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Guest : Ruth Drayer

Date: June 14, 2013

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Ruth Drayer is positively amazing!  She has honed her craft and takes great pride in her work with her clients; this comes across right from the beginning of the interview. Ruth doesn’t talk  ‘hocus pocus’, rather  teaches us how numerology actually works, what it means to each individual, and how it can aid us all with life choices.

During the show this evening, Ruth gave a reading for host Roxy Lopez that included pointing out cycles and characteristics of the host’s personality all by analyzing the numbers. Ruth also gave a reading for the late John T. Vasquez, author of the book ‘The Fort Benning Incident”. The reading was both chilling and remarkable.

Ruth Drayer is blessed with many gifts, gifts she wants to share with you! The Truth Denied will certainly be seeing more of Ruth Drayer in the near future!


Please listen to the interview, and if it impresses you (as it impressed us) feel free to connect with her through her website links. Also see below for Ruth Drayers books and art for sale.


*Why is numerology so important and how does it work?

* How often should I have a reading done?

* Are my ‘numbers’ unique to me?

* What if I go against my numbers in my reading?

*How long has Numerology been around? How long has Ruth Drayer been practicing numerology?



Enjoy the interview!




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Purchase book


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New Image 'Lunar Light' by Ruth Drayer



"Ah! Evening" by Ruth Drayer

About Ruth Drayer

BIO: Ruth Abrams Drayer, Numerologist, Artist & Author


Born & raised in Washington, DC, Ruth Drayer has lived throughout the southwest, in India, & moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Tyler, Texas in 2010 to be closer to her kids. She began giving intuitive and spiritually focused Numerology readings in 1972 and since that time has read numbers for people around the world, taught, lectured, appeared on radio and TV and participated in Whole Life Expos.  As a numerologist she is in the line of Pythagoras and Dr. Juno Jordan. Ruth works internationally through Skype. She is presently developing an intuitive introduction of numbers to appear on Youtube and getting her numerology software CyberPro© updated and reprogrammed for today’s computers.


Ruth spent 15 years working on the four editions of her book Numerology, The Power in Numbers  – each edition updated and rewritten (a rare opportunity for an author) and the biography of Nicholas & Helena Roerich, The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists & Peacemakers, published in America, India and Italy. She has written numerous articles & columns for magazines and newspapers and produced The Nicholas & Helena Roerich DVD.


Always an artist, Ruth is a colorist and paints abstract, acrylic art which she calls Dreamscapes. Her eclectic background includes studying art in churches, museums & galleries while traveling throughout Europe and Asia. She attended the California Institute of Numerical Research, Wilson Teachers College, D.C.; University of Texas at El Paso, TX; and University of Santa Monica, CA. learning counseling, conflict resolution & peace-making, color theory & therapy, worked as a  florist, interior & window display designer, artisan advocate, managed two art galleries, a flower shop, and antiques & collectables.  Ruth is also a life coach and conducts workshops on Creativity and Imagination.She has four grown children, six wonderful grand kids and one remarkable cat.

Ruth is also a life coach!

Ruth is also life coach who  assists  her clients in planning and envisioning a satisfying future. Co-creator of CyberNumbersPro, interactive numerology software, Ms. Drayer is also an artist and considers the Russian born artist, Nicholas Roerich as her mentor. and Blog

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