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I want to warn you about the contents of this article. At first sight, it seems as though the facts and findings surrounding the subject matter of deceased whole body donations is right out of a SCFI movie; hardly believable. Most of the public is aware of organs donated to science for the purpose of  aiding humanity.  However, it’s what happens to these loved ones after  they are delivered to a specific research facilities ( including the US Army) that is most alarming. The sales of cadavers as well as body parts are big business, but the big bucks are made in the  underground. Families who donated their loved ones to Biological Research Centers under the guise of science, had no idea what happened to the deceased after the fact. Law suits have recently ensued on behalf of the  outraged family members who are  also demanding  that laws need to be created to protect the innocent. Transparency and disclosures need to be clearly defined to those who donate their organs to science. I warn you that the following stories are gruesome.

Crime Scene at Biological Research Center
Arizona’s Biological Resource Center claimed to be a body donation center for medical research, however they were selling body parts all over the world. (Channel 5 News, AZ)


 Who is the Biological Resource Center of Arizona and what went so wrong?

Biological Resources Center claimed to be a body donation company whose provided services are used for the Advancement of  Science and Medicine . The company accepted deceased bodies, and in exchange would pay for the cremation of the donors remains. Fair enough.That has not been the case at all. Even the Military has been involved which we will explain later. After many complaints by the victims, a crime unit was assigned to BRC, later to be followed up with a surprise  FBI raid.

Some of the victims who appeared in the lawsuit against BRC 


  • A discovery by a “client: was made back in 2013 when  Phoenix resident Mrs. Hinkston said her husband decided to donate his body to Biological Resource Center while he was dying from complications from diabetes. Hinkston later found out that  BRC had cut him into pieces and sold the parts.
  • Alzheimer’s patient Doris Stauffer died in 2013 and her son hoped that by donating her brain to medical research, his mom would  be able to help Alzheimer patients.Her body was donated to  Biological Research Center after her passing. In 2016, Stauffer was contacted  and given some  shocking news: An investigation revealed that Biological Resource Center  had sawed off one of the Arizona grandmother’s hands, cremated it and sent the ashes to Stauffer, and then sold the rest of her body to the Pentagon for thousands of dollars for use in a taxpayer-funded U.S. Army research project.
  • Richelle Wallace said she would have never agreed to donate her father’s body had she known how it would be used and that the word ‘disarticulate’ would not have meant anything to her. (Disarticulate means to separate or amputate a body part at a joint.)


THE FBI RAID on the ‘Biological Research Center’ of Arizona

The FBI raided the BRC facility in 2014,  and according to the agents, it was a day they will never forget .”Frankenstein” head, a bucket full of arms, legs and heads, and a cooler filled with penises.” Some of the FBI personnel who participated in the raid did not want to go back into the building after what they’d seen. Some even suffered PTSD, according to NBC News.

Agents found heads sewn onto a mismatched body, buckets of limbs, coolers filled with penises and blood on the floors, walls and ceilings were discovered  during an FBI raid on Biological Resource Center. One agent stated that he does not know what they needed penises for as they searched for some kind of understanding.

Former FBI agent Mark Cwynar stated that he saw “various unsettling scenes” at the BRC in Phoenix, including numerous dead bodies that appeared to have been played with as a “morbid joke.” One of the most shocking scenes he witnessed was a small woman’s head sewn onto a large male body “like Frankenstein” that was then hung up on the wall.  -AZ Republic

FBI Raid on BRC
FBI Raid on BRC


The giant online shopping site eBay began prohibiting the sale of body parts on its site in 2016, but human skulls and other bones may be purchased elsewhere — on Instagram, Facebook and on websites like The Bone RoomSkulls UnlimitedOsteology Warehouse and Zane Wylie Skulls.

The Arizona Republic even recovered a price list for the body parts from the facility in court documents:

A 2013 price list that is part of the court file indicates sale prices for body parts:

  • Whole body with no shoulders or head: $2,900.
  • Torso with head: $2,400.
  • Whole spine: $950.
  • Whole leg: $1,100.
  • Whole foot: $450.
  • Knee: $375.
  • Pelvis: $400.


Court documents revealed military involvement with Biological Research Center. 

Some of the BRC remains were sold for the purpose of military testing, such as crashes and explosions. BRC illegally sold body parts to the Army for blast experiments. 

According to Reuters, Stauffer’s mom was one of many bodies sold to the US Army for blast testing.

“She was then supposedly strapped in a chair on some sort of apparatus, and a detonation took place underneath her to basically kind of get an idea of what the human body goes through when a vehicle is hit by an IED.”

The Reuters report, citing internal records from the Biological Research Center and military records, said “20 bodies were secretly sold to the Pentagon for about $6,000 each.”

According to court documents, Gore sold donated bodies to the Department of Defense for weapons testing. 

The civil lawsuit trial that ended in November 2019 in Maricopa County Superior Court states the bodies “were literally used as crash test dummies, which meant they were used in experiments involving exposures to destructive forces, e.g. impacts, crashes, ballistic injuries and blasts.”

The Army officials who were involved in the blast-test experiments said they didn’t receive the consent forms from families, but took Gore’s word for it they had agreed to allow the corpses be used for such testing.- Reuters

A note to readers: The US Department of Defense and The US Army have been held unaccountable for the purchases.


Biological Resource Center
The trial against Stephen Gore, owner of the Biological Resource Center of Arizona, ended with jurors finding in favor of 10 of 21 plaintiffs, awarding $8 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages. Gore’s facility is now closed, and although he was found guilty, he served no time.


The civil lawsuit  ended on NOVEMBER 19, 2019  with a verdict of Guilty against the now closed BRC.  The plaintiffs in the case  were awarded $58 million. In 2015 Gore was found guilty but  has never served time.Instead, Gore  was sentenced to four years probation and forced to repay $120,500 to the Army Research Laboratory, according to court filings. List of the Arizona Plaintiffs:Civil Court Case Information – Case History From the Judicial Branch of Arizona

Biological Resource Center Raided




Other stories associated with the facility around the country:

In 2012, workers at the Delta cargo freight shipping warehouse located in the Detroit Metro Airport loaded two duct-taped camping coolers.  While they were loading the coolers on to a pallet, the tape split on the coolers and a “red liquid splattered out”.  When further inspected by the FBI, they found “five human heads with necks, two torsos, and one whole body.” Employees working the counter at Delta Cargo will tell you that “human remains are an everyday part of the cargo stream. The shipper? Biological Resource Center . ““https://psmag.com/magazine/arms-dealers

CHICAGO (CBS) —  The father and son behind the Biological Resource Center of Illinois are facing the feds four years after the FBI’s raid of their business affecting 289 Illinois in the stomach-churning body part brokering case.


Courtesy of https://psmag.com/


Just so you know, cadavers are legal. It’s when they are sold in the underground markets that it becomes dicey, questionable, and possibly illegal. Although there are very few laws that regulate the body parts industry as a whole.

Back in 2010, Slate Magazine released an article describing the use of cadavers for crash tests. The fact that the public is aware of this activity is doubtful. Imagine that you donate grandmas body for scientific research just to find out she was used as a  real life crash test dummy? How does that fly with family members?

For instance, according to Slate Mag.,

“ professors and graduate students mimic the many ways a murderer might dispose of his victims—by burying them in a shallow grave, encasing them in concrete, stuffing them into car trunks, or wrapping them in plastic bags. They’ve discovered, among other stomach-turning things, that since bacteria release gas as they gorge on human flesh, you can sometimes determine time of death by measuring the cadaver’s bloatedness.


Be aware of your rights before you run out and get a  state-issued organ-donor card. ‘Body farms’ have many uses for cadavers, but the public rarely hears about it nor do they know their rights.Protect yourself and your family. Don’t sign contracts at facilities when donating, at least not without the presence of have legal counsel.












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