The following is a partial transcript/conversation of Sean David Morton’s regularly scheduled radio show on 6-20-2017 on Revolution Radio. Sean Morton did not appear on the show at all, although the station owner known as “Hawk” appeared on the air in his absence. The conversation was interesting, mostly hearsay and at times humorous.

Keep in mind that there is no parole in Federal prison. If caught, Sean would be facing even more charges because he failed to show up for sentencing in LA on June 19th.  According to the on air  conversation, his wife, Melissa Thomson Morton “has  family connections to Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s possible that Sean Morton has fled to Utah.”

One of the guests on the radio show suggested that  “He could be hiding out in Utah in a basement for all we know. Because he is a narcissist, he’ll eventually call someone, Kerry Cassidy or a family member. Once he does that he will have blown his cover and the NSA will pick him up. We don’t know if they will put a bounty on his head either, if they do, whoever he is staying with will turn him in.”


Referring to Morton, he said “He’s part of the cattle. If he thinks that he can play this game by going after the rich or the elite, he’s delusional.”

The question was asked “Who will replace Sean David Morton on his radio show?” Neither one of the fill in hosts had any answers as to what decisions the owner of the station was going to make moving forward.

For now, the schedule page is devoid of Sean’s regularly scheduled show.

Radio Show transmission: 3:00 PM (PST) 6-20-2017

Where is Sean Morton?

Nighthawk: “I don’t know”. I’ve been talking to Melissa today and even she doesn’t know where Sean is…. well no one knows where Sean is”.  She’s apparently moving back to UTAH. “I’m expecting to hear from the Feds now….”I can care less where Sean is. He tried to get me to write up something about him, like a letter of recommendation and I said I wouldn’t do it ….. and he got all offended. It’s not my job to know where Sean is. Is he in Mexico? I don’t know!”

HOST: “I tried to add him on the call but he’s not online.”

Hawk:  “Do you have Melissa (referring to Melissa Morton, wife of Sean Morton) in our contacts?” I talked her today in  message on Facebook and she has no idea where he (Sean Morton) is”.

HOST: “Sean deserves a lot of grief, because, you know, you can’t just say stuff like this and get away with it. “

HAWK: “Sometimes…..oh my God, what was that TV show??   Beretta? What was there theme song? If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime?” *laughter*

Then they played the theme song to the show ‘Keep your Eye on the Sparrow’ and had a good laugh.

HAWK: “I’m gonna tell you what, all of you hosts out there that say” I’ll take Sean’s spot”, you’re going to be fired. There are other things going on……..this is not CNN; I find that in very bad taste.”

Hawk: “I don’t know what’s going on. Melissa was going to take over his slot, and now things have gotten weird, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Let’s figure this out a little at a time; we don’t know what’s going on. Until we know what’s going on, we have no idea as to what we are doing.”

Hijacker: “I’m surprised that they didn’t do a Bonnie and Clyde”. (Referring to Sean Morton and his wife skipping out of town together.)

Hawk: “Nahhhhhh……..They have been on the outs for quite some time”. (Referring to Sean and Melissa’s apparent ‘estranged’ relationship.

Hawk: “No she just wants to go back to UTAH, this was not any of her doing. She spent her life as the good wife, she worked at Disney, and she is a victim in all of this.”

Hijacker: “Melissa is innocent in all of this.”

Hawk: “That’s how I see it too …..She raises her cats and is a pretty cool and calm person. Who can pull the wool over there wife’s eyes for this long and not see it.”

Host: “Sean is appealing to courts he doesn’t believe in, which is where this all falls apart for me”.

Hijacker: “It is a federal case. Sean will go to a federal prison.”

Hawk: “Sean hasn’t been making sense for a while. Why would you file a tax return if you have already removed yourself from the tax system.”?

The following is a comment in reference to Sean Morton’s co-host from a couple of years ago. Sean had allegedly coaxed Steve Travesty into ‘breaking the law legally’. Is there such a thing?

Hawk: “Steve Travesty didn’t want to give the cop a driver’s license. Sean gave him a bunch of advice that got Steve put in jail.”

Hawk: “Anyway…..if I’m not a citizen of the  USA, and instead I am a citizen of Lemuria, why would I file a tax return in the USA?”

Hawk: “Why punch concrete with your head? You cannot win! Back in the 80’s you may have been able to win the sovereign citizen argument, but not anymore. You cannot win this argument now; you are just looked at as a terrorist.”

Hijacker: “I believe he’ll get caught soon. This isn’t Sean’s world. He doesn’t know how to go ‘black’. When they do catch up with him, he will do the  time, 10 years of time.”

Hawk: “Melissa says that she dropped him off at the courthouse at 10:00 AM  (On June 19th) and hasn’t seen him since.”

Interesting, because Sean stated something to the contrary on this phone call to the station the day before.On Monday he claimed that he arrived at the courthouse at 9:00 AM.

Hijacker:  “Here’s a way they can get Sean. The Feds will say “You have to turn yourself in; we’ll let Melissa off the hook. He should contact his attorney and let them know the deal. ”

Hawk: “This just doesn’t work anymore, especially after the Patriot Act. You cannot be a sovereign citizen in the USA anymore. It’s over”.

Hawk: “ You know………Sean sent me something in the mail around Christmas time and he said he didn’t have to pay any postage including some kind of paperwork that claimed he was a king of a country.” *Laughter*

Hijacker: “ Okay….I’ll make a prediction. He’ll turn himself in so that Melissa can be set free. Do the trade Sean!”


Thus far, nowhere knows the whereabouts of Sean David Morton.


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19 thoughts on “Where is Psychic Sean David Morton hiding out?”
  1. YES…Hawk is being a REAL unappreciative scumbag here…..
    (he seems to be a drunk and pot smoker, He’s been inebriated on-air)…
    Sean had the highest rated show on that station for many years….
    Sean is very entertaining but also a flake…..As long as you don’t STUPIDLY give him (or anyone else) your money you’re fine….

    1. Sean David Morton was the subject of an in-depth investigation which exposed many of Morton’s background, UFO, psychic, and educational claims as false. Morton filed a lawsuit against in 2003 claiming he’d been the subject of libel. Unable to provide proof of his claims in court, Morton lost the lawsuit and was ordered to pay $16,000 in legal fees to

      Morton and his wife were sued by the SEC in a securities fraud scheme where Morton claimed he could use his so-called psychic powers to predict the stock market. Investors lost more than $6,000,000 and it was discovered that Morton and his wife had diverted investor funds to their personal and business accounts without investor knowledge. The Mortons were ordered to repay $11.5mil.

  2. What is wrong with you people? You are acting a if Sean David Morton did something wrong …when, as with the whistleblower Pete Peterson, he is obviously wrongfuly and eligally accused by a corrupt judge and is victim of a coordinated general attack on whistleblowers and freedomfighters, by a panicking deep state. Why aren’t you furious against this injustice? Why aren’t you supporting Morton and fighting back? Night Hawk is actually supporting Mortons attackers and is taking their point of view! WHAT KIND OF REVOLUTIONARY DOES HIS WHISKEY GUZZLING, CHICKEN HEAD BRAIN THINK HE IS EXACTLY? He should change his radio station to “Revolution Retards” and the rest of you that left all those disgracefull comments can go make sweet love to yourselves.

    1. Hello Dimitrios,
      Whistleblower? Who steals money from the government ? Who ‘brokers’ deals in the stock market without a brokers license? Freedom fighter? The only thing Morton was a freedom fighter for was himself. And look how that worked out.

      The Team

        1. It’s called “Fraudulent Tax returns”, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars….
          Secondly, he stole money form investors in a fake investment scheme. They sued for over $6 million dollars in damages. Their loss, Sean stashed the dough and no one wins…..well except for Sean. It’s pathetic!

  3. If you read the Eastern stories of Great Kings, they took on the welfare of their citizens as their primary duty. Food water medicine were given in abundance. Bhutan still measures its GNH GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS. US says to its citizens, you are on your own. Someone has spoken of crimes happening in prison..disgusting. Its far worse than a white collar crime to any discerning person. Look at the system. WHO is it serving? Make it EASY for people to SURVIVE, and they will live peacefully. When bills run high, and income runs dry, and the knock on effect of people not paying for services taken affects the rent of men and women, you will see people attempt to survive. There are many fingers pointing in every direction. Lets all look at what we are doing in our businesses, our work. Who are we LIVING OFF?

  4. I am apalled at the lack of empathy shown by some people. Isnt the American Middle class suffering, unable to afford medical care that a 3rd world beggar on the street doesnt have to worry about (Govt hopitals. Free!) Consider this. Sean did not get paid by Hawk for his show. Even some of these Conference organisers expect speakers to pay their own cruise fare and transport to speak. Some people expect speakers to do free speeches. And after working for HAWK EVERY DAY for free while HAWK got paid subscription fees, Hawk mocks him? Its in very bad taste. Do we consider how tough it must be for these hosts and speakers to pay their bills? If 1 payment get delayed or dishonored, they have to struggle to pay rent that month. These guys dont get regular salaries. Have Compassion.

  5. First, hell will freeze over before Sean David Delusional ever turns himself in or does anything for someone else. The only exception to this would have to involve eating cheeseburgers to free someone. Its how he would do a hunger strike, backwards. Second, Sean can’t call his lawyer to “make the deal” because he’s too phucktarded to hire a lawyer, he represented himself. Only he really understands the legal system and how “The Court of Sean” works. How’s that been working for him? I can’t wait until they find this fat phucktard scammer hiding under a rock and look forward to reading reports of his repeated prison rape and beatings, which are sure to start about the time he opens his mouth. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    1. I am sorry Roxy is showing Sean as a criminal- IRS tax is criminal… I too was slammed recently by the state for a 2009 mistake I made on my federal return and corrected in 2010.

      1. Chrissy! We are sure that you didn’t walk away with $350K in tax returns when you were owed nothing! Also, did you ever play Broker? You know where you take “other people’s money” and invest it in a ponzi scheme and then “lose it all in one day” *wink *wink so your investors get nothing and you win the jackpot? how is protecting your own working out for ya eh?

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