POLE SHIFT : NASA Whistleblower Pattie Brassard Expert Warns of Coming Catastophic Event in AUGUST 2013

NASA Whistleblower Pattie Brassard Expert Warns of Coming Catastophic Event in AUGUST 2013 

Let us know what you think about this interview. We have listened to it, and though it sounded like serious business, it’s  hard to imagine the validity, meaning the planet earth is supposed  to burn to a crisp on 8-12-13.

The date she has shared with us is August 12, 2013. Yes folks, apparently the world is going to end in a day ?


What to look for on August 12, 2012?

*Lose site of the sun because it will be buried in thick clouds

*Lightening bolts coming down everywhere

*Get a kit to convert water

*Get a generator

* Get a Faraday Cage because transformers will be blowing up every where

*Evidence goes back over 300 million years, it has happened 5 times on the planet, 87% of the planet reportedly dies off.

*Solar Galactic events have happened many times in the past, and until we evolve , we will die again.

*Pole Shift will be shifting up to Alaska

* Be prepared! http://www.ready.gov/


 Join Patties Facebook page that she mentions in the interview here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RadiationRecord/

Listen to the interview here:

A major event is set to occur worldwide in August 2013 that will affect everything on the planet. I am not an alarmist but I am alarmed. An expert will tell about it , evidence it will occur and how you can take immediate steps to save your family and friends. Also, why the powers that be have been preparing for 20 years for their own survival but not yours. Earth’s twin sun and it’s seven planets are approaching our solar system.
**Some call this the Tyler Solar System.

Part 1:



NASA Evidence of a Pole Shift

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The Interview:

Pattie Brassard-[Qoute] Look I’m former US Army SGT.. DU Damages.. neurological damages is causing me lose the use of my left arm, vocal issues, endocrine problems and such.. typing is going to hell.
I’m just doing the info dump till I kick it.. won’t be around for post event festivities.

Pole Shift Sea Levels


It is interesting that we have done a video on the polar shift of the moon, our example and video is on over 1000 websites of researchers , psychics, healers, and  astrologers. Please take a look at the evidence:

REPORT: In January 2011, people around the world reported that the moon looked “larger and egg shaped”. We photographed the moon in it’s many phases from January until August and found something so incredible that is not being reported! Please see the video for the rest.


“According to Brasard, when the dust impacts our atmosphere, we will lose sight of the sun. The sky will be clouded over as electrical charges increase. “At that point,” Brasard said, “it will have lightning bolts coming down everywhere—destroying things. Telephones will go on fire, things of that nature. Right now, before it gets too bad, at sunrise and sunset, you can see these planets inbound around the sun.”

Earth changes that Brasard predicts mimic very closely the predictions of Edgar Cayce in the 1940s. Florida, she said, will sustain major damage. “That’s [Florida] going to be totally gone. It’s going to go under water and stay under water. Maps that have been printed up by the US Navy-they printed maps up and issued them to the entire navy of what’s going to be under water. Only I think it’s going to be worse than what they projected. It’s not going to be lakes; it’s going to be ocean. It’s going to be an inland sea.”http://www.examiner.com/article/nasa-whistleblower-predicts-killshot-august-12?cid=rss

July 23, Edward Snowden released more hidden information to the public, confirming that we are, indeed, in for a life-altering event. According to Snowden, the CIA has known for 14 years that a series of solar flare are coming in September that will kill hundreds of millions of people and disrupt all transportation, including the delivery of food and water across the country.

Fitting the pieces of the puzzle more clearly into place, such an event—along with the predicted earth changes—hints at yet another long-awaited catacalysm: the eruption of the New Madred fault.


For current moon phases, click this link. Photos are updated every 4 hours of the moon.

“No other rayed crater has such a conspicuous dark collar. The dark annulus maps out the distribution of a nearly continuous veneer of dark, glassy impact melt. Tycho has such a conspicuous nimbus because the crater is so young that its melt deposits have not been pulverized and mixed in with surrounding rocks by myriads of small impacts. That steady process also contributes, in a billion years or so, to the removal of bright crater rays. The Moon deplores extremes of brightness.” http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/objects/moon/3304126.html
“Tycho is a relatively young crater, with an estimated age of 108 million years (Ma), based on analysis of samples of the crater rays recovered during the Apollo 17 mission. This age suggests that the impactor may have been a member of the Baptistina family of asteroids, but as the composition of the impactor is unknown this is currently conjecture. However, simulation studies give a 70 percent probability that the crater was created by a fragment from the same break-up that created asteroid 298 Baptistina;[1] a larger asteroid from the same family may have been the impactor responsible for creating Chicxulub Crater on Earth 65 million years ago (mya), and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.” Wikepedia


Moon Phase Calendar Research http://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phases_calendar.phtml


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