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June 25, 2017


Zombies Part II Fact is stranger than Fiction

    Guests : Patrick Jordan and Dr. Wil Spencer, a serious look at ZOMBIES Part II Just when you think you have heard it all, you find that you cannot get enough information about this topic. And what is the topic, the topic is ZOMBIES. Not only are Dr. Wil Spencer & Patrick Jordan

Is a Zombie Apocalypse coming or is it already here?

  Topic: Proof of ZOMBIES in the modern world. Is a Zombie Apocalypse even possible? Guests Patrick Jordan and Dr. Wil Spencer spell out the big picture in this 90 minute interview (Part I). There will be a Part II coming up next month  with solutions and a  possible zombie  prevention for a few. The

What is a Zombie Virus? by Author Patrick Jordan

  Zombie Definition It is imperative to have a definition of a Zombie because without a definition the differences in personal perceptions of what the word means allows for infinite variation. That infinite variation becomes a problem if, in fact, Zombies are real so that they need to be identified, controlled and eliminated. Zombie (1)