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GUEST : Wilbur Allen’s recent trip to Area-51 in the Nevada Desert astounds us all! The photographic evidence is proof,that being over 60,000 photos in a 2 day exploration clearly verifies the existence of Extraterrestrial life who are visiting planet earth!

In this extraordinary interview Wilbur Allen reviews his body of work and sets out to reveal to the public the steps that  have lead him to the amazing discovery of alien craft above  areas such as the WHITEHOUSE, and now Area-51.

Mr. Allen has the proof in these photographs   and as he said :


   “It is not what the public would expect!” ~ Wilbur Allen


Enjoy the interview; as well Mr. Allen has been kind enough to release a couple of photos from his recent (October 13th, 2012) trip to Area-51.

Please visit his website


What did we discuss on the show?


  • Area-51 visit on October 14th, 2012 reveals images of some type of plasma energy  “zig-zagging”   in the skies above.
  • Allen took roughly 60,000 images that he will later document for the public
  • Mr. Allen Answers questions about Government public disclosure of UFO’s and the existence of Extraterrestrial life that are visiting planet earth!
  • What are chemtrails used for?
  • Are there chemtrails being sprayed over the Whitehouse in DC?
  • Is our government back engineering recovered ET Craft(s)
  • Are there bases on the moon?
LISTEN to the INTERVIEW NOW! See the photos! Hear the journey of Mr. Wilbur Allen!



Photo evidence provided by  Wilbur Allen’s of his  recent visit to Area 51

Wilbur states:

“During my initial visit, I documented several airborne anomalies,one of which registered in the image below as a swirl. For this to happen in a 2 second exposure,this object would have to move at an extreme velocity.”


Photographic evidence by Wilbur Allen (Recent visit to Area 51)


"At a remote location in the desert, I programmed a D4 Nikon, to fire an image, every 10 seconds.In this stream of images were 2 frames, which showed an orange anomaly, pulsing in the airspaceabove the remote camera POV. These are 2 second exposures, programmed to fire every 10seconds. It this one of 2 frames, sampled from 250 images (programmed), is an etching anomaly(orange) which pulsed, quickly through this frame. For this frame to exist, indicted that thisobject moved quickly through the duration of the exposure (2 seconds)" ~ Wilbur Allen Please visit Mr. Allen's website for more photographic evidence here Echo UK


About Mr. Wilbur Allen


About Mr. Wilbur Allen:

Wilbur Allen learned Photography in the Philippines in 6th grade.  He attended Wagner Middle and Wagner High School @ Clark.



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