Winged Humanoids? I can see some eyes rolling up! Yes, this book is about WINGED HUMANOIDS. Not a rehash of the subject by any means and not an overview either. This is an outstanding collection of detailed eyewitness reports, investigated, collected and presented for your edification – by “Phantoms and Monsters – Pulse of the Paranormal”. So whether you consider yourself informed or not – this book is going to open up your eyes reader! Beginning in late summer of 2011 – reports began flooding in from the city of Chicago. Yes, not some rural outback or lonely road(s), these are from downtown and surrounding suburbs of Chicago, IL. These reports are very persuasive stemming from ordinary folks suddenly confronted with extraordinary encounters with “winged humanoids” .. there’s no other way to describe the reports. Even though they are varied – they are close enough in their descriptions from separate witnesses to confirm that what said witnesses are reporting, is in fact, what they are seeing. There really isn’t any other way around this. The author and fellow investigators are to be commended for their attention to details and presenting these accounts without trying to bend them into something prosaic, or rather, something they are not. Hot off the press folks! Get yourself a front seat into this most bizarre, yet mysteriously current compilation of an ongoing mystery right in middle of the great mid-American city of Chicago. Yes, from time immemorial right up into today – Winged humanoids continue to be seen. This book is highly applicable to either the seasoned investigator or for that reader who may have just inadvertently stumbled across the subject/book and whose interest in piqued. Read along and perhaps you might stumble on the reason why!  201 pages –  Bibliography or footnotes not included, mainly because this is a book of sighting reports and brief commentary on them. I still consider this a first rate book on the subject. ( Included is a case that I personally investigated locally, that matches very closely what is being reported in the Chicago area).  – Reviewed by Scott Santa


In early 2017, an astonishing  number of encounters were reported  in locations throughout the Chicago metro area; until the number reached near fifty sightings before the end of the Summer. Why Chicago? Montham  Dynasty covers all of the witness accounts and investigations : 201 pages of pure excitement! You can find this book and others like it at Booktopia, and Amazon . Fortean investigator Lon Strickler and Phantoms and Monsters  is on Facebook. He is also the host, along with fellow researchers/investigators Butch Witkowski and Sean Forker at Arcane Radio

Scott gave the book 



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