Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics

Premiere Date: 09/08/2011

Scientists are continually challenged by unidentified strains of bacteria with mysterious origins. Could some of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space–or even extraterrestrial intervention? During the Black Death of the Middle Ages, people reported bronze flying ships emitting a strange mist. As recently as 2011, NASA scientist Richard Hoover published evidence of life in meteorites. Is it possible that ancient aliens–as small as microbes–have shaped human history?

The show discusses the  confusion that scientists and biochemists are going through  as they investigate  the Morgellons  disease. Scientists claim that Humans do not have fibers that are blue or green, yet when they study the Morgellons patients, they are finding synthetic fibers of blue and green, & they don’t know what to think of it.

Even the Center for Disease Control is baffled as to what causes Morgellons, where it came from, and why only a certain few of the Earth’s population are attacked by this horrific, painful and scarring disease.

Finally The Ancient Aliens Team concluded that “We know from history that comets carry deadly life forms and bacteria foreign to earth. Could it be that Morgellons disease is another extraterrestrial bacteria that has infected humans?”

They ended by begging the question “Are extraterrestials preparing mankind for something big?”  Scary thought if you ask me.


This photo is of Caroline Carter, Morgellons Sufferer and researcher.  She is in search of a cure for the disease, though the  UK (where Caroline once lived)  did not make that easy on her.

As she suffered through many Morgellons painful outbreaks (as seen in this photos), the medical association DENIED that Morgellons even existed, more less have a cure for it. Caroline then moved to Cyprus and began the study on her own.She has made astounding breakthroughs!


Please see our website under Morgellons or GMOD for more information on her story.  Caroline will also be the featured guest on THE TRUTH DENIED TALK RADIO on  Friday , SEPTEMBER 16TH 12 pst . Caroline Carter has a lot of new information to share with the general public, so be sure to tune in.


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By The Truth Denied

Owner of controversial website The Truth Denied and Chemtrails Kill. Journalist and video maker.

34 thoughts on “History Channel Ancient Aliens : Scientists ADMIT Morgellons Disease is REAL and Extraterestrial”
  1. EDIT**He had them for 8 years *** and the day after his first bath, I saw in his eyes and heard it in his voice, that what he had inside his body was dying and that he felt better. he is now the man he used to be 8 years ago. Its almost gone now.

  2. Hi my father had morgellons (some strain or form of it) for 10 years now, and doctors called him crazy and did nothing to help, until I discovered when I was watching unsealed: aliens files (first season is a must see for truthers) this explains a lot if what I read in the comments ;). I made some research on HOW to CURE and found out that apparently this affects negative blood types, and other type of human, I think, which is why I don’t have it… (!!!) (I guess..) (YIKES!). TRY THIS: 1 ( to 2 MAX) cup max of BACKING SODA in a bath , take a bath, you whole body face scalp, IT KILLS EM BECAUSE IT HELPS YOUR BODY BECOME ALKALINE AND NO SUCH THING CAN SURVIVE VERY WELL IN AN ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT. This is what I read on an interesting page and there are many stories and cures but apparently the effect is felt instantly inside and outside the body so, easy on the backing soda. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU PEOPLE. Almost all gone after few baths and he had em on every limb, face head forehead, arms hands fingers,sinuses, inside ears, mouth, scalp, etc. All of his biggest wounds are healed now 3 months later, and there is only a few left on his hands cause he stop baths or it still coming out from him(?). Anyway I saved my father’s life.

  3. You have to fight the lyme/morgellons meteorite fullerenes. They intentionally were modified to absorb diseases, viruses. Chemtrails are the delivery method. These transforming worm things fly, crawl, jump. The move high speed like drones at will. We become the eyes, ears, mouth for them. We are being spyied on from within by other intelligences in the universe. This is the mark of the beast, or artificial life that makes us soul-less. The movie ‘The Happening’ showed artificial winds spreading something that made people kill themselves. Those taken over didn’t care, like zombies. This is mind control. Computer tracking of purchases allowed the govt know what products to put this plague in. Graphenes google search will show how they are spreading it into everything you use or eat. Thank you to those who share what helps. Far and few good people.

  4. The Government put nanofibers/smartdust/nanoprocessors/heavymetals/virus/bacteria in the CHEMTRAILS they have been spraying throughout the globe for decades now. EVERYONE has morgellons EVERYONE its a genocide for government population control. along with the gmos, monsanto, food, water, soil contamination. GET real. THIS is their fake alien invasion because the government are all a bunch of SATANISTS, freemason, illuminati and worship satan in boheminan grove. they want us to believe its aliens because they want to usher in the new world order like bush talked about. the UN are devils and they are all in on it. EVERY person on the planet has morgellons because it’s a genocide and they want to try and kill us all.EVerybody eat vegetarian only, and go natural. morgellons can too be treated they are liars. FAKE ALIEN INVASION is part of the GOVERnment plan. they got their technology from fallen angels in rituals. read book of enoch. JESUS CHRIST is the CURE for MORGELLONS GUYS> THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALL FRAUDS.

  5. They are alien but it’s demons in different forms, every night I hear a plane over my home at 1am every night on the dot. It sounds like a space ship. First came the disease then I started thinking it was bed bugs then fleas then dust mites I’ve had my house looked at twice by different pest companies they found NOTHING. Shortly after I started hearing some type of aircraft and they fly over daily and nightly but at night the dogs start barking like crazy and then the aircraft sound gets closer and closer. It hovers over my room I live in country so it’s real quiet at night no denying theres something there. It is so intense it sakes my insides I can feel my body trembling jnsife and it sounds like an ultra sonic sound or emotion and it vibrates my whole body my dog gets scared she tries to hide under my bed. They not only come to my house but they appeared in the middle of nowhere when I was out taking a drive at night to escape them at my house, they found me. Sure enough they found me I was terrified. I was parked on a quiet street in a dead town on highway 1 in CA thinking I’m safe. A sleeping town turned to the lights flickering as I heard the ground feel shaken and the pulsation of an aircraft drawing near, it was coming closer and closer and all of lights on street were off, then I heard subtle crunching on ground coming at me someone was there and I couldn’t see them. I tried to tell myself I am just stressed out nothing is there, but it breathed I could hear it breathe. My chest began contracting couldn’t breathe my heart palputating my back spasming I felt like my body was being shocked by lightening. Each time the ships come I feel this no ignoring their presence. This disease is implanted and they can find you anywhere and they can feel your feelings as these “morgellons” get deeper into your DNA. I never believed in things like this I am a normal girl trying to get my degree in college and now i have cystic acne and my poor dog is very sick also. When the onset of my stmptoms bcame apparent I looked online for a reasonable answer, I thought I could just go to my doctor and take some medicine for some common illness, I thought wrong. So be aware this isn’t just an earthly man made thing this is pure evil and it’s designed to drive you crazy and into a slow death, they come at night to accelerate your disease especially if you starting to get better with supplements and antibiotics first clue to the fact i was sick began with my face i broke out in giant cysts where i hadnt ever in my life experienced this and the cysts are in gobs on cheeks and they are never healing and not any type of cyst my derm could even understand because one goes so deep in my cheek it is unfathomable. They come to accelerate it. The only thing helping is garlic, goldenseal, vitamin c 4 pills 5 times a day. I was put on an antibiotic for my acne THANK god because this has HELPED immensely with my body healing and scary enough the first night I took my anti biotics I felt movement in my lung stomach and following this my symptoms HEIGHTENED I am finally getting halfway better but I pray and I keep a bible near me always stay close I god whatever this is hates god it backs off when I say his name and pray. I was a student in college and thinking about my future and now I feel death knocking on my door some nights they came I didn’t know how long I’d lie they were killing me. This was no accident there must be a reason why each of us have this we were chosen for some sick reason we don’t fully understand.

    1. Thank you for relating your testimony about what you are going through. Your experiences are very similar to what numerous others have related to me and posted in other forums. I have two personnel friends who also have very similar accounts. We are is a spiritual war as well as a physical war in regard to the evil coming upon the earth. I write for The Truth Denied and you can contact me if you wish and I could relate steps to take that may help. You can contact me at God Bless you and always remember, in the name of Jesus these entities will flee. We will be praying for your situation. Sincerely, Jim

      1. Jim- I agree it is the chemtrails and food additives. About 6 years ago I developed a dark area on my back. Later small itchy bumps started appearing within that dark area. Last year I learned about Morgellons disease so I pulled one of the bumps off and photographed it. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Was like a golden capsule with a black antenna on it but it was completely covered in some kind of clear plasma. I changed my diet to organic only, and prayed….asked God to protect me from whatever this is. Now I only have one bump that won’t heal… it is covered in filaments but the plasma that was covering these things….whatever they are… is gone. Oh, and there is some tiny shiny particles inside of this thing… looks like nano aluminum to me is why I think it is from the chemtrails. I’m working on making a photo journal – from the first golden capsule thing I removed to what is currently coming out of that dark place on my back. Thank you Alex for the baking soda tip. God bless and heal you all, in Jesus name, amen.

    2. No not demons ancient inhabitants since the Earth was formed Alien thier existin was being threatened they morfed can themselves into morgelens to stai alive they live in the Earth dirt,rocks, people, any living thing .

      1. Hey what’s mark, I noticed you said you have video proof. I do as well been having some crazy things happen at first I thought it was something called gang stalking but I’m starting to think it’s something else. You have an email address I’d like to see your vid and I can show you what I got. I have Magellan’s right now sand they keep projecting images of gray aliens to me I know it sounds crazy but it is what it is. I can’t figure this out.

  6. As a sufferer of morgs (yes we are familiar enough to use pet names) Ive researched this disease as much as I can, I dont have a bio-chem background, Im just an ordinary Mum (yes Im an Aussie) and I can say 1 thing, this cannot have evolved from this planet, if u look up pics you can see golden heads on the blue fibres (small nano-machines) we’ve just been able to do this and Morgs has been around since the 1500s first documented by Sir Thomas Browne. Will be interesting if Im able to post this comment everything I write about HBO and the CDC tends to be treated as spam and doesnt make it online. I think the govs dont want to admit to this disease because they have no idea about it and the medical cost of treating it will be beyond belief! The CDC in US spent a mere $600 000 on research (pathetic would luv to pull a worm out of my skin and rub it on them) major fund for them come from HBO the biggest insurers globally. The only relief sufferers like myself get is from para-scanners (think they stop the frequencys) and substances that remove heavy metals from the body.The CDC wrote that we are all middle aged drug usin women from Florida/California with fears of crawlys (Im none of these) Pls dont fog us off as crazy, support Morgellons sufferers we need u!! And yes i believe in chemtrails and would never eat gm food (pigs would rather starve than eat it) but I dont believe they have anything to do with Morgs!

    1. I think they are using these fibres to some how harvest our blood. Any thing with oil or menthol seems to help

  7. Thank for the comments, we are furthering our studies with cehm webs or these webs and fibers at this time…we will bring some transparency to this whole issue and thanks for your support , comments, and a new data you wish to add.

  8. MOVING FIBERS FOLKS…….have a looksy and lemme know if you have had similar or more far out looking fibers. Once I put a bunch of blue and red and fluorescent red fibers I found on the floor into a urine sample cup (you know, the orange screw on lid) This formation of fibers was a miniature wire gymnastic set up with a very graceful wire dude performing very elegant moves around and up and down this bar that was constructed by the morgs. It was truly cool…an half an hour later there was no movement and the structure was gone, just a bunch of deadlike fibers. I never got this one on camera…I missed MANY unreal performances by our little friends. This was at a point in my sickness where I would walk by someone and they would sneeze or cough. That was kind of annoying and I felt bad for those people. Walls wouldn’t stop the charge or whatever I was giving off. I could walk down the hallway of my appartment building ( at a quick pace, flailing my arms) and almost everyone in their suite would sneeze or cough. This is definately a bad thing if you ask me. I can’t wait for more findings on this disease. I truly believe the syndrome involves nano life form, and nano craft. Weird or What?

  9. I highly doubt they are from outer space as it has been reported that some of the fibers say things like NASA written on them.

  10. Don’t worry, you GOVT loves you and will take good care of you! Why wait to die to go to hell when you can go to a living Morgellons Hell here on earth?

    I’ve had Morgellons Since 2002, and know everything there is to know about it. There is no way a normal person can beat this disease/curse.

    Here are alien implants I expelled related to Morgellons, notice the Morgellons Hair on “Binkey”, a slippery bastard.

    Pray this does not happen to you!

    Scott REV 18

    1. if you sprayed alhcool or Windex on any fabric or surface where they might be lurking, they would become visible even if you couldn’t see them. Sure enough, I did this and lots of these little black dots (some were red) showed up. It happens when I use Fabreez too. At this point I didn’t know what to think so I sent samples of these things to an Entomologist at Harvard who is also on the board of Public Health. I figured if they were insect or mite droppings, he would be able to tell me what kind; or put my mind at ease if they were not.He told me they were not insect droppings but debris common everyday household dirt and detritus some of which could have been carried into my apartment from the outside via shoes or shipping cartons or shopping bags. But I am not really satisfied with this answer. How does dirt and debris get into and onto clothing that’s hanging in the back of a walk-in closet that’s closed 99% of the time, or in drawers that are shut 99% of the time, or cabinets that are also closed most of the time? I mean this stuff is EVERYWHERE! It’s actually IN the fabric of my clothes and bedding! Some of it is visible but when I steam iron or apply heat to the fabric, more of them rise to the surface that were previously invisible. What kind of debris does this? This is not just debris ? I mean seriously, like what the heck?!! I’ve washed my bedding in hot water and then dried it for 45 minutes in a dryer on the hottest setting and still those creepy little things are in the fabric and I can’t seem to get rid of them.At one point I thought it might be fleas because I itch like crazy when I’m in bed, and also when I’m sitting at my desk in my home office. I believe whatever these things are, I am having an allergic reaction to them. In fact, I seem to have some of the same symptoms for Morgellons or Collembolla: intense itching of the scalp and body, rashes, hives (and I’ve never had hives in my life before this!), tiny little red dots showing up on my skin in random places, the feeling that there are things crawling on me and UNDER my skin including the feeling that I am being stung by something under my skin and something is definitely biting me because I also keep finding little pimple-size bite marks, and yet most of the time I don’t feel it because I never notice them until they are already there. This all started a few months ago when I noticed the black things it started in my bed. I thought it was just lint or food crumbs because sometimes I like to watch TV in bed and eat at the same time. So I’d just take a big roll of tape and pick them off and think nothing of it. At the time I wasn’t getting the itching or bites. That didn’t start up til a few months later. Once the itching started is when I thought it might be bed bugs and I researched and thought the stuff I assumed was lint might be their droppings. But these things didn’t smear so I knew it wasn’t droppings but something else.I have a few theories on how they could’ve gotten in. I bought 2 winter coats at a thrift store back in the Fall and stupid me didn’t even think to have them cleaned and I wore them. There could’ve been something on them.But I read that story about the woman who had to leave her house cuz her basement got flooded or something and she had a mold problem and apparently that can draw or lead to those springtails. I had taken a trip to Pennsylvania on Labor Day weekend 2008 and when I came back there was this god-awful stench in my bedroom. It smelled like death. For a few days I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was smelling it in my bathroom too. My bedroom and bathroom are right next to each other and then I figured out what it was: there were wet leaves stuck in the roof gutter right outside my window and there appeared to also be some dirt and who knows what else mixed in with it. So it was smelling all moldy and gross. The smell went away after about a week but I usually have a small fan that I put in a window right near there so I am wondering if it sucked in some mold spores into my bedroom and got into the air and settled into my bed and onto my things and then maybe spread through the rest of the apartment. It’s the only other explanation I can think of I don’t know what to do to get rid of these things esp. since I don’t really know what they are!!! Meanwhile I am suffering from a lot of the same symptoms as Morgellons. and Until tonight I didn’t have the fibrous hair thing but then I noticed this tiny little mole on my left upper arm and there is a little thick black hair growing out of it yikes!!! I’m planning a thorough cleaning of the apartment in the hopes that it might help eliminate these things. I got a new vacuum cleaner designed especially for mite control (dust mites) with a HEPA filter, and a steam mop. I also bought some special mite and allergen-specific sprays Kleen Green and another Dust Mite spray for cleaning. I really hope it works otherwise I dont’ know what I’m going to do

      1. I can honestly say I contracted disease the disease when sitting out back all these little bugs are on me and I even went as far as trying to take the bugs off my skin to where they were inviting themselves into my skin I knew before I knew what I had that it was some alien ship going on all the symptoms that I showed when finally looked up it was call Magellan disease my hair used to attack my face I used to get zero tolerance for any type of noise for anybody I became a very very mean person these things attacked me continuously on my body I even did a parasite cream to wear when I put the cream on strands of hair were just popping up little black dot red green. It was absolutely traumatizing they don’t affect me as much as they did before but when it comes to hair and skin follicles anything like that I am my anxiety hit the roof so I do understand I do know this is some s*** that they don’t have a chore for and the government wants to ignore doctors want to ignore it from what I’ve heard they’re not allowed to talk about it if you bring it up they act like it’s all in the mind when it is not when you have a few thousand people talking about the same exact symptoms that you have when does it come delusional it’s not it is there it is real you cannot kill them with her they’re not even on the periodic table they don’t know what this stuff is and it is horrible and I am living proof of it I used to put Clorox on my body Lysol cans and cans of it it was like I knew what to do to make them go away for a little bit but they always came back so yes we’re here I believe NASA created it for Warfare and it got out of hand f*** Morgellons and whatever alien or scientist created it it’s there and it’s alive

    2. Dear Scott,

      I just saw your post. Long story short, I am a licensed, certified laser hair removal specialist. A few years ago a woman came to me miserable with a skin condition she called “Morgellon’s”. I examined her face under 10X magnification lamp and saw nothing except what appeared to be normal vellus hair. She had a small matchbox full of these threads and some were blue, green and clear. Initially I was astonished and felt that she was hysterical and delusional. I actually told her that she was mentally delusional and needed to see a psychiatrist. However, I did look up Morgellon’s and found more information. I have a Candela GentleYag laser that is used for removing hair on dark skin people. It also is a very effective laser used for treating toenail fungus. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I did treat her face using the Nd:Yag laser. After 4 sessions, she told me that it was remarkably improved and that her itching and the feeling of things moving under her skin were gone. Just thought you might want to know that I have searched a lot since then and Rene comes back to see me every year for a touch up.

        1. Laura Croft, to answer your question, that dermatologist didn’t conclude anything which is why she never bothered to answer or respond to you. She’s nothing but a bullshit antagonist for the medical mafia and thinks that by commenting here and pretending to understand the reality of this attack upon humanity that she can magically drum up business from people who won’t see right through her. She’s a pos for telling the woman she was delusional when she wasn’t, and it’d be a cold day in hell before I ever went to see her for laser hair removal to give her one dime of my money. How’s that grab ya medical hack?

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