This article purposes is to collect all the inconsistency made by chemtrails debunker or shill.

The amount of input material:
When it come to persistent trail chemtrails debunker try to force idea that any jet can make trails that can sustain for hours any day. But when it come to chemtrails they try to force idea that it must require visible nozzle and ton of water or super huge container. Persistent trails do not require anything special to sustain in the air but chemtrails require special condition to sustain in the air.

The truth is trails require special condition to persist in the air. But with the addition of some cheap chemical, they can persist in the sky for days.


Water Vapor
Chemtrails debunker claim that new jet plane produce more water vapor and this make them produce trails that persist more. But they also claim that most of the water vapor required for trails to build is already exist in the atmosphere.

The truth is water vapor / ice crystal already exist in large amount in the sky. The change of engine efficiency should only change the trails persistent by small percentage, not in seconds vs hours. The addition of small water vapor by the jet output will not suddenly make persistent trails. Aerosol, temperature and humidity also play part in the build up or persistent trails.

In the same manner, huge storage tank in the plane is not required to make chemtrails.

Measurement of the Growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail, mirror
“The measured water mass within the contrail was found to be four orders of magnitude greater than that computed as a combustion product. Average crystal sizes of nearly 0.5mm allow for a transfer of moisture at generation level to much lower levels before re-evaporation. Because of the magnitude of the measured effect and its believed frequent occurrence, the overall effec of sub tropopause jet traffic is likely to lower the water abundance at the most traveled levels.”

“The results of this experiment are relevant to several question of an environment nature. There has been increasing concern over the amount of cirrus triggered through contrail formation. These results would not, however, suggest that increased air carrier traffic could increase the water vapor at subtropopause levels, a theme that is currently fashionable. On the contrary, the development of large numbers of precipitation size ice crystals in contrails results is precipitation and an ultimate exchange of water vapor to lower levels. Given reasonable frequency of contrail growth occurence, the net effect of air carrier traffic may likely, in fact, be to lower the water abundance at the levels of most frequent air travel.”


“Contrail cirrus may replace natural cirrus or alter natural cirrus properties by competition for the available water vapor.”


National Aeronautics and Space Administration – The Contrail Education Project – Contrail Science
What are contrails?
Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. Some of that water vapor comes from the air around the plane; and, some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft. The exhaust of an aircraft contains both gas (vapor) and solid particles. Both of these are important in the formation of contrails. Some elements of the exhaust gasses are not involved in contrail formation but do constitute air pollution. Emissions include carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons such as methane, sulfates (SOx), and soot and metal particles.


Contrails harmless:
Chemtrails debunker believe that contrails is harmless by assuming that trails is made only from water vapor. But at the same time they admit that jet engine exhaust contain more than water vapor.

The truth is trails contain more that just water vapour. The clouds created by trails behave differently from natural clouds. It does not matter if they contain dangerous chemical or not, trails is dangerous to earth living being if they persist for hours. Even scientist notice that man made clouds to the very least heat the earth and reduce natural cloudiness. This will resulted in more drought or other weather extreme.

Some sensitive people notice their health worsen in proportion with the activity of persistent trails in the sky.


Aircraft emissions include greenhouse gases that directly add to radiative forcing and warming, e.g. carbon dioxide and water vapor. Other emissions from aircraft, e.g. nitrogen oxides, indirectly affect climate by producing or destroying the greenhouse gases ozone and methane, with corresponding effects on radiative forcing and climate. Sulfur and soot particles emitted by aircraft, along with water vapor, trigger the formation of line-shaped white clouds called condensation trails, or contrails. Contrails have a positive radiative forcing and add to warming. These emissions may also induce greater cirrus cloud cover, which would increase warming as well. But this process is poorly understood and it is not yet clear how much, if at all, aircraft emissions increase cirrus cloudiness.

1. Water vapour and particles emitted from aircraft engines induce contrails which grow to larger-scale clouds (contrail-cirrus) if the ambient atmosphere is so humid that the humidity exceeds ice-saturation. 2. Particles emitted from the aircraft change the concentration of particles in the atmospheric aerosol that influence cirrus formation over the whole life-time of the particles formed.

• Contrails consist of ice particles that nucleate primarily on aerosols emitted or formed in the plume.
• At initial stage contrails grow by deposition of exhaust water vapor.
• Later during their life cycle contrails grow by deposition of entrained ambient water vapor.
• Formation of contrails due to increase in RHI during isobaric mixing of the hot and humid exhaust gases with colder and less humid ambient air.

During the accumulation of soot particles in the troposphere owing to an increase in fuel consumption by aviation, the region covered with contrails is also increased.

Contrails are caused either by water condensation on and subsequent freezing of water-activated soot particles in engine exhaust plumes mixing with drier and cooler ambient air (exhaust contrail), or by water condensation and freezing of ambient particles resulting from the reduction in air pressure above the wing surface (aerodynamic contrail). The majority of the studies deals with exhaust contrails, because the formation processes of aerodynamic contrails have been investigated only recently.

Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. Some of that water vapor comes from the air around the plane; and, some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft.
The exhaust of an aircraft contains both gas (vapor) and solid particles. Both of these are important in the formation of contrails. Some elements of the exhaust gasses are not involved in contrail formation but do constitute air pollution. Emissions include carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons such as methane, sulfates (SOx), and soot and metal particles.

Two website show the same graph showing that contrails contain more than just water vapor:


Atmospheric condition stability:
When chemtrails debunker explain trails that go on and off, they explain that atmospheric condition have two condition, long super humid at most location and no humidity at random location.

When they explain two jet with different trails persistence, they explain that the atmosphere happen to be very smoothly super humid at jet with very persistent trails, and to be very smoothly less humid at jet with less persistent trails. Both plane located at area with extreme difference of humidity level. Not random, but fixed, where one plane continue inside constant supersaturation, one another plane continue inside constant low saturation.

When they explain the trails cover in the sky, they explain that the atmospheric condition to be evenly super humid that day or that week.

The truth is atmosphere do change, but gradually. They do not change instantly, so sudden and uniform change is not natural. Natural clouds do no popup, they build gradually, indicating gradual change of the sky. Trails don’t follow that rule. Even if we observe no change on exixting clouds, the trails pattern can change in a very extreme way.

The air pocket in the sky should never be extreme, if it is small, then it would have small variation from the surrounding condition, it would not be extreme like superhumid outside and dry inside.

If air pocket do happen, then we should expect different thickness of trails. Where the thickness of trails vary from place to place. But what we often see is sudden unnatural cut. A perfect smooth and uniform trails then suddenly no trails. Without gradation, without random variation. On and off is digital, it is not natural.

Cloud formed according to atmospheric condition. Cloud formed gradually, showing that the atmosphere condition change gradually. If atmosphere condition change, then the clouds will also change. Sudden change of atmosphere condition should produce sudden change in the clouds. No change in the clouds can be seen as no change in atmosphere condition. Trails behaviour can change suddenly while the clouds do not change. That means only trails change, the atmosphere condition at that time do not change.


Contributed by Ian Hammond, video showing full trails vs no trails 45 minutes later:


Persistent trails occurence of commercial flights:
Chemtrails debunker claim that the condition for commercial flights to produce persistent trails can be any time, any day, and any season. They ask us to count the number of trails with the number of commercial flight passing our sky. They claim that it is normal and common that commercial plane will produce trails that last for hours during their flight. However, when they are asked the exact number, they would never answer.

The reason for that is because real observation has shown that trails that persist for hours is very rare occurence. This document show it:
On the Transition of Contrails into Cirrus Clouds

Contrails older than a few minutes proved to be difficult to sample in situ because such contrails, even if visible from far below or aloft, are in most of the cases difficult to recognize and thus to follow while flying on the same level. In most of the cases the optical contrast to the environment was very low. Following different jet aircraft during more than 60 occasions, contrails older than about 10-15 min could only be identified and sampled in very few cases. This raises the question whether very low concentrations of upper-tropospheric ice crystals frequently occur under conditions that are also favorable for contrails to form and persist. Such ''subvisible'' cirrus clouds, although optically thin in the vertical, would cause much more optical depth on horizontal scales of several tenths of kilometers and could explain the poor contrast of aged contrails compared to their environment. A simple calculation shows that very few ice particles, 1 L21 and 20 mm in diameter, will cause a low optical thickness of d 5 3 3 1025 throughout a 0.5-km-thick layer in the vertical, while d easily passes the visibility threshold (d 5 0.02) on a horizontal scale of less than 40 km. Because the extinction coefficient of ice crystals increases in proportion to their geometric cross section, the presence of very few larger ice crystals in a widespread horizontal layer can strongly affect the optical identification of a contrail in situ. Future studies of aged contrails would therefore require a ground-based lidar support leading the aircraft through the cloud.


This document bellow mention that air traffic has nothing to do with trails coverage.

"The computed contrail coverage over southeastern Asia is only slightly smaller than that over Europe and North America. Although air traffic is much less extensive over southeastern Asia"

Plane altitude:
Chemtrails debunker claim that we are wrong to assume that plane with different trails fly at the same altitude. They claim that the plane with persistent trails is higher than the plane with short trails. They claim that visual confirmation can not accurately account the plane altitude.

However, it should apply to them too. It should also be impossible for them to tell the plane altitude from a photo. They assume the plane with persistent trails is higher because they already assume that trails persist more at higher altitude.


Particle fall out time:
Chemtrails debunker always mention that it is impossible for people to feel the chemtrails from the ground because the particle would need time to fall down to the earth.

That is true. But people feel them, some even get sick, not because people feel the particle it self.

The truth can be seen when the trails eliminate rain clouds. The rain clouds will gradually clearing right after trails pass over them. Trails made cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds form at high altitude. Nimbus / rain clouds is at low altitude. Instant reaction of clouds at low altitude show that will influence what bellow them right away. It is normal for sensitive people to be able to feel it too. It is normal for sensitive people to get sick right after heavy spraying. It is normal for sensitive people to get better right after the trails or the cloud of them start to dissipate. But chemtrails debunker would never acknowledge this.


Invalid water sample result
Chemtrails debunker made a great deal of effort to debunk the result of water sample testing. And also to debunk the danger of aluminium to the nature.

Their effort is useless because it does not matter if there is any aluminium in the sample or not. It does not matter if the trails do not contain any aluminium at all. Because evidence suggest that the danger of chemtrails is much more than the mere danger of aluminium. Chemtrails kill more by messing up the weather. The already proven effect of contrails is drought, ozone depletion and acid rain, which happen because to sulfur ladden jet fuel, which of course can be more than just normally “high level” if this is intentional. The health effect of chemtrails is much wider and worse than what aluminum capable of. The effect of chemtrails to plants is surely much worse than pH altering. Aluminum danger to the plant is simply nothing compared to the danger of the official geoengineering particle, sulfur.
“The high sulfur engine, representing most jet engines on modern commercial aircraft, produced a contrail that lasted through a larger range of temperatures and formed faster out of the engine. “

Aluminium is definitely not the main component of chemtrails. It is useless to debunk any aluminium proof. It is useless to try to prove the existance of aluminium in the chemtrails too. Instead people should investigate the main component of chemtrails by looking for the material that capable of doing the damage done by chemtrail. In this respect, sulfur is much more suitable as chemtrails main component than aluminium.

I highly believe that even if a chemtrails proven to has zero aluminium content, it would still be harmful to the environment.


Chemtrails debunker often use wind for the explanation of multiple line of trails.

This video bellow show that the haze do not move with the wind. Even when the clouds seen to be created and dissapear with the wind, the location of the cloud formation stay the same.



Chemtrails debunkers often mention that science is behind them, mention that science debunk chemtrails theory. But as you can see, a lot of reference from scientific document mentioned above show that contrails is indeed a problem and killing us. In reality science debunk chemtrails debunker.

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  1. A couple years ago living way up north where its thirty below, I saw a jet leaving a chemtrail. I waited a few minutes to see what would happen when the moisture laden chemicals hit the atmosphere. The sky turned into refracting glitter. Like a giant disco ball, except over the whole sky. Wow! And people still think they’re harmless. I cannot refute what I see. We are being poisoned.

    1. Chemtrail
      Thanks for your published comment. The more people like yourself that speak out in public, the better! Let us know if there is any more information that we can furnish you with, after all KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

  2. I am a severe asthmatic (meaning I have been in hospital in the past on steroids) but have remained quite well for many years. The past few weeks in Melbourne had heavy smog like spraying and I have been very ill and fearing steroids again following a viral infection. I am very sensitive to sulphates.I do not find this spraying of such toxins funny or do I enjoy the misery of such an illness.

    1. Thanks for the input. The video do show similar inconsistency.

      We can find out for ourself why trails is bad. Just observe the weather, the rain, the drought, the wind, etc; in relation with trails occurence.

      I begin suspecting weather effect of trails after reading many document. Then I see for myself the trails eliminate rain clouds, prevent rain which almost fall down.

      Persistent trails is an environmental problem. Regardless of how hard debunker trying to tell us that it is safe. Their demand for proof with in situ sample is irrelevant because anyone can see the danger of trails by themself.

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