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The following statements and in depth research have been provided to THE TRUTH DENIED over the past year by a woman who prefers to go by the first name Lily. The Truth Denied has been receiving “Lily’s” information for a year (since April 2013) and though we have no way to truly vet this author, we can state that the information she has provided is substantial enough for us to publish.The research is well documented and has been vetted. We have included pamphlets, photos, letters, patents and everything that Lily has  provided for us, as well as any scanned evidence that Lily retained from her doctors. Lily asked that THE TRUTH DENIED please publish her findings of her efforts to contact the FDA, doctors, as well as drug companies. Though she prefers to remain anonymous at this time, she does have some very substantial claims!
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The following statements are from “Lily” and have not been altered. Lily warns of specific drugs, horrific side effects such as sterility,DNA Alteration and mutation,  birth defects, and death, as well as warnings to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

Part 1: Master of Evil Poisoning– Truth Denied to the Innocent Victims– (AM Kligman, Johnson and Johnson and University of Penn.)

“Learn to research any medication or product you are prescribed or use on your skin or take internally. The “truth is being denied” to you by your physicians on the hazards of these medications and products. Physicians graduate with a degree in science and they will not expose the wrongdoings of their colleagues as it could cost them their license. Biologists and chemists are scientists who are developing medications and cosmetics for manufacturers. One such prescribed medication that, I was forced to research due to physicians ignoring my pleas for help, was Renova 0.05% developed by Prof Am Kligman and Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals. It was a product that would be constantly revised excluding patent 4877805 in 1995 and then including AM Kligman’s toxic patent 4877805 in 1998. (Attachment 1 and 2= Renova pamphlet of 1998 listing three patents). This pamphlet violated a patient/consumer’s right to know the true adverse events that this product could cause.
It violated 21 CFR 201.57 and 21 CFR 314.80 in informing the patient that living biological agents and microorganisms and nano particles were used. (See NDA 19963 on approving Renova)
We are at the mercy of our physicians and pharmaceutical Corporations when we are prescribed medications that are supposed to benefit us and outweigh the risks they may cause. We trusted in these men and women with our lives and a huge betrayal of trust has occurred. We are to be informed of the “Right to Know” all risks involved in medications prescribed to us. We are to be informed under 21 CFR 201.57 all tests that should be done before, during and after a drug has been prescribed when biological agents are being used that alters “gene expression” and DNA. This right to know being violated is causing many to lose their right to quality of life and what choice they would have made before using a medication prescribed to them. Through years of being forced to research one such drug that took my “quality of life” away from me do to physicians ignoring my pleas for help and performing known lab tests they should have done but instead denied me, I found out the horror that this prescription drug could do to my chromosomes, DNA gene expression, the painful horrific chemical burns and scars it left behind, the impetigo and dermatitis is caused me, Keratitis of the eyes, Anteriolethesis of the spine, Silicosis of the lungs, severe migraines, respiratory problems and chronic cough, loss of hair over my entire body and hair that has been altered as hair are stem cells, damage to my nails as they are stem cells, intestinal pain, weight loss, fissures of the lips, dental carries, lesions, and fibers and metals and crystals expelling themselves from the skin tissue and hair, sterility, high lipid count and neutrophil counts (blood abnormalities caused by toxic poisons at nano level and where the body’s immune system is fighting these nano invaders. I began researching the chemicals listed on the drug pamphlet and all led to a term known as nanotechnology. It was a nanotechnology where chemists and biology were working on future methods of manipulating atoms and molecules and building larger structures beginning at nano level. Nano level was being tested to deceive the body of these nano invaders that can’t be seen, yet the human body knew they were there and began using the immune system to fight back and expel these agents. Nanotechnology is about using agents at nano meters that self-replicate and self-assemble. As the body is now in a constant state of fighting off these nano agents and expels them, these nano agents keep self-replicating and assembling as the inventors forgot to include a mechanism to turn them off. I have attached the drug pamphlet of Renova 0.05% (Revised 1998 to include patents 4423041, 4603146 and 4877805) (free patents on line will help you research any product, vaccine, vitamin or drug). You can see that the adverse events reported on this drug were only peeling, itching, pruritus and redness. That was a known lie by all who manufactured this drug, approved this drug (CDC and FDA) and physicians who dispensed it. I found under patent 4877805 that Accutane 13-cis isotretinoin was involved in this drug and not labeled. I found Seeger and Weiss’s civil suit on Accutane and where it listed side effects felt by their clients and that you can get NDA (new drug applications) via the FOIA Act. I wrote to the FDA via the FOIA and it took months to receive this disc on Renova 0.05% approval. To my amazement and shock I found that the subjects tested on this drug had the same adverse effects I suffered from and were not listed on the medication pamphlet. I found that these agents should not have been used on humans via chemical data banks and that the product was not properly labeled category X (teratogenic do to Accutane, Etretinate and TTNPB and known to cause birth defects and sterility.)”





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renovapamphlet1 renovapamphlet2

 Lily stated in an email prior to receiving Part 2:(2013)

“The rest {of the documentation} will inform readers of nanotechnology used before it was perfected. University of Penn using JANUS particle micelles in this product before they should have and others. It is the two face hairy micelles. They have altered the hair follicles which are stem cells and the nucleus will reproduce these new agents that they alter the hair follicles into becoming. All could have done a simple hair tests to see if the hair is real or what is termed pseudo hair as real hair has a bulb and daughter cells. The fact c20 is the smallest fullerene being used in carbon nanotubes and wires and buck balls, buck ball catchers and throwers. The attachment are vital in proving to your readers and public that they are using microorganisms at nano level to delivery these agents to the nucleus via ATP. JANUS particles flip flop and are made of methyl acrylate as in the PDR on Renova you will see EDGMA was used and this agent causes chromosome aberrations.”


Part 2: NDA 19963, Patents, and studies
“On this disc of the NDA 19963 are documents proving what these human subjects and animals suffered and the attachments will inform you how they denied innocent patients from knowing the truth. The NDA 19963 would inform me of the USP MSDS and that all knew the toxicities of these agents. They knew by Dr. Mura Goyal’s report that she was finding that retinoids cause skin cancers. You will see on the attachment that she was warned to stop her research and her biopsies confiscated. The attachment will show you that subjects suffered impetigo, problems with their voice, dermatitis, respiratory infections, some became pregnant and the no information given on the outcome as some aborted the fetus, one hospitalized for cellulitis of the face and other health issues and one died and they blew that off knowing that retinoids cause heart problems and death. Is there anyone out there that can state a patient should not know these adverse effects before using such a product? The patent 4877805 states Etretinate was used and that was banned in 1998. No one should donate blood on either of these drugs of Etretinate and Accutane, yet there were no warnings of this. Bioscience TOCRIS data bank states that these agents cause cancer and must be labeled Prop65 per CA law, yet the pamphlet carries no warning. These agents shouldn’t be used on humans, yet they are being used on humans. I find this astonishing and troublesome that agents listed as poisons and not to be used on humans are being used on humans. Patent 4556518 will inform you of how this 13 cis retinoic acid is prepared and the toxic metals, nylon and gases used. When these patent inventors state aryl and acryl compounds used these agents are mercury compounds. In the drug bank on isotretinoin and tretinoin and the National Medical Library I found that the 13 cis isomer was used. In the protein data bank I found that this is retinol known as Vitamin A taken from the bacteriorhodopsin (only natural crystal protein) an ecoli that can stand extreme climate temperatures. You have a genetic modified microorganism being used as a memory biochip as stated in patents on bacteriorhodopsin such as patent 5754318 for holograms and used by Robert Birge Syracuse Univer as a biochip memory base and many other patents it is sued for. Retnoids are known as molecular motors, as in protein nano robots. Patent 4423041 used in developing Renova 0.05%, you will see that liquid silicone from DOW was used. The DOW Corporation own literature attached shows you how they encapsulate the retinodis in liquid silicone and photographed it, proving even further these agents are photographic and show in NMRS, x-rays and microscopes at nano level.
Liquid silicone causes silicosis of the lungs. The carbon nano tubes used in these nano level drugs cause asbestosis of the lungs. ICTA, EWG and ETC all knew that nano agents were being used in anti-aging creams and cosmetics, yet we the public did not and all knew their toxicities.”





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Evil Masters of Medication, Part 3
“To research a product or medication you are about to use is vital. It is, also, very time consuming and confusing. You will have to look up terms used by chemists and biologists and each has different definitions for the same terms. You must find the patent to the medication and look up every chemical and chemistry used. It can take years and after researching you will not want to use that medication. I had found the accession number to TTNPB, as that was a difficult agent to get information on. The accession number allowed me to go into the Swiss Protein Bank and find what TTNPB was. It is an engineered hepatitis B virus taken from a carcinogenic human flank. The attachments will prove that for you. Rutgers and Oklahoma University have done research on this potent retinoid analogue and knew the toxicities of this engineered virus at nanomolar. I had contacted both Universities for help before knowing the knowledge I know today.
Neither would help me nor analyze the cream and samples of hair and nails sent them. Both universities have the technology tools to do so, but refused. You will see on the Rutgers’s attachment that they are a joint institution of R W Johnson (Johnson and Johnson) and UMD-NJ. Your tax dollars pay for these state universities, but their loyalty is with the institutions that fund them and they will not help you identify toxic agents used in drugs for which they are funded by these agencies in research. Randy Wymore works as Oklahoma State University, and was researching Morgellons Disease, but not wholeheartedly, as he would have used all equipment available in identifying these agents in Renova 0.05%, known to cause itching, memory loss, headaches, lesions, blisters, blood abnormalities etc. The PDR book will inform you that EDGMA was and this is a methyl acrylate agent that was known to cause chromosome abbreviations. Further proof of agents being used to destroy chromosome that will cause birth defects and diseases. Methylacrylate, tert-butyl, seeded emulsion polymerization are used in making JANUS particle micelles. Renova 0.05% is an emulsion cream and patent 4877805 will inform you of the other chemicals used such as tert-butyl, ethylene and SIO2, iron oxides and other metals. These agents are stacking agents and build superstructures. They create super thin transparent plastic like films at nano meters. Proof that nanotechnology has been used long before it was ever known to the public and all were aware of the toxicities and left innocent people to suffer. We as American citizens are promised in the Constitution to life, liberty and property, yet those rights were violated to fullest extent of the law. Your right to “quality of life” is taken from you when you are not informed of the danger of a drug being prescribed to you by the pharmaceutical corps. Who is the manufacturer, to the physician dispensing it, to the FDA who approved it and is supposed to protect your safety? Attorneys use these NDA (new drug application) that they obtain via the FOIA, to see what drugs were known to cause health problems and they knew the dangers of retinoids. Retinoids are chemo drugs and they were too toxic for cancer patients, so why was this being used on people’s face that would have direct contact to the respiratory system, digestive system, blood stream, and eyes and brain? Yet, no attorney would help me.
Do they wait to see how many injuries would occur so they can make class action suits and prosper from the suffering of innocent people?
Take a moment to research the JANUS particle micelles and you will see their technology and how they are used. Micelles are termed nanoworms and research patents on making micelles that self-assemble and use paramagnetic agents of iron oxides. Self-assemble and self-replicate are terms you need to research and nowhere is it stated how and what stop these agents from self-assemble and self-replicating. Learn how to use free patent on line and research vaccines, retinoids, cancer, vitamins and anything you wish to research. Always, look up the PDF on the patent and find the original inventors writings and diagrams he uses.”
Lily warns the readers and researchers to pay attention!
“Defining words used by biologists and chemists are vitally important in your research of a medication or product you used. In many patents on polymers, drugs and retinoids you will see the term crosslink. Crosslinking is a bond that links one polymer chain to another in synthetic and in nature (proteins). These chemical reactions of bonding are done by heat, pressure, PH changes and radiation (UV etc.) You can look up EDGMA, which is ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and this is a synthetic agent being used in retinoid emulsion patents. We now know that chemists and biologist call proteins nano machines and are using them in many patents. We know that proteins are polymers and are being crosslink to create long chain reactions. The hair itself is bundles of fibrous proteins that one strand of hair can contain thousands of nano agents. The pharmaceutical world uses gastric acids to unfold these proteins of hair and fold them to hide these nano agents. Hair surrounds our heads, is on our face, in our respiratory system, eyelashes and eyebrows, and travels all the way to the toes. There is a reason why people are going bald early in life, why women are losing their hair on their head and eyebrows, because these retinoids known to you as vitamin A cause the alterations of genetics and hair follicles being used as drug delivery agents are damaging the hair bulb and altering it to another state. JANUS particle micelles are “hairy” collioidsomes and contain micro rods. Patent 7875654, University of Illinois will inform you of what JANUS particles are made from. Patent 7977177, Methods of Forming Nano devices using Nano Structures having Self Assembly Characteristics. Patent 2013033847 will inform you of them using a pyrolized egg protein (the plastic membrane film in the shell). You will find patents on using emulsion seed polymerization. Your hair has become your enemy as it contains these crosslinking polymer chains and micro rods. Retinoids were and are chemo drugs used to treat cancer patients and were too toxic for them. Why do chemo patients lose their hair, because their hair follicles were damaged by these agents? Are they growing real hair back or what is termed “pseudo hair”? Unless, a hair test is done to prove either we will never know. Physicians are refusing to do hair tests. Hair tests would prove metal toxicities and parasites such as bacteria and other microorganisms. Sad to say the “truth is being denied” you and your right to proper health care. Dr. Janet Starr Hull stated she will do a hair test for you and can inform you of metal toxicities and parasites. You pay her in advance for the service, she cashes the check as sends you a report she wants to send and addresses only what she wants to address and endorses her product line to use. She is another fraud in the bunch that is preventing patients from knowing the truth and profiting from others who are suffering. Methyl acrylates are used as nano concrete structures to hide nuclear agents such as trititium, which was used in Renova 0.05% and is stated in The Transcript of May 1990, a meeting held by the FDA, CDC, Johnson and Johnson and Hoffman and LA Roche. Trititium is used as fission in nuclear warheads and after 12 years turns to helium. Helium will cause these agents on an infected patient to pull away and upward like a helium balloon. This is how the environment and others become contaminated. You do not have to have use product like this only need to be in contact with one who has and have come in contact with via the wind. These retinoids and their poisons and microorganisms are used in pesticide patents that are sprayed via planes and exterminators. Free patent on line will inform you of this and how many patents on retinodis and pesticides exist. How these agents affect dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, and many other hormones and their receptors. The attached on fatty acids will inform you where oleic acid and palmitate acid and other fatty acids come from. These agents are not only used in medications but in body lotions and cosmetics. You can view chemistry on SOL Gel used in these agents and you will see in the above attachment it knits itself. Stearate used in Renova is fatty liquid crystals.
View patents on nano carbon tubes and you will see that they are shaped into crystals, needles, hexacons and various shapes. Pigments are proteins and they are shaped into various shapes of that inventor wants to make. Synthetic ligands are shaped in various configurations like a bear claw, cat claw, crab claw, sonic hedgehog, and scorpion. Using synthetic carbon needles to create the stingers and pincers of these insects and why people feel something is biting them Free patents on line will inform you how many patents involve ligands. Use claw ligand, Toll Ligand, TIE Ligand, Scorpion Ligand as your search and a list of patents and click on any and all on the list to the original patent. These biologists know how to make synthetic bacteria such as pseudomonas. The attached will give you the patent and show you a photo of these microorganisms. The patent will inform you how dangerous this bacteria is and the hollow tubes it creates. Yet Johnson and Johnson admit to using it in Renova 0.05% with staph aureus. Pro Assay attachment will inform you that RXR spoken about in many of these patents is the human recombinant ecoli… The Swiss Protein Bank on proteins informs you what proteins are and what species they are from. It states these proteins must be sterile, yet Johnson and Johnson admit in NDA21108 they are not sterile. Which mean they can cause misfolds and cause diseases and that they carry the DNA and diseases and viruses of the species they were taken from.
People who have been given vaccines and have vaccinated your children please view the attached patents. Go to free patent on line and view the patent in its entirety and your will see the microorganisms and toxic metals used in these drugs called vaccines. Review the USP on Vaccines attached and you will that aluminum phosphate replaced thimersol and that the ecoli, yeast and fungus are used in these vaccines. Please review the metal toxicity charts and you will see aluminum causes rage. You will find that these metals build up over years and bind to the neuro receptors and pineal gland. These agents per Dr. Robert Nash will cause Alzheimer’s, autism and behavior problems. I have researched for many years and came across these wealth of knowledge merely by accident and by one patent leading to another. Your life and your families’ lives are in serious danger. You have been denied the total truth. I would be selfish and callous if I did not take the time to inform innocent people of the hidden lies that are in their vaccines and drugs. I never want to see anyone suffer a drug injury. The pain of the burning chemical burns and blisters were unbearable and went on for months. The hideous scars from these sores still haunt me and my face. My eyes burns the toxic fumes, vapors and mists of these poisons on a 24/7 basis. My vision is blurred and cloudy from these toxic clouds that these poisons create and is visibly seen by eye visions using their ophthalmology equipment. My son was able to see the films that cover my eyes. The inability to breathe out of your nose because pseudomonas is known to adhere to the nares of the nose as well as these other metals and toxic poisons. The long chain polymers that are hidden from human eye via translucent metals at nano level and long chain fatty acids at nano level are strangling the victim. The severe digestive problems and pain from these known toxic poisons causing Crohns and irritable bowel syndrome make the victim a prisoner. These agents violate the right of “quality of life” and “dignity”. I would prefer to die than to live like this. The only “will” keeping me going is to expose each and every monster who participated in this inhumane human experiment. To expose the four physicians who crossed the lie into evil when they began making fraudulent reports of “delusional paratosis”. Making fraudulent reports and ruining a person’s reputation and credibility is a crime. Not only did they create false reports that would destroy a reputation and credibility of a person, they prevented that person from having tests needed to find out what microorganisms and toxicities were causing the patient’s health problems. They refused to do any tests and to provide proper treatment to get rid of these toxins. That makes them murderers, torturers and tormenters. That makes them the enemy who uses bioweapons to cause harm to the innocent.”



The Following documents would not upload to our image gallery, so we provided the public with the proof of Pharma Definitions & More Evidence here.

Pharma Definitions & More Evidence



Morgellons Sufferers Melani Vritschan & Marie Palac share there truth with the world in hopes of creating awareness and exposing  of the horrors of contracting Morgellons Disease.

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  1. Melani Vritschan & Marie Palac ,
    Having helped a lady get free of Morgellons about 12 years ago, thought you’d like to know how we accomplished this , Naturally. If you have not yet been able to do this, please feel free to contact me.
    I am a self-trained naturopath, not a schooled doc as no one in any form of medicine or natural healing knew how to free my late, beautiful wife of the 38 years of Benzene induced type 1, insulin dependent diabetes, so it fell to us to find all the keys for her, which we did, just to late to keep my lady here in health.
    If you will visit my four minute youtube video and type in Heart Pressure Point Technique. This was day two of sixty-two in this heart institute where I am four for four in heart attacks and much more, most prominent is getting the deadly MRSA staph infection completely out of my wife’s critically ill body, which medically speaking is supposed to be impossible. Be happy to share what I know works, from nature. Kraig

  2. laura can you please post documents on USP Vaccines? The public needs to see what is put in vaccines from ecoli, yeast, fungus, active and inactive viruses and alumuinum phosphate. Please post the toxic metal charts. Aluminum causes rage and phosphate is phosphoric acid (phosphorous). It is known to instantly burn and blister the skin, irritate and burn the eyes, and digestive and respiratory tract. What do you think it does in the small veins of infants and toddlers or anyone? These agents bind to the neuroreceptors and pineal gland. It interrupts the secretion of melatonin and causes severe neurological disorders from mood swings, psychosis, schizophrenia, autism, alzeheimers and Parkinsonian. It is vital for the truth to be known. NIH NLB have reports on pineal gland and cysts in psychosis and other mental illness diseases. Dr. Mercola, Dr. Seneff (MIT) and Dr. Robert Nash have done reports on this.

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    1. Hello Lily, We are missing more than Part 4, as sent this all to you in an email, but we will put together the rest of what we have. We just did not want you to be dissappointed in any way, we also did not want YOU or our readers to think that we LEFT OUT certain data that you sent to us. Putting together these three parts was also not an easy task, our WP would not load your docs………so we repeated the process several times until we had success loading them. Thank you for contacting us. TTD

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