After the end of World War II, the Nazis scientists and doctors were eventually sent here, to the United States, not just for the trails but also for the purpose of human experimentation here in America and it was mostly done on military bases. In 1946, President Truman made it Official and Top Secret with the authorization of Project Paperclip in order to keep the Soviet Union from doing the same thing and obtaining any research. Under the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947, CIA personnel were working with Nazi doctors who had become quite skilled at molding the human mind. Then, once again under the protection of ‘national security,’ the CIA formed its first (supposedly “first”) program in 1950 under the name BLUEBIRD. In 1951, it became ARTICHOKE. Then, MKULTRA began in 1953, but supposedly it was closed in 1964. MKULTRA is the most notorious of all the mind control experiments and manipulating behavior, and some of its’ programs remained active under MKSEARCH into the 1970s… MKULTRA mind control included physical and sexual abuse, radiation, electroshock, harassment substances, paramilitary devices and materials, and torture…A component of MKULTRA, known as MKDELTA, was used to test chemical and biological weapon ingredients to alter the human mind….These experimentations were tolerated by medical professionals, and also published in psychiatric and medical journals. MKULTRA came to public light in 1977…Did you know about MKULTRA back then?

Educate Yourself more from a well-known victim of MKUltra, Brice Taylor

Find more here: “Mind Control Summary~The Secrets of Mind Control Based on Three Books by Top Mind Control Researchers”

……….Let’s go off subject for a minute here…I want to make you aware of the fact that some of those Nazis doctors are still here today, at least, they were in the late nineties…I say this because I once knew a woman whose child had an unusual mind ailment. She sent her child to a children’s hospital-not one of the more popular ones-to have her treated. The doctor who treated her child was in fact a Nazis doctor. He had the ability and knowledge to treat my friend’s child only because he was one of the doctors that had conducted experiments on children during the Nazi Regime!……………..


  Anyway, back to the subject at hand….During the Vietnam War, many soldiers were unknowingly the subjects of the experimental testing of nerve agents, nerve agent antidotes, psychochemicals, and irritants.

  During the Gulf War, many soldiers became victims of some unexplained illness, known as the “Gulf War Syndrome”. In some cases, it was passed onto their children during conception.

  Many soldiers and veterans are especially victim to mind control. I am also aware of the fact that many who have retired from the military haven’t gone through the “debriefing” (de-programming) process. This is for the reason of possibly “using” them again, either in combat or here at home.

  It is also a fact that children of United States Veterans, famous celebrities, those people who work within the entertainment industry, and possibly those who work in the public sectors are also victims of mind control.

  I wouldn’t doubt today that they feed off of your own insecurities to mask the fact that one’s mind is being “controlled”. It is also triggered off of an individual’s ego and emotions. Furthermore, there are different levels of mind control..from mild and all the way to severe!

  Now let me add to this….if you were to look up MKUltra on the internet, you would get a myriad of information on this. So it’s available to the public. So, knowing this, what is NOT available to the public now? What are they doing today? Go here for the Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents

More here about mass mind control: “The Truth Denied~What is HAARP Creating?”

If you truly think you are under some sort of mind control, and not just because I mentioned this topic, PLEASE get some help from someone that is trustworthy and spiritual. Do NOT go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, they don’t understand. (Note that your controllers will try to make you forget your healing process once you begin, find a clever way to remind yourself that you have started healing.) Anyway, I cannot recommend anything specific for you as an individual, except that I am convinced that spiritual guidance is very helpful. After all, we are not actually standing against human beings with corrupt agendas; we are standing up against evil forces.

  I can tell you that some mind-controlled victims have chosen massage therapy with magnets, meditation or relaxing breathing techniques; others have chosen prayers, yoga, candles, sage, sweet grass, holy water, or salt. Some have used certain crystals that ward off negative energies. (Get some expert advice on this, because there are a number of crystals to choose from that you can use for this purpose. Also, make sure to ask for Benevolent Divine Protection.) I do know that orgone is considered to be a defense weapon against negative energies, but I recommend smaller pieces of this bioenergetic force, because larger doses of the male energy of orgone have side effects. See here: The Truth Denied~“Cemenite Story 2: Od power” 

Know that what may work for one may not work for another. You KNOW what’s best for you.

  Also, work on being physically healthier; give up your “unhealthy” vices; take some time daily to pray with your heart and/or meditate quietly (make sure to ask for Benevolent Divine Protection); go outside with nature; and listen to calming music. Sing. Laugh. Keep positive thoughts. Don’t allow negative people into your life or limit your time with them. Take the time to do the things that are best for you that you enjoy. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Surround yourself with good people. Do something kind for another person…Relax your mind and train it to focus on good, positive thoughts, even if a negative thought what may come to your mind, rebuke it and continue on….Trust your INNER core….

It is also essential to know that even though mind control has been part of governmental projects, there’s more at play here! This is a spiritual attack from the dark forces.

  Most importantly, connect to the part of you that may be hidden behind layers. Use your inner-knowing of who you are (the God part) and that you can be in control of YOU. Be courageous about this…Stand in the knowledge of who you are in the Universe…Stand in the Love and in your place of Peace! The Earth needs you to keep your LIGHT shining!


Military Pictures are from The US Army Site Other Pictures are from the Morgue Files , Public Domain Pictures.Net And Myself

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