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After the recent attacks on the Occupiers, today is the “national day of action”, also known as the N17 Action!
One of the attacks occurred in New York City about 1 a.m. on November 15. The NYPD forced out the protesters from Liberty Park with weapons, also damaging and confiscating gear. As of present, the protesters can no long “camp out” at the park, but the working groups are RE-Grouped and now prepared to function as mobile groups! They cannot be stopped!
In other “OCCUPIED” areas, other camps have been raided by police in riot gear. Those areas were violently raided in Oakland, California & Portland, Oregon. Also, most recently, in Seattle Washington, an 84 year-old woman, a priest, and a 19 year-old pregnant women were pepper sprayed!
Listen to The Young Turks’ response of this unnecessary violence:

On another note, since any party trying to co-opt “Occupy” has failed, there have been reports that the Department of Homeland Security has been spying on the occupiers and have sent the homeless and released prisoners to disgrace the movement. (Not to say that the protesters didn’t sympathized with the homeless, because they certainly did.) Anyway, some of the homeless and prisoners were sent to occupied areas to sell drugs, commit crimes, defecate & urinate to give the occupiers a bad name. That’s why the mainstream media hooked onto this by method of cherry-picking! Furthermore, think about why these attacks all occurred during the same week? Also, the Oakland Mayor admitted to a conference call with mayors from the other cities before the raid! Were these attacks by police all over the country a coordinated attempt to bring down the protests? The answer is…if it walks like a duck, then it IS a duck!
As of now, scuffles have already occurred with the NYPD in full riot gear protecting the bull from non-violent protestors; barricades were set up all over, causing bottle-necking; swarms of police in partial riot gear are everywhere in NYC; and some of the cops were heard to say that they should all let the protesters just walk through and take down the barricades, but the response was that there were “too many of them”. And yes, thousands are now occupying near Liberty Square with the “Occupy Marines” there in solidarity!
The NYC protesters’ plan is to shut down Wall Street, “Occupy” the subways, march on City Hall to demand Bloomberg’s resignation, and march on the Brooklyn Bridge to celebrate their two-month anniversary.
This video shows Philadelphia retired police captain, Raymond Lewis, who stood in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” but was later arrested today! He explains how the NYC mayor is in control of police and that maybe the FBI will be next. He also offered his advice about how to respond to police.

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