Alien Abductee Stan Romanek  found guilty  on 8-8-17.

  • 8-8-17  1:45 PM  Today,  Stan Romanek  (covering his face with documents) was seen walking out of courthouse with wife Lisa Romanek and activist Rosemary Van Gorder.  The Romaneks  plan to appeal the guilty verdict and believe that the  “corruption within the justice system” must be addressed. Romanek had a plea of ‘not guilty’ for child pornography charges. (Below)


Court Schedule

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  • Update 8/8   Romanek found ‘guilty’  of first count of sexual exploitation of a child. Romanek is found ‘not guilty’ of the second count of sexual exploitation of children.  Sentencing for Romanek is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 19th. He is being released on bond until sentencing.

In the documentary, Romanek details his allegations of abduction, harassment and finding out he has several alien children.

Romanek was arrested in February 2014 after the conclusion of a long-term investigation into online sharing and possession of child pornography. The investigation was first initiated by the Department of Homeland Security and was then continued by the Loveland Police Department and the Northern Colorado Regional Forensics Laboratory.

Police executed a search warrant at Romanek’s home in April 2013 in the 3900 block of Ash Avenue, where computers were seized. The investigator located more than 300 images as well as video files depicting child pornography from a laptop that was found inside Romanek’s home office closet, arrest documents show.

Sean David Morton skips out on sentencing: Arrest Warrant Issued


NETFLIX RELEASES Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Documentary 7-3

Although the film was completed in 2013, it was released free to the public via NETFLIX on July 3.



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8 thoughts on “Stan Romanek found Guilty ; A Sad day for the UFO Community”
  1. I think this is defo a set up for making the film Extraordinary and sharing info with the world about his ordeal with aliens. What a good way to ruin his reputation and people to not believe in him anymore and his encounters with another human life. Look at the power these extraterrestrials have, they are very capable of a lot of things as these have supernatural powers beyond what humans are capable of.

    I believe Stan in not guilty and believe in his experience with aliens even if the pedo thing is true.

    1. Well his alien buddies can use some of their power to manipulate time and reverse the charges, or they can beam him aboard their craft and tKe him to the planet xyzeon.

  2. a weird person i met (friend?) just ran into him he was in jail for 7 years on an assault charge, (it was obvious self defense) he kept not fighting for his day in court,
    he looked pretty healthy.
    whats weird , i think i ran into his attacker last week who tried to assault me, and trick me into “defending ” myself.
    oh ok, back on track.
    he kind of liked jail, or adapted well,
    and now out of jail, he’s gone from a regimented life to digging through dumpsters,
    i guess the moral is,
    if you don’t want to do the time, don’t get duped by a corrupt system. or something.

  3. I am reminded that, my late friend Thomas Bearden was faced with accusations that stemmed from an incident (according to one source) where a number of under aged teen-aged girls were found trespassing on his property “skinny dipping in a swimming pool”, and when it was demanded that they leave, they claimed that he had sexually assaulted them. It was undoubtedly a setup. Tom told me later that he had, “…ended all contact with the UFO community” as a consequence of this ordeal. He would not discuss the details of what happened. I had heard that Retired Air Force Col. Wendelle Stevens has a similar experience. Whether these events happened or not, I think it demonstrates that pressure can be brought to bear on researchers who get too close to sensitive information.

  4. Maybe this will incite a bit more sobriety into the UFO community as to whom they trust. So many charlatans being paraded on shows today it’s disgusting. Stan you are lucky no one got to you before the law. Don’t let your fellow inmates find out what your in for.

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