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How to remove an RFID IMPLANT

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* This image  (above) is from a French documentary showing a VeriChip being surgically removed from the arm of a journalist. Source: News of the world – RFID

2017 Updates :  Popular Science put an article out called ‘Why Did I Implant A Chip In My Hand?’ that most of you may want to read. Please look at the size of the chip, and as you are looking over your own body, can you tell us how large or small your chip is, where ever it’s location may be on your body?


Please be sure to visit the comment section when you are finished reading the article for advice from other TI’s.

 RFID technology could lead to political repression as governments could use implants to track and target human rights activists, labor activists, civil dissidents, and political opponents; criminals and domestic abusers could use them to stalk and harass their victims; slaveholders could use them to prevent captives from escaping; and child abusers could use them to locate and abduct children. So what do we do about this?

Most of the TI’s that I have spoken have similar concerns when it comes to implant devices; the removal of an RFID implant is complicated  whether you are a pet or a human.  First you have to find a practitioner who can detect the chip.This is usually not so easy to do as some of the chips do not show up on X-rays, ultrasound machines, or scanners.Once you have successfully determined that you do have an implant ,you better hope the chip stays in one location,  90% of the time they tend to move around the body.  Secondly, you must find a surgeon who is willing to remove the chip, or find a technician who can erase the chip and stop it from transmitting data. The following is sure to help those of you who may have strong implications of chip implantation. This article is to aid you in your search for either chip detection and or chip removal. 

What is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) implant?

RFID is a technology for identifying unique medical equipment and supplies and other high value assets using radio waves. Typical RFID systems are made up of two major components: Readers and Tags. RFID tags are also referred to as a ‘chip’. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

The RFID reader (also called a scanner), is set to a particular electromagnetic frequency, and an RFID tag, which consists of a microchip is connected to an antenna. The microchip contains information that is transmitted to the scanner when the chip is within its range. The chips are generally the size of a grain of rice, but more recent technology is smaller. Uses for the RFID Chip include tracking for pets, medical patient data and records, military recruits,credit & debit cards cards, US Dollar, consumer goods, and  even livestock. You name it, it’s got a chip.

The RFID labels draw their power from the reader. The reader transmits a low power radio signal through its antenna to the tag. The tag receives it through its own antenna to power the integrated circuit (micro-chip) that is built-into the label. The tag will briefly communicate with the reader for verification that the tag was “read” and data is exchanged. RFID systems were originally developed created as an alternative to barcodes, so they say. If you are not familiar with RFID technology yet, I would suggest that you begin to at least familiarizing yourself with it, mainly because the number of different devices that utilize these types of tags is growing exponentially. The main reason someone would want to block or destroy RFID chips would be to maintain privacy.

AMAZING PDF and DOCUMENTATION of LARSON’s CHIP : TI’s need to read this!


How did you get your implant if you never authorized it?

It is becoming more and more obvious that almost all of us have been implanted with chips in one way or another since we were born, but how? And exactly WHO is doing the implants?

Vaccinations, flu shots, dental work, surgeries, sleep abductions, in fact most medicine including dentistry has been loaded with implantable chips since the 1960s. They have had this technology for 40 years or more and are just now bringing it out to condition and introduce it to the public. Withholding technology is typical for the government and military for years before they release it to the public for whatever reason. Most of the time new technologies have been beneficial, but implantable chips are not one of them. If you wish to further your knowledge on current technology regarding frequency and reading distances of the RFID CHIP, we have provided a manual from DEFCON: https://www.defcon.org/images/defcon-21/dc-21-presentations/Brown/DEFCON-21-Brown-RFID-Hacking-Updated.pdf

Removal of an RFID Implant: Now that you have one, how do you get rid of it?

“The implantable microchip can be removed from the body – but it’s not like removing a splinter. This image is from a French documentary showing a VeriChip being surgically removed from the arm of a journalist. Source: News of the world – RFID  CNN reporter Robyn Curnow confirms that chip removal is difficult. She was implanted with a VeriChip in a Spanish night club in 2004 and had the device removed later that year. She reports that the surgery was a challenge for the doctors involved, a far cry from “removing a splinter.” Here is her report: Once back home in London, I begin to feel uncomfortable and unsure about my microchip implant. The Baja Beach Club Web site assures that getting rid of the microchip is a simple and harmless procedure, something like removing a splinter. But the two doctors I consulted in London’s Harley Street disagreed. Getting the microchip removed became serious business.”

The following is from a reader who had an unbearable ringing in their ears and suspected they had an implant. This is an excerpt from part of their letter.

“That night, taking the advice on your website, 3/4″ Neodymium magnets were now placed on the top arch of the ear, one if front, and one behind. But the ear had been cut, and the force of the magnets became so painful, they were not able to sleep with them on more than 2 hours before having to remove them.”

Only days have gone by… but the sound has not returned. (Referring to the ringing and beeping noises.)”

Magnets can also  be found inside old hard drives. They will be encased in a silver (or gold) overlay because they are more brittle than other magnets. But you will not mistake them, because the moment you try to put them together you will pinch your fingers. They are very powerful magnets, derived from a rare earth mineral.

And they WILL render micro-chips useless.” Original source http://www.metatech.org/


RFID REMOVAL: The photos clearly show something foreign that is not organic mixed with the biological tissue


The photos contained in this document are of micro stimulator devices that were surgically recovered and analyzed by using microscopy and by materials characterization techniques. The recovered devices are an exact match for the devices that were developed by research scientists Joseph Schulman, Gerald Loeb and Philip Troyk under contract from the National Institutes of Health. There are about 4 contracts involved, but the initial contract was #N01-NS5-2325 and funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP. More information regarding these contracts can be found at the NIH Neural Prosthesis Project website. The following list briefly outlines some of the evidence presented in this document  .AMAZING PDF and DOCUMENTATION of LARSON’s CHIP



Please check out this interview with James Walbert  who is  one of the Board of Directors for  the Stalking Victims Network. James Walbert is a victim of non-consensual RFID implantation. He has testified in in Washington D.C. in front of the Presidential Commission on Bioethical issues appointed by President Obahma.He is one of the few who obtained a “Protection Order” for James Walbert.

When  I  asked  James  Walbert   why   he  did  not   elect   to   have  his  implant  removed, he stated “Because I don’t think it’s time”.


How  to deactivate an RFID Chip/Implant

“I have found that rare earth magnets called Neodymium magnets will nullify chips. I bought some Neodymium magnets online from a retailer, the kind that can lift 10lbs of steel and run about .70 cents apiece and I used band aides to hold them in place. I put magnets on the back of each ear lobe, on the side of each arm where I have received shots, on both sides of my jaws where I had wisdom teeth removed, and under each heel where I had been purposely implanted by my mother’s doctor shortly after I was born. Also on my stomach where I had a cesarean. I am finding that most people are implanted by their navels as well. If you have had any type of surgery put a magnet near the scar for about 24 hours.” http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/sherry/chips.html

Neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets

“For the electronic, physical, (implants), neodymium (rare earth mineral) magnets of anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch in diameter work very well to completely disable them. Some people wear them in the headband of a baseball cap, preferably for at least 24 hours, but you can also tape them to the back of your ear and hide them under your hair! After implants are disabled, you won’t have so much fatigue, and the pitch or frequency in your ear stops happening. Use caution with these powerful magnets, though, as they can wipe out disks and computers. It’s best not to wear them while sitting at the computer, at least, not while wearing more than one or two of the little ones.” http://www.metatech.org/implants_physical_destroy.html

The following are comments of those who have tags and implants and these are excerpts from their discussions. They don’t seem to be bothered by having the implant, they chose the injection. They often refer to it as  biohacking .

James says:

December 14, 2012 at 4:17 am

I have a 125kHz EM4102 tag in my left hand and have for almost two years.

I’ve been wondering if you think it’s worth it to remove my current tag and upgrade to a 13.56mHz S50. Is the read range about the same, worse, or greater? Really I love that you can use it with Android phones (even though I’m an iOS guy) and it seems slightly more future-proof for maybe another 5 years at least (total guess.) I’d have to replace two RFID readers however and re-inject myself which isn’t terrible- it just costs more. Any thoughts or alternatives? I get in my house and turn my lights on and off. (I’ve even thought about buying a bunch and putting them in my clothing!)”


Amal says:

December 14, 2012 at 10:47 am

Hi James,

You can have your 125kHz tag removed and replace it with an S50, but why not just put the S50 into the other hand? Of course range depends on a lot of factors like reader antenna shape and power output, but overall range is slightly less than the EM4102 if you’re talking about using a phone to read the tag. Here are a few videos you should check out;




As for future-proofing, with over 150+ million access control systems around the world that use the EM42xx family of tags – I don’t think the EM4102 is going out of style any time soon. That’s why I’d suggest just getting the S50 put into the other hand rather than replacing the EM4102… then you’d simply have more options!” End Discussion

“We believe that Biohacking is the Forefront of a new kind of evolution.” Founder of the website Dangerous Things.

Talk about the new frontier!










About the Author

Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied

Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied

Lopez has been reaching out to the public most of her adult life regarding many subject matters that revolve around government secrecies such as GMO’s, UFO Sightings, Morgellons Disease ,and Chemtrails, just to name a few. Lopez states that “The TRUTH has been DENIED us all, and in this current age of technology we now afford the right to access it once and for all.”

The Truth Denied acquired worldwide attention when Lopez made a global stance against Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails), GMO’s, Fracking , environmental health hazards, Morgellons Disease, Gang stalking and illegal government surveillance programs that are increasingly on the up rise. Roxy opens the can of worms to the secrets that the Global Government is keeping from us all.




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419 Responses “How to remove an RFID IMPLANT”

  1. Carl E. Bohm
    at 2:56 AM

    Hello all you government used pieces of dung. I’m also a victim, came out of my third surgery for both rotator cuffs torn and my right eye was swollen and red and shut. The hospital denied anything ever happening. My life has been nothing but a terriable accident sense that day and who ever these people are, they are sick in the head. Some of the stuff they suggest in my head is for extremely sick people and trying to lead me into self distruction. The sad thing about it is they are robbing blind also, taking money from my family and totally distorting an auto accident case that has left me disabilied for life. In the process that took my sons college money away from him and has made me feel so bad for my boy and so very pissed off at these assholes.
    The real sad part is, they did it to my bother also, only he was diagnosed a Parinoid Schitzophranic and spent his whole life in a mental institution. I keep telling them if they do the right thing and give back the money they stole, I would just give up on pay back. I’m a musician that writes songs and plays instruments, so it actually helps me come up with lots of great ideas and words for songs. I’ve been way more productive sense they screwed with me. I live in Idaho and would love to talk with someone that could help either get ride of the implant or find away to find them, so I can kick the living shit out of them. Pay back is a bitch.

  2. at 6:55 PM

    Hi. My name is Theresa and I have recently discovered that I had an RFID placed into my molar as a baby. At 7 years old a “studded earing” was popped out of my ear by my pediatric physician. Of course I now know it wasn’t an earing but a part of this thing. At 12 I had a large cyst in my right neck drained 2x n then removed. In 2011 I used ear candles and caused it to again shift. On Dec 23rd an ER PA finally visualized a small spec of a foreign body that resembled a sparkle. It came out 3 days later when forcing the water from my shower hose in my ear. 1 week after I had a coiled Lil string come out that resembled an antenna. I have a piece remaining in what feels like my R ear n it’s driving me crazy. Insane/immense pain for 5.5 years. I have seen almost 30 doctors/specialists who all chalked me up to a psychiatric patient. I recently discovered my biological parents and have very strong/compelling evidence that my father was the late Senator Edward Ted Kennedy. I live in Colorado springs, co. If anyone can help me remove this last chunk I will be forever indebted and grateful to you.

  3. Jack
    at 10:20 AM

    Help were to find Emp to remove chip from the body please

  4. Lamis Awadalla
    at 8:07 AM

    I am a victim of electronic implanted devices through surgery and dental procedures. They destroyed my life totally. Last December I searched and found out that Neodymium magnet strong ones left over the scar or the suspected area for several days are the best solution to render this devices useless. I am still trying to get rid of all implants and still waiting for the rest of my neodymium magnet order
    from the internet.
    Thank you
    your site is helpful

  5. Hazel
    at 1:42 AM

    The comment below from a website. Some people are so passive and they don’t really care if they are violated like this. This guy has very good information but was not bothered by what was done to him, even when he was lucky to find an honest dentist.


    posted on Feb, 9 2015 @ 12:12 PM link
    a reply to: LiquidationOfDiscrepancy

    Wow, I hadn’t realised how old this thread was until just now – I opened it from the ‘recent activity’ list, so it’s been revitalised in some manner! It’s one of those little synchronicities I suppose, I’ve had something come up in the past couple of weeks that made me a bit sceptical about my dental treatment, both past and present.

    Long story short, I’ve needed a number of fillings in my relatively short life, my teeth just seem susceptible to damage, even though I took good care of them. I noticed a while ago that the only tooth that had been worked on which had a proper ‘tooth-like’ feel to it (instead of the rough surface of most amalgam fillings given on the NHS), was one in the upper right side of my jaw. I started having serious pain a week ago, apparently coming from that tooth, and went to the dentist to check it out.

    As I waited, I remembered that my former dentist, when counting through the teeth from right to left, & back again (with his dental nurse checking against their records for ay changes, he read out “MOD filling”, instead of a usual dentist-type term. A very close family member is a dentist, so I know for a fact that such a term is at least slightly off-centre in terminology. As soon as he’d said that, the dental nurse swivelled towards me on her chair, and said very clearly, “Yes, they’ve been monitoring you for a long time”. Before I could process this total departure from ordinary dental surgery commentary – it was so bizarre that my brain didn’t know how to react – the dentist carried on reading out information on the other teeth, and everything else was as expected.

    Skip forward to the modern days, and here I am, with this tooth causing serious pain. I was shown an X-Ray of the tooth from a previous examination, and there were apparent anomalies. There was a wide ‘post’ holding the crown in place, but there were at least three very fine wire filaments too, stretching around the inside of the hollowed tooth, connected to the ‘post’. The new dentist seemed to be looking for my reaction, but I sort of played along – I would have no idea what I was looking at, to be honest, so it was a bit weird that she even bothered to show me. She then confirmed that I have an abscess in the root area of the tooth, and although she could technically remove the tooth to prevent further complications, she immediately stated that I would be referred for periodontal surgery in a local hospital, as there was an apparent risk that the bones around my sinuses could be fractured if anything went wrong with the removal of the ‘post’ section, which adjoins the jaw bone. Naturally, local hospitals are better equipped for specialist surgeons to come in ad hoc, and I’ve already had some weird experiences at the same place.

    So yeah, totally weird, and as I watched the TV show Extant that night, I got to thinking about whether people under observation might well have a ‘tether’, with geo-location and monitoring capabilities – maybe even V2K possibilities, and I can’t rule that out based on my experiences. I also recalled that there was an X-Files episode, years ago, in which a woman removed her tooth manually, and discovered the exact same structure of wires/’post’, after realising that her dentist had been involved in a covert operation to tag her.

    So there’s that, and whatnot. Interesting additional little detail to take into account.



  6. Hazel
    at 12:23 AM

    I have posted a comments here before and none of my comments show. There was nothing offensive in them. I had a question about where do these people who somehow are informed of the GPS tracker, and harass the person tagged, where do they meet online? I see that they carry their phones and they have long lists of people in them. they are constantly pawing through this lists. They are NOT a list of real friends, probably just the people who participate in the heckling of the target. I also was wondering how they get the information on the chips to be able to tell who is tagged. Any one have any info to give me?

  7. Hazel
    at 3:45 AM

    Hello, someone said an ultrasound would detect a chip? I have severe pain on my jaw. I suspect I was implanted with a chip when I went to the dentist in 2010. People seem to know where I am at all times, for example as I am driving, in the oncoming lane the people in the car are already with their phones up to take a photo of me. I am a sort of game to them. They also seem to know what I am saying at all times. I thought it was my phones, even my car, my home, and this could still be, but sadly it is most likely it is my tooth.
    This has escalated into full invasion of my privacy through out the years. It is hard to believe but it has been since 2010. Seven years and I can not rid myself of this. It has damaged my life and I can not find a job. Can I find the magnets in Amazon? . Also how can they track this thing? how do they do it on their phones? Can I track anyone with my phone? I am very sorry some here have suffered so much. I notice that they look at their phones almost immediately after seeing me. This is a lot of people not just one or two.
    Thank you Miss Lopez for your invaluable and courageous help. The reaction I get from so many so called professionals is a roll of the eyes or a condescending “this is a safe place” you know like they tell their paranoid schizophrenic patients. The police? they literally laughed.
    I want to see the thing, I want to go after the dentist and doctors I have seen through out the years. They have to know. specially because I hardly ever go to one. We need a concrete and solid case with lots of documentation. Then we need a TV special in a big Channel, like Oprah or History or HBO.

  8. Wallace
    at 11:31 PM

    Hi I’m from Australia.. and can be contacted on Email.
    I have been victim to gangstalking in Australia and even on a family trip to visit relatives in Egypt. Even on the plane and in Qatar. These guys have connections world wide. Impressive to say the least. I even got jabbed in the back of the arm whilst on the plane waiting to take off.
    Anyway I am quite sure that I have one in both ear and one in each nostril and they are high tech. I do feel that magnets limits the onslaught but does not eliminate them. Electrical charge and emp discharge made from disposable camera circuitry seems to limit it also but it could be a trick. These people are krafty.
    I was advised by a secret helper that I may need to go overseas to have them removed but am yet to clean my ears and run a scope in them

    • Skip springer
      at 6:24 PM

      I have two in my ears also

  9. honeydew
    at 12:56 PM

    I recently contracted Morgellon’s disease, and I was wondering if the symptoms would cease if I were able to disarm any possible chips?

  10. Didac
    at 12:40 PM

    Any solution?

  11. Frederick Oakland
    at 11:04 AM

    Someone definitely involved is Josef Kittler, CVSSP, University of Surrey, UK. He and the CVSSP have links to Dstl, QinetiQ, BAE Systems, Roke, BBC and SIGINT (people such as GCHQ/NSA). He has an unusual combination of interests, being interested in remote brain scans, biometric surveillance, robotics and I think what he is interested in is mapping human perception and machine learning.

    Sources I’ve found useful Juliette McKinney microwave harassment, Mukazu Mukazu Vunda ‘Coherent madness’ (sic), John M Nagel ‘presidents mob banker'(sic), Eleanor White PDF on stalking, OSINFORMERS, though Vunda and Nagel both have utterly off-putting and suspicious titles and OSINFORMERS clearly has disinfo and jarring presentational sabotage. There is a similarity about Whites persona which sound ripped off of my life. Also many apparently good sources are bad faith and I don’t know for certain about who is genuine and the possibility some were genuine but are now not. Shill sources hate referencing McKinney, who should be the main early TI activist referenced AFAIK and shes now been scrubbed from Google. Good signs about her.

  12. J e
    at 6:34 PM

    I was chipped when I was 7. An xray did pick it up when I had a skate boarding accident when I was 13. They asked if I knew what it was and at that time I didn’t. I felt like I was supposed to remember something but couldn’t.. they asked me to come back stapled me up and sent me on my way. I never went back. I ended up pulling the staples out myself. I just didn’t go. It wasn’t until I was 16 that the memories all flooded back. It was inserted through the back of my head. I remember him having me smoke dmt before he did it. And it made my eyes go bad. I know this thing is pretty much controlling some of the things I do under the guise of my own thoughts. I think an extraction is the only solution. Please help

  13. Emily
    at 8:06 AM

    If anyone has doctor referral that would be great. I am stilll working with my private investigators. Any help would suffice. Thanks.

  14. Emily
    at 8:04 AM

    I am also targeted. I had a private investigator scan me and he found electrical signals emitting from my arm he also found direct energy weapons targeting my bedroom. I am awaiting doctors referral for removal of implanted device. I am getting v2k but the new rare earth magnets help to nullify it. Any additional help will suffice.

    • at 8:07 AM

      Emily, if you find anyone that can detect and remove “V2K” implants, PLEASE let me know! My name is Karen Stines and my Gmail is Karenstines444@gmail.com. My daughter has been a victim of “V2K” for 5 years now and it has been the most horrendous thing that has ever happened to our family. To watch my daughter suffer like she has, to see her go 5 and 6 days and nights… no sleep because it won’t let her.to see someone so, talented, so beautiful,so kind and loving being slowly stripped of her sanity, her peace and well being, well I can’t even put into what
      it has done to us who love her so very much, to watch this thing do to someone has been by far, THE MOST PAINFUL THING that I, personally have ever had to watch happen to someone. WE have tried so many things to help, but the only thing that has given us any hope of relief for her AT ALL has been the QWAVE that my other daughter bought for her recently with her income tax money. She, herself is a struggling single mother and it tapped her out financially to do this, but she couldn’t watch this happen to her sister and do nothing. My daughter that is the “TI” has been in and out of mental hospitals, cannot hold a job now, has lost custody of her ONLY CHILD that she loves more than anything on this earth and can only see her ONCE in a while, when it isn’t TORTURING her in one of these ‘TORTURE SESSIONS, as I have come to call them. I have NEVER WITNESSED something SO CRUEL, SO INHUMANE being done to someone and it has traumatized my ENTIRE FAMILY watching this being done to my daughter DAILY and not being able to HELP HER! It is THE MERCY OF GOD VALONE that has kept my daughter alive this long. MANY victims do not make it this far before they end up taking their own life.I can’t even tell you what I would like so se done to the person or people responsible for my daughter’s suffering. Maybe have one of these implants put into THEM and see how they like that! These things are illegal and against the federal laws of this country to put in a human being for ANY REASON and has been since 1978, yet it is STILL BEING DONE TO COUNTLESS NUMBERS OF PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY EVERYDAY! IT IS AN OUTRAGE! The ONLY THING I see that can TRULY help my daughter to to have them detected and removed from her body, but so far, have found NO ONE that is QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED AND WILLING to do this. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND SOMEONE! iT would SAVE MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE! THANK YOU EMILY and also for sharing your own story with those that are still out here suffering. Please keep my daughter in your prayers. At this point I never know if today will be her LAST DAY or not. She is only 30 years old. Her name is Madeline. I am getting ready to have my first book published . It is about what has happened to my daughter. The book will be titled “MONSTERS”. I am HOP[ING AND PRAYING that it will bring the exposure to this crime that is happening to COUNTLESS VICTIMS in this country everyday, and hopefully will bring someone forward that can help us.

  15. Anon Rebel
    at 6:25 PM

    Here’s an idea. STOP using communications that are clearly connected with the Government! Common sense? You guys are using corporate owned platforms they’re going to monitor all of this! It’s not fearmongering or conspiracy “theorizing” it’s fact. Please do your research and stop supporting the big corporate bastards who are making PROFIT from you using said platforms because that’s what they do. They record your activity online and sell it to make a profit to government agents.

    If you need help I’ll gladly provide it via email but I won’t give out my email on here. Just give me your’s on here and we’ll go from there okay? 🙂

    It’s not about “having something to hide” or being afraid. It’s the 4th and 1st amendments that are at stake and you’re supporting them to continue their bad behavior. It’s time to say “NO!”.

    • J e
      at 6:36 PM

      How can you help

  16. Pronto
    at 4:04 PM


  17. Zombie- TroubleMaker (Jole)
    at 9:03 PM

    Hey, Well here goes nothing.. kinda nervous to even be on here talking about it.. because they get upset with me. but at the same time I enjoy these shit talking assholes who love to talk shit… i dont know exacally what i got this chip for but I started hearing these voices 2 years ago.. they tell me all kinds of cool shit but at the same time they put me threw FUCKING HELL!.. its like I have lost everyone and everything because of it. they tell me screwed up shit that never happend and they have threaten to where i believed there stupid bullshit to where i would open my mouth about things that never even happend! Theres times where I cant sleep at night because ill argue with them all night and theres nights where they put me to sleep.. ive had tazer shocks witch i got use to having lol.. they have told me ive murderd people umm all types of crazy stuff. scary at times and funny at times.. Im starting to get use to this stupid chip.. I know i have them in my ears cus when i piss them off they make it to where its a ringing noise like a hearing aid.. (Shut the fuck up they tell me) ha. … anyways sounds really stupid and crazy. Ive got real suicidel the past 2 months but now im trying to fight it and win this because my daughter and son need me… Im even to nervous to go to the hospitals or docters, stores.. etc.. I hear my voices talking everywhere i go its like everyone outside can hear things.. the scary part is when they turn my voice off to where i cant talk in my own head. but you might as well get use to it because your stuck with it unless you can find someone who is willing to take it out.. or someone who will even believe you.. especially if the damn chip isnt even in the same spot…. (15) … get the picture!
    Coding…I still i havent figured it out yet… but will… soon.. hopefully! .. but i better stop before they get more upset with me and give me a stroke or something fucking stupid like that.. gotta go.. questions or any ideas…


  18. YveG
    at 4:45 AM

    Strong magnet is not helpful. Only solenoid emp device can destroy the chips permanently. But making an emp device is very complicated and dangerous and I am not sure how much energy is necessary to do the job.

  19. Victor
    at 11:32 PM

    I need help with this as well. I have constant hissing sound in my ears and have been sabotaged for 15 yrs plz can you help? This appeared after a surgery below my back of neck. I feel that I have had no privacy in my own home for 15 yrs

  20. oliver
    at 12:58 PM

    hi, i was micro chipped, i have no idea how to remove, x ray cant pick it up,,,

    i am doomed,, please talk to me,,,, where i cant get it removed?

  21. Solaria
    at 4:34 PM

    Hi, how thick should the magnet be to desactivate microships ? Thx.

  22. at 8:29 AM


    • at 6:50 AM

      I have a microchip implanted in my hands between my thumb and my pointing figure in both hands and chip implanted in my head where my brain is and i believe other parts of my body. these chips controls me its like fucking mind control or something there able to like if i’m sitting down and i’m not wanting to get up it makes me get up anyways i could my fingers my toes and even my legs and arms . I was an targeted individual. These chips have been controlling me and putting voices in my head making me speak and do weird stuff all the time i’m constantly talking I’m always speaking meaning saying words even when my mouth isn’t moving but my tongue is moving and and i’m saying words like all the time and this chip also makes me go crazy i have like crazy extremely bad headaches and making me feel lazy all the time. it makes me do things that i don’t want to do like drugs and the doctors diagnosed me as schizophrenia but i’m not hallucinations but i’m not hallucinationing….. Example this chip is like mind control if i’m not feeling like getting up out my seat it makes me anyway I’ll be sitting there next thing you know its controlling me to get up and making me go out places i dont want to go like making me walk outside and i have absolutely no control over my own body its like someone has remote to me so they can make me do what ever they want me to do just by using these devices i’m like some kind of robot being controlled by people who put a chip in my head and i dont even know who they are. i was drugged around a friend and it mightve been him i’m not quite sure but i’m desperate for HELP please someone help i’m extremely terrified and i need your help this may never go away. if you could explain to me perfectly in a way i could understand please email me your advice ive had dozes of CT Scans at the doctors the CT SCANS and they all are the same nothing shows up. I have to get the doctors to detect it to find it before its too late and i never get this thing out this thing could kill me if could make me do all these crazy things what will it do next if i dont get it removed soon ??? email me javiervann8@gmail.com

  23. Tameka
    at 10:42 AM

    Hello, I had a MRI 4 year ago that revealed what looks like an implant. I’ve never had surgery b4 so I don’t know how it got there. I want to get it removed!

  24. Jill22222
    at 10:01 AM

    Hi, I am suspicious I may’ve been chipped when I saw a neurofeedback specialist. He was creepy/shifty and when he put the sensors on the back of my head and ear, he was rough. He tugged on my ear lobe so I’m thinking he may’ve slipped a chip inside my ear. Is that technology possible…or to insert it via transdermally on the back of the occipital region of head? I am also suspicious of chips in dental fillings.

    Would an xray or MRI be better to show these? How could I get one? I’m sure the doctors would not oblige me.

    Finally if I got one for other reasons and viewed it, what would I look for, a bright spot? Is there a better detection method?

    Thank you

  25. CURRENTLY LIVIN IN CHIAPAS MEXICO…i was implanted ILLEGALLY wit one of this RFID microchip,ever since am being tortured via VOICE TO SKULL day in day out,constantly…need any kind of advice and or help on how to extract it and start EXPOSING this satanist.

  26. p v subba rao
    at 7:35 AM

    i am p v subba rao i am aganisy rfid human very chip insarting in humans
    it’s haram for human i am also bothering techolnogy based harrash so please send me experts in india

  27. at 1:54 PM

    I Have been nano chipped. I have been tortured for 3 years physically and mentally since i was a kid. I’m hooked up to where they can make people incest, and causing other feelings that you can’t control. I was beat to death also, My ribs are flat at a angle. I want to get a MRI but i’m scared too. Will it kill me if i decide to get a mri cause i have around 120 holes in my left lung and 100 holes in my large intestines that was poked with a needle.

  28. Nurse
    at 6:08 PM

    Please, all of you – go see your doctor and explain what you feel. You seem to be suffering severe mental health problems and are vulnerable. There are no microchips in your bodies if you didn’t put them there, it’s just a symptom. Please seek help ASAP.

    • at 7:34 AM

      Look up “secret U.S. government experiments in citizens” (or something similar). Things like this have happened before and are still happening. None of us know everything that is going on. Military/Government technology has always been far ahead of what is released to the public.

  29. mags
    at 4:50 PM

    i have been chipped for 34 years and have been aware for 7. My family has been murdered by these perpetrators and have my children chipped as well. I live with voice to skull every day, nonstop disgusting perverted sadistic defamation of character. I hear I will be dead, my children will be every other second. I am voyuered in the bathroom nonstop and demands are made constantly. I fear everyday, however I know my perp. And she knows I know. Her name is cindy vopal and she is a serial killer. Please help in stopping these monsters. Thank you…a sincerely loving friend, mother, wife, sister and daughter.

  30. Ti2years
    at 2:17 AM

    Magnets not work for me, actually made ringing worse. From my research i done i dont believe im micro chipped anymore, supposably these terrorist scum dont even need to micro chip anymore. And i dont believe they can read my thoughts anymore. Supposably ringing ears and light flashes when eyes closed are from emf, or low frequency waves?? Ido believe people are chipped and like myself being attacked but dont believe everything you hear, lots of disinformation being spread. Greater is he that is in me then in the world. Check out https://youtu.be/REFUcfqReLw but remember everything man has told us could be disinformation. Im putting my faith with jesus and his word!

  31. Koor
    at 1:03 PM

    Just keep laughing at this post and it will backfire in to Perps ass

  32. Koor
    at 1:01 PM

    very informative site, we need to united, love each, married each other and sue them and fight our way in to Washington. Am a victim of the chip as well as my little son of 2 years.

  33. Ti2years
    at 2:50 PM

    Excuse my ramble but Any thoughts on using signal jammers ect. Like “rf, gsm, cdma jammers”???? I know “Signal jammers” Are ILLEGAL in most countries and nearly $500,000 fine if caught with one, also australian uni students made technology for law enforcement to find people on gsm network using jammers to block there gsm signal. My guess is if you want to try jammers take out your phone battery before using jammers depending what your needs are, and if you unfortunatly have an iphone just “2 wraps with foil” will kill its signals SO LONG AS IPHONE IS GROUNDED! Meaning if you wrap iphone in foil and you holding it in hands with rubber shoes on, it supposably becomes massive antenna? As we all shoud know by now you can turn off location services “too your apps”, but by law “YOUR GSM PHONE CAN’T TURN OFF LOCATION SERVICES TO LAW ENFORCEMENT” even if you wanted too!!!! Hence jammers can by-Pass that crazy law and jammers do come with an on/off button too, All ti’s research “finfisher” Spyware, “imsi catchers” Or “stingray device”, and “rf jammers”

  34. Bob Germany
    at 9:32 PM

    I got a chip shooten into my leg from a drone. But I take notice of it much later. After more than 1 year later and from one day to another a criminal group with hovering drones came into my live – and stayed until this minute 24 hours in 80-100 meters heigh to harass and follow me everywhere. But I’m not getting harassed “only for harassing” – no ! I get harass because they wannna kill me slowly and let me dy by organ damage, cancer or leucemia. They are psychopaths and come from deep web. They sabotage my computer, router and car and torture my cat by the same way. My first cat they kill on horrible way. At the beginning this group arranges many life insurances abroad by identy theft. They are smeary, very ugly and not as normal human. they are little nazis and they love torturing and kill people every day on many diffrent ways ! They fill people in murderlists (or perhaps the terrorlist) and also the familiy members !!! See the fake Online US-Telephonebooks on tel2name.com and cityfreq.com. Eventually they kidnap people for selling their organs in China or somewhere else while a double with indentic biometric datas live the life with a fake passport to get money forward. on facebook they make many fake identy accounts which involves photos with more than 1 or two diffrent persons.

    • Tim speaks
      at 7:12 PM

      I was implanted from the air also by a darpha drone it felt like a police tazer and hole in my left ear and as many as 6 drone’s following me no one will believe it but a government planned EMP attack will happen and smart meters will active the RFID chips and leave billions dead

  35. at 5:38 PM

    I am living in a mind control manipulation .
    I was watching step by step my daily activity but now I found a pain on top of my foot that doesn’t have a cause from me & it doesn’t make sense to say that is a an illness. I just deny that there is an illness.I bet you 100% there is a chip on top of my foot I never hit it or massage my top’s foot I am reading about 10-thousand pages on books per year for great education. My blood is in control of alkaline p.H
    I did self reaserch & I was beating the doctors in many cases by regecting totally their medical advice. They were wrong on my cases when they told me that I need surgery.I gave up on them & I cured myself with natural ways ayurveda alternative

  36. hjsjhh ddhdhdhd
    at 4:42 PM

    all you people are phycos go see a doctor fast you all have a phobia

    • shaun cole
      at 5:23 PM

      do your home work its fack ask how many pepol went into hospital and then thing changes for the wost when they came out

  37. Paulina M
    at 9:30 AM

    SOS I am threatened to life and harrased nonstop by the criminal organization around a French individual from the south a france involved in organized murder and torture by psychotronic weapons and rfid chip Implantation/mind control cooperating or working with/ or secret Services of Germany/Austria/France. since i have discovered what is Happening to me since several months (blackmail to work for them in different Areas) and have actually begun to seek help and send request to parliamentary control organs to overlook the human rights Violation that are done to they have started to surround me in the appartments around my flat in vienna, terrorising me by People working for them, radiating me with Radio/microwave/ultrasound , manipulate the rfid chip they have implanted this year – exactly all what is described by the People here. they are following me on each step by masses of agents or hired civilians that work for them and threatening me with death – it seems as austrian Services are involved as i didnt get help from Police (just the same as here stated) and no reaction on my requests plus so many People are involved and playing street theatre showing me that they now everything and surround me and will kill me if i speak. i have contacted human rights organization and the immediately have send more People and are undertaking the Radiation and the real time hacking right now when i am writing this. my neighbours in the flat over me cooperate with them and are doing non stop through the wall Observation and Radiation, and giving the criminals/the Services Information on what i am doing and where i am in the flat. they break my Internet Connection down when i wanted to order the magnets and menacing me when iam writing emails to possible Organisation that could help. plus all other stuff mentioned to the extremst. how to make them stop with the Psychoterror and is there any legal Institution that is not cooperating but where rule of law and such human rights abuses and torture can be announced in front of ?

    please contact me with Information on what has helped you with the ear Problem and the mind reading/control techniques they use.

    Paulina M (Vienna)

  38. sherline jean
    at 11:45 AM

    I would like more information on getting screen for gay implant installed in your butterfly inplant outdoor and what are the recommendation of getting screened for it if it’s not in your acknowledgement I feel like I’ve been bug with an implant and I need to know the right resources to go to to get it get screen to get it removed out of me please contact me by e-mail or the resources thank you I feel like I was born without my acknowledgment and being spied on every day and being mind-controlled

  39. Tina McIntosh
    at 10:01 PM

    Does anyone know a dr who removes these? Or a dentist? I am being tortured night and day I know the location I just need them removed.

  40. Mike
    at 11:19 AM

    Did anyone have it implanted rectally ? Being serious!

    • FuCIA
      at 7:52 PM

      yes it was a “dream”(2016) I jumped out of bed as soon as it was shoved up there, I am sure this will get a lot of trolls.

      I think it’s a probe of chemicals, it hurts like a knife in my gut when they get super pissed at me(rare occasions).

      I think once they decide to kill me something will disperse from it, it’s floating around in my body around my gut.

      I also have a chip in my arm connected to my vein, that’s the one that hurts pretty much everyday, but I ask them to do it harder just to be a jerk.

      I also have ear implants from grey’s (1992).

      The people that are torturing me are trying to offer my soul to greys.

      Never in 28 years of my entire life had I ever assumed any of this would happen or believe it, nor would I believe that a

      bunch of rich elitist are arguing about the outcome of my body and my soul.

      All it takes is to date the wrong person, I ended up on the blacklist.

      Oh also guarantee a troll will come to harass this comment. Anywhere I have tried to speak, one of them has come to

      knock down my statements.

      Their harassment is 24/7 relentless, I am near done with my life, I can’t fight it anymore. It’s too much.

      They know my thoughts and actions in advance.

      They are at the base in Pennsylvania.

      I wake up at 3 am everyday, I don’t still understand the connection between the occult and aliens but those are the ones harassing me.

      Anywhere I go chemtrails follow as well and there has been a ufo watching me since this all happened as well.

      They threaten me with telepathy, I am their slave, you are their slave, all you can do is just exist sadly.


      They give me horrific nightmares when they choose.

      They manipulate anything in advance to make things harder for me, it’s like murphy’s law witchcraft style doused with some alien shit.

      I have had my ovaries harvested and it felt a chainsaw, what can you do?? Nothing, there is nothing I can do but try to find god or have more belief in god because right now I don’t really it seems like they want me to commit suicide, and I have to be honest I am getting closer to that everyday.

      All I can say is they should feel bad because reincarnation is real and their souls will suffer in some way once they die.

      The more I talk the more trolls will follow, just know that you’re screwed and I am screwed if your a target.

  41. at 10:50 PM

    I posted a comment online Mish 14 may 2016 @9.10pm please remove the post as l left my phone number there. Thought it was an email, not a public post. But please send any info for doctors to remove chip in Australia

    • at 5:08 PM

      No problem,we removed your comment. If you need to write us, just send an email to info@thetruthdenied.com

      • shaun cole
        at 5:26 PM

        can you send me full address plese

    • at 9:51 AM

      We did remove your post and phone number as well. Is there anything else we can help you with?

      • shaun cole
        at 5:12 PM

        i have aq number plese contak me 07457028858 i can xplane more evreything im reading has hapend

      • shaun cole
        at 5:15 PM

        i need the chip removd can you help me

  42. Helpothers
    at 3:21 AM

    Hi lovely people. I myself am a victim to involuntary Microchip.
    I fought every day, hoping that God will help me find a solution to interrupt signal to keep track where I go and what I do. I am often quite weak in the head, where sleep comes over me, although I’ve had enough sleep during the night. I am also very disturbed in my head. Now I found out, Rare Earth Magnet and Copper, only be an option to abort, it signals any, is thrown in your mind. I am often persecuted, although those who persecute me, not me. but I just want to share it here with you lovely people who also are categorized as me, and we may be able to help each other find the correct and alternative solution. Here where I think me to order some Rare Earth Magnet, is at this link. http://www.magnet4sale.com/neodymium-magnet-n42-2x2x1-ndfeb-rare-earth-magnet-block/
    I will be very happy if in can tell how completely præsis can order them when I have a problem with that book, since I’m from Eu. U are welcome to contact me by email, Nicolo2020@yahoo.com

  43. Huston randy l
    at 1:40 PM

    I have had a device dropped in my ear while sleeping who do I contact to have removed to press charges on the guilty parties

  44. Don
    at 10:10 PM

    They are trying to eliminate and screw over certain people in Chili /Lindsey, Wisconsin for those darn woods and also stuff going on (Wonder if this is these and they are the doer around here now! Dog murder!! Car horn harassment/ House break-ins and Cow stealing /Being shot at home and person and kids also all this for years!…/ Stuff happening that makes even Marshfield, WI crime little or nothing!…and the cops say ignore these certain people instead of bring a cop in the area to live, People have pleaded for this!! They can ride their ATVs but if I ride anything down my road ( Bike!)it’s harassment car horns at our home and threats to my family around the clock! They can harass you all do you want to go to court!? How come they don’t say that to those certain people? , unless they get caught when people are around then they will say something!
    And we have look-a-like ten most wanted here also!~
    in this area like big time with the descriptions all in place also! Their is one guy whom I think has three brothers and they look closely alike but one with black hair…one has a head band…and they are all in one older not younger description photo…. but they don’t know that! And we have had how many murders? suicide unexplained deaths and missing people around here NO wonder why, but saying that who knows!

  45. TI on the East Coast
    at 6:56 PM

    Hi. I discovered that I had been targeted immediately following my divorce. My ex did not reveal to me after all of our years of marriage that I was labeled a whistle blower. (Long story about our divorce). I’ve been to the authorities about a multitude of things going on and they won’t do anything thusfar. I believe there are fraudulent life insurance policies out on me as these individuals are doing everything they can to force me into homelessness. I have been stripped of everyone in my life and the money I have left isn’t going to carry me too far. I’ve been blacklisted from acquiring any work. I’ve been to whistle blower attorneys to get to the bottom of the situation but it seems like they’ve been tracking my every move, phone call, and possibly even this post and not one attorney will touch me. I discovered I was declared a whistle blower by a complete stranger on the street last summer when I was in another state in fear for my life due to the onslaught of months of daily victimizing, harrassment, illegal entry to my residence, stalking, hacking into my gmail accounts, phone and every area of my life. I’ve lost my grown kids as this seems to have affected their lives. I’ve been to counseling however, I suspect my therapist, as much as she has listened to my story, is a fraud. I tried to look her up in the states licensing bureau. Initially she did not appear after I kept researching her in various ways. I waited another half hour, and poof! She finally appeared in the listing. I am really afraid as I am alone with no avenue for employment. I had my own business which is now gone. I’ve lost / am loosing everything. I’m being banned from selling anything I own and I am being extorted by an attorney holding up the finalization of the last portion of our property settlement, money I will need. I need to make friends but my trust in anyone is completely eradicated from what I’ve been through. What has happened to our country? I led such a sheltered life during my marriage years all the while my ex staged his way out of our marriage to leave me to the wolves. I need some direction and I need people in my life that can’t be bought because that is exactly what’s happening in my life. I have recounted the last few years and it seems those who were in my life had benefited in some way as these people have deep pockets and power. Is everyone treated the same way? I have been exposed to V2K (subtle music) whenever things are powered in my residence and also in my car. Everywhere I go something is triggering the V2K to signal my prescence. I have ringing in my ears that I need to get under control.

    • Cass
      at 1:56 AM

      Hi Ti…I am in Hamilton Canada in a similar boat. I know what you mean about trusting others BUt I have found some trust with some other TI’s… I am on facebook as Durga Ma (picture of Durga splitting a demons head is my pic LOL) and on twitter as Katu Nirvana. My name is Cass. I am a Capricorn dragon and trustworthy. If you get real lost you can sleep on my couch. The police here are good. Know there are also millions of people on Earth who would never wish to hurt you but help you. Love you sis stay strong. Connect with me and we can chat. Some good support groups on facebook now. OK TI East Coast keep breathing God loves you.

      • Echelon
        at 6:32 AM

        Hey I’m trying to defend myself from all sorts of electronic harassment torture mind control ect. I live on big island in Hawaii and they doin sum ducked up shit in Hilo town it’s like a testing ground out here…I got some knowledge of technology computers sound frequencys turntables Im a probationer grade initiate in the arts however I feel real alone out here n there ain’t too many like us Namsayin just the real DJs n wat not I wanna start a group on fb on how to fight back againt government gangstalking and techmancy by practicing and applying the art in an organized manner in order to form a sort of offensive security something like a Brotherhood but anyways my FB is Echelon INGSOC I couldn’t find yours too many profiles

        • at 11:39 PM

          I hope you can try cemenite.

          You may have heard orgonite. People use orgonite to make chemtrails dissipate but unfortunately nimbus will be gone too. Orgonite often make people more sensitive to bad energy source too, so they will feel harassed by bad energy source.

          Cemenite make chemtrails dissipate but make nimbus show up more above our sky. Birds will also like to fly in circle high in the sky. Cemenite also make people less sensitive to bad energy source.

          So, if you use orgonite right now, please consider to use cemenite instead.
          Cemenite Story 6: How to make cemenite

  46. at 11:50 AM

    I’m a lifelong t.i. who’s being stalked relentlessly and being zapped with direct energy weapons around the clock since I painted my car to raise awareness of the horrific human rights violations of t.i.s everywhere. Please post pics of my car and facebook page to raise awareness. Just search Yoon Shin in facebook. Thanks. Fulcort@gmail.com 510-706-5022.

  47. Larry
    at 12:34 AM

    i am chipped. found out in dec2014. they are still here with me. i figured out a few things on my own. i checked back to 2007 video clips and i hear them in old recording. my ex did this to me for her male friends. they been watching me from 2007. Lost all privacy . my ex denies she know these guys, but i have lots of proof. i will tell more later if anyone wants to hear about it.

    • Larry
      at 3:44 AM

      getting a panoramic x-ray this weds. Its in my left ear in cartilage where ear and scalp meet. I figured out how they mind read….. I hate this. I dont want to sleep.. they mess with me, comment on everything. I hate my ex for doing this to me….I cant wait for it to get out.. eye for eye since court wont do anything… I hate them …..they played me because my ex had access to me… it was easy for them. easy for her to cheat on me all these year. 7 years wasted with her. She was just with me so they can figure way on how to harass, annoy, subliminal, force speech, and to watch us during sex… She is chipped also and would put on a show for her friends. I have video of us and you can hear them thru her chip telling her what to say and do. Up to 5 people at once telling her things. i have recorded phone calls of us on phone, you can her her talk to me and them at the same time. 7 years of this . she is Asian has an accent so sometime i just didn’t understand her but as i listen to audio she was actually having conversations with her friend thru chip. her name is Trinh Vuong clovis ca. Her friends i only no one of their last names.. Franklin ( birth name Francis), David, Joseph sanches, Mathew, Mason, Howard, Felix, Rob. One of them owns a goat farm and peaches.

  48. Robert
    at 1:45 PM

    My name is Robert c the more I read the more impress I am so many people with the same story I am also a victim of this people I live in California San Diego I notice this micro chips 2 years ago and have had the same torture every one has had I believe I got multiple chips in me I want this freaken things out of me as well I try using small magnets didn’t work I am buying bigger ones if any one can help please feel free to email me robertcervantes60 @gmail.com thanks

  49. at 9:13 PM

    hello 4i found at least 20 implant chip in my body and other with android phone can connect to these and torment me

    how can connect to it ?
    they use android phone to connect to these chips
    mind reading
    loud i-doser sound and slip stream to my ears to make my mind artificaly in sex
    Lumbar disc
    and …
    mind transfer
    and send all my feeling and seeing and earing to other
    on my eye is a chip with ID others can connect to it by android phone !
    what ip need to connect it ?
    they use android phone to connect to it ! how ?

    use neudimian magnet but not work for me !

    i am in emergency
    please send to me an email

    • Nathan
      at 12:27 AM

      Hello, I have the same symptoms that you described plus some I have tried to explain to various doctors and other professionals and yet have had no luck on them giving me an x-ray. So far all I keep getting told is that I’m schizophrenic. I guess what I really am asking is, what’s the best way to go about getting a doctor to order an x-ray/CT/MRI without them treating me as if I’m a nut case. Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me. Please contact me through my email: cavotan@yahoo.com. Thanks again.

      • Hazel
        at 1:00 AM

        Hi Nathan,
        Doctors, are under contract to not use unnecessary tests otherwise they can get sued by the insurance or the insurance can simply not pay. But if you have the cash to pay for the test, go to a Radiology Clinic and make an appointment. Just tell them that you are paying cash and that you have severe pain but your doctor won’t order because of insurance conflict. Or don’t say anything. Just buy the xray or MRI, but I read that they don’t work. I know that because if they did one person carrying one in their body, would buzz at the airport etc. But we don’t. But and Ultrasound should work. Because the sound waves bounce off the object. So go to an Ultra sound clinic. Or complain of deep pain to your doctor until he agrees to give you the test to insurance. Don’t tell them about the implant, just say that is hurts a lot. I did, but found nothing. Just like everyone else. Yes they think we are crazy. Because it is easier than to think they are bad doctors.

        • at 4:19 PM

          Your comments have all been made public. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your contribution. Would you be interested in writing some articles for THE TRUTH DENIED? If so please contact us here, or email us at info@thetruthdenied.com

          The Team

      • Kobe
        at 3:19 PM

        Don’t doctors are enemy trying to take your eligibility away don’t let them test you or make u do any therapy gonna lie and say your crazy even if they find shit in your body they won’t show you and just say there’s nothing

    • Hazel
      at 1:05 AM

      Try what everyone else here is doing. Get the Neodymium Magnets from online. Place them where you think the implants are. If you have so many, an Ultrasound will probably work. I hope you are safe now. I really do. I find that so many people are suffering so much. Try also the copper sheet over your bed. Build a canopy over your bed so that you can sleep well. there the radio waves will be neutralized by the copper sheet. You will not have signal for your phone or internet under the copper sheet. Hope it helps.

  50. Anonymous
    at 11:10 PM

    I am the person who’s thoughts you can here. I’m getting an mri here soon. Will let you know if it shows up as I have a brain microchip implant.

    • at 11:29 PM

      Contact us at info@thetruthdenied.com

      • Caprice Gibson
        at 4:54 PM

        Animals. Nasa torture groupies killed my family. Downed mh170 wtc and the lastest soccer team in the air. How um out to destroy mk ultra cia Switzerland and their voodoo torture. Straight theft. This is high treason and murder on foreign soil. A cell phone application to send yoy karring into a wall. They dont care human sacrafice. And i never met nor touched the swine. Bye bye u.s. hello canada.

      • Carlos Gonzalez
        at 11:34 AM

        Hi there, Im being monitored, harassed, tortured. I need help, guidance, information. Please , if you can provide any info on RF detection services local to San Francisco Bay Area

      • Jimita Rachel Dixon
        at 8:38 AM

        a male raped me when i was 17 in a hotel room he drugged me numbed my private area then injected something in my private and inserted what he called a tracking device inside me.he told me he could find me anywhere.he stalked me after that he followed me to vegas at 19 and said he wanted to make it up to me he set it up to where i would sleep with some of his celebrity friends there for money and i did it was brad pitt,jayz,a male claiming to be tom ford,and a few others.after the incounter brad pitt told me he has a tracking device on me too that is his then said im not going to remember any of it untill a later age and they blew a white powder substance in my face and another female who participated that goes by super head and we both forgot.the next day i felt groggy and like he said didnt remember.i moved back to pennsylvania and when i was 23 the male who stalked me befriebded my husband and i didnt remember him clearly and he asked my husband if he could take me out to dinner because there was some things i really needed to know i agreed to go.not even half way up the street all went blank and when he returned me home my husband said what did you do to her its been 2 days.i felt groggy and didnt know what happened to me.i ended up catching a case an went to muncy the pennsylvania state prison once again not knowing who he was he ended up being a sgt.at that prison he pursued a relationship with me he sat me down one day in the yard and started to remind me of all these things and who he was and i got scared he said he could read my mind,i have a baby with him but that i didnt remember and he said much more i told him i wanted nothing more to do with him at that time and he smacked me in front of other correctional officers and inmates for saying that.when i reported it as well as others i started to get attacked by invisible persons and seeing visuals of him talking to me.they ended up diagnoseing me skizophranic and u knew that wasnt the case.i had just got a book published called 48 months behind bars the author is my mother anita ford.i also just got my ged and took an accountant course.now my life is ruined.i lost relationships and my children behind whats being done and its 24/7 harrassment he communicates and calls me bitches tells me to kill myself i see brad pitt holding weapons.jay z hideing in closets and telling me oprah is going to help me.they make my hands and legs move.and i always feel someone haveing sex with me.they ruined my life.if you know anyone who can help my name is jimita dixon and my number is 832 436 5133

        • Justa RealGuy
          at 3:08 PM

          The NSA is paying big money for perpetrators to minimize and distort the truth of Gang Stalking. They also have flooded the internet with fake articles from the new yoke times stating that people that believe gang stalking is real is mentally ill. They also made mental illness allegations on Wikipedia and locked the site about targeted individuals and gang stalking so that know one can add or change information about the topic. This is because they do not want to be liable for any law suits.

        • Disciple of Jesus
          at 9:55 AM

          Those are demons attacking you, you need to pray for God Lord Jesus Christ our Father to deliver you from these evil demonic forces. God bless you and may you turn to God. PRAISE THE LORD!

        • sheila
          at 7:09 PM

          i am having the same thing happen to me and it is awful I feel takeing my life is the only way to stop it because this is not living

    • Chrissy
      at 4:37 PM

      Mari will not work I have one too

    • Hazel
      at 12:31 AM

      Hello Anonymous, I am very curious about your case. The technology seems impossible just yet. I would like to talk to you. I do not intend to diminish your experience. I am sincerely puzzled. I can help you with this if you talk to me. To start with, I would like to say that if there is a machine that can actually “see” or “hear” your thoughts that would be a technology that seems impossible right now. But a computer program can guess very accurately. If there is such a machine that can see, read your thoughts, then it can be blocked with a copper sheet. Such as the ones that you buy at Home Depot for various insulation jobs. Place this in your roof or even as a canopy over your bed. That will block radio and microwave frequencies. Your comment is old. I hope you are fine. I believe that there is something very sinister going on. Just a few days ago David Wilcock YouTube channel was shut down. And he is a millionaire, just imagine what they can do to us without the financial means to mount a full fledged investigation.

      • Damodar
        at 8:07 PM

        I have this chip and have located the location. It’s on the upper part of my mouth. I have taken out a few rice like looking parts but theres a bigger piece I am struggling to remove.

      • Danny
        at 11:25 AM

        Im having the same issues
        My thoughts are being monitored for years now
        But lately I have been electronically harassed n my health n life are going down the drain thanks to these secret society of invaders, gangstalkers

    • George Haswell
      at 9:13 PM

      I also believe that I am a targeted individual and possibly one of the most famous people out there, if anyone can help please let me know. Email me at Georgehaswell2@gmail.com. I am 100% sure that people can list to my thoughts…possibly an implant somewhere that transmits my inner voice. It’s pretty hard for someone to decipher your brainwaves and gain access to all your thoughts but rather likely that they listen to your voice.

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