Guest: Emily Cragg

Subject: What is Happening with our Moon?


Emily Cragg


“There has already been threads about the position of the moon and many eagle eyed astro-types soon perked up and said that the moon IS where it should be. Excellent.  But what of it’s orientation? has it rotated, have WE rotated?

Either way there’s a growing amount of people that are asking these questions…”

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Listen and WATCH the interview here (we have many photos of the moon on this video!)

Check out the photos and the proof of the Orientation of the moon that appears to be rotating, and we ask the question “Why is NASA remaining silent?”

Guest: Emily Cragg

*Is the moon artificial?

*Are there bases on the moon?

* Why has NASA refused to comment?

*Where is the proof?


There’s no problem we ever have that we can solve unless we know what is real and true about that problem. What is Happening to Earth’s Moon?

“The leaders of the so-called free world have, since about 1967 at theend of the Iron Mountain Conference, decided we the people don’t needto know anything they’re doing with regard to space science, spacetravel and system geography.
At NASA all fundamentals of space travel and space exploration arecurrently under the 2,000 page manual, unavailable to the generalpublic.

Article 2.45 states “No man or woman from this organization shallrefer any matters of unknown anomalies to any public source. Anyintention to do so shall result with immediate termination andprosecution to the full extent of the law.” ~Emily Cragg


So what they call ANOMALIES [which mean, signs of life and humanoccupancy] fall under NRO and NSA dictates, and all textbooks, newsreports and NASA photographs must comply with those dictates.

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“Why do I do this? Because teaching my children and grandchildrenwhat is not factual nor true is offensive to me, as a mother and agrandmother, and as a techie in a technical field. “~~ Emily Cragg

OUR MOON ITSELF, from Emily Cragg’s Facebook Page with comments on each photo


Photo by Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied AZ Desert 2012





Photo by Roxy Lopez AZ desert 2012

Bill Bryson References:

From the documentary POLAR SHIFT OF THE MOON 2011


Another EXCELLENT website that we mentioned on the show :


We closed the show by suggesting you take some photos of the moon yourselves, and compare them to one another throughout the year.  See for yourselves! Has the moon shifted…..or?????

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3 thoughts on “What has happened to Earth’s Moon? Emily Cragg spells out part of the Mystery”
  1. This video is from Nasa it’s the one when they crashed a projectile and satellite into Cabeus Crater on the moon supposedly looking for frozen water in the bottom. Put it in full screen and use your magnifier set at 200 or 300%. Look around the white box shaped objects all around the opening to the crater, they move up and down and something comes out of the opening on the front of them. Look closer at what Nasa airbrushed out next to or behind those objects and you will see “people” operating them. Everywhere you see any movement there is someone or some thing faded out by Nasa but they missed a few that you can see as clearly as the resolution allows. Here is the link to the video,

  2. something has obviously happened to the moon, actually I do not think the moon exists any longer and they are actually shooting images of a moon into space, I left Baltimore one night but the moon stayed there and did not want to travel with me, one night coming home from dc I found the moon hovering over Baltimore and I was so relieved that the moon stayed in town. I saw the moon move around the sky in white marsh one night and then the clouds went behind the moon, it is obviously not the moon up there in the sky any longer, I do not understand why more people do not see the obvious

  3. The moon is hollow- I have agreed with this woman for many years and I believe have just this day heard of her-
    The moon is constructed- Much life ‘has’ and now is living on the dark side, and it is controlled there of and her theory of a k…eel is about the same principle as attraction by gravity or magnetism or manipulation with densities or induced attractions as density- I agree and support that the moon was constructed and used in more places than one and towed or attracted here by purpose and design, and is not the only one like it and near- It is very lightwieght and a constructed spere with framed inner design for life support and facits of existance- It does have multiple layers of surface and when the Sun is just on the right angle one that knows what to look for can easily see the spere constructed frame work nearly protruding through the layered moon surface or ‘skin’ as ribs of the human body or wrinkles in the bottom sheet pressing upward to impress the top sheet- One can see the connecting points and the constructed frame work steming there from and encircling all the spere- The Sunny side is always to the Earth by means of design and manipulation from within- The possibility that it can be controlled from the Earth ‘NOW’ and by Humans is a distinct possibility- Terrestrials on Earth are not just stranded here, and many of them have been doubled crossed by humans, even after so much technology has beed given to man for good reasons- Some Terrestrials war with each other and use the human civilazations as ‘chessmen’ and actually don’t enlist in their own combattive reserve any longer- They give to one Government and some give something different to another and the Terrestrials have long life spands, so they set back and enjoy the ‘show’while the evil war mongers strut their stupidity as zombie pawns, collecting the good of the Earth into their games of ‘destruction and vengence’ against ‘Creation and Perfection’-

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