Jeanice Barcelo


May 3, 2013

Guest: Jeanice Barcelo


Jeanice Barcelo is an expert in the field of   healing and prevention of birth trauma, which is something I had never heard of until I interviewed Jeanice. This show is likely to twist your gut and it will  certainly make you feel uncomfortable so be aware from the start. But if you can stick it out, you will learn something about the Birth process, how it is supposed to be as opposed to the obvious Satanic-Based Protocols of Hospital Birth that Jeanice describes in this interview.

 Other topics covered were Birth Trauma; Trauma-Based Mind-Control; The Satanic-Based Protocols of Hospital Birth; The Genetic Modification of the Human Race; The Corruption of Human Sexuality; Haphazard vs. Conscious Conception; Prenatal Trauma; and  How the First Nine Months in the Womb Influence the Rest of Our Lives.
I warn you that the first 30 minutes of this program  are shocking  and disturbing, but it is well  worth it to finally allow Jeanice Barcelo to connect some dots. Please scroll down beneath the video to see all of Jeanice’s contact information and other articles pertaining the interview, as well as upcoming classes. This interview is intended to make us all aware of our own birth traumas, our children, our parents and our  friends. This is happening in the world today and has been happening perhaps since the beginning of time.
 “The journey toward parenthood is a shamanic initiation — a doorway through which we may experience transcendent union with the divine. We, as humans, have the capacity to create ecstatic and orgasmic spiritual experiences during conception, gestation and childbirth. However, in order to reach this transcendent way of procreating, we must shift our focus away from the current trauma-based paradigm of haphazard conception and technological birth and make a commitment to conceive our children consciously and gestate, birth, and parent them in the most conscious and loving way.”    ~Jeanice Barcelo
This courageous,ethically & spiritually responsible woman is leading the way in education related to birth trauma in hopes of one day setting humanity free of the burden, abuse, and torture that begins in the womb which influences every decision we make for the rest of our lives.

Please, listen to the interview and contact Jeanice Barcello if you have any questions or needs! Most of all PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION on to everyone you know, as it  affects us all in a very deep and profound way.!



Jeanice Barcelo


Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a sociologist, birth doula, and independent childbirth educator, specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming “Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation.”  Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings, as well as workshops and educational programs designed especially for men. For more information about Jeanice, please visit her website at:

She is a birth activist who has become an outspoken leader in the movement for conscious conception and gentle birth.  Jeanice offers workshops and teacher trainings and classes designed especially for men.  To learn more about Jeanice, please visit her website at:



A loving birth that bonds the entire family!

Teacher Training coming up in July. (You can learn all about it here:)


Look at the love in there eyes! Bonding is everything!

Jeanice Barcelo is offering a 3-part series for men in June.  Here is the link to learn about that:






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9 thoughts on “Jeanice Barcelo : Satanic-Based Protocols of Hospital Birth”
  1. After a full ” LIFETIME ” of searching for the Truth of why we come to this World to be born, grow up and then suffer with all the materialistic bonding that this World, notice that I enter the word ” WORLD ” in caps.

    The MATRIX is what rules our lives, I am the elder granchild of a very Humanitarian man who help create good in this very materialistic society, this world is what I call the ” THE PENAL COLONY OF THE VAST UNIVERSE ”

    We all were born with a Mission, it could be a positive one or a horrible Mission of Hatred followed by a very PAINFUL END OF LIFE .

    MY own young daughter who was a very negative incarnation who contracted the Cancer Viruat endeng life this last February of 2014 after she gave up on her wn hopes and dreams because she was too negative and never let me , her mother show her that there is a World that most never can feel that is there for all who seek and search and there is a cure for even advance Cancer and hte cure is within hte person’s own Soul !!!!



  2. I heard you on Roxy Lopez not sure if you are also in Arizona but I had all my children -5, of them in Arizona, my ex is still in Scottsdale involed with insurance and CIA………I really want to talk to you, I have been doing research now for some 30 yrs and developing spiritual discernment, I am in Oregon now, which is really bad… there a way to talk to you ? Elizabeth Wallace

  3. The cares that I give about this are so tiny that you’d have to search deep and tiny in the ethos, until you were magnifying your field of vision so largely that you actually began to open into an entirely different universe, on the other side of whose portal is endless love and peace and happiness. In that universe, the shit I give is so small that you would have to magnify that much again so much that it opened another portal to this universe in exactly the same place and time, in the same manner. At the end of all this searching is nothing. You will have found that it’s not really there. It is so small that it is a physically negative value that needs studied by scientists to look for clues to the nature of the universe. And that is right where it belongs.

  4. Hello, I would like to concur with much of what Jeanice Barcelo states and wrote my dissertation about such ideas. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PRIMAL PERIOD AROUND BIRTH AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO THE CHILD AS TRANSFORMER OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Our children are born, for the most part, in hospitals in Western culture and suffering from PTSD. That is not what was meant for humanity at this time.
    Dr. Clare Z

    1. Thanks for your comment, and we have also forwarded it to Jeanice Barcelo in hope that the two of you may connect with one another.

      The Truth Denied Team

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