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When it comes to the weather, is Man playing God?

January 21, 2013

WASHINGTON — President Obama  made addressing climate change the most prominent policy vow of his second Inaugural address today. He devoted more time to the subject of CLIMATE CHANGE than any other topic that he addressed. The Fact is, most citizens do not know that CLIMATE CHANGE is part of a geoengineering program. The general public believes he is referencing the storms, tsunamis, and earthquakes that have not only picked up momentum in the past decade, but have been termed “Super-storms”, like the recent devastation that occurred NY due to Hurricane Sandy.

Obama focused some of his comments on droughts, fires, &  storms. The President said with much vigor and passion:

“We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure to do so would betray our children and future generations,” Mr. Obama said on Monday at the start of eight sentences on the subject, more than he devoted to any other specific area.”

Global Climate Change Policy and Budget Review

Obama also  alluded to the idea  that science was not to blame and he  encouraged Americans to subscribe to science for the answers to “Climate Changes”. My interpretation of this is , he has to convince congress to financially back geoengineering programs, which mot of the general public is completely oblivious of it’s existence.

“Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms.” ~ Obama CLIMATE CONSESUS

Obama even went as far to say that Climate Change should be a top priority for the nation. He also made it very clear in his address to the nation today that he plans to  reduce emissions from power plants, increase the efficiency of home appliances and require that  the federal government produce less carbon pollution.


The New York Times stated :

“The centerpiece will be action by the Environmental Protection Agency to clamp down further on emissions from coal-burning power plants under regulations still being drafted — and likely to draw legal challenges.

The administration plans to supplement that step by adopting new energy efficiency standards for home appliances and buildings, a seemingly small advance that can have a substantial impact by reducing demand for electricity. Those standards would echo the sharp increase in fuel economy that the administration required from automakers in the first term.

The Pentagon, one of the country’s largest energy users, is also taking strides toward cutting use and converting to renewable fuels.”

See the rest of the article here:


The Times also went on to explain why this term would be different for Obama.

“The approach is a turnabout from the first term, when Mr. Obama’s guiding principle in trying to pass the cap-and-trade bill was that a negotiated legislative solution was likely to be more politically palatable than regulation by executive fiat. Now there is a broad expectation that he will follow up his first big use of the E.P.A.’s powers to rein in emissions — proposed rules last year for new power plants — with a plan to crack down on emissions from existing power plants.

According to estimates from the Natural Resources Defense Council, emissions from current coal-fired plants could be reduced by more than 25 percent by 2020, yielding large health and environmental benefits at relatively low cost. Such an approach would allow Mr. Obama to fulfill his 2009 pledge to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions by about 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, the group says.

“There’s a really big opportunity, perhaps bigger than most people realize,” said Dan Lashof, director of the defense council’s climate and clean air program.

Opportunity is money to be made folks. They went on to say that:

“The regulatory push will be particularly important because Mr. Obama has little prospect of winning as much money for clean energy as he did in his first term, with Republicans now in control of the House. Despite the renewed attention to climate change following Hurricane Sandy and record-high temperatures in the continental United States last year, there is little sign that the politics of the issue will get any easier for Mr. Obama.”

Will we ever see true blue skies again?

I think that we can all admit one thing, the Global weather has been nothing short of bizarre. Activists world wide have been campaigning against Global Geoengineering for at least a decade now. In the past 3 years,activists attempting to shut down  geoengineering programs have quickly become a topic for the general public once the public  recognized that  their skies were  being polluted with giant plumes from high altitude jets, otherwise known as chemtrails. We have even heard the term, “Man playing God” being used in conjunction with  artificial weather, cloud seeding, cloud bleaching, and  radiation mitigation, all geoengineering terms.The public has begun to take  a firm stance against what appears to be a global weather control via world wide governments who have been participating in the Global Warming scam.  Major media tabloids denied artificial weather programs, as NOAA,NASA and the EPA.  That being said, it is becoming more and more obvious that these programs not only exist, but that the public is being denied an opportunity to request a voice in the matter.

The President made climate change the main  topic in his Inaugural speech for one reason and one reason only. He needs congress to back him up so that he can pass environmental laws and fund geoengineering programs. The Government always wants in at the poker table when the stakes are high because there are big winnings to be made. It’s like a chess game, and Obama just made his move. Geoengineering the weather involves big money, as in big bucks to be made. It’s an Global  industry!

I am not alone in catching Obama’s agenda to create a budget for CLIMATE CHANGE as well as policies.

Jan. 21, 2013

“Obama Brings God Into the Climate-Change Fight”

This is the headlines of yet another article by the SLATE tabloid.

“If Obama were just paying lip service to climate change to please his backers on the left—as he has sometimes been accused of doing—the reference to “science” would have been quite sufficient. By bringing in God, he’s attempting to reframe the issue as one that transcends not only partisanship but the divide between those who believe in science and those who doubt science but believe in God. Left or right, atheist or creationist—either way, Obama is saying, we’ve got to do something.”


“There is science in the White House.


It appears like the  Huffington Post caught the remarks on Climate Change as well.

From The Huffinton Post Jan. 21, 2013

“The president’s speech comes after Vice President Joe Biden told environmentalists that Obama will not ignore climate change in his second term, according to Politico. He told attendees of Sunday’s Green Ball to “keep the faith,” adding, “There is science in the White House.

Despite an absence of climate change dialogue during the presidential campaign, Obama reiterated his views on climate change in his first press conference after winning re-election in November. “I am a firm believer that climate change is real, that it is impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions,” Obama said. “And as a consequence, I think we’ve got an obligation to future generations to do something about it.”


We shall wait and see what happens next. Like it or not, be  prepared however to see a step up in the Geoengineering programs. The writing is on the wall! Looks like Plan B has just been executed by Obama, and if congress doesn’t back him, well those executive orders will surely come in handy in 2013 now won’t they?

Catching on yet?

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