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"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Arthur Schopenhauer

Polar shift of the MOON Captured on film.

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NORIO HAYAKAWA : 45 years of Research of Underground Bases in Dulce & Area 51 Findings!

Norio Hayakawa : UFO Researcher

 Guest: Norio Hayakawa


  • Where does Norio Hayakawa stand on the existence of the alleged Dulce  Underground base?
  • What is the Underground Base Conference about?
  • Is Project Blue Beam a possibility?
  • Will ‘we the people’ ever get Government UFO disclosure?
  • 1988- John Lear send Norio Hayakawa a 10 page hypothesis on Area-51 & Dulce, New Mexico
  • Who is William Moore and what did he expose in 1988?
  • Rachell, NV (outside of Area-51) Norio holds the first time ever Seminar with over 250 people from around the USA
  • The famed Bob Lazar (who worked at Area-51 and was publically shamed)  signs a contract with Ratheon, why?
  • Holographic Projector Research Project: Could it be for Project Blue Beam?
  • “DULCE Base” author Greg Valdez ( Norio explains the history with county Police Department)
  • Hayakawa and team is chased by military unmarked helicopters, why?
  • National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas (connected to Area-51)


Listen to the interview here! Nothing short of amazing!

Norio Hayakawa speaks around the country!

The National Atomic Testing Museum Address: 755 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 Phone:(702) 794-5151

Gabe Valdez was the central figure in investigations on cattle mutilations and frequently reported sightings of strange flying objects that seem to have dominated the Jicarilla Apache town of Dulce, New Mexico since the mid 1970s. Gabe was a kind-hearted, soft-spoken and extremely likeable person. He was generous and so courageous, something we should all strive for. He helped so many people with his tireless effort in rendering assistance, almost 24-7, when needed.

He has truly become a legend. HERE: http://www.gabevaldez.com/

Chemtrails Project Blue Beam

Chemtrails Project Blue Beam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBbLNjnAxB4



About Norio Hayakawa

BLOG: http://noriohayakawa2012.blogspot.com/

YOU TUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/noriohaya

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/norio.hayakawa

“Norio Hayakawa calls himself an unorthodox ufologist and activist. He has spent almost 10 years specifically investigating Area 51 in Nevada. He says that there is much more to Area 51 than just superficial facts made public about this well-known base. In 1990 he also began to investigate the strange goings-on at Dulce, New Mexico. After more than 45 years of researching the UFO phenomenon, he says that a conditioning of belief systems have been orchestrated since 1947 by a manipulative force that is preparing mankind for a near future mysterious scenario. The ingrained and “altered” realities behind both Area 51 and Dulce will play a role in that scenario. In March of 2009 he organized the first-ever Underground Base conference in Dulce, New Mexico. “



Be sure to scroll back up to the top to listen to the INTERVIEW with NORIO HAYAKAWA



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