With the ongoing extreme weather conditions being reported nearly every single day, scientist has become more and more vocal in proposing their solution. Scientists believe that current extreme weather conditions are occurring   because of climate change or global warming. They consider carbon emissions to be the culprit, claiming it is  the main cause of global warming that has now  triggered climate change.



NASA proposes  solution to ease Climate Change with Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying of Sulphur Dioxide:

Geoengineering: Testing the Waters
“Bill Gates has funneled millions of dollars into geoengineering research. And he has invested in a company, Intellectual Ventures, that is developing at least two geoengineering tools: the “StratoShield,” a 19-mile-long hose suspended by helium balloons that would spew sun-blocking sulfur dioxide particles into the sky and a tool that can supposedly blunt the force of hurricanes.” http://www.intellectualventures.com/

Another bright idea from NASA:

Sulphur Dioxide was chosen because NASA observed the earth cooling down during The  Mount Pinatubo eruption:

SAGE II: Understanding the Earth’s Stratosphere
Stratospheric aerosols scatter and absorb incoming solar and outgoing Earth-emitted energy, affecting the energy balance of the atmosphere. Three months after the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines, scientists found that the stratospheric region at latitudes near Mt. Pinatubo had warmed 2.5-3 degrees Centigrade due to the increased concentrations of aerosols. Large concentrations of aerosols in the stratosphere can cause global surface cooling by reflecting sunlight back into space before it has a chance to warm the Earth’s surface. Aerosols can also enhance ozone destruction in the stratosphere by acting as a surface for chemical reactions, as do PSCs.

Particles in Upper Atmosphere Slow Down Global Warming
A study published July 21 in Science and led by Susan Solomon, of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), presents new evidence that particles located in the upper layer of the atmosphere — also called the stratosphere — have played a significant role in cooling the climate in the past decade, despite being at persistently low levels.”

“Within a month, the sulfur dioxide transforms into sulfuric acid droplets, which linger in the stratosphere and reflect sunlight. Human activities, such as burning wood and coal, can also increase the amount of sulfate aerosols in the stratosphere; however, human-caused effects are small compared to those of volcanoes.”

sulfuric acid:
– the sulfur dioxide will turn into sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid has been  commonly associated with acid raid and ozone depletion.
– the sulfuric acid  lingesr in the stratosphere, meaning that it remains in our skies and never dissolves.

Previous articles suggest that sulfuric acid floating around  in Earth’s stratosphere is a good thing: claiming it is a solution in the war on  reducing green house effects. We disagree. Venus is being used as an example of  dangerous  green house effects via this same proposed “solution”. Pay special attention  to the name of  the chemical that plays part in the  green house effects .

Greenhouse Effect Harms The Ecological Environment
“A greenhouse is the warm house where crops are grown in the winter in northern China. It has the function of absorbing heat and preventing heat from being lost. The atmosphere of the earth has the same function as the glass of the greenhouse. The short solar radiation gets to the surface of the earth, but most of the long radiation from the earth’s surface is absorbed by the atmosphere, thus, the heat radiated from the earth surface is kept in the atmosphere, which keeps the earth surface from being too cold at night. It is beneficial to human beings if there is a suitable amount of greenhouse air and greenhouse effect. There is no atmosphere on the moon; as a result, the difference of the temperature in the day and at night is great. If there is no greenhouse air on the earth, the average temperature of the earth surface will be 33 degrees lower than that of today and the earth will be a cold planet. On the other hand, the greenhouse effect should not be too great. For example, on Venus, the density of the atmosphere is over one hundred percent greater than that on the earth. More than 95 percent of the air is carbon dioxide and there is a layer of dense cloud that is about 25 kilometers thick in the air.”

~ “The dense cloud is composed of concentrated sulfuric acid. The carbon dioxide and the dense cloud can let solar radiation get through but they prevent heat from getting into space through them, so that the temperature on the surface of Venus becomes higher and higher. It is reported that the air pressure on Venus is 90 times higher than that on the earth, which is equal to the pressure one suffers under the water of over 900 meters. People would be smashed on Venus even if they had iron bones.”~


Definition of  Sulfur Dioxide:   “A colorless, poisonous gas or liquid with a strong odor. It is formed naturally by volcanic activity, and is a waste gas produced by burning coal and oil and by many industrial processes, such as smelting. It is also a hazardous air pollutant and a major contributor to acid rain. Chemical formula: SO2.”


Please  notice  that  NASA’s article is public contradiction in their own words. NASA  sets out to describe ” the effects of sulfuric acid” as something that reflects the heat back into the atmosphere, but then they contradict themselves by later stating that “sulfuric acid is used to contain the heat. What?

Also note how sulfuric acid spraying methods transform into artificial “clouds”. Meaning that the particle that Bill Gates intends to release into the atmosphere stays in the atmosphere indefinitely , which in turn contributes to   global warming. 

The conclusion is the following: According to NASA’S  article,  Sulphur has the ability and is used to reflect the sunlight and heat  back into the atmosphere, but eventually become the cause of green house effect. Sulphur dioxide spraying is not a solution to Global Warming, it is part of the problem!


NASA also indicates that the study of stratospheric aerosol  is current, not something that is coming in our future, they are already currently conducting the experiments, AND they are doing it with out Treaties, laws or public consent!  It is possible that they are still conducting these atmospheric experiments right now!



We can and should  stop them by educating others about what really is happening. We should reveal the truth to everyone. (SAG) Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering Programs ARE spraying Sulfur Dioxide, which do NOT reduce earth’s high temperature. It is causing Global arming, and the lie being perpetrated needs to be exposed, and NOW!


Please assist us by doing your own research, and if you find our information to be factual, please share this article with everyone you know.





Funded by Bill Gates:

“We believe that ideas are valuable. Everything that we do—whether partnering with our worldwide network of 4,000 inventors, purchasing patents from individuals and businesses, or creating our own inventions—is aligned to building and growing an invention marketplace.”http://www.intellectualventures.com/

Other VENUS Atmospheric Tests by JAXA

AKASTUKI current status and future operation

JAXA decided to carry out orbit control of the AKATSUKI using its liquid-fuel thrusters for altitude control (or the reaction control subsystem, RCS.) Based on this decision, almost all of the unnecessary oxidizer was discarded in Oct. 2011. As a result, the satellite became lighter, and remaining fuel can be more efficiently used for orbit control. http://www.jaxa.jp/projects/sat/planet_c/index_e.html

Radio occultation experiment of the Venus atmosphere and ionosphere
with the Venus orbiter Akatsuki:  http://www.terrapub.co.jp/journals/EPS/pdf/2011/6306/63060493.pdf



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