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Arizona is using GORILLA SNOT to supress dust storms in AZ (C)2016TTD

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The Truth Denied Alix Longman

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2 Responses “The Truth Denied Alix Longman”

  1. at 4:01 PM

    Dear Alix,
    I’m from Romania and I’m concerned with the same problem about chemrails. I’m studying this phenomena sience 2005 and the autorities from here just didnt wanted to make analyses to the samples I’ve colected from soil. Where did collect your samples from?
    The people in my city are getting ill being sprayed day by day by those jets, so I wanna get a little asisstance about colecting samples and choose the right lab to do the tests.

    Hight respect,

    Petrus Codin Satu Mare City – Romania

    • at 7:29 PM

      We have passed on your note to Alix Longman.
      Thanks for commenting and for your commitment to helping our planet!

      The Truth Denied

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