Meteor in Phoenix



Meteor streaks across Arizona skies 11-14-17

How do you know the difference between a meteor in the sky, a falling star, or an experimental military missile test? The short answer  This was the conversation amongst  Arizona residents on the night of November 14th, as residents filmed a bright explosion in the night skies from 2 counties.

Some claim that it was NOT a meteor. Earlier that day, many residents heard what equates to a sonic boom in Alabama as well, and although NASA investigated the sound heard be several counties and thousands of individuals, no one really knows the source of the boom as of yet. Some readers claimed that it was “some kind of a missile test”, although we have not been shown any proof of this. We will keep you updated.

Nick Moskovitz, an astronomer with the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, agreed that the meteor was rather small, despite the immense glow. “The meteor is probably larger than a marble and smaller than a human,” Moskovitz said. “Around a football size.” The meteor is believed to have left debris between Flagstaff and Phoenix east of Interstate 17, Moskovitz said. 



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One thought on “Meteor Streaks across Arizona Skies : Loud Boom heard earlier in Alabama”
  1. Don’t know anything about this, on some clips it looks like something evading possibly two projectiles. One from behind it and one that hits it from above it on its left side. could it be an ET encounter that was witnessed coincidentally? (Maybe a Chase that ended here with the fleeing craft.being shit down)? I. Just found this site and I am so happy to see a place to possibly find answers to the things I see in the Texas sky that most are too unobservant to notice, too lazy to investigate or just too dumb to care.

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