Originally posted on this link. Here is how to make cemenite:
Cemenite is an orgone device. A device that produce a type of energy which people call as orgone. It produce orgone by utilizing spesific geometry and material. Correctly made, the type of orgone that cemenite produce is the one that has these kind of effect:

– better sleep, less sleep problem
– more birds chirp around the house
– better gas stove consumption
– plant grow better
– water or food taste better
– vehicle get more mileage and power, may require retuning to get the benefit.
– sky can be clear faster from chemtrail or chemcloud or chemhaze, but rain clouds / fluffy clouds should stay
– fog in the morning
– produce clear ice or ice with vertical air bubble

Here is a pdf file explaining how to make cemenite from network wire.

How to make cemenite from network wire

Indonesian language:

Membuat cemenite dari kabel network

Cemenite must be built exactly like spesified bellow:
– portland cement
– clean water
– insulated copper wire

No other material or addition allowed, results can be different. If you have to, do proper test, make sure it can produce results mentioned in the above list.


Material requirement:
– the copper wire must be plastic/teflon/PVC insulated. I use UTP network cable, CAT 5E. It contain 8 copper wire with teflon insulation. I use two meter for one cemenite. Equal to 16 meter of single wire. You can also use NYA wire commonly used for home electrical instalation.
– the wire then need to be made into coil. it must use clock wise winding. I use two to four winding for each coil. It is clockwise when going further away from you. I use 3mm coil inner diameter. Here is an illustration for the coil winding direction:

– the winding gap can be tight or sparse but the length of the coil should be 1.3 times the diameter. With 4 mm coil external diameter, the length of the coil should be 5.2mm.
– the cement must be grey cement, also known as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The color must be grey when it is dry. White is not acceptable. This cement usually sold as builder cement, cement for use of mortar application, but don’t use mortar for cemenite.
– try to fill the center of all coil with the cement. Try to prevent air trap.
– every part of the cement must be filled with coil. You must dispose any excessive cement.
– the mold must be cylinder or tubular, cemenite height should be shorter than the diameter. I avoid cone or pyramid shape.


Instruction video:


Make coils from insulated copper wire with rod that has 3mm diameter. Cut it on every few windings. Make about a handfull of them. Make sure to use clockwise winding method. It is clockwise going further from you.

Here is example video:


I now use tight winding gap. This will prevent coils intermixing each other. This will also allow more efficient use of the coils.

Prepare a tubular mold, I found a pie shape produce better results. Preferably from organic material or thin plastic. Also better if the top and bottom has same diameter. I avoid pyramid, cone or rectangular shape. I now use cylinder shape with height half of its diameter.

Mix portland cement and water well. Then you can either directly mix it with coil or pour it few at a time to the mold. Release any trapped bubble in the coil. You can shake or stir it.

Don’t make the cement mix too liquid/thin, make it rather solid/thick/heavy so the coils do not settle down at the bottom.

Dry it well.

I hope this instruction is clear enough to follow. Feel free to ask any question.


You can try to freeze water on top of cemenite. Put cemenite in a container and fill it with water, put them inside your freezer. When the water completely freeze, replace with new water. Repeat until at least three times. Then see if the ice will have many vertical air bubble. I get ice like this:

You can also see if the food or drink in your refrigerator change taste during the experiment. It may taste better.
You can also use sleep for testing. Put your cemenite under your pillow or bed and see if you get longer sleep.

For weather, put cemenite in the open area that receive sunlight and rain water.

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By sucahyo

Free energy and health device researcher

69 thoughts on “Cemenite Story 6: How to make cemenite”
  1. I have ahard time accepting cemenite has enough power to influence the weather and birds (nature). The clear straight lines in the ice are intriguing, but how do we know this, is not in fact disinfo? I mean after all, cemenite Inventor is basically saying Reiches Orgone devices are hazardous (male energy in excess) – and the only research we get from cemenite, is “clear ice indicates female Orgone energy device”. I have more questions too, just trying to figure this out more

    1. There are already many people who build cemenite that also report improved weather and more birds. So that result is replicable. If you have time, try to build cemenite.

      People who try to replicate reich still fail. Consider Reich’s daughter, Eva Reich statement bellow:

      Dr. Reich aimed for gentle increasing humidity and drizzle rain in the desert which is a very rare phenomena in the desert but he got it.

      Dr. Reich did not have thunderstorms over the observatory for many years.

      No one seems to be able to achieve that today with Reich device. In fact, the opposite happen, people who use Reich device actually invite thunderstorm and instead of drizzle they cause excessive rain that cause disaster.

      Joel Carlinsky claim that he study orgonomy directly from Eva Reich, but even he become silent when I ask if he know how to produce drizzle instead of flood. Right now he try to make an organization that try to control / educate cloud busting operation to prevent people from damaging the weather even more.

  2. from davidecke..

    does orgone energy help business improve helps make more customers helps makes more attraction for wealth?

    hello sucahyo i am back ..
    now i am interested again about the orgone energy.
    and i am interested your cemenite..
    i have many spells for wealth but when it comes to business it wont work..
    how do i improve my business using orgone energy or cemenite…
    i wish i can have your magical answers for this matter..
    i really lost hope that my business can recover our bad situation..
    wish you could help me…

    and do you have any idea of a real power without orgone energy i mean i can have the sense of power like third eye, moving things ,or can sense people who is bad or good…
    please do email me if you can if you can help me…princessjop@yahoo.com

  3. what material can I coat the cemenite with, to keep it water proof?
    should I coat only the sides or the bottom ? keeping the top exposed ?
    shellac, epoxy, metallic based paint?

    Would winding the coils on a 1 MM, diameter rod, make a good test, and if you’ve done it, how were the results ?

    Can I stack several cemenite blocks on top each other and increase the out put power ? Or better to spread them flat beside each other ?

    Grounding, do these blocks need occasional grounding, and how would that be achieved ?

    More questions on the way, soon as I think of them.

    1. Cemenite will still work even if it is wet. I never do any coating for cemenite. But I think you can use anything other than plastic, and the coating must be thin.

      I think 1mm rod will produce smaller vertical air bubble, would look like small needle. But somehow the feel is different from 3mm one. I prefer 3mm version better. smaller coil higher frequency maybe.

      Spreading them is better. And preferably in triangle, heaxagon or flower of life combination. Never put two or more in straight line.

      I think cemenite can be used as grounding. I don’t think cemenite need grouding. But cemenite seems to work better on top of the ground.

      Feel free to ask.

    2. made some of the cemenite. 3 units actualy about 5 cm in diameter and 2 cm deep.
      I may have spun the wires in the wrong direction. As I look at your pictures of your wires and my wires, they are differently wound.
      I have a front and back picture of my units, but have not figured out how to post them here.

      Andrew ( lol, ya Bob Brown is me, not sure who Andrew its :p )

      1. If you wound it wrong. Please destroy it. Because wrong direction will produce bad effect.

        If you can upload, please post the photo of your splitted cemenite, thanks.

  4. Hello friend, greetings! Reposting from the original link.. I’m trying this out am actually in the process of drying the cemenite, I have a question though. regarding the tight winding gap, did you find it more powerful than the original winding that you made? I can see it has more turns now, does that make a difference? I made mine with 1 – 3 turns and not so tight gap. hope it works as good.. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for trying.

      I felt that cemenite with tight winding is stronger, but I think that is because the coil do not cling to each other. If there is a way for a coil to be kept separated from each other, I believe that loose winding is stronger, even if it has less turn.

      I believe that winding gap alter the frequency although may not as significant as coil diameter. In ice experiment, smaller diameter and tigher winding gap seem to produce smaller air pillar bubble (higher frequency). But it still much bigger than air pillar created by quartz crystal.

      1. Ok, thanks for the reply.

        I have made 3 pieces cemenite but had a little problem with 1. It had some bubble holes on the side (none on top and bottom though). I think you said somewhere air that bubble holes could have negative effect (male energy?) would it be ok to patch it up with cement? or just leave it be..

        I feel that i have had better sleep now for 2 nights drying the cemenites in my room and i can feel the energy coming from it just by holding it. It’s normal to hear some birds in my area since we have some trees in the yard but early this morning i noticed more birds chirping and a new bird sound which i haven’t heard before. Perhaps a visitor.

        Ice tests..made baseline test for ice(without cemenite) using 2 shot glasses..both made UNUSUALLY SPIKY orbs in the middle. I then remember i had cemenite in my back pocket while filling those glasses with tap water.

        I later placed a 3rd glass while avoiding contact with cemenite, this resulted to an orb which had finer and lesser spikes coming from it.

        Will test ice with cemenite tonight..let’s see what we have tomorrow..

        1. Sorry, I forgot what I said about hole. In cemenite, I see ant hole at the top as an indication of wrong construction.

          Wrong construction

          You won’t be able to patch the hole created by wrong construction. The ant hole will kept exist even if I patched it.

          Hole inside or at the side reduce power I think, but should be ok. It is better than having cement occupy space without coil. You can leave the hole as it is.

          You have nice results for birds and sleep :). Watch the effect more. See if you get fog in the morning.

          For ice, it is interesting that you can notice change of ice depend on contact with cemenite. I think the cemenite energy will build up and expand and then you get all your ice have spiky orb, let me know if this is true. Usually it would be too late to make ice without cemenite if you already have cemenite in the house.

          1. Ok. that’s good to know about the holes. I didn’t have “ant holes” only some air holes beside some coils on the side. This happened only for 1 cemenite, the last piece when the cement lost liquidity, should have added more water.

            Yes the previous ice test w/o cemenite, i noticed the orb because i was excited and checked it after an hour and was surprised to see an orb inside like a white dandelion in ice!(=

            Am I allowed to post some photos here?

            I think the cemenite energy is somehow stored for some time in the person who happen to get in contact with it.
            But yes, I will see and let you know if it does build up and expand over time.

            Today’s ice test,now with the cemenite, showed similar to what you got. I’m now more confident I got it right.

            I think the power is ok with the cemenite with air holes..it’s what I used for the tests so far.

          2. You can post photo here.

            Yes, I believe people can receive energy from outside too. Human body consist of water too.

            Nice to know that your cemenite with hole is still ok.

  5. Hi,
    question about cement mould.
    Right I have purchased bag of basic cement (grey).
    Do I just mix it with water or do I have to buy sand aswell?
    Can you give some idea of ratio of cement to water as I really do not have a clue where even to start. Thank you

  6. “Prepare a tubular mold, I found a pie shape produce better results. Preferably from organic material or thin plastic. Also better if the top and bottom has same diameter. I avoid pyramid, cone or rectangular shape. I now use cylinder shape with height half of its diameter.”

    What exactly do I need for this?
    Can I use one of those small probably (guessing: 4 inch tall 4 inch diamter cylinder chinese carryout food containers? plastic container like tupperware)

    1. Only cylinder shape, but with height is smaller than the diameter, that give me good results.

      You can use any container, but it must be cylinder. And the height must be smaller than the diameter.

      Cone should be avoided.

  7. I bought UTP CAT5 network cable and it is very thin cable, not what is shown on your videos. The cable I bought has 8 separate copper cables. Maybe you can just send me a link to buy cable where you buy it. Can not be guessing at cat 5 cable to buy, because when you buy it you cannot see on the inside of it, please send me to a web-site where YOu buy the Cat 5 cable.

    1. You can use that wire.

      I think my description confuse people, I will edit it. My wire is exactly that network cable. It do contain 8 separate copper wire. I buy the wire from local store.

      You can use even the cheapest one because what is required is the copper has plastic insulation.

      I use two meter of that network cable for one cemenite.

      1. sucahyo, you are not making full clarity of everything.
        Do i absolutely need to make it go winding in the direction left of my left hand as in the left hand moves left? What if I did it the other direction righthand moving right?
        what about pole shift and its relationship to this?

        quoted by you “It do contain 8 separate copper wire.” what is that supposed to mean? I can any one of those 8 separate copper wires? What makes each of these 8 separate copper wires so special?

        quoted by you:
        You can try to freeze water on top of cemenite. Put cemenite in a container and fill it with water. When it freeze, replace with new water until day 7th. See if the ice will have many vertical air bubble.”
        What is this exactly supposed to mean please? Can you provide a video for this? How about I ask precisely now?
        As in freezing, do I place the cemenite inside of a real freezer? After doing so, it freezes by itself?

        Or, the cemenite is a mold filled with those coils(a closed system and considered an object, collection of things all composing and constituting a single object-system called cemenite)? I place the cemenite inside of another container separate from the mold, [and cemenite is not only the coils inside of the mold, but it is the coils+mold]. It freezes the water there?
        So, cemenite cools the head temperature like the movie “freezer burn”? How so? By removing electrical charge?
        Do I need to mandatorily keep the cemenite below my head or whatever the target of interest is(location matters)? Why does this matter(explain science)?

        You can also use sleep for testing. Put your cemenite under your pillow or bed and see if you get longer sleep.
        I have a problem with this. I do not sleep on a wooden-elevated-from-ground bed. I almost sleep directly on the floor on a rug.
        Exactly how much sleep can I get off of this?? 16 hours of sleep nonstop? or 50 hours nonstop? Are there any health risks or dangers off of this?

        1. Sorry, I will try to clarify.

          I now include a picture of winding direction illustration in the article.

          Different winding direction will change the type of energy received. I believe that what I use now is the best. But some people who replicate do not notice the difference.

          Not sure about pole shift. I just think that in physical world, electron move naturally in right hand rule.

          For reference:
          “The helix in the antenna can twist in two possible directions: right-handed or left-handed, as defined by the right hand rule. In an axial-mode helical antenna the direction of twist of the helix determines the polarisation of the radio waves: a left-handed helix radiates left-circularly-polarised radio waves, a right-handed helix radiates right-circularly-polarised radio waves. Helical antennas can receive signals with any type of linear polarisation, such as horizontal or vertical polarisation, but when receiving circularly polarised signals the handedness of the receiving antenna must be the same as the transmitting antenna; left-hand polarised antennas suffer a severe loss of gain when receiving right-circularly-polarised signals, and vice versa.”

          There is nothing special with 8 wire in one cable, you can use any copper wire with plastic insulation.

          I rephrase the water testing in the article and include the video of my ice. You put cemenite under a glass of water in freezer. Yes, real freezer of refrigerator. You may notice that water will take a long time to freeze.

          Cemenite do not freeze water.

          The cement is part of what make cemenite work. If you replace it with something else, you get different results.

          The ice results can be different if you place the cemenite inside the waetr container in water freezing experiment.

          Cemenite change water property. It works best if you put it under the thing. Since body / blood also consist water, cemenite will change your body or your blood too.

          See if cemenite can make you sleep even when you are at elevated bed. Cemenite should give you less interuption in sleep. But not as extreme as full 24 hours of sleep.

          I put one cemenite under my bed and my parents bed. If my wife get nightmare, I add more.

          If you observe bad things, please report.

    2. UTP CAT 5 cable is same as ethernet cable for internet. Sucahyo also said you can use regular insulated copper wiring.

      You can buy it at almost any hardware shop like homedepot or lowes.

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