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What can we do about Chemtrails?

1. Getting the word out..sharing with others..........awakening others.

2. HOLD THE SPACE for all good souls to come to learn or to heal the planet.

3. Make your self immune to chemtrails. Protect yourself from chemtrails attack. Then do something to protect your family, your neighboorhood and your environment.

Personal opinion about how to fight chemtrails by Sucahyo

I believe that to fight against evil, our tool must reduce the evil effect to our body, to our family or to our environment. I completely disagree of using tool that gets stronger around a place full of evil energy. Instead, the tool must make you more comfortable, feel better around an evil place. A tool to fight against evil should not make you feel the evil energy. A tool to fight against evil should make you immune to the evil energy.

I believe that the tool to fight chemtrails must reduce the evil effect of chemtrails. It must reduce the pain in your chest, it must reduce your headache, it must allow you to sleep well even during heavy spraying.

I believe that orgonite or chembuster can be used to reduce the effects of chemtrails. But it can also produce opposite results. It is very very important to verify wether your creation or the one you bought will actually help fights chemtrails. Will it prevent chemcloud, prevent haze, etc. Will it make us feel better, no headache, no heavy breath, no health problem, etc.

Many people overlook verifying step and end up getting bad results. Get no results at all even after spending considerable amount of money. And worst, some even make the weather condition worse. Don't just throw your creation in the open. You may think that what you done will only do a good thing. But what you feel may not what actually happen. You must observe the results of your gifting for yourself.

It is very important that your goal should not just be the elimination of chemtrails. That is relatively easy to obtain. Your goal must be the elimination of chemtrails effects. Effects such as weeks of cirrus cloud cover the whole sky, headache, tiredness, agitation, hard to breath, unstable emotion, insomnia, drought, dying plants, rare birds, etc. Not the chemtrails it self, but the effect of the chemtrails. Your solution should never produce the same effects as chemtrails. Your solution should never drive away birds, never eliminate nimbus rain clouds or fluffy clouds, never produce drought, never make you get a headache, etc. Some people think that it is ok to get headache as long as you make the chemtrails gone, that is absolutely FALSE. If you get headache then you are aiding chemtrails achieve whatever their goal is. Any solution to fight against chemtrails MUST make you and anything around you to be more healthy. It is NOT OK to sacrifice your health for the benefit of just eliminating chemtrails trails. Because chemtrails is not just about the creationg of trails.

I give this warning because I suspect that wrong solution, wrong orgonite or wrong chembuster, may actually invite natural disaster. Drought, flood, tornadoes or even earth quake can happen more often. If you notice more natural disaster, and if you already use something like orgonite, then please review what you done. Do more testing and if it is possible, undo your gifting until you can confirm that your orgonite give good results for nature. You can use the effect of cemenite I list previously. If you don't have such solution, try looking for chembuster in your neighbourhood. Tower power over weather is nothing compared to chembuster. In Indonesia, Denpasar in Bali, a city that said to be fully gifted, suffer record breaking tornadoes and flood few times at 2011/2012. I believe that happen because the orgonite use aluminium material. A fully gifted city should experience LESS natural disaster. If it happen more then something is wrong. I don't want that to happen to anyone else. Please be carefull. What you give to the environment must be healthy for you too. Don't give nature something that make you get a headache or insomnia.

Improving body health is neccessary to fight against chemtrails. However please keep in mind that ionizing, silver colloid, body cleansing or body detoxification method require spesific interval of body rest, to allow body to take out the toxin from inside the body. They must not be used too often or it may have severe side effects.

A tool that make you feel more of evil energy can be a fake tool spread by evil people. Don't be proud when your pedant in your chest make you feel pain near an evil device or location. Don't be proud when your tool make you feel nauseous around an evil place. If your tool protect you properly, you won't feel a thing. Be very carefull.

Solution to restore the sky with cemenite

by Sucahyo

Cemenite is an orgone device. A device that produce a type of energy which people call as orgone. Orgone is a physical energy usually created around electricity or magnetism. Orgone energy has great influence on living being and water.

Cemenite produce orgone by utilizing spesific geometry and material. Correctly made, the type of orgone that cemenite produce is the one that has these kind of effect:

  • better sleep, reduce insomnia
  • calmer emotion
  • more wild birds chirp around
  • better gas stove consumption
  • bigger, greener plant leaves
  • tastier water or food
  • more vehicle mileage and power
  • clearer sky from chemtrail or chemcloud or chemhaze
  • fog in the morning
  • produce clear ice or RNA shaped air bubble inside an ice

Cemenite must be built exactly like spesified bellow:


  • portland cement
  • clean water
  • insulated copper wire

No other material or addition allowed. They can change results. If you have to, do proper test to ensure it work the same way.

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I have seen the results of deploying cemenite in Surabaya city, East Java, Indonesia. The sky no longer dominated by haze or patterned clouds anymore. I can still see wild birds travel the sky. Birds chirp are common to be heard around my home.

What we need to know:

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