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Korea proposes “Artificial Rain Project” with China to clean Air Pollution

Korea proposes “Artificial Rain Project” with China to clean Air Pollution

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October 17, 2019

Over 100K in USA & Europe complain about Morgellons Disease

VOLTAIRNET.org   reports “Over the past ten years, more than 100 000 people in the United States and in Europe have complained about a strange and devastating skin disease known as Morgellons. The medical community is divided between those who dismiss it as a psychological disorder and those who regard Morgellons as an emerging disease deserving further study. This issue would normally be confined to scientific medical journals if the Pentagon and federal “law-enforcement” agencies were not so actively engaged in hiding it from the public.”

See article here.

The Truth Denied has a  case study of  Caroline Carter who  has been a Morgellons sufferer for some years now.She has been a brave woman through this experience and has studied and documented this disease for some time. Please visit the Morgellons/GMOD pages on some of her studies, experience and her website.  Feel free to contact Caroline Carter  through The Truth Denied website. Her page on the site is here

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8 Responses “Over 100K in USA & Europe complain about Morgellons Disease”

  1. March 13, 2014 at 3:55 PM

    Scary yet reality. Whether we like it or not, we have to believe it. Don’t lose hope victims and sufferers. There’s always something for every cause.

  2. tr
    December 21, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    I love it when the truth gets out. I am a sufferer, I’ve been living this hell for about 10 yrs. I ‘ ve through all the phases, starting from my feet on up to my scalp.those of you infexcted know what I’m talking about. For me after 10 yrs. it is possibly subsiding. last pulled out of my scalp this year,and fior some strange reason it always surfaces in or around october every year {only speak for myself} It has lessoned after time . We are talking 10 yrs. Hope for all who sufffer.

  3. Danser
    July 18, 2012 at 10:12 AM

    “I have spoken with Susan Kolb, MD in Atlanta, GA about this [Morgellons]; she is one of the leading experts on the subject. Dr. Brad Gould there also specializes in this condition. (770) 457-4677. They recommend NutraSilver.

    The NutraSilver is for a condition so-called “Morgellon’s”: my symptoms resulted in my Total disability have lost almost everything). Symptoms include mental confusion, mental fatigue and inability to function to remember, normally. Severe depression (chronic thoughts of suicide) is one of my diagnoses resultant from this condition.

    Also, breakouts of rashes and infections resembling “nits” or parasitic type insects are a constant condition WITHOUT the NutraSilver. It started in 2005 on the bottom of my feet, moved upward through the body, and now mainly manifests on and around the ears, the fingers and forearms, toe nails, and in the head and hair areas. Before NutraSilver, it would be SO severe and SO unattractive that I was unable to even go out in public for days at a time; this occurred frequently for years. Now, I can count on being able to go out in public, as long as I take the NutraSilver.

    Intestinal disorders of a parasitic nature are very common also. Sleep disorders, neurological and other symptoms are common and were some other symptoms I had.

    I will check my records for some of the dozens of RX, veterinary meds, nutrition products I have tried…These probably number in the hundreds and the expenses for this were astronomical. Like I said, over years of this illness, I have suffered bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of career and lost most everything.

    The CDC is again studying the condition via Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. There is no known “cure.” The medical profession can not even agree on a diagnosis. Many, many thousands worldwide suffer from this; some have committed suicide.

    However, the good news is that NutraSilver, an intense colloidal silver product, relieves most all physical manifestations. It enables me to sleep some, eliminates the “mental fog” and I am again starting to work some. It is the ONLY product I have found which makes ANY significant difference at all. I buy it as cheaply as possible, being a distributor for it, which cuts my cost almost in half. I have used all of it for myself, there is NO profit motive at all.

    My local internist is fairly new for me; he knows that the condition exists and he has no objection to my taking NutraSilver. This product, in this colloidal strength, is available no where else that I know of. I will ask him for a letter.

    I have seen over a dozen Medical professionals for this problem and its symptoms and complications. To little avail, I might add.

    There is much more to the story than this. I have literally boxes of information I thought important enough to save. It’s cause is unknown, there is much speculation. I am not public about this condition, and in this small town, I wish this information to remain Confidential. I AM willing to help ANYONE else suffering from it, as I KNOW the hell that it makes this life. NutraSilver has been my only real hope in years.

    Thank you, profusely, for your care, your concern, and your past help, Loralee.”

    Mark H.

    Palm Springs CA

    • July 21, 2012 at 12:23 AM

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us all, in a tactful and respectful manner. If there is anything that we may offer in a way of help for you , abe sure to let us know!

      The Truth Denied

    • Jessie
      March 25, 2016 at 2:00 PM

      can i get your email Danser? I need a bit of help with this please

  4. asusulefqg
    September 6, 2011 at 1:36 AM

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  5. September 5, 2011 at 4:28 AM

    This is truly an amazing woman Caroline Carter!

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