Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard are on the front lines of a very important mission!  Electronic Monitoring & Microwave weapons testing on the public is a serious  matter. Please listen to the show and pass it on to those who may need to hear their words! Please see below the video for more information .


Guests: Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard
Are you a victim of gang stalking? Implants? A ringing in your ears better known as Tinnitus?

Our guests tonight discuss in detail what their organization is doing to assist those who they believe are victims of covert technologies, an “experiment” on random individuals who have not consented to this torture. They are INTERNATIONAL CENTER AGAINST ABUSE OF COVERT TECHNOLOGIES”, AND THEY ARE HERE TO HELP!


“ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.”

  ~ Jesse Beltran & Lars Drudgaard


What is ICAACT? 

ICAACT is an Independent Non Profit Human Rights Organization. They work together with a number of NGOs, Civil Rights Movements and Human Rights groups.
ICAACT was created to obtain evidence of serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic Terrorism worldwide.
THEY aim to provide evidence to the individual victim, as well as for all victims of these crimes.
THEY use specific testing equipment, to ensure that the data that is collected worldwide is conformed and compatible in order for the results to be admissible in both national and international court systems on a later date.
Along with the testing THEY do case studies, with data obtained through questionnaires.”

UPDATE: 2-19-2013

Learn more about Jesse Beltran’s work here on the ICAACT website

What’s NEW?
Jesse Beltran discussed some of the latest developments for ICCACT to aid them in their quest for justice with victims of covert technology.


 ICAACT Phase III Testing Improvements!
October 6, 2012, ICAACT began what they refer to as ” phase III ” and improvement for international radio frequency scanning of ‘clients’ ICAACT had participants from many countries including Denmark, Sweden, Spain, England, United States, and others. When the leadership of ICAACT arrived in Belgium they were asked to conduct a radio interview by Transparent Flemish-Dutch Radio.



2013 Another video that ICCACT has created  called

“Race for the Brain”


ARE YOU A VICTIM? Click here for a  list of   SYMPTOMS 


Another interview conducted in 2012 with ICAACT , a must listen!

James Walbert :Board of Directors at Stalking Victims Network

Dr. Barrie Trower interview conducted by Lars Drudgaard


About Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard:



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