Astrologer Tom Lescher: * 2012* has Arrived,and so has humanity!



Humanity is experiencing a  wonderful change, an empowerment that we have never  experienced quite like this  before.  We call it rEVOLUTION.

Astrologer Tom Lescher is one who lives his life in harmony with the planet and all living beings, this is obvious from his interview today with us. Tom is the real deal, he tells it like it is, holds nothing back, and does it  all with a smile and big love in his heart! *See below for a way for you to get in contact with Tom, order a reading, watch his videos and  forecasts, or simply subscribe to his weekly news.

As Occupy movements continue to grow and  the Global Revolution begins to spread, we find ourselves questioning everything we were taught on this journey called LIFE.  Please enjoy this one hour   interview with Tom Lescher, as he gives us a peek at the journey that lives inside each of us and as he aids humanity with charts and readings to help us all prepare for the year 2012, and the evolution beyond!



Today’s Guest  Astrologer Tom Lescher

Tom Lescher blends his rich intuitive insights with over 30 years of astrological background to make each reading a life-changing event for his clients. His leading edge approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and kundalini yoga adds a new dimension to astrology. In addition to personal readings he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching.  His weekly video forecasts can be viewed on Youtube, FB, or his website
Tom Also does personal readings, so contact him TODAY or simply subscribe to his weekly forcasts. Tom also offers classes and seminars, so check out his website and sign up today!
Mahalo Tom for your gifted teachings!
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