What are freedoms in America?
The five freedoms it protects: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government. Together, these five guaranteed freedoms make the people of the United States of America the freest in the world. Until now. In 2021, freedoms are quickly being demolished in America, and most citizens are completely oblivious of this massive overhaul.


“This is a pandemic of the UN-VACCINATED”. -Joe Biden
Firstly Joe Biden started out by saying ” This is not about FREEDOM or personal choice.”  Referring to the  Covid-19 Vaccine
Yes, you read this correctly. Can you believe that the President of these United States, a country anchored in laws to protect it’s citizens freedom is announcing that your freedom does not matter.Keep in mind, 2 hours before Biden’s speech, Kamala Harris was asked about vaccines, and her answer was “Your body, your choice.”
” This is a pandemic of the UN-VACCINATED”.  -Joe Biden
Be Afraid.
Consider this when you read  Biden’s BRAND NEW 6 point Covid plan, aired 9-9-21 5PM EST.  Firstly, his math is all wrong.
THIS is the CORRECT math, check it yourselves:
2019 stats of population of children in America:
Children Ages 0-5 23.6 Million
Children Ages 6-11 24.4 Million
Total= 48 million.
6.6 Million have fish allergies: Doctors recommend they DO NOT GET the jab. (It may be lethal)
48 million + 6.6 million = 54.6 million. (That CANNOT get vaccinated). Additionally 2.2 million “RELIGIOUS exemptions and health related exemptions.) For a final total of 56.8 Million Americans.
We have any unknown number of fully vaccinated people who have “break through” virus, again AFTER being fully vaccinated. * We have an unknown number who already contracted Covid.


POLL: Almost Three-Quarters Of Unvaccinated Americans Would Quit Job If It Required The Vaccine 
This is the math that doesn’t add up:
Joe says :”80 million American’s are unvaccinated for Covid..” He wants 80 million to get vaccinated. Well, 48 MILLION of them are children 1-11 years old that there is NO Covid vaccine available, so they can’t get vaccinated. Biden’s math is  OFF . He claims that he will get 80 million vaccinated by:
How will Joe Biden  get American’s vaccinated? What’s the plan?
1. Mandating ALL government workers to get the covid vaccine or lose your job.( via Executive Order)
2. ALL Corporations that are government contractors must get vaccinated or lose your job.(via Executive Order)
3. All companies with over 100 (or more) employees must get vaccinated. (via executive order)
4. All airlines, federal buildings, & federal workers must be vaccinated.
5. All nursing home employees, health care workers, nurses, hospitals, mandated to get covid vaccine.
6. He pleaded with Doctors to have their patients vaccinated by saying “Do this!”
7. All schools and teachers, mandated for the vaccination.
8. People who still don’t want the vaccine, they must be tested for Covid once a week.
Economy: Biden is expanding the loans to businesses up to 2 million, no pay back .





    Are you Woke? God forbid!
What Biden did not mention:
1. “Doctor” Fauchi
2. Booster shots (did not mention those who resigned due to the booster shots that have not been proven).
3. Did not mention those who have already had Covid in the past.
4. Did not mention “Break through” Covid victims.
5. Did not mention the constitution.
Biden closes with “We have the tools , now we just have to finish the job.” Then closes with last words “GET VACCINATED!”
The true news cycles are being hidden from the public. Why is the truth being bastardized?
                                                    Are you confused yet?


Roxy Lopez interviewed on CBS 


Written by Roxy Lopez, Owner of The Truth Denied 


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