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Rebecca Jernigan: Rebecca Jernigan – Host of Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show for 11 years.  Correlating all the years on the journey of Life – Questioning, seeking and exploring that which is not obvious. Using her Clairvoyance and Other gifts and bringing her knowledge and the knowledge and passions of others together on the radio waves. An energy sensitive her passion is to use the knowledge and tools to guide others into “past Lives” to heal, understand and integrate that timeline into the now consciousness – Timeline Integration – Re-writing ones “past” for a more complete you each and every time. Phenomenal!


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Guest: Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied


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CHEMTRAILS: Are they real or a figment of our imagination?


Roxy Lopez:   “I have always been involved in a belief system that there is more to the earth than meets the eye.  UFO’s for instance were of great interest to me and my siblings at an early age of 5 or so. As I got older, more and more started to make sense to me. The turning point was when a friend of mine Sean David Morton gave me the map to Area – 51. It was 1990, and Area – 51 was a “conspiracy theory”.

So in answer to your question, chemtrails are absolutely REAL.

They mess up our skies, our health; ruin our vegetation, as well lower production and yields of crops all over the world. I have always said “CHEMTRAILLS KILL all Living things”. This is a FACT. And they must be STOPPED.


CONSPIRACY THEORIES: Why are we labeled C R A Z Y?

Roxy Lopez  “Conspiracy Theories are no more, as a matter of fact, most of the supposed theories are turning out to be FACTS, like The JFK Assassination, , The Roswell Incident, 9-11, HAARP, and now CHEMTRAILS.  Conspiracy Theories are merely KEYS to the door of AWARENESS. Once we have AWARENESS, humanity becomes a powerful tool for change, unlike the Illuminati’s agenda which is all about POWER and CONTROL.



Many of you have heard of the “dumbing down effect”. Is it real?

Roxy Lopez:  “I think humanity needs to take accountability  and own up to the fact, that we all have fallen asleep at the wheel, and now it is time to wake up and  take our severity  back. Humanity is stronger and more powerful than ever, so much so that I believe that we are in for a quantum leap of consciousness. I think that the Powers that be know this, and this has been a reason for the stepping up of our Earth Prison.




Roxy Lopez:

“Fact: We are at the end of an age.

We are at the beginning of a new age.

We must hold on to one another for dear life.

We must empower one another.

It’s an option to LIKE one another, but it’s mandatory that we LOVE one another.

Start the Conversation today that opens up the critical thinker in us all.

“We are 7 Billion Strong; we are NOT the minority here.” ~ Roxy Lopez


The message  

Roxy Lopez  I have one word for you.  “UNIFY”


Guest: Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied

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Photo Taken by Jerry Niemen of Nebraska March 25, 2012 Copyright and used by permission.









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