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April 30, 2017


Fracking in the USA: Effective Banning in a true Democracy

  Listen to the interview with Doug Shields, Ben Price & Professor Yuri Gorby. Ordinance calls for a State Constitutional Amendment to Elevate the Rights of Communities Above Corporate “Rights”   Guests this evening : Doug Shields :   In 2003, when Doug won the democrat Primary for Pittsburgh City Council, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote: “For


Fracking fluid contaminates our water, fracked  gas escapes into the atmosphere, and the breakneck pace of drilling for these low-quality wells wreak havoc on wildlife habitat and human communities alike.Please don’t let anyone tell you that it’s SAFE, because it is not. Major concerns regarding Fracking are: Toxic drilling fluids and fracturing fluids, injected deep underground and

Noncompliance: Failure or refusal to comply – Barbara Peterson bans GMOS!

  GUEST : Barbara H. Peterson Website: http://farmwars.info   We covered a lot of ground on the show today with Farm Wars owner Barbara H. Peterson.   Barbara Peterson  of FARM WARS does not back down from a system that is not only deeply flawed, but downright corrupt .She has created a number of ways to