Interview  with Jef Harvey 11-29-13

Some of the topics covered on the show included:

  • Bacteria, what is it?
  • Homotoxicology
  • Coding holograms
  • Torsion field generators
  • Radionics
  • What is a Spore Biotic?
  • What are healthy Bacteria?
  • Neural Stimulation Systems
  • CHI-O
  • Holographic Blood
  • What is Quantum Erasure?
  • Remote Influencing
  • What are  the latest protocols for  Fibromyalgia
  • Holographic Filed- Delivery Methods for Informational Field Codes
  • Scalar Alchemical Holograms

Jef spent six years in the United States Navy and was inducted into a watcher group that infiltrated many of the Jesuit Illuminati controlled military organizations. He was assigned to EC Division, an electronics unit and worked in the Intelligence Center on board the now decommissioned aircraft carrier CV-67.

Today Jef is board certified in nutrition and specializes in homotoxicology for creating detoxification protocols utilizing homeopathics,  system specific plant-based endocrine adaptogens delivered by traditional means as well as scalar and holographic methods. Jef provides the scalar systems used for coding holograms to various practitioners and companies entering the field of holographic information delivery..

Current Research focuses on information field modulation of matter, clinical research involving patterned frequency engram modulation of the Central Nervous System pain neuromatrix and activating dormant areas of the brain mind matrix.

He utilizes various leading edge technologies including,  but not limited to radionic/torsion field generators, Shiva and Shakti Neural Stimulation Systems and complex signal wave generation.

As a military trained remote viewer and radionics technologist he assists the brain  in directing energy patterns for various remote field manipulation strategies including biological effects.

website :

Contact :570-219-2025 

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As a military trained remote viewer and radionics technologist, Jef Harvey assists the brain in directing energy patterns for various remote field manipulation strategies including biological effects. What does this mean for the patient/client? Find out now!


Jef Harvey tests the "God Helmut"

SCRANTON, May 2012 (Above Photo ) 

DOCUMENTATION FROM RESEARCH TRIP TO SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, MAY 2012. We met with experimental researcher Jef Harvey and tried a prototype helmet that has been development from the original ”God helmet”.

November 2013 Press Release



Intrinsic Data Field (IDF) Codes Balance Toxic Water Supplies and Humans

JefTech Research, a provider of the SE-5 1000 and a detoxification protocol development group is pleased to announce the addition of the Aetheric Balance Guild which is a customizable longitudinal scalar wave subscription service that takes advantage of  recently developed information field industry advances.

It is now possible to replace corrupted cellular information fields within  human and animal organisms with corrected information field code sets to allow the body to rebalance itself naturally. Subscribers can choose the code set and the periodicity for their subscription. Code sets available include, but are not limited to;

Viral, Bacterial and Infectious disease field code sets (includes cold and flu codes).

Primary Psychological System field codes

Electromagnetic, emotional and inflammation stress field codes

Dental information field codes

Neurological System field codes

Endocrine field codes

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary field codes

Diabetes field codes

Gall Bladder, Kidney and Liver information field codes

Vitality field codes for improved energy, stamina and endurance

Nutritional field codes

DNA Activation and broken strand repair field codes

Radiation Protection field codes

Many more are available when subscribers choose to have custom code sets designed specifically for them alone, which can be linked to their DNA signature.

In combination with a personal size (approximately one inch) micro miniature longitudinal scalar wave delivery system with sweep technology these code sets can be delivered into the biofield system of any human or animal organism 24 hours a day. This tiny unit can be worn on the wrist, carried in a pocket or attached to a belt for continuous information field dosing. Much larger coverage areas can be affected using larger units.


Another innovation pioneered by JefTech Research takes this micro miniature technology and incorporates the already proven successful Animal Wellness information field program as a collar worn delivery system for pets and livestock. The Animal Wellness Program now includes flea, tick and lyme information field codes and can be modified to include various reagents.. These micro miniature devices are rechargeable (every four to six months) utilizing an industry standard mini USB to USB cable.

Most importantly, JefTech Research is now accepting samples accompanied by laboratory analysis (COA) for its Environmental Remediation field code initiative. See below for more information on water supplies and toxic waste remediation. JefTech Research will utilize these samples to inactivate harmful compounds in the samples and results will be shared at the sample origination point.


Applications        (Now accepting samples)

  •           Wells and aquafirs
  •           Toxic waste dump sites
  •           Municipal sewage treatment plants
  •           Vehicle emissions reduction
  •           Swimming pools and hot tubs
  •           Ponds, lakes, streams and rivers
  •           Structuring and energizing water supplies


These advances all stem from recent discoveries in nuclear magnetic resonance that  have proven the existence of fields that surround all cells, organisms and  particles of matter throughout the universe. The fields contain information referred to as Intrinsic Data Field code sets. The code sets are derived from algorithmic means and radionic analysis.  The longitudinal waves used to carry the information fields are gravitational in nature and are formed from the collapse of two equal and opposing electromagnetic waves that are canceled out upon the creation of the longitudinal scalar wave. Q1 = w + ai + bj + ck whereas w is the scalar, gravitational component. Then Q1 = w + ai + bj + ck, Q2 = w – ai – bj – ck and Q1 + Q2 = 2W


Contact information for JefTech Research is

570-219-2025 voice

email :


Jef Harvey’s recommendations:

Source Articles that were discussed on the program:

Rocket Mass Heaters :

Indoor gardening 

Holographic Blood (DR. Harvey Bigelsen)

Pulser :Battery charger

Symplasts represent both emotional and physical disturbances

Jef Harvey’s website :

Contact :570-219-2025 


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  1. I am so intrigued by the research that Jef Harvey is doing! It’s the best explanation I’ve read concerning Scalar Wave technology and Radionics! I’m hoping to buy a Chi-O Medium Programmable for my daughter who will be home from Toronto April 8th for a week. She can take the unit home with her on the plane. Please let me know how I can get one. Thank you very much. Carol Woodland.

  2. Enjoy you interview with Jef Harvey. Can you interview him about his 6min video regarding in depth Radionics and ScalarWaves?
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