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Mind Control, Gang Stalking, & Implants! Testimony of James Walbert & Dr. Barrie Trower

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On The Truth Denied Radio Show today:

Guests: Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard of ICCACT.org

James Walbert :Board of Directors at Stalking Victims Network

Dr. Barrie Trower interview conducted by Lars Drudgaard


Some of the discussion included:

  • James Walbert discusses the technology that is lodged in his right shoulder
  • Targeting Olympic Athletes, why and how?
  •  Dr. Barrie Trower’s statement comparing Scientist of today vs Scientist after WWII.
  •   Radio Waves and how they release plagues that have been dormant for hundreds of years
  •   RFID and transmission of Sound.  (Trower Testimony) 


Listen to the show here:

 James Walbert

Board of Directors at Stalking Victims Network
Wichita, Kansas Area Civic & Social Organization
Court Recognizes Electronic Harassment:

James Walbert is a victim of non-consensual RFID  implantation.  He has testified in in Washington D.C. in front of the Presidential Commission on Bioethical issues appointed by President Obahma.He is one of the few who obtained a “Protection Order” for James Walbert.

December 30, 2008 This could be the first official recognition of the need to protect citizens against electronic harassment. This is actually very impressive. Walbert persuaded the Court that the defendant was using electronic weapons against him and his family, in addition to resorting to obvious forms of stalking.

James Walbert

He substantiated his claim with DoD documentation and had the support of a security specialist, who proved that electronic frequencies were involved, and, it would appear, the support of a couple of police officers. He also made use of letters from Missouri Representative, Jim Guest.

The outcome: The defendant failed to show up in court. The defendant has to pay all legal fees. The defendant may not employ 3rd-party means of re-establishing contact with Walbert (which would constitute multiple stalking), and may not employ any form of “electronic means” in harassing Walbert.

Walbert filed his complaint on November 25, 2008. The court decided the case on December 30, 2008.

Although this will probably not protect Walbert in the long term, he has obtained the first court-based acknowledgement of the existence of electronic weapons and of electronic harassment, that I know of.


A few minutes of the  Dr. Barrie Trower Interview conducted by Lars Drudgaard was also played on the show today: 

Today it is not uncommon to hear stories in the media on how professional athletes are using performance enhancing drugs.   If an Olympian is caught “doping”, they are banned from competition and then subsequently stripped of any titles or medals they have won.   What if today, a technology existed that could remotely affect the performance of an athlete?  What if an athlete could be remotely influenced to lose or win a competition?  Could this be possible? If so how is this possible? By what methods, what means?

“ICAACT.ORG had the honor and privilege to interview Dr. Barry Trower.  Today we will hear disturbing testimony by one of the world’s premiere experts in Micro-Wave Technologies and Micro Wave frequencies.   We will hear details on how his expertise was solicited by a government of a country because its politicians and Olympic team were being targeted with this type of technology.  Dr. Barry Trower is a retired military scientist and physicist who has made it his mission to educate and warn the public on the dangers that are affecting unsuspecting victims on a daily basis.  He will further detail what horrible effects we will succumb to if we do not band together and stop these atrocities.”

~Lars Drudgaard

Dr. Barrie Trower

To listen to the entire Barrie Trower Olympic  Interview conducted  by Lars Drudgaard, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx4tT_NbRLQ&feature=youtu.be


Please contact either Mr. Jesse Beltran or Lars Drudgaard if you have any questions about your own personal saftey.



International CenterAgainst Abuse of Covert Technologies

Lars Drudgaard ICAACT.org

Mr. Jesse Beltran ICAACT.org


Please contact either Mr. Jesse Beltran or Lars Drudgaard if you have any questions about your own personal saftey.



International CenterAgainst Abuse of Covert Technologies

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77 Responses “Mind Control, Gang Stalking, & Implants! Testimony of James Walbert & Dr. Barrie Trower”

  1. at 3:39 PM


  2. at 9:08 AM


  3. Dina
    at 2:58 PM


    doing this in Wisconsin 2019 they think their smarter the FBI and the fraud artist trying to people up in mental hospitals or cause accidents by fright technology and fake memory for fraud rape set ups for victim and to set up person unlike!! !

  4. Geeorge
    at 2:43 PM

    Hello James my name is George A. Benavides I am targeted Individual since 1994. In 1994 U.S. Navy implanted me during a routine dental procedure. I am now in court in San Antonio , Texas in the Western District of Texas San Antonio Division against NAvy and FBI and several other agencies.

  5. Michael Corbett
    at 11:55 AM

    For those of you stalked or chipped by the cult, this might sound illogical – but keep your chip insertion for now. While they can be extracted or neutralized fairly easily with a little pain through insertion or heat, keep it for now. It is invaluable even though you must endure the Satanic droids in their Matrix. It will make sense.


  6. Michael Corbett
    at 11:33 AM

    Ever see a Mind Controlled Nazi youth come out of fireplace? How about “cell tower” deconstruction in the night? Ever hear a domestic terrorist bragging to other about his deeds? You will.

  7. Gina Romano
    at 5:22 PM

    James, I have not talked to you in a long time, so I am leaving this text comment in hopes of getting in touch with you. Please give me a call at 574-343-7230. Thank you, Gina Romano

  8. Cass F.
    at 3:48 AM

    I also question if touching an electronic cow fence will kill the implants? I have been using rare earth magnets over my implants. Helps a little (and I have lost my perps a couple times). You can purchase the magnets from http://www.leevalley.com $20 for 50 in various sizes product code #99K3490
    I bathe in baking soda (as its the cure for cancer) soak 30 minutes no soap. And I take Spirulina vitamins as its a cellular food with Silicea to help my connective tissues. Plus loads of Vitamin C to fight their germies! I also use Basil tablets, oil of oregano and propolis.
    They have tainted my tap water (so I use vinegar in the water) they also hack my power to DEW hit me WTF
    I have used thick metal, rubber and glass to shield by bed area and I wear metal pots n pans to shield some of their electronic torture. They try hard to induce a heart attack!
    I love God, I surrender to His will then try and fear not. It’s all I’ve got xo

    • Keith dawson
      at 2:28 AM

      To all people targeted I’m writing from Australia an I had a big criminal here possably a Freemason once u look in to these secret societies there biggest secret is there pedophiles. This one turned on me an failed to murder me in away to make it look natural so I had to learn fast why I no is this guy here in Australia has been implicated in murders an everything, so trust me on this this guy it has fucked up for him he had already turned on me an forced me to a dr of his choice an tried to hav me forced on to prescription drugs to calm u witch iv never needed , but the reason for that is it is easier to murder people that way an to make it look natural an wat I’ve learnt is we r all hooked up to this system so if use here voices an that don’t get on to prescription drugs as use wouldn’t no that’s how they murder, an lose all ur fear because if use think ur getting stalked lose all ur fear to it because them people r only made to look like there stalking u as there controlled without knowing an it’s artificial telepathy coming out of there mouths to make it sound there against u once u understand that u lose all ur fear trust me people world wide I have mastered it through experianceing it an looking up people like roger Duncan Barrie trower nick begich the list goes on, look up a guy called max spires he was murderd putting the truth out there an look wat was involved in his death prescription drugs to calm so trust me eat healthy I pray for everybody around the world an don’t take prescription drugs if use want to no more reply back regards keith from australia

  9. Diane
    at 11:32 AM

    Wondering if we have Bio hackers in Central Wisconsin area who think they can control people whom they don’t like and put them away in a mental hospital or nut house scenario and then also steal from them!
    If this is what was interpreted as!
    Some people were over heard unknown group of people during a dinner outing saying…They could screw over anyone that way! and we have cars driving around now with grounding straps that electric harassers found on a web site for investigators who actually investigate this situation!..Illinois has those Real implant investigators down I Chicago and California has some also I think Wisconsin might want some also!?

  10. Eliza parr
    at 3:21 AM

    I have been heavily targeted since 2013 and have discoverd the following:some of the gangstalkers who do the st theatre appear tranced and act without awarness of how the target responds.2. the shouting and abuse is very realisthc 3d v2k sound transmissions and not always real people.3.a lot of the neigbour noise is done through v2k and via an electromagnetic substance implanted in the walls similar to how an induction loop works.4.sensors that switch on the harassment transmissions may work in a similar way to how gaming virtual reality headsets use the eeg .5.the microwave torture they do to the head boosts the voltage of the electrical signal so that the eeg can be read wirelessly.6.thinking and activly listening for sounds causes an increase in v2k.7.police and emergency services send out notifications.this allows you then, to be stalked legitimatelyand gets more people involved. i have some evidence and my own testimony on u tube. thank you for this site. prayers and requests to archangels do help.x

  11. James Wilson
    at 6:45 AM

    I believe a device was covertly implanted in my right ear similar to what James Walbert had implanted inside him. Any help would be appreciated. Please respond ASAP.

  12. John goncalves
    at 9:06 AM

    Same here in vv es Brazil, just a lot worse, very corrupt system free mason’s and evangelicals the main culprits stay strong stand your ground, connect to high frequencies and good energy. They are after us because we are smarter, rightist, incorruptible and leaders, they can’t beat us!

    • Kara Pipkin
      at 6:02 PM

      Amen my friend.

  13. at 12:19 PM

    I found out James Halbert’s ordeal with mind control and I have been urge by personnel friends (Physicians, neurologist, and other professionals to contact Mr. Halbert regarding my research and tests that can, not only show back-up evidence to his experiences, but test that can track and define the pathophysiology of precognition. I’m getting older and time is closing in on my future research. I wish to get in contact with either Mr. Halbert or one of his associates so I may explain the procedure that can show proof of how the brain can function on a higher level using electromagnetic energy to excite gliocytes to stimulate neurons in a particular part of the brain that only reacts in random and rare episodes. I have scientific proof beyond chance to back this up. I look forward to your response and will include my phone number also – 816-795-6633 Kansas City, Missouri. *Dr. John Phillips of the Rinne Research Institute (how, I’m not sure) around post 9/11 era requesting all my information and work on the subject of precognition. Needles to say – I didn’t give them any more information than they already knew through collective research they have taken from others.

    • Christina
      at 2:52 AM

      Would you be kind enough to contact me please regarding your research.

  14. antti markus kantola
    at 3:19 PM

    Oh hi there. Their senses are connected to 20 other persons, and their attention is shared with these ~20 persons. There goes a story with audio that tells bad things, and they start looking into people with 20 persons attention sense stacked, and they believe someone is staring at them. theres never a proof of any crime. only that they have illegal nuclear battery implant put in them when they were young. its like a satellite phone, but it transmits your and other peoples senses back and forth. the “microwave harrasment” is disinformation, while the microwave really transmits your senses via satellite to another persons, like a phone. But its an analogic low quality system, hidden in your mid body, not in brain. There goes enough senseconductors to connect the implant to. What they really do ? they study how another person can learn what another person does, and they later compare the brains. Thats why they need real healthy persons, who are still immobile in their carehome, and people think those have sicness that they cant sense their surroundings, or dont sense their senses (because the senses are connected to another man) . google kyle ogden, “onetelemetryman” . If you look at the clear blue sky, and see artifacts and tingling = your senses are effected by an implant. I kept the text short because im lazy. its only sad real persons ‘reading your thoughts’ or feeling your senses, who are connected to you, and they dont feel their own bodies. Then they study if those persons learn what the impanted guy learns. They see what you see, but even they cant see with their own eyes. its their imagination that flashes in peoples heads. These people dont know they are individual persons, and their memory doesn’t work right. if NSA knew about people being mistreated, they would help you instead.

  15. Satra
    at 10:56 PM

    I have been a victim of telepathy that can travel long distance from Rhode Island to South Carolina. I have read about James Walbert electronic harassment and FCC came to trace those signals with equipment and remove them. I need that contact number please! I don’t know who is doing it but I just heard that they are in New York shooting me with satellite. Its been 7 painful years the abuse of the voices must be stopped.

  16. Ryan
    at 6:42 PM

    I am having the same problem, however, I got a head MRI scan and nothing shows up. I think it’s a tiny speaker superheroes in my head. Again, it didn’t show up on MRI, so I how do I deal with this?

  17. sammymcloughlin
    at 11:01 AM

    sammymcloughlin 8 Abbotsbury way lowerham Plymouth Devon pl22hs ,tel 01752-514547 csis mi6 stops my mail calls emails to family

    • Christina
      at 2:50 AM

      Man answered your phone number given here & said it was the wrong number when I asked for you….

  18. Johnnier
    at 10:45 PM

    Internet jaw implant or covert SPY type wire implant or cell phone implant with voice signals you only can hear…from phone line or in someone else’s car sending signals to you or computer internet protocol signals what this is all about! runs on a ticker tape type recorded or real persons like a C.B radio connection( in reverse to the inner ear drum,) so no one on the outside of your body can hear what they are saying non stop by the way and in a coded signal of sorts! And this is illegal as heck and they say things about you with no real facts behind them, Unbelievable threats of every kind to you and your friends or relatives and you notice stalking cars and things that don’t make sense at your home also!!,…and sexual attack vocalizations to you and your family and used as a weapon of revenge and to try to make you believe what they are saying hoping you will give in so they can target you and put you away or in jail! They call you crazy …and names of color and nationality attack and incidence you did not do! They say they will pay someone to get you also! AND THIS IS Harassment/TERRRORISM and I will challenge anyone on that one statement, with every law that has been researched and says exactly what this is to the T!!I wonder what our law enforcers would do if this happened to them….? They would stop it and find the system and persons running this technology! So ask why they don’t stop this activity for other victims!?
    And what the heck We are so technological protective with everything else when it comes to surveillance and security but this no way can they hear it track it or figure out who is doing this? MIND Hacking is no different then hacking anything else and should be as illegal as everything else when not authorized by top authority!
    Make this country look not so smart and open to anything! Can’t hack anything here…so someone somewhere else is using USA humans now as the spy network and burglary and what ever else set up system without even the victim implanted knowing it! because what you say they can hear and they can figure out, stalk, track, listen to your every word ..I mean don’t we get it yet what this is really about!? They are using your ears as microphones and speakers sent to them via you r every word and every one you talk to!! They whom ever is using spy cat war covert listening systems and as clear as day! And that could be happening in the white house or in any legal office or anywhere we wouldn’t want a terrorist to be to have stuff happen!……………………………….!
    It’s the same covert system using a doll dummy standing in a store looking at you. Can you tell anyone is watching or talking NOoooo! But the person doing the surveillance through dummies eyes with a tiny camera and listening device can and that is scary!
    Frightening isn’t this!?I hope they are not doing this to little kids with “dental operations” ( cause the implants have to be near an eardrum area for this activity!) cause how would the parent even know!? What about unknown fake or Unknown offender doctors and what about sterilization or aids??
    And this is all ok? who gives a darn? Dentist/orthopedics/hearing doctors need to be recorded and security watcehd with everything they do in your mouth area..because they could be the biggest open door to terrorism and unheard -unseen criminal activity in the USA and the world!

  19. bensemhoun
    at 6:57 AM

    All humans, objects, animals are a robotized software.
    The TI doesn’t talk to any human in this world.
    I haven’t talked to any since 1976!!!
    I know millions of people but they don’t me, they have no memory that’s how they lie to ti people then the ti think that they collaborate and that includes gang stalking system too!!!

  20. Cynthia
    at 5:41 PM

    If you have children as I mentioned above, make sure you check out any drawings that your actual children may have drawn to reach out for HELP. I have found many that show things that either are put through my son’s mind (age 11). It’s all about torture, being carried off and molestation/rape……

  21. Cynthia
    at 5:02 PM

    I am being Gang Stalked, and have been full force for over a year now. My 11 year old son has been implanted as well. It’s not government necessarily, Gang Stalkers are pleased to imitate the Government, Workers of any kind to distract, intimidate as well as coerse. They have poisoned my family and I in San Antonio Texas………

  22. at 1:42 PM

    ask Kim ross lawyer if csis talked to him,or why he did not ask me about csis attacking me with sound device, and call Joan Crockett MP and ask her why she talks bull shit in her shithole office on 17th ave Calgary Canada 403-2441880

    • csis will not let me leave Canada to return home to Plymouth uk,I stay at the DI here in Calgary,csis had offered me a job I told them where to stick it, csis have agents act out they are on crack and stand near me ,waiting for the police to come but I get out fast so that they can not rope me in, please contact peoples commission net work csis watch thank you,(zerzetsung)

  23. at 9:43 AM

    And have a super nice day in NAZI CANADA. where people have their minds and body raped by csis,the true north strong and free my ass.

  24. at 9:38 AM

    Deported to Canada in 2002 march 27th by mi6 from Plymouth uk,csis then took over once I was in Vancouver bc ,my aunties home had camera in the light fixings put in by so called council workers while I was actually watching them in the bed room,people following me in Plymouth uk,csis use a sound device which makes the brain numb and the body weak, chemical put into smokes ,food ,coffee,people hound me with the help of the RCMP here in Calgary ab,joan crockatt mp helped csis by asking me if I was on meds and telling me in her office that csis has more important things to do then watch and follow me around ,she knows more then she is saying,why not call her and ask her 403-2441880,her office is on 17th ave Calgary ab,david eby was bc civil liberties, he shouted at me in his office in Vancouver when I went there to get help and then walked away as I told himsome kind of chemical was being used which made my skin smell ,he is now a MLA in Vancouver bc,wally oppal,judge ,lawyer helped csis by telling me that I had never given him a note while csis retards looked at me 5 feet away,now why would he do this,kim kerr a good friend of david Cunningham at
    (Dera) down town east side association was I am sure told not to help me by a fat csis female as I watched them both walk past me in Vancouver bc ,I wonder what csis did for kim for not contacting journalists,Gail Davidson 13th ave Vancouver human rights lawyer told m to my face out side her house on 13th ave Vancouver bc that she did not help people only in war ,i gave her a note in her garden and just before 2 csis females one British said hello to me ,too let me know that they had already talked to her Gail, just think what csis is doing to people here in the true north,csis had Richard kovac try to sell me hand guns in Vancouver ask lee walklin, kovac lives in bude cornwall uk lee in Plymouth uk ,while people like you act out and just talk it is me csis tortures with sound here in Calgary Canada.contact British journalists ,thank you.PS in court csis knows they will lose and I have the numbers of RCMP who help hound me in Vancouver bc an more beside that will [prove csis are perverts,contact peoplescommission net work csis watch if you can

  25. sammy mcloughlin
    at 1:39 PM

    went to court ,kim ross is my lawyer I wonder what csis is up to ?.csis can not win they are too dumb.

    • at 12:37 AM

      Kim Ross is your lawyer? But your hotmail address is kimmrosslawyercalgary@hoXXXXXXX which means you are Kim Ross?

    • at 9:56 AM


      • at 2:18 PM

        What is a “DI CENTER” ?????

        • at 11:35 AM

          the di centre is where the homeless try to live mostly the poor people and old people and druggies and everything they can put into this shithole building, I feel sorry for Canadians their government really craps on them yet they seem to think this is normal here in Canada.still at the di ,still being attacked inside the di by sound device .will not let me leave Canada wants me to work for them .offers me a slut Canadians and money and no more torture .fuck csis.

  26. UrbanPolicyNYC
    at 2:19 PM

    Why was my comment removed? It was super clear and respectfully written.

  27. UrbanPolicyNYC
    at 1:38 PM

    The problems that these people are facing are real. The patterns in each TI’s story are repeated over and over across population groups. I am a TI in NYC and in need of dire help. I have a PhD, graduated at the top of my class, lived in in many countries, come from a decent family, etc.. These people/criminals stole my career, privacy, safety, freedom, health and ability to access employment! These Nazi criminals ruined me financially and I am a prisoner in a glass prison for my NIH funded research, perhaps. I have travelled far and wide trying to solve my predicament. This is where the truth is stranger than fiction. I have been isolated, contained and neutralized by criminals. I need help like the rest of these people posting on this site. They are telling the truth.

  28. at 11:00 AM

    DI drop in centre,calgary Canada ,where he homeless try to sleep, they stack us in like sheep in this building.refused welfae for 22 months.i have lived out side here in Calgary canada,fuck csis and the rcmp .mind rape in Canada Sammy mcloughlin ne505944b 725514236.david eby mla knows joan rcokatt mp knows wally oppal knows no one gives a flying fuck.plice helps csis,lawyers help csis .fuck Canada it is a shithole,will they kill me ?.or will I go home to Plymouth devon where i should be.

  29. at 9:49 AM

    go to address I was in remand Centre Calgary Canada fro 2 weeks locked up,rcmp helped csis the same cops who hounded me on the strees here in calgary,another frame up,i am now on probation my probation office is bryan zwveste he works at the DI here in calgary,i stay now at the DI IN CALGARY CSIS WILL NOT LET ME LEAVE CANADA.FRAME UP BLACKMAIL TORTURE SOUND 24-7.go to 7 patna place north road west Plymouth ask fro lee he is a witness to the frame up hand guns,csis blackmailed kovac to try to sell me hand guns ,kovac lives in bude cornwall uk.

  30. at 9:37 AM

    csis had Curtiss Richards act out I attacked him,he is a csis agent helping them and police here in Calgary canada, I have just come from a remand Centre (PRISON)where I was for 2 weeks locked up for not going to court for another frame up by csis, I am now on probation until I go to court on April 22nd here in Calgary Canada,rcmp police arrested me,the same police who hounded me for months here in Calgary canada ,go to address tell them csis has framed me up again,csis had Richard kovac try to sell me hand guns,csis blacked mailed kovac who lives in Bude Cornwall uk,ask lee walklin ,go to address 8 abbotsburyway ,tell them I need help here,there is a lawyer who knows this in Plymouth uk,3 witnesses in court is enough to take csis to court ,csis will not let me return to Plymouth uk.what is there to understand ?.torture sound,frame up,blackmail ,torture sound covertly done to me and others here in Canada,csis knows in court I can prove they are bent and more,cover up frame up torture,contact journalist in uk,thank you.i live at the DI IN CALGARY.MY PROBATION OFFICER IS CALLED BRYAN ZWVESTE,HE WORKSD AT THE DI HERE IN CALGARY CANADA.GOOGLE ZERZETSEN.NE505944B,725514236 BRITSH AND CANADIAN SINS.I WAS 210 POUNDS I AM NOW 160.13 YEARS OF TORTURE COVERTLY DONE TO ME HERE IN CANADA.

  31. zerzetsen,csis mi5 stops mail calls emaisl to 8 abbotsburyway lowerhamplymouth devon pl22hs ,tortures me with sound 24-7 sleep deprivation and more brain washing, go to address tell them csis will not let me return to Plymouth uk where I was deported from by mi5 ,joan crcokatt mp lied to me for csis ask her why 403-2441880 david eby mla Vancouver bc canaad knows did nothing cover up human experiments sound ,frame up ,blackmail ,my sin Canadian 725514236 British sin ne505944b go to address t5hank you ilive out side here in Calgary Canada refused welfare csis hounds me 24-7 sound ,RCMP police helps csis.

    • at 4:46 PM

      Hello Sammy James, What can we do to help you? I can barely understand your comment?

      • sammy mcloughlin
        at 1:41 PM

        why not contact british jounnalist to go to my aunties in Plymouth uk ? csis are framing people up here in Canada and the law is helping tyhem rcmp lawyers ,mp,the hole lot,still it is fun knowing they can not break me .

  32. at 9:31 PM

    They harass people for Delta 32 CCR5 bone marrow, it’s the cure for aids. They drive people to suicide and dig up their bones. They get a wire tap order. Break in your house and put in a Digital Angel, then they Frey you.



  33. at 10:55 PM

    ***** EMERGENCY *****


    ***** EMERGENCY *****

  34. at 10:54 PM


    Hello, this is the president of the MesaCom, a company currently being formed as we speak.
    We would like to invite you and your TI friends and comrades to venture with us outside of the stalking mind control grid.
    Earth houses several mind control apartatuses like the HAARP before it was discontinued earlier this year.
    These mind control devices are capable of influencing the moods, thoughts and actions of whole populations around the world. This thought control is responsible for everything from stalking to columbine to government corruption.
    As you read the rest of this letter, your opinions will be swayed by mind control, and you may even endure bad luck and hardship if you find you agree with what I am saying, because that is how much our company scares Mind Controllers and gang stalkers everywhere.
    We at Mesacom have had enough of it.
    We would like you and the TIs that you know to join us on a journey to space.
    We are a new company with new technologies, looking for support and funding.
    Our goal is to create a space colony capable of of housing anywhere from 1 thousand to 1 million victims of stalking and escape Earth’s mind control harassment grid.
    We can have a wonderful life in space. There is ample water, minerals, oxygen, and resources to be found in space rocks and on moons. We will have ample detection systems capable of avoiding disaster and gravity systems to keep the station running smoothly.
    We will have high speed internet access connected to Earth’s telecommunications grid, so you can carry on blogs and video lectures in space if you need.
    If you or anyone you know would like to join us in our journey to escape a losing legal battle on Earth, then please reply.
    We would just like to know that you are interested, and I will personally keep in contact with you as things develop.

    Also, I’ve just recieved word that America is planning of enacting MARTIAL LAW during the next presidency. To escape the tyranny before it happens and venture into absolute freedom please E-Mail me at MESACOM1@YAHOO.COM

    Or you can check my Forum posts at PEACEPINK.ORG ‘s fight against stalking and harassment oppression at



    Thank you.
    – MesaCom.

  35. at 11:44 AM

    They harass people for Delta 32 CCR5 bone marrow, it’s the cure for aids. They drive people to suicide and dig up their bones. They get a wire tap order. Break in your house and put in a Digital Angel, then they Frey you.

  36. at 9:28 PM

    My web site at http://www.thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update discloses unauthorized lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age) without informed consent, nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-“scar tissue removal”) Wondering if Dr. Trower would be aware of what project this was. Is there a email for Trower? Terry http://www.thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update http://www.ontariocourts.on.ca/decisions/2000/july/parker.htm

    • at 1:44 PM

      Thanks for the information Terry. We do not have an email for Trower, but I don’t think that you would have a difficult time scouring his website for contact information, have you attempted this yet?

  37. To anyone who can help,

    My name is William Howard Wilder III and I am a victim of the same injustice that was done to James Walberg. This was done in Atlanta GA without my consent between 200 and 2002. I was beaten up badly outside a night club and when I went to the hospital I did not have insurance. They released me that night after showing me an X-ray which had only four fractures in my orbital bone.

    Well after laying around doped up for five days my insurance was pushed through on a fraud by a restaurant employee (management) who liked me. My surgery finally commenced. My surgery was scheduled for four hours took fourteen! The doctor claimed my bone was so shattered they had to pick out pieces but that wasn’t what the original x-rays showed. After that every time I do anything whomever it is considers to be morally wrong I am tortured and have been for over 12 years now. I have also been tortured about not being a christian and harassed about things I didn’t do until they were satisfied that I was telling the truth.

    I even x-rayed my own head while working at a veterinary clinic and you could see something in it one med student who was about to get her doctorate told me (she disappeared suddenly and never came back to work after that day). That x-ray was stolen from my possession.

    I also have a 3 inch scar on the left side of my head exactly under the premotor cortex of the brain just as described in the second photo posted. Please refer to these photos of what I believe was done to me:



    Also, please refer to this company which is in GA and has been doing human trials since 1989:


    Please help if you can. I know what I know and I know that I am crazy but not crazy crazy and I cannot seem to get help without something or someone shutting me down.

    My contact information is:

    William Howard Wilder III.
    PO Box 5428.
    1092 Jupiter Way,
    Crestline, CA 92325.

    909-278-7467 Home
    909-782-1767 Cell


    • at 11:56 PM

      We will contact you, thanks for your report/Be well. TTD

    • at 1:46 PM

      I want to thank ALL of you whom have written in to ask for help and report your stories of mind control, as the more I see your letters, the more concerned for all of you out there who are having such horror in your lives….these happenings are out of control. Have any of you contacted ICCACT yet?

  38. Nancy Callahan
    at 8:17 PM

    I was targeted by an entire Police Department, sent to a psychiatric hospital, and KNoW that while I was asleep in the first seventy two hours and heavily drugged, I had an implant put into the back of my head. I heard many thoughts that I was totally aware, were being fed to my subconscious mind. I didn’t sleep for six days… at the time, I didn’t even realize what was happening until a few months passed and I moved out of town and started doing research.I still do not know how to talk to people about it and there have been other implications by cops in my new town about my mental health when I have not been able to calm my nervous system down and was seeing the same vehicles driving past my house very slowly over and over… I never know when to call the police and when to stay silent, because I don’t know who is actually doing it.

  39. at 8:13 PM

    Please watch my YouTube video : Gang stalking in Miami Fla by Mr NIZIN Lopez. Part I. Nizinlopez@yahoo.com. Thank you all.

  40. at 3:03 PM

    SINCE Supposedly Derrick C Kimmons is supposedly having me and my kid killed or forced suicided we must WATCH the Perps of Gang Stalking much more closely than the TARGETS. They also have been holding my kid according to their v2k harassment s saying they will take her phone to shut down facebook.com/karizmakid because I do not own a cell phone.

  41. at 2:01 PM

    I am being criminally stalked including this brand new cell phone which was corrupted when activated at Store by Radio Shack employee. My home is being broken into despite my attempts to secure it. My life has been destroyed by these criminals. Please help me get the truth reported. Thank you
    Even my email is hacked and mail stolen. My birth certificate and computer hard drive was stolen from my home.

  42. Kenny L.
    at 6:08 PM

    I am a targeted individual. I am currently chipped and experiencing physical and mental tourture. I am emailing you to try to get help to stop this terrible experience I am going through. My attackers constently talk to me and physicaly tourture me. No one believes me and its really hard to go on each day. I am constantly told I will have this chip in for life and it will never come out.

    • at 6:43 PM

      We are sorry to hear about this condition you are in………have you tried to contact ICCACT ?

    • me too
      at 6:51 PM

      our government has to test and experiment with the technology to learn about its capabilities. and people need to be unaware.. to study. to protect people… some must be messed with. necessary. I have had it all… sadistic people with romote control torture and brain hacking…. the worst thing. But it led me to Jesus. it could be worst..??? I am alone and I sleep in a tent that I sew together to keep them from filling up my nostril cavity with smart dust. my nose keeps growing every time they fill it. they like to put sticky motherboards under my fingernail. I got a microscope. the flies bees and mosquetos around me… and moths… are military drones. only a non didgital high power microscope will reveal it. however… the microscope will be tampered with and you will only see it the first day of having the microscope. and anyways… I have discovered that while inside the hiperbarric oxygen chamber… hospital steel grade.. the voice to skull voices fill the chamber… like the chamber is the skull… it comes out so loud into the room that everyone hears every word. that is from the beam.. however the chip in my head that received the voice that was supposed to be out of hearing range… probably due to the pressure of 32 feet down… … as I was pressured slowly in the tank I began to I listened to a weird voice hypnosis session that I could hear. if you have voices beamed at you though while in the pressure steel and glass tank… they are so loud the sounds are pushed through the internal speakers and they are so loud. whatever you do though… make sure your grounding strap stays put.!! woo hoo money well spent

    • Kara Pipkin
      at 6:27 PM

      I feel for you and an in a similar situation. Stay connected to God and believe He will help and cause you to prevail. I’m giving advice to myself too!

  43. MrWhite
    at 9:43 AM

    The f**ing system is blaming everyone else for every problem they probably created. Haven’t yet met any of the so call “bad people” in the world except the stink of the system everywhere. I wonder where that stink originated.

    Google before answering.

    MKultra lawsuit
    Cointelpro lawsuit

    Brain implant lawsuit
    Microwave auditory effect – satellite technology
    Artificial intelligence – shape recondition from CCD and satellite

    NON – lethal chemical – disabling chemical

    All problems blame on something different bring to you by your friendly tube.

    99% of your overall “knowledge” probably comes from the tube. Ask, how much you know without the tube?

    • Ellen
      at 9:45 PM

      i have been tortured by electromagnetic weapon.using satellite.
      They are torturing me for 24/7 for the experiment you stated.

      Microwave auditory effect – satellite technology
      Artificial intelligence – shape recondition from CCD and satellite
      NON – lethal chemical – disabling chemical

      They are tracking me for 24/7. What is shape recondition from CCD and
      At home they are trying to poisoning some gas into my mouth and attack
      me by plasma weapon.
      I NEED HELP~

      • at 9:41 AM

        PLEASE call in the show today Ellen 347-688-3902 I want you LIVE on the air , you can use a different name to protect your identity , can you do that? You can speak to them both, 2 people who can HELP you! Or write me at info@thetruthdenied.com right away today….be sure to let me know what you need and I will ask both of our guests today who are experts and head up ICCACT.

      • Cass F.
        at 3:32 AM

        I have been gang stalked and DEW harassed since 2013 in Canada. These are some sites I found http://www.lonestarconsultinginc.com for the implants. And http://www.amazing1.com for the Canon Microwave Blaster (specs $10 to build your own). The V2K could be http://www.soundlazer.com and assholes for hire http://www.nefariosjobsmain.com they can buy “bump” keys and sonic assault devises from http://www.spyemporium.com ITS my belief this is a revenge crime and is easier to do than imagined. I like http://www.targetedidividuals.webs.com as a professional witness. I found MRI will show nothing, you need X Rays of head, neck and back. Ask for a CD copy. Fight for laws to be enacted. God bless you all. Stay strong and try to laugh at these fools.

  44. Carson
    at 8:50 AM

    Technology you need to know.

    1. Microwave auditory effect – declassified
    2. non lethal weapon – chemical testing from mkultra experiments.

    3. artificial intelligence – available from i this and that and android. – Take a photo of some restaurant and it will give you the location of that photo. These are available civilian technology, do you think that other agencies may have even better ones?

    4. Who do you think has the resources for all the bullshit victims described?

    5. Morrison and Foester suing on brain implantation, a technology available decades ago.

    GOOD LUCK AND GOOD BYE with these international protocol.

    • at 2:29 PM

      csis wants me to work for them now I wonder why ,Sammy mcloughlin will not let me leave Canada

      • John
        at 8:42 AM

        Me too these people are straight up evil, here in Brasil they are mostly free masons and evangelicals!

  45. Christopher John
    at 4:53 AM

    Hi, I lost my life, career, family and friends because of some tecnoligies that transfer thoughts from one person to another without our consent. Please help me if we can protect ourselves from such technologies. Thank you

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