Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard are on the front lines of a very important mission!  Electronic Monitoring & Microwave weapons testing on the public is a serious  matter. Please listen to the show and pass it on to those who may need to hear their words! Please see below the video for more information .


Guests: Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard
Are you a victim of gang stalking? Implants? A ringing in your ears better known as Tinnitus?

Our guests tonight discuss in detail what their organization is doing to assist those who they believe are victims of covert technologies, an “experiment” on random individuals who have not consented to this torture. They are INTERNATIONAL CENTER AGAINST ABUSE OF COVERT TECHNOLOGIES”, AND THEY ARE HERE TO HELP!


“ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.”

  ~ Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard


What is ICAACT? 

ICAACT is an Independent Non Profit Human Rights Organization. They work together with a number of NGOs, Civil Rights Movements and Human Rights groups.
ICAACT was created to obtain evidence of serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic Terrorism worldwide.
THEY aim to provide evidence to the individual victim, as well as for all victims of these crimes.
THEY use specific testing equipment, to ensure that the data that is collected worldwide is conformed and compatible in order for the results to be admissible in both national and international court systems on a later date.
Along with the testing THEY do case studies, with data obtained through questionnaires.”

UPDATE: 2-19-2013

Learn more about Jesse Beltran’s work here on the ICAACT website

What’s NEW?
Jesse Beltran discussed some of the latest developments for ICCACT to aid them in their quest for justice with victims of covert technology.


 ICAACT Phase III Testing Improvements!
October 6, 2012, ICAACT began what they refer to as ” phase III ” and improvement for international radio frequency scanning of ‘clients’ ICAACT had participants from many countries including Denmark, Sweden, Spain, England, United States, and others. When the leadership of ICAACT arrived in Belgium they were asked to conduct a radio interview by Transparent Flemish-Dutch Radio.



2013 Another video that ICCACT has created  called

“Race for the Brain”


ARE YOU A VICTIM? Click here for a  list of   SYMPTOMS 


Another interview conducted in 2012 with ICAACT , a must listen!

James Walbert :Board of Directors at Stalking Victims Network

Dr. Barrie Trower interview conducted by Lars Drudgaard


About Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard:



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17 thoughts on “International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technology: Human Experimentation”
  1. Hello I have been a targeted individual from 2013, at least thats when I really noticed it. The masons and the Temps came in and wiped memories right away as to implant themselves but the 2030 deadline isnt correct at all. They want a tragedy to gain acceptance and its going to be here in Canada because of bill C-69 and the right earthquake is going to toss us into the McKenzee Basin. Ive been following very close and well lets just say there is more to it than just that. I would like to tell the world that its the masons of the battle river sect who are making the antichrist ie me William Ayers. yes my name is the same a obama’s friend. Im in Ponoka Alberta and if anyone knows a lawyer could you pass my email along please and thank you. ps They did the google hack and can get into any server so watch your emails and they hypnotize perople throught music and have since 1939 be careful for industrial music and Rap. Also be careful for the aluminum in the water and food it promotes alzheimers.

  2. I have the nano crystals in my blood and they are remote controlling my mind and body for the last 4 years I am in hell. They think they are god. They also but a cochlear implant in my ear my girl friend heard the music and foot steps they play if they want me to leave somewhere. Please contact me Maxwell Chaney. 818-359-5636

  3. I have a rfid in my shoulder and I need help to get removed I have whose names did i it and they are hand and mafia families I am a victim of their illegal organized stalking this is very big for these families they do have dew

  4. I think mental hospitals did a psychiatric experiment on me when they injected me in the back of my head in my nape….i used to be strong …correction….but they wanted to make me weaker by forcing me to take psychiatric medications..if i refused to take the meds they would come to my house and arrest me and bring me to mental hospital…there are also some asian women that look half dead and they are forced to go into mens jail cells….i think maybe sex slaves…i am not sure but i want to… save ….those girls i want to save and rescue them…i accidently put saw instead of save on the other comment…but i meant save and recue those girls…

  5. I think mental hospitals did a psychiatric experiment on me when they injected me in the back of my head in my nape….i used to be strong but they wanted to make me weaker by forcing me to take psychiatric medications..if i refused to take the meds they would come to my house and arrest me and bring me to mental hospital…there are also some asian women that look half dead and they are forced to go into mens jail cells….i think maybe sex slaves…i am not sure but i want to save those girls i saw and rescue them…

  6. When I see a post like the one from Hillary, and she gives her phone number, it make me think that someone is doing this to her and that she did not post the comment herself. She did not answer when Roxy posted. That is what I am talking about. You must stay calm so that those gang stalkers do not attack you like this. If indeed this lady has been attacked to this degree she should call the Police. and again begin to document information and evidence. That is the only way. I had evidence and plate numbers when I called the police. I imagine that after posting her phone number the whole world of trolls called her and drove her crazy. I hope Roxy called the police on her behalf. It has been a long time, but in case there are others like her.
    Document evidence and call the police.


      Smartdust[1] is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. Without an antenna of much greater size the range of tiny smart dust communication devices is measured in a few millimeters and they may be vulnerable to electromagnetic disablement and destruction by microwave exposure.

      How to use microwave or electromagnetic disablement to your brain?

  7. Hey there Lara and Roxy. I wrote your website a little over a year ago concening rfid implants and electronic harassment/ gang stalking/ cointelpro/ mkultra. I went through all of the BS and have pretty much emerged out the other end after a suicide attempt due to the harassment last summer. I happen to know all of the people responsible for the shape I’m in. I have an excellent memory and can remember back to when I was a little younger than three years of age and remember the first time I got “tagged”. I know of so called “rehabilitation centers” that have implemented the tagging of individuals by inserting the tags into ear canals sub-cutaneously. I know names of people in the military involved in this harassment from Colorado to Texas and what they are actually trying to achieve in performing this human experimentation. I wrote you a letter, like I said, a little over a year ago, but have a much clearer understanding of what’s going on now. I probably sounded like I was rambling the last time I wrote you, as they were trying to mislead me and more or less perform an inception and introduce a bunch of BS into my mind over these diodes. I was told in Texas that my diode was running off of a military frequency, but it also extends now, I see, to both the FBI and even the Secret Service after visiting their offices in Denver. There’s even Denver police in the know about these tagged individuals and they have to do with the harassment and gang stalking. I’d be happy to talk to one of your personally about this, but am not sure about being totally public with all of the details, though I’d love to see these peoples names outed on either the internet or over the radio. Feel free to e-mail me and I will get back to you with a cell phone number you can reach me on. Hope all is well.

    1. I have names as well. I remember it like it was yesterday. Always thought i was crazy or had a terrible dream. Let’s get it out there asap. I can’t take it anymore. There is a nonprofit organization in California, I have yet to hear back from them, but I would like to talk to someone who knows more about this.

  8. roxy,
    you are absolutely doing the right thing. i have mentioned you to the few i consider personal friends and they seem to return time and again with a clearer understanding than previously acknowledged. so thank you well said.
    dont take it too personally because you are working. love and peace r

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