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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film.

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Jeff Harman : Road Map to our own divine future


Jeff Harman


Jeff  Harman discusses the 2012 controversy, astrology and its ancient roots, myths VS. Truths, and the effects on our lives when we are given the ability to actually see the road map to a future that is uniquely designed for each and every one of us!

Can we literally peer into our own future, and if so can we alter the path of our life simply by asking the question, one that Jeff refers to as ‘ divination’. He alludes to a blocking of our consciousness and its design related to earth’s moon, an interesting component that we should all pay attention to. Is time merely a perception, and can we use astrology as a tool to guide us with our own timelines?  What are the belief systems of our families, our culture, and did we inherit these systems, if so can we alter them as well? How does this lifetime affect our own Karma?


* Is time a perception?

*  What is Divination?

*  How does astrology aid us?

*  Is our consciousness blocked? If so why?

*  Is astrology religion or science?

Is there any way a person can rise above their astrological make-up and break free of it?

*  Can astrology help someone discover their best places to live and travel? Career? Marriage?


Jeff answers all of these questions and more so please tune in! 

Jeff Harman talked about his methodologies and offered analysis of current events,economic future, and what he sees ahead all the way through 2020.    This is a show about  real ancient astrology, which is Jeff  Harman’s specialty. Please feel free to contact him at www.jeffharman.com  or email him jeff@jeffharman.com



Jeff Harman has been an astrologer for three decades, utilizing a variety of systems including Traditional or Classical Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Kabbalistic Astrology, and Astro-Location Astrology.  Jeff spent 10 years in Beverly Hills and has a remarkable client base and databank of thousands of case studies.  Jeff has spoken for IONS, MUFON, and the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants. He has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Veritas Show, and numerous other radio, TV, and web shows.



Besides being a life-long astrologer, Jeff Harman owns Conjunction Entertainment, a new motion picture company. Jeff has a diverse career in the entertainment industry and a technical background in the areas of audio forensics, audio engineering, electronic design consulting and acoustical consulting. Jeff has taught physics of sound and acoustics, electronics, and advanced acoustical design, testing and audio engineering. He has held classes at such places as the renowned Riverbank Acoustics Laboratory in Geneva, Illinois, which was involved in secret work for the military during WWI and WWII. Jeff has worked in production, filming and recording with such diverse people as George Carlin, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Greg Morris from Mission Impossible and one of Hollywood’s directors of classic westerns, Budd Boetticher, as well as many others. Jeff was once consulted as an analyst of the JFK assassination footage. He has also conducted forensics work in voice print analysis and other audio technical capabilities with many federal, state and local agencies. He also holds U.S. and International Patents in technology United States Patent Numbers 5,719,920 (dated Feb. 17, 1998) and 5,826,235 (dated Oct. 20, 1998). See Jeff’s bio page on Conjunction Entertainment for his past client list.

Consider this:

1. Which ancient systems of astrology do you use?

2. How would you describe the current economic situation astrologically and the Mayan calender issues of 2012?

3. How can an astrologer help someone with their business or career?

4. What type of astrology allows you to help people that don’t have their birth information?

5. Can astrology help someone discover their best places to live and travel?

6. What can a person do about challenging astrological cycles they may be experiencing?

7. Is there any way a person can rise above their astrological make-up and break free of it?


Want to meet Jeff?

Jeff has thousands of case studies from his client files. He offers astrology as a way for people to obtain useful information about their lives and interests and then to incorporate practical astrological strategies when making decisions and scheduling important life events such as getting married or buying a home. He is based in Tucson, AZ and Southern California, and is available worldwide by phone or internet conferencing.


Contact Jeff Harman today for an Astrological Consultation!

website : www.jeffharman.com

email: Jeff@jeffharman.com


  • Jeff  Harman will be speaking Nov. 13, 2012 form 7-9 pm for IONS Tucson’s Psychic Explorers Group at the Unity Church in Tucson. Here’s the link.  http://ionstucson.net/main/calendar/


Join us every Tuesday 8-10 PM EST. Watch for ads, Roxy Lopez is adding Friday's back on to the schedule as well after listener demand!


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