Miki Jacob’s is a bona fide psychic/medium and  warrior, teacher, lecturer and  an absolutely down to earth woman filled with passion and conviction, and oh yeah, LOVE!! When the student is ready, the teacher appears!  Throughout this entire  interview, Miki seems to hit every nail on the head. She covers the gamut of life on earth, as she refers to earth as a “harsh environment”, and that each and every one of us chose to come here in this very existence to learn something. She speaks of our daily struggles, the inside journey, and of course, she values the “team” of angelic beings as well as a variety  of angels who serve to guide and protect us here on this earthly plane, and as Miki says “We are never alone”.


Here are just some of the points that Miki  Jacob’s discussed in the interview:


  • What does it mean to be a psychic/medium?
  • What is spiritual amnesia and how do we change this condition?
  • Can you explain to us the different guides that we have?
  • Are our passed over relatives our guides too?
  • How do we connect to our spirit guides?
  • I want proof, how do I know this is not just my imagination?
  • What does FREE WILL mean, because I don’t feel free?
  • If the ‘soul is fearless’, why do I feel afraid?
  • Why did we chose to come to such a “harsh planet”, when we could be living in utopia?
  • How do I ‘align with the soul “?
  • Why is meditation so important Miki?
  • Where do ALIENS and ET’s fit into the mixture?
  • “I love you”. The magic of these three words
  • Do I have a TEAM too Miki?


Please listen to the interview and pass it on!




Miki Jacobs far right during a radio interview


About Miki Jacobs

Miki Jacobs is a Psychic/Medium and a Spiritual Teacher. With the wisdom she collects from her Archangels and Spirit Guides, combined with her life experience, Miki gives her a unique perspective on the events that are currently shaping our world. Miki’s mission is two-fold. One, as a Spiritual Teacher, Miki thrives “spreading spirituality” on our planet by helping people with their spiritual knowledge and personal spiritual growth, and two, uses her gifts as a Psychic/Medium to connect people to the Spirit World.

To compliment her lectures and radio shows, Miki has produced two audio titles, called “We Are Never Alone”. One is a spoken word recording in which Miki teaches about Human being’s “Team” as she calls it, of Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Spirit Guides. The second is an introduction to guided meditation to help people strengthen their connection to spirit. Both are available at iTunes, Amazon, and roughly 60 other distribution outlets.

Miki is currently on the “We Are Never Alone” world tour were she presents her Lectures, workshops and group readings designed to teach people about, and connect them to their “Team” in spirit. *

The next workshop/group readings in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Fort Collins, Tel Aviv

Miki has a weekly You Tube post on all kinds of topics

Miki’s contact information
Web site: www.mikijacobs.com
Email: clayton@mikijacobs.com P/R
Office: 951-767-0535
* Contact us for detailed workshop plans, lecture descriptions, and syllabuses

Miki Jacobs teaches about LOVE and the power of guides!

If you enjoyed the interview with Miki, then pick up the phone and call her! Schedule an appointment with her today. We have also invited Miki to be a part of our family, so listeners, you will be happy to hear that Miki will be making regular appearances on our show from now on …. so be sure to check in regularly to our schedule page!

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