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4 thoughts on “The Breaking News On Chemtrails and Morgellons Connection. Experts speak out!”
  1. This has been a story worthy of the “X- files”. The black goo! I am now the first patient with the tag ” Morgellons Syndrome in the official Medical Community. As soon as there is diagnosis code for “unexplained Deropathy” When I was hospitalized at Virginia Mason the CDC was there and interviewed me in front of a friend who was there. We never understood the questions until now. Or things like the scary tests that we’re run in the extra 3 days there!! Sleepless n Seattle – Justin Sandor Cooper “(206) 465-2982. Cell. E-mail:

  2. This is the most amazing Data! Thanks so much to all of you for trying to heal the world! We must all stick together! We can rule and govern ourselves more fairly! We must help one another.

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