Originally posted on this link. Here is how to make cemenite:
Cemenite is an orgone device. A device that produce a type of energy which people call as orgone. It produce orgone by utilizing spesific geometry and material. Correctly made, the type of orgone that cemenite produce is the one that has these kind of effect:

– better sleep, less sleep problem
– more birds chirp around the house
– better gas stove consumption
– plant grow better
– water or food taste better
– vehicle get more mileage and power, may require retuning to get the benefit.
– sky can be clear faster from chemtrail or chemcloud or chemhaze, but rain clouds / fluffy clouds should stay
– fog in the morning
– produce clear ice or ice with vertical air bubble

Here is a pdf file explaining how to make cemenite from network wire.

How to make cemenite from network wire

Indonesian language:

Membuat cemenite dari kabel network

Cemenite must be built exactly like spesified bellow:
– portland cement
– clean water
– insulated copper wire

No other material or addition allowed, results can be different. If you have to, do proper test, make sure it can produce results mentioned in the above list.


Material requirement:
– the copper wire must be plastic/teflon/PVC insulated. I use UTP network cable, CAT 5E. It contain 8 copper wire with teflon insulation. I use two meter for one cemenite. Equal to 16 meter of single wire. You can also use NYA wire commonly used for home electrical instalation.
– the wire then need to be made into coil. it must use clock wise winding. I use two to four winding for each coil. It is clockwise when going further away from you. I use 3mm coil inner diameter. Here is an illustration for the coil winding direction:

– the winding gap can be tight or sparse but the length of the coil should be 1.3 times the diameter. With 4 mm coil external diameter, the length of the coil should be 5.2mm.
– the cement must be grey cement, also known as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The color must be grey when it is dry. White is not acceptable. This cement usually sold as builder cement, cement for use of mortar application, but don’t use mortar for cemenite.
– try to fill the center of all coil with the cement. Try to prevent air trap.
– every part of the cement must be filled with coil. You must dispose any excessive cement.
– the mold must be cylinder or tubular, cemenite height should be shorter than the diameter. I avoid cone or pyramid shape.


Instruction video:


Make coils from insulated copper wire with rod that has 3mm diameter. Cut it on every few windings. Make about a handfull of them. Make sure to use clockwise winding method. It is clockwise going further from you.

Here is example video:


I now use tight winding gap. This will prevent coils intermixing each other. This will also allow more efficient use of the coils.

Prepare a tubular mold, I found a pie shape produce better results. Preferably from organic material or thin plastic. Also better if the top and bottom has same diameter. I avoid pyramid, cone or rectangular shape. I now use cylinder shape with height half of its diameter.

Mix portland cement and water well. Then you can either directly mix it with coil or pour it few at a time to the mold. Release any trapped bubble in the coil. You can shake or stir it.

Don’t make the cement mix too liquid/thin, make it rather solid/thick/heavy so the coils do not settle down at the bottom.

Dry it well.

I hope this instruction is clear enough to follow. Feel free to ask any question.


You can try to freeze water on top of cemenite. Put cemenite in a container and fill it with water, put them inside your freezer. When the water completely freeze, replace with new water. Repeat until at least three times. Then see if the ice will have many vertical air bubble. I get ice like this:

You can also see if the food or drink in your refrigerator change taste during the experiment. It may taste better.
You can also use sleep for testing. Put your cemenite under your pillow or bed and see if you get longer sleep.

For weather, put cemenite in the open area that receive sunlight and rain water.

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