CONTRADICTION:  A must view  SERIES that consist  of  (8)  15 minute episodes that address the questions we all have running through our minds every single day. Questions like “If I am not happy with my government, then why do I continue to allow them to run the show?”WHAT IS THE CAUSE AND  WHY DO WE FEEL CONTRADICTION WITHIN OURSELVES ? What can we do to overcome this  nagging feeling of powerlessness? What am I missing?

Our series CONTRADICTION  covers the gamut of concerns that the general public writes to us about everyday. Concerns about food, GMO’s VS. Organic, which banking institutions to do business with, living inside of the 3-D Matrix and finding purpose or happiness in our lives; how do we assist our friends and relatives when we are having a tough time helping  ourselves?

Episodes 1-6 have been released over the past month for your convenience, we have placed them in this article. Please enjoy the series, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below this article.

We are here to share with one another some of our deepest fears in hopes of creating unity and empowerment.


EPISODE 1 – Are We Ready for 5th Density?

EPISODE 2 – Money and the Economic Paradigm

EPISODE 3- People Helping People COMPASSION

EPISODE 4 – Living in the 3D Matrix

EPISODE 5 – Contradiction of Government

EPISODE 6 – GMO’s, The Supermarket and our Diet, to eat or not to eat?


~ Bernard Alvarez & Roxy Lopez


ABOUT THE SERIES  “CONTRADITION” (watch the trailer now)

( GIC Production ) A NEW SERIES featuring Roxy Lopez of and Bernard Alvarez explores the “contradictions” in today’s world and the cognitive dissonance that frustrates our very spirit.

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Transcript of the Trailer CONTRADICTION
If WE THE PEOPLE are going to teach our families, our friends, our government and the world around us how to live, then we must use KUPONO which means SPIRITUALLY UPRIGHT. We must LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
What do I mean by Leading by Example?

WE THE PEOPLE must face our own personal fears, clean up our own temple, and make amends for harm we have caused, past, present and future. It all begins with us, singular, and one person at a time.

We need to reconnect to a source power that is greater than ourselves, so that we may procure self-manageability via osmosis of the whole. We are all co-creators of the new world and we must discipline ourselves through thoughts, words, and deeds.
This Works!

We really need to get out of the business of “self will run riot”, self-indulgence and fear mongering;
And instead align ourselves to a higher energy- that energy being love and co-operation, less we fall by our own sword in this fight. We need guidance and love from a higher source, call it what you may.

These are the tools of Spiritual Awareness that eventually give us all the clarity that we need in order to navigate our own personal lives and the result is DIVINITY. HARD is the task at hand, Harder to live in a mental, physical and spiritual jail.

When we allow ourselves the dignity of letting go of what we cannot control, we soon become introduced to a new way of life, we are truly restored to sanity. We become beings of discernment, choosing where we wish to focus our valuable energy and where we wish to focus our overall lives.
Live and  let LIVE!
This is true freedom!
This is personal evolution achieved!
And this is where the MAGIC begins!
You and I are not ALONE, we have each other!
Those of us who are on the FRONT LINES NEED you  more than ever!

We cannot begin to carry a message to the masses that we have not lived & experienced for ourselves, hence we must do the inside job in order to set forth the EXAMPLE.
UNITY is the greatest strength in carrying a message- A Spiritual Awakening is MANDATORY!

Bernard: Life can be a contradiction….(Roxy) but it doesn’t have to be a lie.


Roxy Lopez of  THE TRUTH DENIED will debut her new TV/Radio Show on David Icke’s THE PEOPLES VOICE in  January 2014, watch for ads!


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