with wispy clouds coming off of it as it came out behind one cloud and glided silently and effortlessly to get behind another cloud.
    I tried talking to a couple of people and they just said it was a black triangle/military crafts. I live in Ottawa, Canada.
    Ive been thinking of this strange encounter everyday.. I believe full-heartly we are catching on to something massive.
    Thank you so much for documenting your findings, I will absolutely send you anything more I find

    1. Thor, thanks for sharing your sighting. Over the years I have had many theories and I continue to return to military applications. I don’t believe these translucent triangular objects are solid craft as I have observed jets travel through them. I am researching U.S. Naval Research Lab technology on plasma clouds and these triangular craft-like objects may be part of this technology. If so, the technology can be used for military communications, gathering data, spying and more. Sincerely, Jim

  8. So glad to realise that im not going crazy and that someone else is seeing these things too.

    I have a collection of footage and photos if you would like copies of any. Ive been noticing these crafts in Australia for about a year now. The last couple days though the sky is absolutely littered with them!! Its incredible.

    1. Hello J.C. and thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment on “The Truth Denied”. We continue to investigate the phenomenon of cloaked craft and would like to see your photos and possibly use them in future articles. My email is Thanks for your awareness. Your not going crazy, sincerely, Jim

  9. Harold Hern. Thank you for your video comment. Mark McCandlish is well known to us here at “The Truth Denied” and a long time friend of Roxy’s. This documentary is awesome. Thanks again for posting.

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