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Guest: Scott Matthew Smith



Scott Mathew Smith is new to the airwaves,and he did not disappoint the audience. This is a program that is jam packed with over 20 reverse speech audio clips  from  both the distant past of the 1930′ as well  current  events such as The Boston Marathon. The 2 hour interview keeps us all hanging on the edge of our sets in anticipation of the “next” reverse speech clip to which Scott reminds us of where each and every excerpt had originated from. FDR, Kennedy and White house press releases included in this program.

Questions that arose during the show:

  • Did FDR know about aliens and other future events?
  • What is the biblical reference to the “mark on the hand”?
  • What is “nurse nik”? (Clip # 31)
  • Post and Pre  Boston Marathon Event, did our leaders know the tragedy  was coming?
  • Want to record your own reverse speech? Scott tells you how !
  • “Initiate with FEMA  (Clip#3)
  • what is “Bush Net”?
  • Excerpts from the  March 25th&26th 2013 White House Press Conference (in Reverse)
  • Does our government know about ET’s?
……..And so much more!


Please listen to the program and feel free to give us your feedback. (Please scroll down the page for more information regarding Scott Matthew Smith)


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About Scott Smith


Scott Matthew Smith is a professional photographer from Michigan. He first became involved in reverse speech in 2008 after the election of President Obama. Unaware of the sheer magnitude of information this technique can provide, Scott has continued his analysis in this area and has uncovered some truly remarkable and mind blowing examples of the interconnectedness of reverse speech to our past, present and future. He is neither a scientist nor an expert in sound, but has received enough positive support for his work and in light of recent events has been compelled to share his analysis with a broader audience.


Scott Smith of Paradox Unlimited Photography
Scott Smith of Paradox Unlimited Photography

Scott’s Professional background in photography


Please check out the array of  photos taken by Scott Matthew Smith at  PARADOX UNLIMITED. Scott’s portfolio includes Rock Bands, Nature, people, animals , architectural constructs,  he even has  a skull! Check it out here at PARADOX UNLIMITED

Scott Matthew Smith of PARADOX UNLIMITED



What is Reverse Speech?


Reverse speech is a pseudoscience first advocated by David John Oates which gained publicity when it was mentioned on Art Bell‘s nightly Coast to Coast AM radio talk show] It claims that during spoken language production, human speakers subconsciously produce hidden messages that give insights into their innermost thoughts. Oates claims that it has applications in psychotherapycriminology and business negotiation. Its claims have been rejected, however, by mainstream science and academia.

Oates’ claim is that, on average, once in every 15–20 seconds of casual conversation a person produces two related sentences—a “forward-spoken” message that is heard consciously, and a “backwards” message unconsciously embedded in the person’s speech. These two modes of speech, forward and backward, are supposedly dependent upon each other and form an integral part of human communication. In the dynamics of interpersonal communication both modes of speech combine to communicate the total psyche of the person, conscious as well as unconscious. Oates claims that backward speech is always honest and reveals the truth about the speaker’s intentions and motivations. The most famous recording that allegedly demonstrates this is the speech given by Neil Armstrong at the time of the first manned lunar landing on 20 July 1969. If played backwards, the words “small step for man” sound somewhat like “Man will space walk.” 

Scott is a Professional photographer


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