Millie Weaver


Millie Weaver
Millie Weaver


Millie Weaver is a  conservative film maker and correspondent and investigative journalist for Alex Jones @ Info Wars beginning in 2016.  She also creates news videos @ Millennial Millie  (check them out!) Weaver recently created a new documentary entitled SHADOW GATE , which she said ““may be the biggest whistleblowing event to date.” Why ? According to the makers of the film, it contains evidence of a secret attempt allegedly made by government officials (aka Deep State) who intend to carry out a coup against President Donald Trump by means of  psychological warfare and mind-control tactics. Just as the documentary was about to drop, everything shifted.


Millie Weaver getting arrested @ her home 8-14-2020


Unfortunately, Millie Weaver was arrested 8-14-2020 at her home in Diamond, Ohio along with her husband. Millicent “Millie” Weaver, 29, and her husband Gavin Wince, 46, were taken into custody by the Portage County Sheriff’s Office. Each faces one count each of robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, and domestic violence, according to jail officials.


Millie Weaver Arrest PD Report
Weaver Arrest PD Report



  • Millie Weaver & Her Husband Are Both Facing Felony Charges in Ohio by a Grand Jury for the following charges: (Robbery,Tampering with evidence, Obstructing justice, & Domestic violence


  • Millie Weaver has uncovered a possible “coup” of the President of the USA


  • Millie released a documentary film entitled ‘Shadow Gate’ exploiting her claims




Millie Weaver
Millie Weaver



The  “Law & Crime Network stated  “A few days prior to her arrest, Weaver — who consistently traffics in misleading or false information — uploaded a video asserting that a “small group of government contractors were hired by government officials to frame the Trump campaign and set him up for the Russia collusion investigation.” (For what it’s worth, Jones had previously claimed that Weaver was in possession of secret Hillary Clinton emails and could prove that former President Barack Obama personally controls the U.S. media.)”

Keep in mind  that the MEDIA BIAS WEBSITE  RATING FOR THE LAW 7 CRIME NETORK  IS  ‘Overall, we rate Law & Crime Left-Center Biased based on editorial positions that favor the left .

Millie Weaver



It is obvious that  a massive “shift of power” is going on between the “old guard” and the ‘new guard’.  There appears to be an apparent division within the ranks of the NWO.  Many are witnessing this being played out in 2020 as the world shut down the entire system over Coronavirus (SARS-COVID-19). Never has the world seen such a massive co-ordination and assertion of control in over 184 countries simultaneously. It is not a coincidence, rather a opportunistic heist.

In the past we have all been warned as a country that we must protect our freedoms, but in one fell swoop, many  freedoms quickly evaporated, including  freedom of speech and  freedom of the press. To many, this  may have appeared to be spontaneous but it was not. And for some , it is totally acceptable all under the guise of a ‘pandemic’. Too many coincidences have occurred. Kennedy was in the know , and so is Trump.


JFK in an address to the press in 1961

“I have selected as the title of my remarks tonight “The President and the Press.” Some may suggest that this would be more naturally worded “The President Versus the Press.” But those are not my sentiments tonight.”  President John F Kennedy addressed the nation in one of his most telling speeches, and warned  against the “One Party Press.”.  There is also a recorded version of the speech, I suggest you listen to his warning in 1961. Listen to his chilling  speech  warning of what was to come  in the ‘one party press’ as he termed it. THE PRESIDENT AND THE PRESS: ADDRESS BEFORE THE AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION, APRIL 27, 1961


Weaver and her husband are both being held without bond until Monday when they will appear before Judge Rebecca Dohert. We will update you as soon as we hear anything.


For more updates:  Millie Weaver: Filmmaker Arrested Hours Before ‘Shadow Gate’ Documentary Release



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