False Flags are a war tactic used  to camouflage themselves from the enemy, a Trojan horse if you will. In the modern age, the media has been the Trojan Horse in disguise. The public plays a large role in the deceit by simply spreading the unvetted lie.



The use of the term False Flag appears in history at an unknown date during the 1800’s. During this time in history the term related to a countries flag flown by its naval war ships and merchant ships on the high seas. Example; as a ruse, naval war ships would fly the enemy’s flag or a friendly nation’s flag to deceive the enemy in order to position their ship close enough for battle. Once in position the enemy ship would lower the “False Flag”, raise their real flag and the battle would begin. This “False Flag” was an accepted practice in time of war but proper educate, rules of engagement required the attacking vessel to hoist its real flag once its ship was in position for the battle to commence. The term False Flag was stated as, The ship was flying a False Flag”. This use of a literal false flag is still a concern for our today’s Navy.

Pirate Ship “False Flags” were similar to Naval War Ships with the exception that Pirates mainly targeted merchant vessels. Pirates would fly a friendly nation’s flag in order to come alongside an unsuspecting merchant ship then lower the False Flag and hoist their Pirate flag to terrify the crew of the merchant ship. Rarely was there ever an ensuing battle as the merchant ship would surrender without shots fired or sword fighting taking place. These merchants valued their lives over the cargo and their ships. The goal of the Pirates was to take the cargo and the merchant’s ship without damaging their plunder. The merchant crew was usually unharmed and released on land. Most of what is portrayed in Hollywood films about Pirates engaged in bloody battles to take a ship is simply entertainment and far from the truth.

Modern day definition of False Flag.

“The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by individual entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them”. 

The idea that the government is ‘out to get us all ‘ by use of False Flag Agendas has become an internet phenomenon; hence the true meaning and intention of the words False Flag have been lost on us all. The ill willed win by creating thousands of click bait sites creating confusion for monetary gains, while the innocent victims willingly become party to the deceit ending up with a revolving  door of social cacophony .

If the public ever realizes that they are part of the game, the game would cease to exist.

Modern Day Examples of a False Flag

Indeed, there are many documented cases of modern day False Flag Operations admitted by our government and the CIA. Many are still classified but many have been declassified and can be found on government websites like the CIA or obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. FOIA. There are also many false flag operations listed by numerous non government private websites across the internet. Many date back to the early 1800’s but for the purpose of this article I do not have the time to research FOIA documents to verify their authenticity. I have taken verified examples from the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) website.  In 1954 the CIA, United States and British officials plotted the military coup that returned the Shah of Iran to power and toppled Iran’s elected prime minister, an ardent nationalist. A FOIA search withing the CIA’s website for the term “False Flag” returns many incidents of Coup D’etat’s worldwide. (See below for more accounts of False Flags)

How did the use of the words False Flag become so prevalent in our social vocabulary? 

First introduced by conspiracy breeding grounds such as Infowars/Prison Planet, the words ‘false flag’ quickly became the norm to explain away any tragedy, terrorist attack, war, or crime. It’s an overused phrase at best that has caught on throughout the conspiracy world. If you will take the time to google FALSE FLAG you will find that it is used mainly on conspiracy websites. Oh, conspiracies of past have been proven to be very real, but are also associated with the overuse of the term ‘false flag’. Why are we not questioning all of media? Why are we not questioning some of the conspiracy You Tube Channels and there owners? Why are we not digging into the false claims of some of the UFO communities speakers, like Coorey Goode , David Wilcock, Sean David Morton’s latest arrest?

“When an effort to disseminate the truth in fact becomes distribution of the lie, the social contribution becomes dangerous. Splitting hairs on an issue ends up obfuscating any truth that may have been available earlier, resulting in arguments and in some cases, cyber bullying. “ Roxy Lopez

University of Washington professor Kate Starbird is studying how conspiracy theories propagate online, including the use of the words False Flag. I was especially interested in her latest work which focuses on Twitter, “and the emergence of conspiracy theories after mass shooting events.”  What she found on the social media site is an “alternative media ecosystem” – a complex network of bots, individuals and domains that birth, orchestrate and promote conspiracy theories that undermine online readers’ trust in information.” The paranoia that underlines these events is astounding to say the least.

It’s no surprise that the internet has become increasingly vulnerable to wide spread of disinformation. In fact it’s a breeding ground for it.

Humans are just as motivated as a pack animal and have similar traits.What happens on social media when the pack attacks?

“Abraham Maslow created his Theory of Human Motivation in 1943 and identified five levels of motivation or five needs that humans strive to satisfy. Those needs are, in order: Survival, Safety, Social, Esteem, and Fulfilment. “

The psychology of False Flags influence on the public.

A good example of leadership influencing a population with ‘false flags’ would be in the case of Hitler’s reign, and I use this only as a reference. He was not only capable of influencing “Good citizens to commit heinous acts of violence”, but he convinced Germany that he was protecting all of his citizens.  What was his methodology?   He simply communicated the same message repeatedly, through speeches, news, media and entertainment. He conditioned millions with a very simple but effective form of brainwashing, repeating the same statements over and over again. The truth is that the people of Germany loved and idolized Hitler. It was not to their benefit.

In the modern era, these same new and improved technologies are implemented, but keep in mind that it is still a one trick pony. Why? Because it works. I have honestly witnessed readers and social media members carrying on about a tragedy as though they themselves were on the investigating team; relating recycled verbiage about the circumstances of a crime and conclusions are almost always falsely represented. Dare to ask the commenter what  the source of their claims are. There is little to no investigation done of the crime, and those on social media  quickly jump to conclusions by propagating  the lies as if it were fact. It’s like a cancer all over the internet and millions are responsible for thousands of unsubstantiated claims going viral. Generally speaking, there is no investigation done on the part of the person who is posting the information whatsoever. It’s not any wonder that readers are confused and have often posted “I don’t believe anyone anymore.” Critical thinking has been exchanged for confusion overload, too much information, most of which is nonfactual. Confusion is an understatement.If only the reader would step back for a moment and allow some of the information to sink in. In the end, no one is accountable either.

Regardless, the ‘sharer’  inadvertently becomes part of the problem. They share the ‘virus’, the lie that continues to muddy the waters further.

Have you noticed that discussion boards on social media become explosive when a tragedy occurs in your country? I have observed the public’s knee jerk reaction that generally  begins with  pointing fingers at governments, corporations, law officers , media outlets, you name it!. Then they begin attacking each other like rats in a cage with vengeance, blame, and more violence and threats ensue. It gets pretty rowdy on social media and forums doesn’t it? When was the last time you were asked “Who are you working for?” after you made a comment to someone’s post? Or been called a troll? Or working with COINTELPRO ? If you don’t go along with the False Flag theory, you will be terminated.

In the past decade, claims of False Flag events are used daily, in other words, everything unexplained becomes a false flag. When a tragedy occurs, networks of people quickly developed their own narrative and propagate the term ‘false flag’ associated with the event.

Social Media is all part of a learning curve for most people that participate on these platforms. Learned behavioral traits from other socialites influence others on these platforms. Most people want their voice to be heard, make an impact, share the message but many users simply do not have the time to go down the proverbial rabbit hole themselves as it is so time consuming. Understood. Instead, they depend on someone else to set the story running, usually someone that they find a sense of comradery with, perhaps even someone they trust. Sharing becomes a way for socialites to get in on the game, and in on ‘revealing’ the secret to others on their platforms. It’s become normal behavior to glimpse  at something on their feed, grab it and without even reading it, they post it without getting past the headline. If you want to discuss the post with them, they have little to go by and generally parrot the first paragraph back to you, as if it were real. And don’t even go there when it’s the notorious False Flag. They’ll block you over that one!

So either socialites get a clue, start doing a little more research, or simply stop spreading articles that they themselves haven’t even read, or, we will continue to be subjected to viral fake news resulting in  the massive spread of disinformation. Realize that the media itself has set up a trojan horse, invites you in, and has the public handle the dirty work; the spread of disinformation is in your hands.

Talk about a dumbing down the process right? The truth is not what the reader is after. The reader wants to be the  expert in a field they have never been in. A star. The public is after some kind of vicarious fame. That kind of fame comes with a  heavy price;  If you don’t seek knowledge, you stop learning.

As the late Tom Petty once said ” I’m still learning to fly.”

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More facts regarding False Flags

Cyber False Flags

A false flag in the cyber domain is slightly different and easier to perpetrate than in other physical theaters of war. Cyber false flags refer to tactics used in covert cyber attacks by a perpetrator to deceive or misguide attribution attempts including the attacker’s origin, identity, movement, and/or code/exploitation. It is typically very hard to conclusively attribute cyberattacks to their perpetrators and misdirection tactic can cause misattribution (permitting response and/or counterattack as a condiciosine qua non under international law) or misperception which can lead to retaliation against the wrong adversary.


Cyber false flags can exist in the cyber domain when:




CIA list of over 21,000 Coup D’etat files


Another type of False Flag involving government spies who are duped and unknowingly working as a so called double agent giving information to the wrong side thinking it is their boss. Confusing isn’t it.

Excerpt from the CIA website.


Additional Links of interest for False Flags






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  1. My understanding is False Flags are as old as the Bible. In that the Romans did them . Per hermeneutist Alfred Webre & Peter Kling.

  2. The idea that the government is ‘out to get us all ‘ by use of False Flag Agendas has become an internet phenomenon; hence the true meaning and intention of the words False Flag have been lost on us all. The ill willed win by creating thousands of click bait sites creating confusion for monetary gains, while the innocent victims willingly become party to the deceit ending up with a revolving door of social cacophony .

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