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Sean Morton #73055-112
Satellite Prison Camp
POB 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734

Melissa Morton-#73056-112
FCI Victorville Medium II
PO BOX 3850

THE TRUTH DENIED UPDATES OCTOBER 2017 : Sean David Morton was sentenced to 72 months in federal prison. His wife, Melissa A Morton was sentenced to 2 years in prison.  Morton will be in his mid 60s when he finally gets out, and it is unlikely that we will be hearing from him again while he is being held. As to the terms of his parole, they are very strict including that he must find gainful employment upon his release. Interestingly, Morton is required to provide DNA and his DNA profile will go into a database.  UFOWATCHDOG reported earlier this year “Federal agents later served a search warrant on Morton’s apartment and seized computers, mobile phones, and documents among other items.”

THE TRUTH DENIED    At approximately 11:30 AM on August 21, 2017, Sean David Morton was arrested by two IRS Special Agents and one plain closed agent. The arrest was made from the poolside at the Desert Hot Springs Spa in California. At the time of the arrest, Mr. Morton was sitting by the poolside enjoying the eclipse, but Melissa Morton was not at the scene when the arrest was actually made. Morton was handcuffed and taken away by the agents.

To our amazement, a witness contacted The Truth Denied via email and gave us a full  account of the arrest of Sean David Morton. Witness was  sitting just a few feet away from Morton at the hotel pool side area, close enough to see and hear it all. Unfortunately, he and his wife had left their cell phones in the hotel room, so were unable to capture it on video. After speaking with the witness on the phone, we decided to print his statement. To date, we are the only tabloid that was contacted by a witness.

Witness Report of Sean David Morton’s arrest.

A witness contacted THE TRUTH DENIED website and gave us in depth details of Mr. Morton’s arrest. We later furthered the witness report via a telephone conversation.  The witness, Mr. Jay Johnson of Santa Monica, California was vacationing for a few days with his wife at Desert Hot Springs Spa.

Mr. Johnson wrote:

“Myself, my wife and another pool-sitter personally witnessed Sean Morton’s arrest at 11:30AM last Monday August 21, 2017 while watching the aftermath of the eclipse through his own sun-block glasses.

He and his wife, Melissa, were at the Desert Hot Springs Spa pool area in Desert Hot Springs (Palm Springs area) Calif. 

Around 9:30 a.m., Mr. Morton and Melissa were sitting at an outside table near the pool,offering  visitors, ourselves, and cafe staff the sun-block glasses to see the eclipse. He introduced himself as from Hermosa Beach.  I did not catch his name at that time. We used the glasses, watched the eclipse until 10:30 with other people, staff, visitors, hotel guests. He was very friendly, and his wife Melissa was friendly, but not too talkative.

Sean was seated on a lounge chair, with a bloody mary drink, visiting with us, had just moved over a few chairs, placed his sun-block glasses back on to take a last look at the eclipse, and when reclining with the glasses blocking everything around him, three IRS agents, 1 plain-clothes, with gun drawn yelled “Sean, you are under arrest, don’t move!!”

The other 2 swat-dressed agents with “IRS POLICE” on their black vests, silently, placed Sean in regular handcuffs, patted him down, although Sean was dressed in a white t-shirt and red swim shorts, moved him to a nearby shaded area, he was quivering/shaking. Officers then replaced the original cuffs with a chain extension to make it more comfortable. Mr. Morton was silent the entire time.

After arresting Sean, the agent asked twice “Where is Melissa”? Sean remained silent throughout the arrest and removal. Melissa was nowhere to be seen. Her status is unknown to us.” 

When I asked what this was all about, the agents would not disclose the purpose or any details.

At first, the 3 of us thought it was a joke, but quickly realized it was for real, just like in the movies, and were calmed that we were out of the line of fire, if it would occur.  

“Morton is a serial fraudster with a long history of perpetrating financial crimes and wasting precious time and resources of the government and the courts.”  stated the U.S. Attorney General

Other witness details:

Sean and Melissa had checked in to the pool/hotel (see layout at their website) using a “government ID”(?) saying he was from Miami Florida. How did you get this information? 

This information was shared with the guest via the front desk.

How did you know the suspects name was Sean Morton?

When the plain clothes yelled “Sean–don’t move, you’re under arrest”, I caught the name (Sean). After coming back home to Santa Monica, I Googled “sean, hermosa beach, arrest, irs”. The link took me to truthdenied site with all past history, and the photo of him and Melissa. The photo was a match with what I saw.

Was the “pool-sitter”that you described someone you knew?

No, adult female, in transit home from conference in Joshua Tree.

When did you notice that Melissa Morton missing from the pool side?

When we came back out from our room for the pool, about 11:20 a.m., Sean was on the lounge sitting with a drink, talking to the female visitor. He was alone at the time.

You stated earlier that ““Sean and Melissa had checked in to the > pool/hotel (see layout at their website) using a “government ID”(?) saying he > was from Miami Florida.” How did you know this?

Two days later, talking to front desk staff, one person who had checked him in, volunteered the info.

How many people were around Mr. Morton at the time “guns were pulled”?


End of witness report.

Sean Morton
Sean Morton’s last interview before he was locked up


Ironically, just days before his arrest, Sean Morton appeared for nearly three hours on an internet show , and one of the subject matters was the Solar Eclipse. He ended the program by assuring his fans that he was okay, and that “This would all be wrapped up in a few days: he even mentioned that “If my location is secure enough, I will be returning to Revolution Radio 5 days a week”. At times he claimed he was “out of the country”, and “staying in Iceland”. He also mentioned “Please pray for Melissa because I am not allowed to call her or talk to her at all.” Morton also made some stock market predictions, eclipse predictions, as well as government predictions. Interestingly enough, he did not predict his own arrest that was scheduled for August 21ist, the day of the eclipse.

(Above photo) Appearing on an internet show days before the arrest, the back ground  in the above photo looks similar to the hotel he was staying at when he was arrested 8-21-17 (Photos are not of the ACTUAL hotel room that was rented by Morton, these are photos of the hotel room suites from the website gallery .)


Hotel where Mr. Sean Morton was arrested on 8-21-17


On August 24th,  the  CA Justice Department issued the following.

“Sean and Melissa Morton were  both arrested on Monday at a hotel in Desert Hot Springs. They made court appearances before  a U.S. Magistrate Judge on Tuesday. Both were ordered held without bond. Melissa’s sentencing is currently scheduled for Sept. 18. We are waiting to hear from the trial judge as to a new sentencing date for Sean.”

What are IRS Special Agents?The top-level IRS employees are Special Agents (SAs), the “police force” of the IRS.  These agents carry badges and firearms, and investigate tax crimes like embezzlement. Hopefully, you’ll never deal with an IRS Special Agent like Mr. Morton has had to.



Sean David Morton was convicted on June 19th, 2017 for conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service by passing bogus checks and bonds. Unfortunately for Morton who took the law into his own hands by vanishing before his sentencing,increased his already stiff penalty. A warrant was issued, although in one of his on-line appearances, Morton denied that he was ever served a warrant. He also claims that “they” have no jurisdiction over him and therefore cannot arrest or detain him.

The government wants to throw the couple in jail for the rest of their lives, Morton said, “for filing paperwork that didn’t harm anybody.”

After 61 days  of being on the run, Sean Morton  and his wife Melissa “Missy” Morton were finally arrested. Remember when Morton claimed days before the arrest that he was going back to radio 5 days a week? Check out this transcript that aired with owners and managers at Rev Radio. Doesn’t appear that they want him back. Would you?

Read the story on Stan Romanek; UFO researcher, lecturer , and abductee’s recent conviction.





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  1. Ok, first it says that Mellisa was not at the scene at the time of the arrest of Mr. Morton, but then this so called “EYE WITNESS 😉😉” comes out and says, I saw Mr. And Mrs. Morton by the poolside. And another thing. WHO WOULD LEAVE THEIR PHONE IN THEIR ROOM WHILE YOU’RE OBSERVING A SOLAR ECLIPSE??? Sounds do me that MR. JOHNSON is just trying to get famous!!!!

  2. No updates on Melissa’s sentencing? It’s one day shy of a month since she was scheduled to be sentenced. No updates on Sean either?

  3. Sean should have left the country at least go to Mexico if you don’t want to get caught. Sean believed he could go into court and BS the judge with arguments that no longer work. It sounds like he was doing the same type of thing that got Irwin Schiff put in jail in which he died there. Now Sean lost his case and now now he will go to jail.

    1. Hello George,
      Yes indeed, I see you have been following this story, as we have been for quite a few years. Yes, he and his wife are certain to do some prison time ….thanks for writing in.Who is Irwin Schiff and when did he die?


      1. Irwin Schiff is the father of a man named Peter Schiff. Peter is known through out the financial world as an owner of a hedge fund management company that deals in precious metals.

    2. I have known Sean MORTON since about
      1975 or so maybe later. I had spent over 4 years attempting to DISPROVE ASTROLOGY.
      My single biggest failure. I may as well have
      ATTEMPTED to disprove our Solar System.
      I spent many- hours with Sean — Showing him how to erect horoscopes and interpretation….
      I traveled throughout Europe & spent several Months in Rome and a brief time in Castile Gondolfo, the Pope’s Summer Palace. I spent a day with the Head Astronomer of the Catholic Church. A Father Martin McCarthy. We spent time discussing the Bible, and Interpretations that Implied Astrological evidence. When in fact the New Testament states that the “Three Wise Men were ASTROLOGERS !!! Father McCarthy admitted to me that the current Pope
      (1969) to his Knowledge, does not confer with an Astrologer. But, in fact he KNEW THE PREVIOUS POPE, had consulted with Astrologers… And was considered quite “Astute” with his TIMING ! He also admitted to me that he was sure the history of Popes, included Astrologers… I could go on and on, but no one is paying me for this ! About Aean MORTON…. I never thought he was a sincere person. He somehow lacked credability !
      Since he is in Prison in Arizona and I live in Bisbee, Arizona.. Which USA TODAY stated:
      “BISBEE, Arizona, is the BEST, small, Historic Town in America!!!!” I agree… So I’ve written a short note to Sean, seeing if he needs anything.

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