Current Area-51 Investigations and more :Interview with Paul Dale Roberts:
The Truth Denied Talk Radio
Host: Roxy Lopez
Guest: Paul Dale Roberts, Paranormal Investigator

Roberts from 1973 to 1976 served with the US Army’s D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team) C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) in Germany, working undercover narcotics. From 1979 to 1986 Roberts served in the US Army’s Military Intelligence. Working at PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center in Korea). Roberts held a Top Secret S.B.I. (Special Background Investigation) clearance as an Intelligence Analyst, later receiving an H-Identifier with OPFOR (Opposing Forces), where Roberts wore a Soviet uniform, ski mask and trained elite troops like US Army’s Special Forces, 101st Airborne, Air Force Special Operations, Delta Force, 82nd Airborne, Marine Recon the Soviet Threat and W.E.F.T. (Wings, Engine, Fuselage, Tail section) in identifying Soviet aircraft.

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• Todays show covered:

• Area-51- soil sample update
• Ufo Cases
• Gorman Ranch in Cloverdale, aka “Skin Walker Ranch” Update
• The Winter Group
• Chupacabra in San Miguel Island
• Case of the “Sprites” & what is a sprite?
• Black Project funding, reverse engineering & Shadow Space Programs

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