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President Robin Hood (aka Barrack Obama) Speaks on JOBS ACT

Barrack Obama JOBS JOBS JOBS

September 8, 2011

President  Obama unveiled the American Jobs Act, calling on Congress to pass this BILL into  legislation immediately!  As a matter of fact, he said “Pass this Bill” more than 20 times in 45 minutes.  Keep in mind, congress has not yet even read the Job Acts Bill.


The “Jobs Act”  package is estimated to amount to $447 billion dollars, but President  Obama insists it will not increase the US deficit.




For current live stream of the White House   http://www.whitehouse.gov/live


Click here for the REPLAY of the original broadcast:


Barrack Obama JOBS JOBS JOBS   

Felicia Sonmez Washington Post blogger

tweets a line of reaction from presidential candidate Michele Bachmann: “Even if the president’s plan passes, we already know it will fail.”



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2 Responses “President Robin Hood (aka Barrack Obama) Speaks on JOBS ACT”

  1. at 6:48 PM

    I completely AGREE with you Darren! WE NEED to watch this guy like a HAWK!

  2. Darren
    at 5:58 AM

    He keeps taking about creating 1,000,000 construction jobs. But how many people are capable of or want to be construction workers? Nobody addresses the elephant in the room of the 70% decline of industry in this country since 1970. Get to the real problem, we cannot survive as a service nation!

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